Our Life

Hello, 27.

Today is my birthday. Chris hid presents all over the house and is sending me picture texts from work giving hints as to where I can find them.  So far I have hunted down three pairs of earrings and a

Our Life

Holiday Stackers

I’m baa-aack. And before we get into the main chunk of the post, Happy Cyber Monday!  May the online shopping odds be ever in your favor.  Today and tomorrow (the 26th and 27th), take 35% off anything in our Etsy


Guest Room, Meet Map.

In a weird turn of events, the guest room got some attention after a year of sitting pretty.  I wish I could say that the attention was due to the holidays coming up and guests staying at our place (we

Our Life

Princess Panties

I guess you can only say, “This is the last box of diapers we’re buying” so many times before you find yourself with no diapers and no excuses to postpone the inevitable any longer.  It has been a trying couple