Our Life

Princess Panties

I guess you can only say, “This is the last box of diapers we’re buying” so many times before you find yourself with no diapers and no excuses to postpone the inevitable any longer.  It has been a trying couple

This post has been a long time coming.  It was February, nine months ago (!), when we decided that we wanted/needed to completely renovate our family room.  We installed new carpet, baseboards, built-ins, bought new furniture, installed recessed lighting and


Chalk House

I have been doing several commissioned chalk drawings lately, and last night I found some time to commission myself to do a simple line drawing of our house on an unstretched canvas that I painted with chalkboard paint last week. First

Our Life

Christmas Budgets

Well, this week isn’t going exactly as I planned. I had hopes of adding a lot more paintings to our shop and sneaking in a few more blog posts while we celebrate our anniversary this week, but I have been


Tiffany Blue and Champagne

This week, we’re celebrating our fourth anniversary!!  Our actual anniversary is on Thursday, but Chris took most of this week off so we can celebrate.  And by that I mean, hit up a lot of local restaurants and relax.  We