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Christmas Budgets

Well, this week isn’t going exactly as I planned. I had hopes of adding a lot more paintings to our shop and sneaking in a few more blog posts while we celebrate our anniversary this week, but I have been


Tiffany Blue and Champagne

This week, we’re celebrating our fourth anniversary!!  Our actual anniversary is on Thursday, but Chris took most of this week off so we can celebrate.  And by that I mean, hit up a lot of local restaurants and relax.  We

Really, these haystacks have nothing to do with Halloween.  Except that I requested them for dinner last night–which we called “Devil’s Night” growing up.  Chris is the cook around here and night after night he whips up the most amazing

Our Life

Who Are You?!

This year, as our teeny blog grew to small blog status (parrttayyy!!!)–we’ve had to make some decisions about sponsors and giveaways and realized we’re not on board with everything we thought we were when we started this blog.  So, like

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Costume Party 2012

We had such a fabulous time at our costume party on Saturday and I’m back to share all of the deets, including our costumes.  I won’t make you wait a second more for those: Chris and I were Waldo and

It is pumpkin carving season (!!!) and over the last few weeks–but even more so in the past week–I have been seeing all of these beautifully carved, gilded, painted, shaved pumpkins on my favorite blogs or plastered on Pinterest.  Spoiler