Our Dirtiest Secret.

Ugh.  The garage.  We don’t include it in house tours.  We don’t take photos of it.  We rarely open it because we don’t want our neighbors seeing this: Our biggest, messiest, dirtiest secret.  It is mostly one huge pile of


All Feet on Bench

There are just a few things left on our family room to-do list before we can do a final reveal with before and after photos.  One of those things, that we reported on a couple weeks ago, was replacing this


Photo Ledges O Fun

We have changed the wall leading up to our staircase quite a bit.  Probably more than any other place in our home, actually.  Most recently, and the one that has stuck the longest was a grouping of three photos. We


Abstract Toddler Art

Greta and I have been “working” closely since the studio was completed.  She absolutely loves watching me paint away and often times is happy to sit on the floor and hand me brushes that she thinks I should use.  Inspired

The family room is slowly, like snail-speed, wrapping up.  We have two projects in the works this week and then we just have to nail down our ideal ottoman and share hundreds of photos with you.  Although, you haven’t seen

Welcome Design*Sponge readers!  To see more photos of the nursery-turned-studio, check this post out.  Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  :) We have a lot of dreamy updates on our exterior to-do list including updating our