I am not a spider person.  (Are there “spider people”?!?)  But for the sake of the upcoming holiday and our costume party, I am going all out on the decorations.  Little by little our home is going to transform into

It’s hard for us to believe it has been 6 months since we moved into this home–our very first.  April 2nd we moved in and we have been busy ever since.  In the past 6 months: –We have painted 9



We needed nightstands, bad style.  We had one that we had been using on my side of the bed (I always claim the side away from the door) that was actually used as an end table in our last apartment.


Lighten up.

A couple weeks ago, we toyed with the idea of painting our bed frame and we got lots of support from you.  So, over the weekend I dove in and got it done and I am here to tell you all


5 Fall Favorites.

Fall is my favorite.  Then Summer.  Then Winter (until after New Years, then it is terrible).  Then Spring….sorry Spring.  In the spirit of the favorite season starting today, let me share a few of my favorite things and sure signs


New-in-progress Art

We are all pretty under the weather here at Casa Marcum, but I didn’t want to let this roaring stomach bug leave you hanging. I am sure some of you will not approve, but I painted over our big orange