I Can’t Pinpoint what’s not working in Greta’s Bathroom

October 23, 2019

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Well this is a post that I didn’t really know how to write and definitely did expect to be writing, but I thought it was important to be transparent about this part of the process, too. I was going to do a reveal of Greta’s bathroom a couple weeks ago, and then last week … and then I started getting DMs about when we were going to share it, and I kept telling my team — it’s not ready for a reveal. Something isn’t working, and I’m not exactly sure what.

So this isn’t a reveal of the final bathroom, but a look at it in its current state and maybe a few thoughts as to what’s not working and what is and why reveals are actually one of my least favorite things about my job.

To catch you up, you can see where we laid this new tile floor in this post and painted the beadboard and hung the art here. We have since swapped the light and added a new mirror, too. And I like everything individually, but together — hmmm.

This mirror, in particular, is a really great one. It’s an oval and can be hung vertically or horizontally. I envisioned it being hung vertically, but the light overlapped it — which I see often, but for some reason makes me twitch. So I swapped it to a horizontal orientation and it’s fine! It’s fine. It’s just…fine. I also really love the sconce, like so much! But I probably should have gone for something that didn’t hang down. Or maybe I can flip it upward (would that be totally weird?). This combination should, in theory, work, but it’s not working for me…I think it’s the mirror hung horizontally.

I’ve also contemplated for weeks now whether to paint the vanity or not. It’s not in the best shape, but I’m loving wood tones a lot right now, so I’d hate to see that element go. However, I am really missing deep, rich colors in here. Maybe that’s it.

I could easily add some in the form of art. I like both of these pieces (that are looking really washed out here for some reason), and any of my girls would love to have them in their spaces, but this bathroom is in need of something a little more rich, deep, and saturated, I think (I’m thinking something like this and this and this!).

And while I love this Revere Pewter beadboard that blends seamlessly with the floors — do I want blending here? Or…do I want it to be…say….black? Or almost black. Wouldn’t a black with green undertones look so gorgeous with the new toilet paper and towel holders (from here!) and the soft pink towel accents? Maybe a greenish-black beadboard is exactly what we need in here.

This process is what I thrive on. This is the fun part for me (although backtracking in front of hundreds of thousands of people can be intimidating): figuring out the puzzle that makes a room can be so challenging in the best ways. Sometimes when a space is “done” there’s a twinge of sadness because the future of it is so certain. No more finding the perfect mirror or towel or couch. It feels wonderful to be done, but also bittersweet to let it be.

I think that’s why I struggle with “reveals.” They seem so final. Like announcing this room is done progressing. This is the end. I think I just prefer the middle. The doing. The tweaking. The unlocking a new element or idea that changes everything. So while Greta’s bathroom is stumping me hard right now, I feel hope and excitement about the future of it. Now, all in favor of darker beadboard, say aye!

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What do you think?

  1. sarah says:

    it’s 100% the mirror! and the touches of black in the frames. everything else is shadesof white/cream/brown/pastels. okay, i also dont like the hamper but this is definitely the mirror

  2. Dan says:

    It is/was missing a pop. I would off set the pictures and oriente the mirror the long way. Possible then throw a traditional but loud rug in of a Persian style…maybe.

  3. C. THOMAS says:

    I love the way the tile floor blends so well with the painted bead board and the wood tone of the vanity.
    I wouldn’t change these. The wall above the bead board looks so vast and in need of more art, perhaps
    in darker frames? It would make a great display for photos or art work and perhaps a pair of sconces?

  4. jw says:

    love the idea of adding in more contrast by painting the bead board black, but it kind of takes away the youthful sweetness of it being a little girls bathroom. (don’t get me wrong i love black.) What about a really dusty french blue-grey to contrast the warm tone of the wood? it would add contrast, but still have a whimsical childlike feel. Just an idea? :)

  5. Stacy Stewart says:

    How did you paint the beadboard? Roller? Brush? Spray? My whole basement has wood stained beadboard. I found during primer that I needed a brush to get in all of the cracks and I’m not sure that I want the finish of a roller..

  6. Tracy says:

    Julia, can you please share where you found that perfect tasseled rainbow rug/bathmat? I combed the comments and shop your house but couldn’t locate a reference. Thank you kindly!

  7. Tiffany says:

    What if you brought in the wallpaper from Greta’s room, and painted the beadboard a dark gray?

  8. Kathleen says:

    I think you have nailed it, with the thought of darker beadboard!

  9. Colleen says:

    I would definitely paint the headboard and down the road, switch it out because it’s the same height as the vanity. A new mirror would be better too! I love this process and seeing things that don’t always work like you had pictured in your head…this is real life and we all go through this when decorating! I wish more people I follow would show design dilemmas like this!!

  10. Lindsey says:

    It’s the art! It’s bland and bottom heavy and dwarfs the toilet.

  11. Stephanie Chapman says:

    I think you’re right on the money about painting the bead board. I would personally choose a color similar to the blue/green in the hamper. . .a little google search on Devol Kitchens will yield some beautiful inspiration from British kitchens which is what i think of when I see the beautiful curvy oak vanity and the lovely new hardware. From there you might also update the faucet to a live brass vintage-looking faucet that will patina. Your funky floor matt and contemporary art and light will keep everything fresh. I agree that the bead board is too short to be dramatic and maybe painting the wall and bead board the same color would help? We can’t wait to see what you do!! It was fun to be asked to weigh in. Everyone had great ideas.

  12. Christina says:

    Ooh, I love that Night Garden print you linked, and think it picks up some of the colours of the rainbow bath mat. What if you painted the beadboard a darker version of the green or blue from the rainbow? It clearly works with the tile. Too black a beadboard seems like it will be weird above the tile to me, for some reason.

    I love the wood vanity and hope you don’t paint it.

  13. Lindsay K says:

    Hi! I love where you’re headed, but I think for me it’s the scale of the beadboard that’s the problem. I think it’s too short and too delicate with the bold pattern on the floor and the scale of the vanity. I’d do something a little more “board and batten” and taller!

  14. Anna Wallington says:

    I would paint the headboard a bright white to match the tiles in the shower and then freshen the walls with a blush pink.

    • J.L. says:

      Anna, love this idea! If painting the vanity is not an option, I think white would really make the wood vanity and the tile pop (vs. having dark beadboard AND a dark vanity). Add some beautiful glass knobs to match the sconce, a larger mirror and art with dark, rich tones and this bath would be perfect for Greta!

  15. Haley says:

    Julia! Thank you so much for all you and Chris share all the time! I learn so much from your experiences.

    For Greta’s bathroom, you’re so close! A couple ideas because I’m struggling with the EXACT same tones in one of my rooms and need to add a pop of something else so that everything doesn’t feel washed out.

    – what about pulling in some of the blue from her laundry hamper – with towels, a bathmat (plain and textured, instead of pattern?)
    -art that offers more contrast?
    – agree on the mirror, keep searching and you’ll find something that works better
    – would some sort of larger house plant work on the floor in a darker basket? can’t quite tell how much space there is
    – maybe a new wastebasket that has a different material than the laundry hamper

  16. Barbara Fortunato says:

    You’re right the art is completely washed out in this room. I love the tile floor and the wood. Please don’t paint it. Why not the brown if the pantry? I don’t see black anything. Maybe British racing green? Like an old Triumph sports car? You’re also right the mirror is fine. But I think something rectangular that tilts down from mid side bar attachments to the wall. art with burgundy would also be great!

  17. Susan says:

    I feel that everything blends together and is the same value/ tone, so would either make something noticeably lighter or darker for contrast. I would start playing with the artwork and towels to see if that helps then take it from there. Love the mirror but maybe replace it with one that feels heavier and has more weight to it.

  18. Luke says:

    Yes!! I was thinking a darker beadboard color, black/dark gray.

  19. Paula says:

    This room needs black and some leather. The faucet is meh.

  20. Katie says:

    It’s the mirror for me. Doesn’t really fit for some reason. Maybe if the faucet was matte black.

  21. Nichole says:

    I agree with everyone else. The beadboard color makes it feel like you’re walking in to a room with a matching set. Black is a great idea, or a moody green.

  22. Monica says:

    I’m on team “paint the beadboard”, even though painting beadboard is astoundingly annoying. I wouldn’t go green toned black though, I’d go a deep emerald. Keep the warmth in the room but add in the contrast. That’ll also really showcase the gorgeous glow of that wood.

  23. Lauren says:

    Yes to green/black bead board!!!

  24. Syndi McCabe says:

    It’s beautiful! It’s super neutral, which I personally love, but the blank wall space seems off in pictures. What about a wallpaper? Something with a British style handprinted Lauren Leiss feel to it? Super neutral, more for texture. Just a thunk, as I personally love what you’ve put together so far. Ps, I’m a Quilter and it influences my “why not more pattern” *problem* as my hubs calls it ????

  25. Sara says:

    I think the bead board should be a different color and the two pictures above the toilet are a bit blah. It all blends together and there needs to be some contrast. Getting there though.

  26. Julie says:

    I think repainting the bead board and walls will help and it seems like the mirror doesn’t work in there because the shape is competing against the round light fixture globes and the round towel holder. it is a great mirror though, but I would use it for a different room. I think painting the vanity would be a travesty.

  27. Bethany Rusnak says:

    I don’t think the mirror goes with the style of the room. It seems off paired with the vanity. keep the wood, it’s gorgeous. Paint the beadboard so the wood contrasts a bit more with the room.

  28. Krista says:

    It’s beautiful! I agree on the black or nearly black headboard. That was my first thought when you showed the image with the headboard! You’ve made a beautiful bathroom! I think the vanity can stay naked a little longer then. :)

  29. Heather says:

    Definitely need some contrast, and I think a darker beadboard could help. With everything being so close in color, there’s nothing to catch the eye.

  30. Anabela Gonzales says:

    I agree with you that it all blends. It’s beautiful but I think maybe you’d like it better with some contrast. As much as it pains me bc I love the vanity as is but I think dark vanity would anchor the room and help lead you in the right direction.

  31. Shelley says:

    After seeing the pic in your ig stories, before even reading the blog post I said to myself, “it’s the color of the bead board.” So Aye! ????

