The family room is slowly, like snail-speed, wrapping up.  We have two projects in the works this week and then we just have to nail down our ideal ottoman and share hundreds of photos with you.  Although, you haven’t seen

Welcome Design*Sponge readers!  To see more photos of the nursery-turned-studio, check this post out.  Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  :) We have a lot of dreamy updates on our exterior to-do list including updating our

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Yankee Doodle

Since Chris is off work all week, our 4th festivities got a head-start and will most likely last through the weekend.  We partied yesterday with Chris’s family–all 36 of them (!), where Greta saw fireworks for the first time last

We have been doing pretty good keeping the kitchen updates to a minimum while we save our pennies for a complete overhaul as soon as we can finalize plans (which is a completely different post).We have spent around $150 (not

Can you believe we still haven’t wrapped up the family room?  Yeesh.  It’s like we got a couch and everything else went kaput.  In reality, we got a couch and have been spending lots of night snuggled up on it