We kicked off 2012 with a new blog look: And not that we want to make it an annual thing–we really, really don’t–but we just weren’t feeling all the pillows against the purple wall anymore–in our house or as our

This time of year is the best for mail.  I did nearly all of my Christmas shopping online, so between the packages arriving daily and the real gems, receiving holiday cards from our friends and family, every day feels like

Clearly I am just winging it around here because sometimes working in things like pelmet boxes to Greta’s new room first requires me to Google “pelmet boxes.”  I am not an interior designer, but I know what I like.  And

Our Life

Zoom. Zoom.

The first weekend of December (before Greta got sick and massive amounts of snow fell), we stepped away from the painting and Christmas-decking and went car shopping. Like, alllll weekend.  Normally, I would say such an event doesn’t exactly fit