  32. RP says:

    The shower tile and door, floor tile and mirror all say modern to me. The beadboard and vanity are more traditional elements. The light fixture, towel hooks and toilet paper holder are all giving me a glam vibe. Then the color of the towel and the rug remind me of something from Target.. they’re cute by themselves, but in the room, they cheapen it. The colors of all the metals are really throwing me off. Chrome, matte black mirror frame, the fixture looks almost Rose gold to me, and the towel holders and toilet paper holder are a different color than everything else. They don’t all have to be the same color but there’s way too many in there. The frames are adding to my issue with the metal color. I think for this room you just have to pick a theme and stick to it. Modern-traditional may be the easiest to stick with. The faucet needs to go if the light fixture stays. The mirror just cannot stay. And please no dark green beadboard. This just isn’t that type of space. Let it be a young girl’s bathroom.

    I say keep the beadboard the color it is. I would find a cute girly stencil that you can keep the upper walls white and do a very very light peach/mango/orange design on the top. It would highlight the colors of the wood which should be the focal point. The mirror being more traditional and adding in some photos with frames to match the new mirror would do wonders.

  33. Tineke says:

    I love all the pieces in its style as well???? like really. They all got a nice quality and beauty, but i feel what you are saying on how it works together. Could it be the lay-out? Would it be different when you would enter and see the vanity first? I love the wood tones. With the black oval mirror. Or could it be the colour of the trim that is making the whole room a bit flat? Love the tones of blue and orange as well. Is there room for a plant in this setting? Or a poof, small bench or chair? I like that you share these stages as well, since the process of a room is challanging sometimes. And it makes it so much more interesting to see what you will come up with and tag along for the results.????

  34. Anna Lochiatto says:

    You need to change the mirror and light. The vanity is such a heavy piece so the mirror needs to be a little more stronger. The lights are a wash so you need a stronger one too. Also the oval and circle shapes compete. A vintage rectangular mirror would be nice.

  35. Laura says:

    I say more art!! No need to paint.

  36. Lori says:

    I love everything you both do, you’re family is SO CUTE! I do have to say the first time I saw Gretas floor I loved it but I think the beadboard should be lighter, it blends too much with the floor and I think black would take away from the floor, maybe some more colorful or different artwork? Everything else is perfect! ❤️

  37. Kim says:

    Maybe the beadboard in an olive like Backwoods by Ben Moore and what about a whimsical wallpaper to tie in all the colors and add a pop instead of more art

  38. Kayla says:

    Aye! I think that is exactly what you need!!!

  39. Kari G says:

    it seems perfect to me. i love the tile, the simplicity. If I HAD to make a change, I would change the upper wall to a pale peachy-pink base, like your pictured towel. otherwise, I would let her decide the final touches ;) kids can surprise you with their talent :)

  40. Anna says:

    Aye! Paint is cheap and I agree that it seems all to blend a bit too much together. I like the wood vanity too, so beadboard seems like an easier fix for a richer color. ♡

  41. Jesika Ellis says:

    While i think your idea of adding a darker color here is wonderful, my first thought was that the scale of things all over this room looks conflicting and imbalanced. Scale of floor tile + vanity + art = magical! The organic lines of each are so complementary! But the toilet is so… small and stiff and square, and the beadboard looks afraid of even being near that floor tile. I think the mirror works, but only if there’s a more substantial toilet with a more curved shape. Let’s take that beadboard down and put in wider planks (is it still shiplap if it’s vertical???) or picture frame moulding! I love your honesty with this room – I’m in a similar struggle with my own bathroom, and of course ‘solving’ yours from behind a screen is much easier and more fun than agonising over my own :D Can’t wait to see what you land on!

  42. Andrea says:

    The first thing I thought when I read the headline and then saw the first picture was “maybe the beadboard should be darker!” I’m 100% on board. Love that you share everything throughout the process!

  43. LoriAnne says:

    Yes for the darker bead board!! ????????????????

  44. Karen says:

    Agree with the ‘old lady’-vibe comment – just doesn’t have the whimsy of the girls’ bathroom in your other house. Except the tile! Perhaps paint the walls blush (Farrow&Ball ‘Setting Plaster’-type color?) – replace hamper with black or very dark brown basket to add some dark contrast – lose pictures over toilet in favor of much larger piece of art in thin black frame – replace rug (current one just blends into the beiges) with black & beige or black & white to coordinate with the hamper – and turn the mirror! But just suggestions, because you will figure out exactly what needs to change to make it work :-). Kudos for your energy, transparency and fearlessness!

  45. This is so fun to hear your struggles because it is so real. My opinion (which doesn’t matter) is the vanity station, light fixture and mirror are all different color materials. Silver, gold, black, and wood! I feel like it’s so hard to blend them all as a family! I’d change the color of the vanity and change the flicker to somehow match the light fixture!

    anywho you’re doing amazing! i love watching and see what you create! ????

  46. Deidra says:

    Not feeling the beige bead board, the mirror or art. The wall is too blank – I think one larger statement piece of art- with rich, deep hues. I agree on painting the beadboard/walls much darker.. moodier. And change the mirror. I think it’s just the shape that is strange to me. I think mimicking the rectangles- of the vanity and shower doors and shower tile.. it just feels off me to! But as we all do- I have the most faith in the two of you!! Y’all are rockstars!

  47. K says:

    My first and only thought is that you would probably love more contrast in the space!! Can’t wait to see it unfold, even if it continues to unfold… forever! :)

  48. Marina says:

    I think the mirror needs to be larger and the light at the top should be changed to two sconce lights flanking the sides. The tones in the room are pretty with the greige and I love the wood vanity.

  49. Sara Hall says:

    SW Iron Ore beadboard would look amazing! I think you’re completely right. I’d then keep the wood vanity. I’d also keep your existing lighter artwork and add more pieces to create a gallery wall. I’m stumped on the mirror though… this would be a pain but if it’s possible I’d do a taller vertical mirror flanked by sconces.

  50. Michelle says:

    Black ( or almost black) bead board! I loved your post on having a “Little Black Dress” in each room of the house and I think maaaayyyybe this room is needing a little more of that element?
    You guys are so great at what you do- thanks for showing the thought process and making it ok to try something out and change it if it’s not totally serving you.

  51. Cassandra says:

    The bead board is such a nice color to bring out the color depth of the vanity. I wouldn’t change it. The room is missing black tones to balance out all the beige. (So much beige!) How about a round, black, thicker framed mirror. A black patterned hand towel could carry your eye toward black framed artworks. And the hamper is hampering, too! What about a rich, dark grass weave to complement the vanity? A dark brown with orange undertones would nod to the floor mat, also.

  52. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the vanity.
    Needs a different mirror that matches the tone of the sconce or disappears all together.
    Beadboard should be white as well.
    Now the tile and the vanity are the showpieces of this room.
    Right now there are too many competing elements.
    But I do love your style and what you are trying to accomplish!

  53. Emma says:

    So fun to read your process! I agree with what you said. I think it’s too matchy matchy, if that makes sense. There’s no contrast, and it feels almost… boring? Beautiful, but I just feel like it’s lacking that creative burst! I think a darker beadboard would add that contrast that’s really needed.

  54. Jill says:

    I think it’s totally the headboard! The tonal on tonal with the wall and the floors something off. I bet it’s the bead board. Can’t wait to see what u do

  55. Jennifer says:

    We have white beadboard in our bathrooms but i think for your daughters bathroom, the black/green beadboard would be so gorgeous & fit your personality.

  56. Lauren M says:

    Oh I love the vanity so much! I hope it gets to stay. It’s a clean and beautiful space, but I’m so glad you shared that’s it’s not quite right in your mind and am looking forward to what’s next. It’s like when my two year old builds an impressive tower then simultaneously knocks it down – that’s okay!! Let’s have another go at it

  57. Allison says:

    I just want to preface this by saying I absolutely love your taste. However I also understand exactly what you mean when you say that you feel something is off. When I have had that issue in my own remodeling projects, most often I found I was combining elements that while on their own were perfect for the space, they didn’t work in combination with the other elements. Here I think that’s the problem, too choppy/disjointed. To me I wouldn’t paint the beadboard, I see the tile and walls working well together. Personally I wouldn’t change the vanity either, to me that is your statement piece. I feel the many different metals (shiny chrome, brass, and black) feel disjointed. In addition, the light fixture style may be too modern for the feel beadboard evokes. And the artwork, while cool on it’s own, seems to blend too much which I think is making it feel a little blah. I can see why you might want to try a darker beadboard, but I think it might add an additional element, continuing that disjointed feel. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll nail it!

  58. Rachael says:

    I think adding some contrast with a darker color on the beadboard would really help and tie in the black mirror frame. The frame is the only thing that is that dark and I feel like it looks a little out of place. But I do love each of the individual choices!

  59. Siobhan O'Riordan says:

    How about putting a dark, saturated color above the beadboard? The artwork and wood tones of the vanity would really standout. I recently painted the top portion and ceiling in my bathroom a rich charcoal and it made the bland bone colored tile that dominated the room look so much better. The artwork that I have also just pops now. It was a little scary at first but I don’t think you are afraid of color!

  60. Karen says:

    I agree all the pieces you picked I love but it’s missing depth of intrigue. I really like the pics your thinking of bringing into the space and agree the mirror is nice but doesn’t work here. How bout painting the beadboard , base boards and vanity the same dark rich color you mentioned.. Then replacing the mirror with a big round gold metal framed one. What ever you choose will be amazing and inspiring.

  61. Julia says:

    I think it is actually monochromatic elegance. Traditional but surprising with the details. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  62. Erin Koetter says:

    I LOVE the mirror with the vanity. It’s a very good marriage between vintage + modern! I also love the idea of going with an almost black beadboard. The hints of black in the top frame would tie it all together, and the light floors would contrast perfectly. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  63. Meagan Kelly says:


  64. Jessica says:

    For me, 100%, it’s the color of the bead board. It’s very sleepy.

  65. Donna says:

    Aye! Aye, Captain!!!

  66. Gloria says:

    My first thought was this room feels unfinished . It needs something to ground it and send it in a more whimsical direction . If it were me I’d change the mirror and the artwork and definitely paint the wall above the wainscoting a deeper shade . Even better, I might look for a modern or a dark fantasy wallpaper to shake things up! I can’t wait to see how you finish it .

