My Maternity Must-Haves

June 20, 2017

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We’re in the final stretch! I’m a little over 33 weeks, but measuring 3 weeks ahead–which kind of means nothing, but is also giving my a little bit of hope I need to get through these last weeks. We’re crossing our fingers for a July baby girl, although still looking forward to that August 4th due date.

I don’t have the easiest time getting pregnant, or being pregnant (as much as I love the end result), so today I wanted to share with you my 15 favorite things that make those 9 months a little more bearable for me.

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1. My legs take pregnancy really hard. They cramp constantly, go up and down in size depending on how much I’m up throughout the day, and I get severe restless leg syndrome where they won’t stop jumping at night! This Lucky Legs Gel has really, truly helped. While all my symptoms aren’t gone completely, there is an extreme noticeable difference the second I apply this cooling gel. The pain is gone and my legs relax.

2. My last pregnancy, I had a major craving for pebble ice and this pregnancy it is back with a vengeance. I’m currently eating about 2 bags a week. While it could be a sign on anemia (definitely get checked if you’re having similar strong cravings), I’m in the clear and just really love the cold crunchy stuff, non-stop. Sonic sells these bags for just over $2. Right through the drive-thru! It’s my not-so-guilty pleasure.

3. I could live in these joggers, actually. I’ve lounged around in them, or dressed them up a little with a chambray or denim jacket and tank. Socially acceptable sweats is definitely what I’m about.

4. This Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is a life saver, back saver, belly saver and even helps with heart burn. When we travel–I pack it. It’s that necessary.

5. I have become slightly addicted to Naming a third girl was proving to be a challenge, and I spent so much time looking at names and sibling names and reading forums and charts on this site just for fun. We finally decided on a perfectly sweet name (we’ll share it once she is born, but feel free to guess!) while sitting in a parking lot, not looking at any baby names–this is a really great resource and a fun site to dive into.

6. This drapey vest that cinches in the back is not maternity and so slimming! Plus, it’s lightweight so I don’t get too warm layering it over things. I’m looking forward to wearing it long after pregnancy, too.

7. This casual skirt is on constant rotation. It’s so much easier and breezier than any type of pants.

8. Being so pregnant, it’s really difficult to bend down and tie or strap on shoes. I love these easy (affordable!) leather slides that still help me feel put together, are very comfortable to walk in all day and require no extra assistance getting them on.

9. There is an endless amount of pregnancy apps, but after having the BabyCenter, What to Expect and The Bump apps all on my phone for months, I realized I like the BabyCenter App best. Not only is it really informative with the progress of my pregnancy, timely tips, but it also has a lot of built-in tools (like a contraction timer) and upbeat birth month forums!

10. The softest maternity tanks (in at least black, white and gray) are so great for layering under and lengthening other shirts–especially as your belly gets larger and regular shirts don’t hug the bump like these do.

11. I’m lucky enough to never have gotten stretch marks, but I do get extremely itchy all over my trunk. This Mama Belly Butter is my favorite and I’ve tried a lot. It doesn’t have a strong smell and is the perfect, thick but smoothing consistency.

12. This seamless bra is magic. Especially during those early weeks when your breasts are very sore, this is a life saver. Plus, it’s a nursing bra that’s cozy enough to sleep in.

13. These black leggings are my favorite, hands down. They are opaque and can be dressed up and down. Are very slimming and even though they aren’t maternity, they are still comfortable at 8 months pregnant.

14. I always keep these high protein, low carb (and only 1 gram of sugar!) bars in my bag for when I start feeling nauseated, hungry or my sweet tooth kicks in–a great alternative to empty calorie actual donuts.

15. I always hear that one good pair of maternity jeans is worth the splurge, but man, I just love these $40 jeans that go over my belly and fit a little loose around my ankles. They are so flattering and make me feel nearly normal sized.

While this isn’t all inclusive*, I couldn’t recommend these specific items enough. I’ve had a lot of questions about my favorite places to get maternity clothes–Asos, TopShop, H&M, and Boohoo all have amazing, super-affordable, extensive maternity options that aren’t in the least bit matronly (why are so many maternity clothes that way!?) and nearly all of my maternity pieces have come from those 4 places.

*I didn’t include any prenatal vitamins, heartburn or nausea relief on this must-have list because I am on prescription versions of all of those things and I think those types of things are best left up to you and your doctor.

Any of your must-haves you’re dying to add? Sound off in the comments, I love a good recommendation.



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  1. Kaitlin says:

    As a semi grammar nerd, I just had to applaud your use of the word nauseated (instead of nauseous) here. A friend and I wish we could do a PSA that tells everyone that when they say they’re “nauseous” they’re really saying that they make other people feel sick to their stomach, hahaha. Nausea vs. nauseated vs. nauseous for the win! (Hope you’re feeling better!!) :)

  2. BJM says:

    I loved reading about your maternity must haves and Im way past having children I might buy myself a few of your favs Keep the family updates coming Thanks!!
    Oh I think babies name is Ivy (Ivie) or Emmy (Emmie)

  3. Carla says:

    This is a great list! You are lucky that you are graving ice, with my last pregnancy, I was graving chocolate shakes, which unfortunately, lead to a 60 pound weight gain! My guess for her name is a something that starts with an “E” maybe Emilia. I can’t wait to find out, so exciting!!!

