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May 26, 2011

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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Or, “Anything Looks Better Framed.”
Both titles definitely sum up our gallery wall over the staircase.  After a few days of moving things around and digging through old art and making some new art, this is where we ended up. 

Which is a long way from where we started earlier this week.  I am sure you remember, but in case you don’t:

The first thing I did was spray all of the non-black frames a glossy black.  Not to say you have to have matching frames in a gallery wall, but since we were going for an array of art, we wanted something to be uniform.  All black frames really tied things together.  The rest was just working with what we had around here and we even moved a few things around some more.  And now for some close-ups.

In the bottom right corner there’s a clock from Ikea and a page from an art magazine that I get.  I ripped it out and framed it because I felt like I needed a pop of orange on this side of the arrangement.  Soooo sentimental, huh?  Next to orange pop is a picture of my parents, my sisters and I that was just taken last month when we were all reunited after a few years of not seeing each other.  Josh from innov8 took the picture and I love it.  Hopefully soon, we can get a similar one of  Chris’s family and hang in on the wall, too.  Maybe I can even convince on of Chris’s brothers to curl up on the arm of the couch with heals on like I am.  Brandon?  Cam?  No?

You can read about our framed wedding announcement here.  The big numbers are actually our house numbers that I painted over top the deer painting.  It feels really clean and since this is our very first house,  we are displaying those numbers proudly.

Above that group, I framed a watercolor color chart I did.  A color chart framed looks money, right?  Next door, I hand wrote a quote I pinned forever ago.  I’m not a cutesy quotey person, but this is something that rings so true for me so I had to display it.

On the other side of the bird painting is the caricature by Lance Fry that I mentioned earlier in the week and the vintage dog paint-by-numbers I also already mentioned.

Above that, starting from the right is one of Greta’s foam letters from her huge play mat that all puzzles together and I have come to detest.  There are letters and pieces in every room in the house.  I recently boxed them all up and only take them out for her to play if she is acting insanely cranky or bored.  So, I don’t think she’ll miss the “M” that much.  It looks so chic framed.  In the middle is an envelope from one of the many letters Chris and I wrote each other while I was on my mission.  We fell in love through letters so an envelope is the perfect symbolism for us.  On the left is my most favorite picture of Chris and Greta.

I ordered it (and the one of my family) through Ritzpics.  They are having a special promotion right now for new customers–2 8x10s for free.  Uhhh yeah.  I jumped on that.  Just enter TRY63B78 at checkout and you’ll just have to pay $1.99 for shipping or you can pick it up at a Ritz Camera for free. Booyah!

Above that group, I framed a still-life I did from my very first drawing class in college. I remember I stayed up all night finishing this. I even hid in the projector closet when the supervisor came around making sure all the students were gone just so I could finish it by my 8 am class. I got a B+ on it, but I still like it.

At the very top is a simple oil painting I did of the Rexburg temple, where we were married. I think it is appropriately placed at the very top of the group. I knew I wanted a picture of the temple on this wall, but there wasn’t one existing that I liked. Harsh, I know. None fit in with our space or the vibe we are going for. This painting does. It’s probably not for everyone, but we love the simplistic lines and that there’s no trees or sunset distracting from what it is. The temple.

That wraps up our killer gallery wall, although we still have to figure out a lighting situation because the gold-trimmed sconce (see first picture) is less than ideal. Until then, what’s your favorite piece?

What do you think?

  1. Wunderwallz Wallz says:

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  2. Donna says:

    My favorites are your two pics of family and birds on wires..Can’t you paint your sconce light Black also- with enamel paint if its metal? That’s what I did with my Glass globes of my ceiling fan lights using glass paint, they turned out Beautifully when I was done..Just until you can replace it? You probably have by now though, lol ..One place you must come up with a dramatic display is the open shelf above the cabinets in the kitchen, that you see when you come down the stairs..that could be a stunning focal point in your home, especailly if you added lighting!
    We are remodeling too but its our Last house, just finished tiling—- so expensive with the cement board -thats what Really costs ,Not the actual tile..Good Luck on your home,
    its looking great!..

  3. Summer says:

    I’m in love with your take on the temple. I too, have a hard time settling on one I like. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple and I would love to do something simple yet so powerful as this.

    I love your Birds on a Wire, and your simple 1402. It balances out the monochromatic temple art.

    Absolutely beautiful. I may be stalking your pages for a while. ;) You are very creative, gifted, and I love that you have the drive to go for it!!!

  4. DoublClik says:

    Favorite picks:
    The framed M, I want to do a typography wall for our office this summer
    Framed envelope, I love that it has a story, it’s like a little “trinket”
    AND I think it’s time I pick which family picture I want to frame! Nice Jules

  5. Julia says:


    I used oil paint for the temple painting. It’s STILL wet, but on the wall is the safest place for it to dry in my house–especially since oils can take weeks to dry. You can definitely use acrylic paint though. I had no idea Ryan was an artist. Tell the man to stop hiding under a bushel!


  6. Meagan says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m too wimpy to go all out like this and try different frames and colors. I’m a black frame and white mat kind of girl. However, this is gorgeous, and toooootally you guys :-)

    My fav piece is definitely the pic of Chris and Greta and the painting of the temple. I wish you could do a big one of the Columbia SC temple for us, but that’s kind of impossible to ship back and forth….Ryan is kind of secret artist, so maybe I can talk him into trying it out. What kind of paints did you use?

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

HI! We're Chris + Julia

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What We're                 Right Now

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