  67. Kayt says:

    I love your transparency. I think the bathroom is beautiful! I did keep thinking the beadboard would look beautiful in black! I know you mentioned using a black with a green tone. We actually just painted our floors with Sherwin Williams Green Black and it’s absolutely beautiful! If you get a few blacks to color swatch, give that one a try! I also agree with the art, but it *might* pop more if you change out the paint color with the beadboard! As far as the mirror, it might be fun to see something that’s “shapely” with cleaner lines hung verically with sconces on both sides. Whatever you decide will be beautiful! You are truly gifted with this!

  68. Alina Valencia says:

    Hi Julia,
    Love the idea of a dark bead board with the new art you chose they definitely have beautiful colors to pull from. I think it will definitely blend beautifully with the walls and cabinet ????and give the bathroom a little more pizazz

  69. Lucy says:

    I love the vanity area! In my opinion, keep everything as is there! I think the bathroom is gorgeous, but after reading your post I agree with you about painting the beadboard darker. Maybe that’s what what’s missing for you?! Love following you guys! Y’all are awesome. Hope you can pinpoint what’s missing for you! :)

  70. Linda says:

    Yep! I think that will do it!

  71. Claudia Di Salvo says:


  72. Kim says:

    I think the vanity is PERFECT as is but I definitely don’t like the mirror with it, at all. I think you need a larger framed mirror to blend with the vanity. The mirror is too light weight to go with the stature of the vanity. An ornate type of mirror would really make the vanity area the focal point.

    Also wasn’t into the 2 pictures above the toilet. You said it yourself to decorate/hang pics in odd numbers and you didn’t follow your own rule. I think you need an odd numbered grouping there but smaller and more girlish/cheerful/colorful pictures. Maybe even a floating shelf(s) with pictures sitting on them along with some bottles, towels, toiletries, etc.

  73. Kirstin says:

    Thank you for being honest about where you are at! It’s more fun to read blogs that are authentic about the design process and when they don’t get it perfect the first time. I agree with you and the other commenters that the space needs something dark and bold somewhere. Personally, I like the wood vanity and I also like the tonal/textural relationship of the beadboard to the tile, which I think was your goal in matching the colors. I worry that painting the beadboard dark would chop up the room. My vote is to paint the walls and maybe even the ceiling a dark color (black?) to make the light and accessories pop and bring in a more modern element. Or paint both the beadboard and the walls dark, to get the bold look without visually chopping up the room. Good luck figuring out what you want to do! I’m sure whatever you choose will look amazing.

  74. Jessica O'Rourke says:

    Its so funny, when I began your post I thought to myself .. “hmm that beadboard needs to be a dark rich color” Then I keep reading and you said the same thing! I love the first picture in the post because the art with the toilet and vanity look great and I can picture the beadboard being darker and it looks amazing in my mind. What is throwing me off is the visual of the vanity wall. Like you said the vanity, mirror, and light are all good on their own but together its just not working. I either like the vanity with that mirror but not the light. Or I like the vanity with the light but not the mirror. So I think either the mirror or light need to be swapped. Please DONT paint the vanity! I am not one of those anti paint wood people but it adds so much texture and warmth to the bathroom and it really makes a statement!

  75. Rachel says:

    I think just a different mirror and can you change out the faucet? Not sure how much of an impact that will make but the current one seems out of place. I like that this bathroom has a cottage vibe. I am normally all for dark paint colors but in this case I worry that will chop things up too much. But I’m sure you’ll make it look awesome whatever you do. This is a link that is sort of the mirror and faucet style I would think fits better than the current ones. Thanks for sharing your thought process, it’s nice to see that you have times of doubt or uncertainty like I do!!

  76. Melissa says:

    I think it needs a few more modern touches….rectangular thin black framed mirror
    Maybe change out the art frames?

  77. Caroline Lea says:

    I think it needs some white. It is beautiful but kind of oatmealy right now.

  78. Meagan says:

    I was halfway through reading and thought – it needs less muted colors then saw you thought about painting the beadboard black and I think that is IT! I think the wood tones of the vanity would really pop against dark beadboard and the more muted tile choices will be such a good contrast!

  79. Soda says:

    The mirror just isn’t the right transition between the glamour of the lighting and the rich tradition of the vanity. Maybe there’s room for some faux greenery as well? Your other fake plant posts have been really good so I’d love to see the mini-sized version of those.

  80. Melissa says:

    I think it might just need a little color but muted color. Olive green, or a muted pink or blue, etc. The art is completely adorable but I’m not sure it’s doing what art should do in the room. Still I love it but maybe it just needs a little more spring in it’s step. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  81. Susan C says:

    For me it began with the paint and tile. I just thought this was quite a departure from the look I’m used to seeing from you. It made me think “country” like what we have so much of in the South, and what I’m looking to stay away from by watching your work. Maybe it’s the vanity that pushed everything in that direction. Can’t wait to see how you fix it with probably something so simple! You will come up with a solution that’s all you and why we watch and learn from you! I don’t mind waiting for the pop you come up with as I’m sure it will be perfect.

  82. Susan Nohner says:

    My 1st though just from the 1st picture was it’s missing that pop of color or boldness I am so attracted to in your house photos. I think the other items, don’t paint the beautiful wood vanity I think it grounds the space, and the horizontal mirror will be less bothersome once that pop is added. While wanting a bathroom to be relaxing all beige isn’t fun!

  83. Eliza says:

    We all know that Chris loves Greta, but we all know we come here because Chris loves Julia. Let’s not get all ruffled and pretend that we are here to see what Greta has planned for the bathroom. This is where we can all just sit back and relax, while Julia tickles those ivories. We all know we are on the edge of our seats. As Taylor Swift would say…you need to calm down…

  84. LRC says:

    I love the vanity as is…so i hope you don’t paint it. But I don’t think the lighting and mirror are working. I agree after looking back that the bead board would look fantastic painted black and upping the color in the art. Good luck!

  85. Vicki Jane says:

    Personally i feel the whole room is a bit”old lady”. Its all terribly tasteful and nice but the beige especially reads old and not alot of fun. There isnt the whimsy that the wallpaper in the bedroom gives.

    I am sure there are many that will disagree tho.

  86. Leona says:

    I actually like the floors and bead board! Maybe paint the vanity black and black frames for the art??? I’m sure you will figure it out!

    • Colleen says:

      I think black vanity and black frames for the artwork. The black on the mirror doesn’t relate to anything (that I can see)

  87. Donna says:

    Maybe that’s it. The darker bead board would offer contrast there isn’t right now. It might also allow the vanity to look richer. You’re right, of course, it’s nice… but… needs contrast.

  88. Katie says:

    Always love a post with some juicy thought process in it! Sharing your process is key. You guys have a huge audience that look to you for guidance (tacitly or explicitly) and this is really eye opening. Maybe I’m not doing a bathroom right now, but seeing where you might be tweaking this room gives me insight into how I might go about tweaking my space.

    I often wonder how you ideate the spaces you do. I’ve seen your moodboards (love), but do you sketch? Do you photoshop?

  89. SH says:

    Have you considered hanging some large scaled art along the toilet wall? It definitely needs to include rich darker colors but this room is not a small room or at least it doesn’t look small. I too had a large bathroom and ended up hanging a large scaled framed art piece over the tub and it looks so much better than several smaller pieces. I would also tie in more black accents through out. Maybe in the towel holders, TP holder, rug? and maybe a black pot with a brighter green plant for the counter top.

  90. Sara says:

    LOVE the idea of painting the beadboard dark! It is exciting to envision – can’t wait to see if you try it!! Seems like it would tie in nicely with the frame of the mirror as well as the black within the gold frame, while still keeping the overall vibe very delicate.

    It would also contrast so nicely with the natural wooden tone of the vanity (Iwould preserve that!) & shifting the mirror vertical and reversing the light fixture upwards could totally work. Bathroom lighting is sometimes so harsh, so could be a win win!

  91. Tara says:

    I think it’s a combo of tone-on-tone with too much variety of texture. I love a layered texture look, but I think this time it’s just too many.

  92. Elisa says:

    Just my 2 cents…
    The light and the mirror are great, but not in this room. I would choose a simple big mirror without frame. I love shinny chrome and brass, but I think it is very hard to mix them, maybe change one of them for black.
    The wood vanity is very pretty and the hamper is in my opinion somehow not going along. A cotton basket with peebles or tassels (Lorena Canals has them) would look great there.
    The art is also sadly not working but new 2nd and 3rd options would be great. Can you put the TP holder and trash in the other side? I would put plants (in terracota vases), a stool or something decorative there.
    Use the colors of the lovely rug and art to choose the towels and accessorize. The breadboard would look great dark but I would give a middle tone in a shinny/satin finish a try (maybe gray as the beds or mutated blue as in the rug) seams to me more appealing for a child.
    I also love the in progress posts.
    I am sending some get better soon wishes for Chris.

  93. Fiona says:

    I agree there is something missing and I think you’re onto something with both the mirror and needing to bring in some dark colors to offset the blending you’ve got going on. I also enjoy puzzling over rooms and love the hunt of finding the perfect piece. I’m confident you will find it, whatever it is!

  94. Jess says:

    My first thought when I saw the picture, before I even read the post, was I would paint the beadboard black. I think doing that and swapping out the mirror for a round one would make a big difference.

  95. Jessica says:

    I have an idea… you can call this “Phase 1” of Greta’s bathroom and then the “reveal” is not so final :)

  96. Jane says:

    I like the idea of a blue for the beadboard.

  97. Heidi says:

    I think you’ve got too much of the same color/color variation happening. You need some contrast! I think painting your bead board a dramatic color, or your vanity a dramatic color would be the place to start. I’d probably go for the bead board since it’s already painted and a dark foresty black green with that wood vanity in front of it would be beautiful. The other things that sticks out to me is all that gold and brass; it just says 90s bathroom to me. I can see a few brass accents these days, but all that brass is way overboard for my personal taste. Good luck!

  98. Sarah says:

    I’d say richer art and a square, wood-framed mirror instead. I want to echo the wood tone of the vanity so it seems intentional instead of plopped into the room, and I think the mirror needs to be much bigger and more solid (read: square or rectangular to fill the space instead of oval or round).

  99. Sara Beth says:

    I would love to see the mirror hung vertically and I think your instincts are right to add some depth/darkness into the space.

  100. Jess says:

    I think it’s too tonal and a little boring. The floor looks like the paint on the walls and the grout. I think painting the bead board will definitely help.

