In college, my roommate was studying Culinary Arts (he’s now the Chef De Cuisine of the Green Zebra in Chicago) and encouraged me to take a culinary fundamentals class. I was hooked. I loved everything about it and decided to take


A Laundry Reno Begins!

There’s nothing that excites me more than diving into a new project. The beginning is the most thrilling time for me. Making plans, maybe tackling some demo and getting the first glimpse of giving a room new life. Ahh, it’s


Team Cube, Rejoice!

Our new light for our stairwell arrived Wednesday and we wasted no time installing it that very night! In this post, we showed you the two options that were at the top of our list. And they were so different

I have this grandiose idea of plastering our stairwell–nearly floor to ceiling–with our family memories. Vacations, first days of school, dances. I’m making myself tear up already. I found this inspiration photo that kind of captures the gathered feel I