Greta is at that magic age, where she is actually capable of helping out in the kitchen–washing the grapes and picking them off the stems, making her own peanut butter banana, helping Chris by dumping ingredients into the bowl, and


Plant Newbies

If I could (I know I could) go back to school, I would get a degree or take a class–something! anything!–in landscape design. And/or computer science. And accounting. Ha! But really, I wish I knew more about landscape design and plants

Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is a classic dish. Chicken stuffed with ham and Swiss, coated in bread crumbs and baked to perfection. Truly delicious. This version cuts the carbs and oils, while adding that hint of smoke characteristic of grilled food.

Our next major project is something we’ve been on the fence about for 9 months. To fence or not to fence. We need a fence for Charly (and most recently, Gretaaaaaa!!!). We knew that when we first purchased this house. But, our

Since Faye came along two months ago, our biggest fear was that Greta would struggle. We are happy to say, it has been the complete opposite. When I was pregnant, Greta wouldn’t even acknowledge that she was going to have