  101. Wendy says:

    It’s such a pretty room, and I LOVE the beadboard as is. Its just all.the.same. The room needs some dark elements to ground it maybe? Paint the vanity knobs black, and get a dark (black?) hamper. Switch out the art for the darker options you suggested. Add a terracotta vase on the vanity instead of the white ceramic one. But then again…what the heck do I know. I just love coming here and seeing everything you do…even the stuff you don’t love!

  102. Katie says:

    I agree there is something missing. There isn’t enough contrast in the room and yet it’s not quite monotone enough either. It looks like because there is no natural light in the bathroom and it’s really making the colours appear flat and one note. My go to is always adding something black to a room but even the black of the mirror doesn’t lift the room. The mirror reads a bit too contemporary or stands out because it’s only contemporary item in the room. But I don’t think adding black is enough to bring the space to life. I agree with most people, the easiest way to lift the space would be painting the beadboard. Perhaps photoshop a few different options. I think you really need natural light to make a greenish-black work. Maybe try an olive green in the same value as the darkest part of your floor tile. Definitely do keep the vanity wood as bathrooms really need a natural element.

  103. Kate says:

    Something to consider, especially in a bathroom, is how the wall colors will reflect on someone’s skin. I think you pointed out in your Insta Stories how the previous yellow made your skin look sallow, & green might not look better, but perhaps having it on the beadboard only would help. Looking forward to seeing the process!

  104. Gin says:

    Hi Julia!

    Thank you for your transparency. Makes us all feel a bit better. I know you & Greta will figure this out.

    I think something that is throwing off how it reads to us viewers is that the Revere Pewter on the beadboard is not displaying accurately. It appears beige when the color is green-gray. I think it pairs nicely with the floor and grout in the shower, however it does feel like some contrast is needed. I do like your thought on painting it a green black. The floor and vanity will pop.

    I really love the shape of the mirror, but in pictures it seems like the scale is off. The vanity has some weight to it, as does the light above it. Maybe a larger mirror?

  105. monica says:

    Agree with so many others in the you might consider adding some color in accessories – seems like the blue/teal from the basket would be good choice to add in form of towels, rug and art etc and also try some larger scale art.

  106. Rebekah says:

    Love seeing the progression of your spaces! Thanks for sharing honestly. When you mentioned the mirror the first thing I thought of was Crate and Barrel’s arch wall mirror. Rounded at the top like what you have but larger scale and squared off at the bottom. I think nice big mirrors in bathrooms are practical..and it helps that they’re pretty. Also love the idea of darker green bead board. Maybe that forest-y color could play into the botanical/whimsical vibe of her bedroom? Love all the individual pieces you already have in here though.

  107. Eliza says:

    Thank you so much for this post!! It is heartening to know that, just like most of us, things aren’t always perfect on the first try. It is so great to see someone change their mind and, dare I say, second guess a decision? Too often bloggers don’t admit, yeah, I just didn’t like it. So appreciate this honesty. ???? your work.

  108. Natalie says:

    I think I would change the art first to see how that feels and if it’s still not working – paint the headboard!

  109. Michelle says:

    I agree with you that overall it reads too beige. I think if the base colour of the tile were white (and not cream), it would feel fresher. Since that’s a more permanent element, painting the beadboard black and switching out the art (the prints you liked to are super sweet and seem more in line with a child’s tastes), it would help break up the beige.

  110. Liz says:

    What about painting either the walls or the beadboard a mauvy/dusty rose color? Something saturated. Just a thought.

  111. Em says:

    What about darkening up the walls a bit darker than the bead board rather than lighter.

    • Sara says:

      Totally agree with this- I’d paint the walls a nice rich blue. Then you can use the beige art and the gold tones and they won’t get lost in this room. It needs more contrast. The bathmat is also too washed out for the space. Try the deep blue walls with the cute tiger bathmat from urban outfitters. Would be super cute for a sophisticated kids bathroom!

  112. Beatrice Teller says:

    Love the bathroom. Mayb you’re missing your black element? Every room needs a touch of black, right ?

  113. ewa says:

    Here’s my two cents. I would make the floor and vanity the star. For that I would actually eliminate contrast around and I don’t think you necessarily need to go dark. You could continue bead board color on the walls so it acts more like a background. I like the mirror but I would probably use something more dramatic to emphasize the vanity. Oversized round or arched? You might need to go from vanity light to two sconces to allow some height for mirror. Good luck!

  114. Amber says:

    I think all your new ideas are spot on. I’m on team flip the light, rehang the mirror and make the bead board rich & moody. Also darker art.

  115. Maggie J says:

    Love the tiles and shower! I would like to see more contrast in this room, maybe a medium gray for the beadboard. As this is Greta’s bathroom it would be fun to see more color, possibly in the wall prints. The mirror does feel a bit off, maybe a gold frame or a rectangular frame?

  116. Becky H says:

    I agree, I think it may feel like it’s lacking something, but I think it’s more of the accessories, not the overall scheme. I think changing up the depth of the accessories, like basket, art, maybe a new faucet since it seems to be competing with the other finishes. But the vanity is beautiful and amazing, I wouldn’t touch it. I think you also have a lot of darker hues and contrast in the other parts of the house, so you’re viewing the bathroom from that perspective. I think leaving her bathroom a bit different and more feminine is so much sweeter than dark for her bathroom. I love where you’re going with it, I’d try changing some of the accessories first. ????

  117. Devlin DuVall says:

    Thank you, thank you for being honest! I struggle with so many of my rooms, but eventually they become what I had envisioned. You make me feel normal, haha!!

    My husband is a software engineer and we have a famous saying in or house – “small batch sizes!”. It originally applied to his job (and releasing new code in small batch sizes, so if you screw up the program, you at least know the part of the code that needs to be fixed), but we apply it to everything – even my design work ;-). What if you started with small easily changed items in the bathroom that don’t take much time, and then if you don’t like it, move to the more time consuming items, like painting the beadboard? I love the wood vanity as well! I totally think you’re on to the right track with darker art. Maybe a darker basket and floor mat? If you aren’t sold on painting the beadboard, what about a subtle wallpaper that won’t clash with the tile? Also, I totally think you can flip that light around and hang the mirror vertical! You go for it, girl!!!!!

  118. Danielle says:

    I think you’re missing contrast. I like the black wainscoting idea or maybe even a deep deep green almost dark gray/black.

  119. Jennifer says:

    I notoriously second guess every design choice I make in my house. To me, the beadboard stands out as too matchy-matchy with the flooring – I know somebody else mentioned beige blah. I really like all of your choices, but wonder if a moody deep moody tone or a tone pulled from the rug (maybe the sage green) would allow the dresser and design elements to pop and make it more fun for Greta.

  120. Michelle says:

    I think paint bead board black for a pop and I think artwork needs a black frame and I think light fixture should b swapped out but love the shape of the mirror in that space.. looking great! Just needs a little contrast

  121. Luisa says:

    Thanks for being human with this design dilemma!

    I would say there is just an incongruency of design:
    Bead board feels very country style
    Tile feels Moroccan
    Vanity feels ornate
    Baskets are have a tribal ethnic vibe
    Mirror feels West Elm
    Lighting feels busy

    Rug feels modern would pop more on non patterned floors
    Artwork would pop on white walls (not recommending white walls)

    I think a good start is to to get rid of the bead board …. as it seems to clash in style the most with the floors.
    I’m sure you’ll get there!

  122. Karen says:

    Would paint headboard white, anchor the look with black vanity and wall pale gray. Lose that rug. Also reframe pics in black

  123. Melanie says:

    Hi Julia, thank you for sharing this post! I think this is something both seasoned designers and humble homeowners alike can struggle with. Love your style and regardless of what you choose the room will be a win! Each piece in the room in stunning. For me the wood vanity and the floor are the show stoppers. Looking at the pictures what my eye goes to is the toilet and the mirror because they contrast on the neutral background of the wall and floor. Why not white for the beadboard? I know it’s so “typical” but, maybe that would allow the shower and toilet to fall into the background so your gorgeous tile and wood vanity can sing!

  124. AJ says:

    I love it, including the beadboard colour. I would rotate the mirror and swap in the art you suggested – don’t paint that gorgeous vanity. Love the tone on tone you have going on so far. Great post, thank you!

  125. Lisa says:

    It’s the classical matchy matchy trap. You don’t fall for it normally. I would add some green (plants, like others had suggested), black accessoires and bold towels. Maybe dark green, blue-green. The light pink towels and the rug don’t work, the rest is fabulous, just add some bold color and contrast.
    Love your blog, your inspiration, your work.

  126. Piperlou says:

    The light and vanity are darling!
    1. Darken the headboard
    2. Change the mirror. Since this is a kid bathroom, I think hanging the mirror lower on the wall to avoid light overlap would be fine … but the farm just doesn’t fit with the current space

  127. Coleen says:

    I say paint the bead board! Needs a pop; that’s what’s missing…. a moody dark color

  128. Julie says:


    I think the contrast of a darker beadboard and the ccx rich wood tone of the dresser will help connect everything together. Go for it!

  129. Amanda says:

    I vote for dark beadboard! I think that could be the ticket. :)

  130. Kate says:

    I’m with you on the bead board. Tones are very warm throughout the room with no real change in temp to break things up. I think even a subtle change to the bead board color would suddenly balance it all!

  131. Linda says:

    Hmmm, as you note, all of the elements are fine individually but the whole isn’t singing out right now. I also agree that the mirror would look better hung vertically – if you can figure out a way that works (I have installed a fixture “upside down” btw, I thought it looked better! Hope you keep the wood vanity because the colour and shape are great.
    Darker colour on the beadboard would be good, as well as a more sumptuously coloured piece of artwork to liven up the scheme. Love that “Night in the Garden” one. Now that as Greta’s room now has a lot of white, bringing some colour in the bathroom would work well.

  132. Vicki says:

    I love the Emily Winfield Martin prints. She has been a favorite of mine for a long time. The girl with the mask just seems so perfect for Greta. The room is a nice room but I agree it needs something. Nothing pops! I think the brighter prints with the black will help because it helps pull black mirror into the room. Right now it looks like an afterthought instead of a central piece. I love the vanity as is. The wood is beautiful and has such lovely texture. So that’s my two cents. But, you will figure it out,of course, and it will be stunning.