  4. Gigi says:

    I’m guessing Heidi!

  5. Kate says:

    Magnesium. Both spray and drinking kind (Natural Calm). Felt like it really helped with cramps and Braxton Hicks.
    Bio oil for the belly itch!
    Both babies as soon as I used two pillows to elevate my head more for sleep I noticed a big difference in nausea and heartburn. And as crazy as it sounds, apple cider vinegar.
    Lastly, BBQ sauce. Dip everything in it ????????????

    Hope all is well!

  6. Faith says:

    So I had awful restless leg type stuff during my first pregnancy and switched care providers half-way through. My new midwife told me to drink nettle infusions–which are chock full of chlorophyll, iron, and calcium (and maybe magnesium?). After about 16 weeks of awful leg pain, within a week, my leg pain was gone. With my other pregnancies, I’ve taken magnesium (either with magnesium oil externally) or a supplement and taken chlorophyll capsules instead and it’s done the trick. Maybe if you need additional relief it’s something to try.

  7. Nina says:

    My guess is Hazel!

  8. Katie says:

    I loved Mama Mio while pregnant and also if you’re looking for a workout I LOVED the Pop Sugar pregnancy videos- they are 10 minutes long and perfect. There’s a full body workout, arms, lower body and yoga. I would do all four sometimes for a complete workout.

  9. Erin says:

    Just gave birth to our third, a girl, last week and I swore by the belly butter for each pregnancy. I’m guessing Flora!

  10. Laura D says:

    I love your maternity fashion. It will be a while before I am pregnant again, but I love getting ideas for when we take that path again. I think I need a body pillow for all the time…
    I also really look forward to seeing what you like as far as nursing friendly clothes, should you choose to nurse. I keep seeing ads on facebook for The Latched Mama and wish I had known about it while I was nursing. I think the hardest part about nursing for me was being both comfortable and modest at the same time while liking how I looked.

  11. Kimberly says:

    This is a great list. We have three boys and I really feel you on picking the third name, it’s tough.
    My question is (and hopefully it doesn’t come off snarky in print because I mean it in a sincere way), how do you decide when it’s appropriate to veer off the home/DIY topic for a blog post like this one? In the last podcast (which I loved) you talked about staying in your lane and niche. I tend to enjoy your off the home/DIY posts but I wonder how you decide when it’s appropriate to do posts like this one or the Hawaii travel one for example?
    Thanks for all your lovely content here and in the podcast!

    • Julia says:

      That’s such a good question! I really do believe in staying in your niche lane so Chris and I discussed at the beginning of this pregnancy how much we’d include it in our content, especially since we don’t really include our children’s lives in the blog a whole lot. We decided occasionally would be okay and to kind of let our followers dictate that. I think I’ve only done 2 or 3 pregnancy updates (I count this post as that) throughout the last 8 months and I generally wait until enough people are messaging me or asking questions to help me guide when is best to post.

      The same was true for the Hawaii post. I posted a few snippets from our trip in Instagram stories and we got a bunch of requests to hear more.

      So, I guess in short, we like to interject a few personal posts in with our regular content occasionally as a way to bring a little bit of us and our lives outside of DIY back into it all. They definitely aren’t our most popular posts, so that’s the main reason we limit them.

  12. Laura says:

    For baby names I’m obsessed with because it shows a graph of the name by popularity through time. So much fun to play with.

  13. Rachel S says:

    I’m on my third pregnancy, too, (28 weeks) and finding a name has been so difficult for our second girl! Still haven’t decided on one that fits with her two siblings’ names and suits us both. Can’t wait to hear your choice!

  14. Lisa says:

    I’ve always loved the name Margot and I think it compliments Greta and Faye nicely. :)

  15. Corine says:

    You look SO beautiful this pregnancy. I love all your outfits and you’ve nailed it by choosing things that you would absolutely wear even if you weren’t pregnant. You’ve stayed true to your effortlessly chic style. I’m taking notes for next time around.

  16. Kerry says:

    This list is great! I’m due about a week after you, and I totally agree about the matronly options for maternity clothes! Ugh, some are so bad! Asos has been my go-to for both of my pregnancies. I also love the oversized “boyfriend-fit,” non-maternity t-shirts at Old Navy. They’re super cheap and easily fit over my bump at 32 weeks, with a long tank underneath. Thanks for sharing this list! I’m totally checking some of these things out (like that seamless bra!).

    • Julia says:

      I have 3 of those Old Navy shirts, too!!! I mostly prefer non-maternity slouchy shirts (that I wear before and after pregnancy, too!) paired with maternity bottoms and tanks. Makes me feel the most like myself.

  17. Lennon says:

    For some reason I’m feeling Hattie. That’s my guess :)

    • Courtney says:

      Literally my same guess! So funny since it’s the only one on here so far…. With a-ending Greta and one syllable, e-ending Faye, a y/ie-ending name would make for a sweet sibling set. Greta, Faye and Hattie.

      • Kate says:

        Hattie was my guess also! Haha

      • Erin says:

        I guess Sylvie! I love your other two girls’ names and considered Greta as an option but chose a different name for our first daughter. That may end up as #2’s name. What feedback have you gotten on Greta’s name?

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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