We are expanding our little family to include more eye-candy for you readers. (That was almost a baby tease again.  Man, I’m funny). After nearly a year of living in this home and writing about every last  DIY detail–our blog

Since making the announcement that I would start designing for your spaces too, I have been up to my eyeballs in mood boards.  At first, I was worried that I would virtually design the same space over and over–but it


Curtain Call

This weekend, curtains are on the agenda.  Originally I had pinned down classic white curtains with black trim (pictured below) for our family room, but I am second guessing the decision.  This week I have been whipping out mood boards


Built In Billys Part 3

Hey-yo, all of this multi-colored trim is gone: Last night, we painted all of the trim we added to create one, seamless, built-in look: Ta-da!! It is just how we imagined it to look way back when we put together


Built-In Billys Part 2

When we left you after part 1 of our built-in Billy bookcase posts, this is how we were lookin’: Although, Monday, you got a sneak peak of the work we got done over the weekend when we revealed the new

9 months ago, while painting our staircase spindles and railings (ironic I was doing the same thing this weekend), I took a break and wrote a quick post about something I couldn’t stop thinking about: Adding a window in the