  133. Jess A says:

    Don’t paint the vanity! The wood is so pretty. I think it’s the mirror, light and faucet that aren’t working. I like the soft colors – it’s not your normal look but it’s sweet for a girl’s bathroom. The rug is adorable. I don’t love that the mirror is black, it’s very stark with everything else and I don’t like seeing the rose (light), black (mirror), then silver (faucet) all together. Excited to see how you change it!

  134. @gutted_by_gutson says:

    I think the vanity is throwing it off- has orange tones when your tile/ walls are more beige- taupe. I think stopping it and white washing wood or painting would be helpful.

  135. Kristina says:

    I really enjoy your blog and how honest you are with the design process. First impressions – this doesn’t look like a fun upbeat young girl’s bathroom. It looks styled for an adult. Too many vintage items make it look old … (hardware, vanity, lighting, frames on artwork). Some brighter colors, whimsical kid elements in artwork might help.

  136. Mikela says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but if you’re considering darker tones in a small room and want to test it out non-permanently, I like adding dark leafy plants to the room for a week to test it out in desired darker corner (my favorite dark plant is an Alocasia Polly!!)

  137. Debra says:

    Maybe the room just needs some natural light. Pop in a skylight?

  138. Debra says:

    It could just be my computer screen, but the beadboard paint color looks beige – 1950s bland pinky beige, with no hint of greige. A contrasting color might be just the ticket. I think the light fixture would work/look as well turned upside down — the frosted glass on the bottom of the shade would cast a softer light. Then, the mirror could be turned vertically. Thanks for being so candid and letting us play too!

  139. DAF says:

    The toilet roll holder and trash can are so far from the toilet! No to the rugs and mirror. No to the art. Work on those. Seems like you want the floor to be the star with the pattern, but it seems so bottom heavy and not balanced up top. This is why you feel the need to go dark, to bring balance up there, but I think something less dramatic is called for. Better art up there or plants would help it not feel so blah.

  140. Lauren says:

    Thank you for being open about your process and what you are struggling with. Taste and style in our personal space is well…personal. I have enjoyed all that you have done. So just my humble observation/opinions on this space. I have tried to read through several hundred comments and if someone already said this I am not certain, but here are my 2 cents

    1) I think that the tone on tone is making the space a bit uninspiring – looking at the bathroom from your last house that had a similar pink/peach tone on the wall as you now have represented in the towels – maybe consider painting the walls the pink/peach tone in some form possibly darker

    2) Have you considered removing the beadboard? The vanity in its vintage style with the floor tiles bold pattern the bead board seems more “country/farmhouse” than vintage modern Tudor and to me is a bit out of place/style with where you are going and seems to be the thing that really seems to not be working in this space.

    3) I think that the rug is cute, but possibly a larger darker more bold rug in the dark green would add a needed pop and ground the space and tie in the dark framed mirror.

    4) i think the walls could use more art as well and possibly bolder and in a different frame that doesn’t match the vanity (the vanity is so unique that it being the only wood element would highlight it more)

    Thank you again and I am certain you will figure it all out!

  141. Julia says:

    I love that natural wood on the vanity, really brings out the grain in it as well… but I do agree that a darker color is needed (somewhere) in the space. L o v e the prints above the toilet, such a classy little touch!

  142. Ginger says:

    Moody bead board!! It would bring out the black in the artwork and make it pop more. I love the tonal walls normally, but feel in a windowless bathroom it just falls flat. Also, I cringe a little when people paint really good wood pieces, so I’m really hoping you’ll keep the vanity as is. However that being said, Jenna over at painted an old vanity black for her bathroom and it is sooo good and it seems like you are going for a similar feel.

  143. Amber says:

    Aye! I love neutrals and often joke that I’m afraid of color but I this room needs something that pops, or at the very least a stronger secondary color. I’m loving the new artwork that you’re getting inspired by, especially #2 and #3. Maybe you need an anchoring design element/ inspiration? Also something is off about the scale of some of the elements (the mirror for one) a bigger mirror perhaps? A big bold framed piece of artwork on the wall behind the toilet?

  144. Kim Driver says:

    I’m with you that the mirror and sconce do not quite vibe with the space. I think the mirror should be understated. Who knows…if you change the mirror, the sconce may work then. Love the process and the trial and error! Thank you for sharing!!! You guys are awesome!

  145. Danica Rili says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture was that there wasn’t enough contrast. My guess is that the beadboard color is too close to the tile. I love your idea of the blackish green beadboard, it’ll make everything else pop against it. If painting that isn’t an option, maybe introducing darker elements elsewhere – black frames for the art, dark linens, even switch out the vanity knobs for something graphic and modern. All this said, this bathroom already looks good. It just needs a little extra to take it to great.

    Thank you for writing this post! I hope you do more of these in the future. It’s a welcome dose of reality and humanity, and it really helped me analyse what wasn’t working.

  146. Hanna says:

    When I saw the first picture two things immediately stuck out to me. One, the lack of contrast. I would definitely agree that the beadboard should be a darker color to provide more “oomf” to the space and greater visual difference so that the walls and floor don’t blend together. And two, I really genuinely think think that the reason it seems “off” to you is the PROPORTIONS. It could be different in person and the image just distorted it, but the proportion of the beadboard to everything else in the room immediately stuck out to me as off. Because the beadboard ends at a similar height to the toilet and vanity, it shortens the room and brings the scale to the horizontal level rather than the vertical level, which is more appealing to the human eye typically. Imagining the beadboard coming up an additional 6 inches (or even higher perhaps), you can see how it brings the eye up rather than foreshortening the room and making it appear squat. Higher beadboard gives a little extra height to the squat toilet, as well as filling in the extra space between the vanity and horizontal mirror. I realize that a higher beadboard isn’t a simple fix, but it is something to ponder. Bottom line of my point is one, greater contrast and two, vertical proportion rather than horizontal.

  147. Marianne says:

    Yes, paint the bead board dark. That’d look so good!!!

  148. Beth says:

    I love the flooring. I think the problem is that there is very little contrast on any of the surfaces. Other than the vanity and the mirror, it’s tone on tone on tone. I always like color, but even if you stick with neutrals, bring in something dark and rich.

    Greta is very lucky girl to have her own private bathroom!

  149. Jen says:

    I don’t think you asked for opinions ???? but I really love the beadboard and Vanity as they are, the mirror/light swaps would be my unsolicited vote! I’ll love whatever you end up doing so I’m ????

  150. Sam says:

    I agree beautiful room but something missing. I think it’s too matchy matchy and agree it needs a strong dark tone somewhere to pull it all together. I’d say leave the vintage vanity as it is, and paint the beadwork. Can’t wait to see the transformation.

  151. Brooke Crowther says:

    Holy Moly people in these comments are so critical! I think the bathroom looks amazing.. I understand where you’re coming from though. But let’s just be clear, this space is gorgeous, sophisticated, and timeless ????????. I’d say tweaking is definitely a fun thing, but I feel like how and what kinda reveals itself over time or at least that’s usually how it goes for me. I love it and thanks for sharing, it’s refreshing to see that someone so good at creating can second guess decisions and even make some wrong ones. I do this all the time, and I guess it’s nice to see even the pros are human ????

  152. The room feels bottom-heavy to me, if that makes sense. The patterned tile, the beadboard, and the beautiful wood vanity are all great, but the top half of the room feels empty in contrast. I think contrast with the beadboard color would look good! Like you, I’m not loving the mirror turned horizontally. Something larger (maybe round or rectangular) would be better scale-wise. What about some floating shelves or a hanging rack to roll up some towels in to add some weight to the upper part of the walls? Maybe a hanging plant somewhere?

  153. Beth says:

    Paint the walls a very light pink! The tile looks to me to ah e a bit of a pinky tone to the grey. It might bring that out a little more.

  154. Kate says:

    You are the professional, not me. But even before you mentioned it, I though it was the beadboard that needed something bolder and cooler.

  155. Kymberly says:

    If we are voting yes to wood, yes to green/black, I defer to you on the mirror. Whatever you do will be sublime

  156. Sibyl says:

    I love elements of it too and for sure the wood tons. I’m thinking maybe it’s just to tone on tone. I am a huge tone on tone lover, but in here…in a kids space it feels like it’s too old for her. I love the tile, but wish it were more of a contrast. You’ll figure it out…I’m struggling with out baby room feeling one not right now.

  157. Valerie says:

    This has been so fun to follow along!.. I love hearing how you come up with design decisions!.. I’m loving the idea of a darker beadboard!.. Like you said it does seem like it is a little flat- and missing something ….has anyone suggested a hanging plant?.. that would add some texture, warmth and dimension!

  158. Heather says:

    I love the idea of darker beadboard! When looking at the picture I also thought some sort of dark element was needed. SW Iron Ore is a beautiful warm black I’ve used as well as Jasper (a green black) and Behr has a great green/black called Black Bamboo. Cannot wait to see what you do! ????

  159. Pearl says:

    Could it need some dark paint contrast. Maybe on the panels or dresser. It might be too muted..

    But looks high quality.

  160. Ashleih says:

    I love this post! The process is so helpful to those of us without your eye so thank you so much for sharing! I actually don’t mind the muted tones, I think they play nicely with the snowflake theme of the tile. And I love love the vanity! As you said, not every room needs to be a show-stopper and I think this is such a sweet bathroom for a young girl. The out-of-place item for me is the mirror. Maybe a different shape might better fit in that space. I also think either swapping it and the sink for brass like the other hardware, or adding in more black would tie everything together! The floor mat, her towel, her robe, etc. will add adorable pops of her personality!
    One thing is for sure, any way you do it, it’s going to come out amazing and we can’t wait to see more!

  161. Ellis says:

    It’s 100% the mirror- not that I noticed it originally but you need like a thick rustic gold square mirror in there and I feel like it will all flow together a bit better.

  162. Rebecca Neustel says:

    To me, it doesn’t look like a fun kid’s bathroom—It looks like a bathroom I’d love to have, and I’m 60!

  163. Mudrick says:

    I love that you’re sharing the process. I’m experiencing the same kind of second guessing and mid-course corrections in my own renovation and reading posts like yours reminds me that it’s okay to not get it perfect on the first try (or ever). Since most of us can’t just rip everything out and start again, there’s so much value and creativity in exploring new ways to find happiness in our choices.

  164. ashley jensen says:

    I think you should totally try out painting a small section of the bead board dark and see how you feel. If it’s a no go, paint over it. After all its just paint!

