The End is Near

We had an okay weekend over here.  Greta was under the weather on Friday.  Then I was feeling crummy on Saturday and Sunday and poof, there goes the weekend. But it is a new day and a new week and


Make Way

Something big is going on the next few days.  We are cleaning out as much of our Etsy shop as possible, (*cough* the studio is getting crowded) to make way for new art.  New paintings and new–better!–chalkboard drawings and prints.


Fauxdenza Crendenza!

Two weeks ago, we shared part one of our new “fauxdenza” in the living room made of 3 Akrum wall cabinets from Ikea floating a few inches above the floor.  It was a great solution to a large credenza for

Our Life

Weekend Teasers

Over here, we had a goo-od weekend.  We worked on a few projects for the house and had an afternoon date that extended late into the evening on Saturday where we shopped and ate and just spent time together while


Vintage Halloween Printables

The first day of autumn is tomorrow, but I couldn’t help jumping the gun on Halloween.  Not only is it my favorite holiday, but we are going to be throwing another costume party (second annual, baby!) and as veterans, we


How to Undo Spray Paint

Remember when I committed the crime of the century earlier this week and spray painted our new-to-us quirky coffee table oil-rubbed bronze…and it came up…flat? 75% of commenters agreed, the brass was better.  I should note, Chris doesn’t care for


In the Studio

I’m in the studio today, yesterday, the day before–for weeks, it seems–working on a slew of commissioned paintings.   Each email I receive for commissioned work, I am taken back and count my blessings all over again.  You see, when

If you were to peek into our bedroom today, you might notice something new: We found some art for above our bed!  Art above our bed wasn’t something that we felt we needed in our room, but we also aren’t people