A large part of this family room renovation is the wall of built-in bookcases that will flank either side of the sliding glass doors that lead out to the back patio.  It’s our solution to our home’s pesky foundation that

You may (or may not) remember what our old carpet looked like in the family room.  It wasn’t very memorable.  Standard oatmeal color.  A much higher pile than we would have chosen for ourselves: The carpet made us uneasy.  When

The first pillow cover that we’re working into our family room arrived over the weekend.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s thick and soft and well constructed.  I mentioned I wanted to introduce chocolate as an accent color when I talked about our



Or, “How to move your ceiling vents”….orrrr, “Make way for crown molding!” There aren’t a ton of online tutorials about moving your ceiling vents to a different location (I couldn’t find any–which made this project even more nerve-wrecking), but that’s

Guess what is happening this afternoon.  I’m gonna try to contain my excitement during the process.  I don’t want to be a total weirdy and watch and stare the whole time–but playing it cool has never been my strong suit.