  165. B says:

    I love spaces that evolve. Not everything ends up in reality as planned and that’s ok! I think a neutral bathroom can be a nice respite from bigger, more decorated spaces, but sometimes than can border in too spare for me. If it were me and I had your skills, I’d wallpaper in something neutral, but with dimension then add a little more art. Or, I’d turn the wall into a gallery wall with kid art mixed in and choose a few colors to run with for towels and a rug. I think it’s all lovely as is,, but some more stuff (for lack of a better word) surrounding the toilet might help shift the focus. But also, it’s a bathroom so…

  166. Jodie says:

    I love this post! I think sometimes we cover all our bases in prep work and the vision has a harder time coming to fruition than we anticipated. When I look at the photos, I feel like the mirror and lights are competing with each other, but I’m not sure what the solution is there. Thanks for sharing the process (and how much you love the process) for those of us who stumble upon these struggles no matter what our project is!

  167. Carmel says:

    I think a dark navy beadboard would look amazing. Think Sherwin Williams Dark Night. :)

  168. shannon says:

    The wood looks gorgeous on the vanity so I hope if you decide to paint that you’ll try it on the beadboard or walls rather than the vanity! I agree with the consensus that you are spot on with your dark green beadboard idea. Plus, the soft pink towels with dark green paint would be delightful.

    Also…the art above the toilet feels like the scale is off. I think one large piece hung horizontally might work better.

  169. Elena says:

    I just want to say I love this post so much because the puzzling it out is the fun part to me, too! Please do this more so I can live vicariously through you! Because otherwise I’m going to have to change up my perfectly lovely kitchen ????

  170. Michelle says:

    Thank you for including us in this process! I love the bead board color but agree you need to bring in black somewhere else. Jenny Komenda always reminds us if something feels a little off in a room try adding a few black pieces to ground it. At first I was worried the mirror wasn’t working (although it is beautiful on its own) but maybe if we bring more black with a trash can that is a little architectural and in the art it will help ground the rest of the room.

  171. brittain says:

    i like the green-black headboard idea! my house is constantly evolving. i recently swapped our dining and family rooms. i rearrange furniture probably every three months. the function isn’t just right or one tweak in design leads to other tweaks. it’s a fluid process. always evolving. that’s what keeps it fun!

  172. Wendi says:

    Did I miss where the rug is from???? It’s so cute!

  173. Martha says:

    For me it’s the mirror and the art that are off. I think a rectangular and much larger mirror would be better. And definitely richer toned artwork.

  174. Change the faucet to match the accessories that are in the space or to matte black. Paint the bead board to matte black or navy blue. Get rid of the rugs. Match them with the bead board color. Vanity is perfect.

  175. Madisen says:

    I think turning the wall that already has the art on it into a gallery wall could be really cool. Totally unexpected in a bathroom and I think it could give it the contrast and personality the room needs. Maybe with some art with more black accents in them to help the mirror feel less out of place since it’s currently basically the only black in the room. I love the oval mirror, but I think a round mirror would fit the space a little bit better. Also maybe a small plant or some other small decorative accent on top of the toilet could make that view a little more special. Overall, the room is beautiful. It just needs some accents to add more personality and pizazz, in my opinion, rather than a darker beadboard.

  176. Maureen says:

    Wouldn’t it be kindof fun to show us a tutorial on how to remove tile?! Just scrap the bath and start over? I like the wood vanity. The rest isn’t even bad, might not be exciting, but it’s better than most. But- what would it take to replace tile?! I’d be too scared to try, it if YOU guys did it.. maybe he rest of us watching will feel WE can too ????. if a full demo is out of the question, try Colorful wallpaper?!

  177. Heather says:

    I looked through the comments and nobody else mentioned this but to me the toilet sticks out like a sore thumb!! To me it just doesn’t quite work with the decor – the topper matches the woodwork and I don’t love the shape of it…
    I agree with the darker beadboard too. But mainly do something with the toilet ….

  178. Jennifer says:

    Maybe the blue from the basket as an accent and on the beadboard? Might make the floors pop and feel more special. You are right that it is all blending TOO well right now. Too beige.

  179. Amanda Struss says:

    Before I even got to you mentioning it, my first thought was to paint the paneling dark green!

  180. Dc says:

    I like the darker beadboard idea! What about a whimsical wallpaper above?

  181. Mary S. says:

    For some reason I don’t like the vanity. I would replace it with something else that is wood toned.

  182. Arianna says:

    The faucet and toilet are really not in sync with the rest. Also I know in certain cases it’s good to mix finishes, but it’s too much here. Just pick two variations… Wood vanity / chrome accessories or wood/ black or wood/brass. Otherwise with the patterned tile is too much.

    • Jen says:

      Hey I’m sure it’s no fun for you but this is the most fun and honest type of post as a reader. Let’s be honest, everyone has these little mishaps where things fail to gel, so it’s reassuring to know we’re not alone.

      I agree with others saying it’s too beige but I’m also not sure a dark beadboard would help. I think it would make me like the tile even less. Honestly for me, I’d replace the tile but I think that’s new? Maybe this other person who said remove the beadboard is onto something. While I love the vanity, I think the room is crying out for some spunk and whimsy and I’m not sure artwork will do the job. Good luck!

  183. Mackenzie says:

    Love this call for help! So I have a few agreeing thoughts with others. You need blue. It’s such an amazing color paired with these tones, it should also make the room feel a little more youthful but not “girly”. The laundry basket color is a good start, but a little brighter. Don’t paint the vanity it’s so great the way it is. You could easily add a blue tone handles and pulls into the vanity to give some visual intrigue. I am also sad to say I am not loving the mirror in this space. The mirror is amazing, it would fit well in a bedroom or even your future walk-in closet. It just doesn’t seem to elevate the vanity. And I think you do need a pop with artwork though what’s there is lovey, it’s just so delicate with such simple colors. Best of luck in your progress.

  184. Sally Ross says:

    I love when a space mixes old with new and dark with light. I think this space is leaning too much on the old and light in its current state. Adding a few modern and darker elements will balance it out perfectly, imo.

  185. sweetfe says:

    Hmm…you guys are great…your rooms are fabulous. I wonder if you have considered painting the upper walls or one wall light blue? Or a blue to match the basket. I like the dresser/vanity just as it is. I like the light fixture. I do not love that mirror. It also seems kind of high for a child to be able to see into. If you love it, which I sense you do….maybe you could move the light fixture up enough to allow the mirror to be hung the other way. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you guys pick for this room!

  186. Amanda says:

    What about a fun medium to dark green? They will pair well with the beautiful wood vanity, bring some youthful
    Energy to the kids bath, but without being too baby-ish. Good luck!

  187. Larissa says:

    Yes to dark headboard! Maybe in combo with your new living area wall color and kitchen color, you’re really craving the darks you generally have? Personally I’m always drawn to the moody colors and I feel like the great tile will pop so much more. Also team dont-paint-the-vanity. ????

  188. Kate says:

    I love that sweet rainbow rug…it feels like the only thing in there that tells me this is Gretas bathroom and not a guest bathroom or adults bathroom. I wonder if there is a way to add more spunk and whimsy to what is currently a super neutral and sophisticated space? I’m going to go against the crowd and say the first thing I thought of was to paint the vanity a color from the rug – mint green would be fun and pretty! Some colorful planters with succulents?

  189. Joanna says:

    Don’t change the beadboard!!! It’s perfect. I think the wall color could make all the difference. If you leaned into the slightly darker taupe in the floor tile, it would help with the richness you crave. The bonus is that it’s a quick and easy change that can easily be changed back if you decide it doesn’t work…but it’ll work.

  190. Kristin says:

    I initially loved the revere pewter bead board when I first saw you were painting it. In theory, it’s great but you’re right something feels a bit off and I think everything would come together if the bead board was a black/green moody colour. It would work better with the wood tone of the vanity, brass accents, and tie in the mirror.
    Also, love these progress posts and I also enjoy “reveal” posts knowing full well that they will continue to evolve.

  191. Kristi says:

    Aye for the darker bead board!

  192. Elizabeth A Weber-Falk says:

    I really see a beautiful, warm and rich wallpaper above the bead board

  193. Sheri Briggs says:

    A black/ Leaning towards blue would be my preference- could be feminized/softened then with pink accents- and maybe a blush hint of pink on the walls would make the wall art pop more- the white matte and current wall color seem to blend too much-

  194. Michelle says:

    Thoughts after reading this post and all the comments (so far).
    1) People LOVE it when you struggle and ask for help, even if they have no advice they let you know they are here for you.
    2) All in all, your ‘please be nice’ etiquette plea is working. MOST people realize that you wouldn’t go into a neighbors home and say their decor and personal choices are “BLAH, DON’T WORK FOR ME, ARE RIDICULOUS or even WRONG” You’d find nicer words face to face. The few who haven’t learned that their tone online is overbearing would be good to study this feed and see who does it well. So MANY!
    3) Dark colors seem to be coming back in force. Is it 80s nostalgia? I feel like there was such a divide in the 80s between the “modern” grey/black/mauve Euro houses and the hunter green, oak, brass ‘traditional’ looks. Especially in kitchens; but everyone agreed that mid-century was outre. I keep thinking of my mom who once told me that everyone loves the style that was hip with their grandparents were young…
    4) I have no actual advice for you except there are a lot of ways to get it right. You’ll be done when you are ready to be done and you’ll renew when you are ready to renew.
    5) I’ll be here celebrating every reveal. and yes, I too love the process…..and while I am California Casual/natural tones at home so adore this room as is, I am also LOVING the dark/high contrast choices I see in my feeds. They feel fresh and unexpected.
    p.s. I wouldn’t paint the vanity if it were me. Its gorgeous and too hard to undo …

  195. Leah says:

    I think a darker beadboard would look great because this room is coming across just a touch too neutral, but I think the unfinished feel has more to do with the layout of the bathroom just not quite balancing yet. The wall that the toilet is on just doesn’t seem finished – the toilet seems to be floating on that wall and although I really like the composition of the artwork above the toilet, that wall just feels unbalanced – the waste basket and toilet paper holder don’t feel grounded in their space. Different artwork might help connect the space, but in photos it seems the room would look more balanced if the vanity shared the same wall as the toilet.

