Chandelier Shopping

Our DIYed string chandelier has seen better days.  In fact, for the past several months it has been in a semi-collapsed state. For awhile, we thought about trying the whole thing again with a stronger glue (we have heard wallpaper

You may have noticed, there wasn’t a chalkboard drawing this month.  Oops!  I am not saying there won’t be any more of those, because there will be, but I have also been wanting to focus on making other high quality


Frost 2.0

Last August, I did a huge wordy painting of Robert Frost’s The Path Not Taken.  It is one of my favorite poems of all time and we loved having each drippy word hanging in our house, but I eventually sold


Our Dirtiest Secret.

Ugh.  The garage.  We don’t include it in house tours.  We don’t take photos of it.  We rarely open it because we don’t want our neighbors seeing this: Our biggest, messiest, dirtiest secret.  It is mostly one huge pile of


All Feet on Bench

There are just a few things left on our family room to-do list before we can do a final reveal with before and after photos.  One of those things, that we reported on a couple weeks ago, was replacing this