2013 has been the most eventful and unexpected year of our five years of marriage. It has been stressful, but wonderful too. It has been a year of growth and change–lots of change–and surprises. We all feel…tired and a little

So last year we started the tradition (I guess we can call it that now that this is our second year doing it!) to commission an illustration of our family for our Christmas card.  Once again, we hired my friend

When we bought this home in the summer, we had plans to turn this room into an office, but we’re so much happier to transform it into a nursery in the coming months. We have a direction for this room,

There are lots of ways to cook a ham. By far the most popular Christmas ham is a baked, spiral-cut ham with the bone in, coated with brown sugar and/or a range of spices. Why wouldn’t this be the favorite?


The Art of Gift Hiding

When I was growing up, after I uncovered the truth, you know the truth, and suddenly came to the realization that all of our Christmas presents HAD to be in the house somewhere–I got curious. I never remember hunting for

While I still have some shopping to do before Christmas, I have found that homemade gifts are always well-received so Chris and I have tried to incorporate that into our holiday gifting plans each year as well. This family tree