  196. Beth says:

    I agree all things individually are beautiful but something is off. I think some deeper contrast paint on the beadboard would help. Right now the color blends with the floors and detracts from them and they are so gorgeous! I am thinking more of a fun saturated color like one picked out from the artwork with the girl surrounded by the flowers rather than the black Which would be pretty but may be a little too heavy and sophisticated for a girls bathroom. Farrow and ball has the prettiest blues/green blues which look so great with brass. Benjamin Moore seaglass is pretty too. Also Wondering if the bead board should have a little bit more sheen to it? Maybe it does and I can’t tell from the picture but everything seems to be flat and matte. Right now the mirror doesn’t feel connected to the rest of the room.

  197. Monica says:

    To me, all the gold and brass in combination with the tile somehow makes if feel dated (already!). Seems to have a 70’s or 90’s vibe…I would definitely not paint the vanity, but would try adding darker artwork and a darker fixture over the sink and a darker throw rug.

  198. Amy Lindner says:

    Just need green to ground the space. Maybe a plant.

  199. Lynn Riddle says:

    I think the dark green/black beadboard would be stunning & it would really make that beautiful tile pop. Right now, I think it blends too much with the color of the beadboard. Agree on the different artwork. I absolutely LOVE # 2! Love the wood tones of the vanity, I would keep that as is.

  200. Chantel says:

    Aye! I think you have it figured out, darker headboard (amen on a blackish color with green undertones) would dip the bathroom in the rich and dark contrast you’re craving. It might even speak better to the mirror as well. I love this post so much. The perfect “tah-dah” only really exists for a fleeting moment because I think rooms and spaces should constantly evolve as we do. Beautifully spoken Julia!

  201. Leslie says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw your post on Instagram was that I wish the bead-board were slightly darker. Like maybe matching the darker tones in the floor tile instead of the light ones? Love those darker art pieces! The wood of that vanity is so gorgeous and unique. I hope you keep it! I say give that mirror a turn and the vanity light a flip and see what you think! ????

  202. Tammy Kraushaar says:

    That’s exactly what my first thought was! There needs to be some impact, some dramatic contrast! Yup a dark greenish black headboard would do perfectly! I’m also thinking the shape of the mirror isn’t cohesive, but maybe once the headboard is dark it will fit in better. If not perhaps a round instead of oval mirror would suit better! There’s no doubt the result will be stunning as you add your style flare!

  203. Kate Perry says:

    I usually really like the rooms that you do, primarily because your taste is a little edgier than my own, and I love that you push me to consider new ideas. I would choose many aspects of the room myself, but as a result feel that it’s a little ‘safe’ perhaps?
    I would keep the floor and bead board (both gorgeous, and loving the tone on tone) but would look to add contrast via the art (which is currently missing its impact, but loving the first two new suggestions); keep the light fixture but then add darker hardware, or at the very least all
    warm metal toned, and change out the baskets which I feel are missing the mark. I would keep the gorgeous dresser but maybe swap out the handles to add some whimsy; and my final suggestion would be to change the mat for either plain or maybe darker tones but super cushy.
    Good luck and thanks for allowing us to be a part of your conversation ????

  204. Estelle Carlson says:

    Oh and I LOVE! those art prints you linked.

  205. Chris says:

    I agree with so many people who are saying to paint the beadboard dark! The lack of bright natural light in the room makes the beige tones pretty awful, IMO. Bring in more color elsewhere too…it’s all off-whites and beige and gray and needs more contrast and pops of color – maybe from the sweet rainbow rug?

  206. Estelle Carlson says:

    You nailed it on the head with the darker beadboard! It would make such a difference and really make the beautiful hardware you picked out stand out. Maybe the mirror will more in sync with the space with another dark accent.

  207. Mandi D says:

    I really like the idea of a green-black beadboard. I love all of the elements but the lines of this room are so horizonal. (Not just the way the mirror is hung) Could that be it? Would hate to see you paint that natural wood vanity. You will figure it out!! I’m so confident!

  208. Rachael says:

    Yes to the black with green undertones beadboard! I’m on team: add something dramatic, but that’s just my style ♥️

  209. Laura says:

    Can totally relate to the final vision not quite clicking for me. Thanks for sharing. Love the dark trim color idea.

  210. Judith says:

    It’s nice room, but currentlyalso very beige and lacking contrast. I’d try painting the beadboard in a blue that matches the one in the pattern of the basket (or maybe even is a tad darker).

    While a bluish black could also work, I think the contrast is quite harsh with the lovely floor, and a bit more grownup/serious than needed. The blue would give the needed contrast while being just a bit more playful, and it also works very nicely with wood tones.

  211. Katie says:

    I think the issue with the mirror/sink/light is that there are too many perfect circles (light, towel hanger, drawer pulls) and it makes the oval mirror look out of place. The shape, not the contrast in color, I think is the problem. Also, I think the tile could be more. Its coming across sort of 90’s McMansion. Honestly, something simple like white hex tile with interesting grout would probably solve it.

  212. Alison says:

    I think maybe the beadboard should be darker…right now it blends in so much with the tile. That would give some contrast that I think you are looking for.
    Looking great!

  213. Cori says:

    Yes to darker beadboard! And I love that you share this part with us – it’s something I learned a while ago from YOUR podcast, that you can plan everything out, but sometimes, when you put it all together, it just doesn’t always click. And that’s ok! You just keep going until it feels right! And I think you’re right… it needs more depth, color-wise.

  214. Love the idea of new art. Love the idea of keeping the wood vanity. Love the idea of darker beadboard. Love it as is too. You always have such good ideas. Can’t wait to see it when you are happiest too.

  215. Laima says:

    Sage green beadboards maybe? Like the green on the rainbow on the bath mat.

  216. Kari says:

    Aye! I think keep the wood vanity bc you are liking it but changing up the beadboard might give you the dark/moody you are craving. I’m looking st the revere pewter walls in my bedroom and realizing they pop more bc the trim is bright white. That might help too., a whiter wall. And yes the artwork is cute but everything feels a bit tone on tone! I love the endless search for the perfect thing to make a space just right. You’ll find it!!

  217. Andrea says:

    Maybe try some of the new art pieces to see if that gives you the contrast you need. If it’s not enough, go dark on the beadboard. I think I needs something to connect with the dark mirror. A brass faucet would be nice too.

  218. Kirsten Ritter says:

    I think you are dead on! YES to a rich green/black. I think I could also imagine an olive or a dark charcoal gray. Whatever you choose will be amazing. Can’t wait to see V2!

    • Sarah says:

      second the olive… like, a deep olive or graphite, maybe in the wallpaper tones from the bedroom, and don’t stop at the beadboard. the full wall in a rich color could look stunning, the wood grains in the vanity would totally pop, and the pink towels could look rad against green. i also love a worn piece with kids—it’s only going to get more love.

  219. Judith says:

    To me it looks all a bit too tone in tone, but not in a good way. Maybe with some sleeker lines that would work, but the more traditional look and the washed out tones make it look a bit old fashioned/granny style.
    Also, dark beadboard would be complemented by the mirror, which right now might bog you less because of its orientation and more because it’s the only black element in there?
    I know you like to mix metals, but here it didn’t seem to work so well.
    I love natural wood tones and you’ve always been very good in combining those with black accents and/or high contrast. Go for it!

  220. Allison says:

    I absolutely LOVE every piece individually. Everything from the artwork to the floor tile to even the toilet paper holder. But I completely agree with you…some is just slightly off. you are amazing with picking out great deep moody tones, I think a paint color with that in mind may do the trick. its a little difficult to picture though since the room doesn’t have any natural light. maybe a deeper darker color pulled from the darkest accent in the floor tile? maybe a couple shades darker there? im terrible at paint colors, but maybe contrast is what is lacking with all the light elements. for instance, the black frame mirror looks great, but theres nothing else really dark in the room. excited to see what you change up!

  221. Selena says:

    Aye, agree with you , need a darker richer color , like you said all individually is gorgeous, but together something is washing it all out … lots of trial and error in the process makes for a beautiful outcome…as always thanks for your generosity in sharing your process

  222. jana says:

    100% paint that beadboard!! it looks beautiful as is but if you’re feeling a pull to go darker — DO IT!! it’s just paint and you can repaint it. i also agree that the mirror isn’t right like that too. i would start with painting the beadboard and doing the mirror horizontally and see how you feel!

  223. Melissa says:

    Me too! I’m constantly tweaking everything and that’s ok. It’s ok for you to change things after the “reveal” too. And I want you to share that with is. I think lots of us do! It inspires your community to keep changing, growing, and trying. Houses and decor need to evolve as we do and we change and grow on a daily basis and that’s ok. Thanks for sharing the middle with us.

  224. Shannon says:

    I have to agree that something just feels off about this space, despite so many lovely pieces. I think the change that I would love to see is a darker, moody blue beadboard… or maybe a muted one similar to the blue in the laundry basket. The more vibrant art would also be lovely. I think there are ways to make the room feel more playful while still sticking to your style.

  225. Emily says:

    I redecorated my bathroom about a year ago and had the same feeling that something was off when I was done. I had a nearly identical brass three light sconce, black mirror, and brass towel ring to the side thing as you have here. I wanted the black for some contrast, but as soon as I gave in and switched out the mirror for a brass one, it felt SOOO much better.

    I vote swap out the mirror, keep the wood vanity for warmth, and go for the blackish greenish beadboard. Also, it might just be the angles of the photos, but it feels like the placement of the art is off balance. It’s hard to tell though because I don’t know how much wall space is on the other side of the toilet.

    Good luck and thanks for letting us be a part of the process!

  226. Diana says:

    Love it! Love your process and thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work! I love the idea of a rally rich color on the bead board and some different art.

  227. Jan says:

    I love the wood vanity but agree with you. Maybe the walls could be darker, richer. I have a black bathroom and LOVE it! Can’t wait to see what you do next! :)

  228. Joannie says:

    Honestly, when I saw the photo I felt the headboard was too neutral. All the tones are from the wood to the brass, even the white you chose is a little warm and neutral. Nothing really pops except for the mirror and maybe that isn’t the accent you want as the focal point or maybe it is? But I love the idea of making the beadboard a darker color to help ground everything and liven it up a bit in there. It’s still a beautiful bathroom it’s just like you said, missing the wow that you usually create. I have no doubt you’ll figure it out though!

  229. Melissa says:

    Not that you need any recommendations because everything you guys do is so amazing and I love that you shared this point in the process! Often I feel the same ways with rooms in my house and don’t know how to work through it. I actually love the color of the bed board blending with the tile. I love the wood vanity. I would replace the baskets for something with more contrast, change the mirror and maybe switch the faucet to brass but honestly I think if you added a large piece of art on the wall above the toilet with more moody tones it could really tie it all in!

  230. Betsy says:

    For me personally, I think there is too much suburban beige going on in the room. The white tile in the shower really sticks out from the beige, and makes the rest of the room not work in my eyes. I don’t love the color of the tile floor, but obviously this was the expensive part of the room, so it will have to stay. For me, the beadboard and the wall color need something. Color of some sort. So I think I would definitely paint the beadboard. For some reason a navy speaks to me? I would paint the walls a similar white to the tile in the shower. I think i would leave the vanity alone, even though it seems kind of “old” for the space. Not loving the light fixture. Seems to be too much(busy) with the mirror. Does that make sense? I do like the mirror hung horizontally. So I think I would try and find a more simple light fixture. Definitely don’t turn the other way. Seen people try this, and I think it always looks ridiculous. Then a pop of some color in the art. Doesn’t have to be lots of color, just a little pop of something. If I were to walk into this bathroom, I would think it was for a middle aged adult, not cute and spunky Greta. Have some of her artwork framed, and hang in the bathroom. It is “her” bathroom after all.

  231. Ale says:

    I think the bathroom looks so, so good. I think you are 95% there. I agree it is contrast/balance thing. Love how the rich wood on the vanity plays off of the lighter tones in the tile and on the headboard. I would take out the whitewashed wovens (in trash can and hamper) and bring in the richer tone in another spot in the room for balance.

    Agree with you on the mirror. Not quite right. What about a frameless venetian? Something like this?

    I am sure you will nail it! And if you don’t figure it out right away, that’ll be fine too :) Looks pretty darn good as is.

  232. Sarah says:

    I have to add that I agree with everybody that says to swap the faucet. Something about it just doesn’t work with the rich wood of the vanity. I would do a brass one that will age naturally.

  233. Sarah says:

    I definitely think you need the wall colors to contrast with the floor. It’s all individually beautiful, but way too muted and washed out. I think the bead board in a color such as Farrow & Balls Rails would look great or even Hague Blue. And then have the walls BJ’s Chantilly White (Or any other white that’s crisp but not too white). I feel like whatever is on the walls (Alabaster?) is too… it’s just too grandma’s bathroom for such a small room that’s meant to be for a young girl. Also, the art needs a little pop. Again, everything is indivisos beautiful, but together I I just don’t think anything pops.

  234. Vale Cervarich says:


  235. Katherine says:

    The beadboard definitely should go black! And I totally agree that losing the wood of the vanity would be sad, I love that it adds richness that bathrooms often lack. This space is beautiful, but it is all the exact same neutral tones. It needs some dark and it needs a slightly more saturated color somewhere! Like mascara and lipstick on a perfect base. I agree that all of the individual ingredients are great, but all together it’s so….the same. I think the walls are the problem. You’re clearly seeing the same things, but just thought I’d put in my two cents anyway! It’ll be fabulous, as always.

  236. Laurel says:

    Beige. Sorry, I hate to be that person but it’s heaps beige and a lot of the special elements are getting lost.

    Not sure what the fix is…that’s why I read your blog! I’d probs start small and swap out the art, towels, etc to see if that works before doing anything too labour intensive.

    Good luck!

  237. Dorothy says:

    I’ll be short and sweet. Love- Vanity as is, new light, new potential art, idea of pulling a contrast color from art for bead board— hang art first then decide. I LIKE mixed metals but two at max. Black and gold? Black and chrome? Once you land on a few changes, you may find that rug may need to be swapped. You are a wonderful designer and good to know that design dilemmas don’t happen just to us amateurs. (IG: @dotlomar)

  238. JP says:

    I LOVE that you shared this part of the process. It’s so encouraging to see that even someone as experienced & talented as you still changes their mind & shifts from their initial plan. Thank you!! I love the idea of a darker beadboard to balance out the dark mirror frame. The mirror is gorgeous, but more dark features to balance it out would help tie it in more. For example, what about a black faucet or toilet paper/towel holders or picture frames? Or tiles with dark accents for the floor (sorry, I’m sure you don’t want to re-do the floor again)! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  239. Amra says:

    I think you need to paint the walls blue/grey tone like the pattern on the laundry basket. It’s too one toned now and that would add some interest. Also, a vertical mirror!

  240. Amy O’Brien says:

    I love the vanity! I think dark walls would be amazing! The floor, beadboard and wall color are reading a bit Granny-blah. So do your thing! Add some drama and it’ll be amazing…as always!

  241. Lindsey says:

    Agree with you about the mirror! The sideways oval is not sitting with me. Think more colorful art could do the trick if you want to try that before taking the plunge on darker headboard?! Regardless though, I say “Aye!” to all you do. The beginning, middle and “end”… always gorgeous with the Julia touch!! ????

  242. Amy OBrien says:

    I think dark walls would be amazing! The floor, beadboard and wall color are reading a bit Granny-blah. So do your thing! Add some drama and it’ll be amazing…as always!

  243. Kathleen says:

    Wow so many comments with good ideas! I think if you painted the beadboard dark, added some dark art, switched out the faucet to brass it would look great. I love the floors, beadboard (but not that color), sconce, mirror, towel ring, toilet paper holder and vanity. Perhaps danish or hemp oil the vanity to bring out it’s natural wood richness? I’m really into brown wood as design swings more traditional.

  244. J.L. says:

    Agree that more contrast is needed in the space; however, since this is a small bath with no windows (and a little girl’s domain), I would keep the walls bright and monochromatic. I do recommend bringing “new life” to the vanity by painting it a dark grey or blue-grey with a satin finish (maybe that IS it!). This would continue the grey theme from Greta’s bedroom wallpaper and really anchor the room with that dark, contrasting color you’re looking for. Adding beautiful chrome or glass drawer pulls would complete the look. I LOVE the glass sconce as it is. Perhaps a rectangular or pivot mirror would work better? Add darker print art/frames and a soft, dark rug and you’re all set. Love that you’re sharing this with us! Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  245. Carrie says:

    Rich deep color like the you had in your reading room, or the accent wall in the LR of your old house would be delicious in here. Add some depth.
    Also, now I have to buy the Night Garden Art print! So good!

  246. lori says:

    But, what does Greta think?

  247. Ruth Ann says:

    First of all, I think you do a fabulous job designing and creating spaces – so I feel funny sharing what I think you should do! ???? But, here goes! Maybe you could use the teal color from the basket and bring that into the artwork, towels and bathmat? Maybe a different mirror? My tendency is to try the ‘easy’ fixes first – the ones that don’t involve paint or power tools! Whatever you decide will be fabulous! And in the meantime, enjoy the journey!! ❤

  248. Chandan says:

    Totally thought it felt off – even though it looks gorgeous. I think it’s the paint colors of the wall and headboard. Too safe and blends too much- the right idea will come to you! And the vanity is perfect!

  249. Laura says:

    Too much beige and blush and other muted colors (in my opinion). I would definitely go dark with the beadboard to add some contrast.

  250. Amanda says:

    I was thinking the walls need to go richer. like the bathroom in the show Russian Doll – have you seen it? I totally get what you’re saying. It’s all so pretty but my eyes aren’t pulled around enough. Excited to see what you decide!

  251. Emily says:

    Aye for the darker beadboard!!

    • Colleen says:

      Too many comments to read through, but the color you’re thinking is called Charleston green! It’s black with a green undertone. Very popular here in the south!
      And I just don’t think beige works in a room with no natural light…too dingy? Or maybe it’s just how you have to lighten the photo? But I think you should paint the walls, not the headboard. Then the current art and fixtures will still work and pop!

  252. Michelle says:

    Yes to all of the changes!!

  253. Dani says:

    I love the process/middle part too! I enjoying learning about your process with each project and even the struggles and how you problem solve. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

    To me, the room feels too neutral. I like the idea of painting the beadboard a black with green undertones. I think you’ll still keep that vintage-y vibe you’re going for but just approaching it in a different way. I know oval mirrors are trendy right now (and rightfully so, that shape is lovely) but have you considered a rectangular mirror? With the round sconces and round towel hanger, an oval mirror might be too many round elements in one view shot. Also, I think the size of this oval mirror appears too small above such a significantly sized vanity. I think the natural wood tone of the vanity grounds the space nicely.

    Again, thanks for bringing us along in this process and being open to input and feedback. Your new house is coming along beautifully!

  254. Emily says:

    Darker bead board, flip the mirror and swap the faucet!

  255. Lydia says:

    I think you need some black in the bathroom. It’s beautiful as is, but a zap of black may do the trick.

  256. Darcy Clark says:

    Totally agree that you need some richness to ground the space, like darker beadboard or painting the vanity. We have a powder room with beadboard and my plan is to paint it dark green (!) Have you seen what ISpyDIY did in her one room challenge bathroom?? So lovely. Maybe even a darker faucet could help in this space.

  257. Darcy Clark says:

    Totally agree that you need some richness to ground the space, like darker beadboard or painting the vanity. We have a powder room with beadboard and my plan is to paint it dark green (!)

  258. Cindy says:

    Black mirror would make more sense with
    Black beadboard. Needs some florals – maybe large floral wallpaper or simply accessories. Chrome faucet fixture is out of place. Go for whatever makes you smile when you see it!

  259. BK says:

    What if you used the dark green-black color on the ceiling?

  260. Nicole says:

    I’d definitely go dark dark green, almost black on the beadboard. Keep the towel holder/toilet paper holder, and switch the light fixture for unlacquered aged brass. I bet the mirror will work if you go darker with the beadboard. Love seeing your process!

  261. Kaye says:

    The bead board is the wrong colour! That’s what jumped out at me before I even finished reading the post. Also, the mirror is not the right scale, there’s too much distance between the top edge and the sconce and the bottom edge and the vanity so it will always look “sideways”, you need a larger mirror to fill the space. Those two chances plus some higher contrast art should do the trick!

  262. Lil says:

    Leave the beadboard and paint the vanity the darker color? Add the bolder art? I just like to hear your thought process.

  263. Tara says:

    It’s very beige and neutral, and I think that is working against you, as it feels blah. The individual pieces are all pretty cool, but they wash each other out. Also, it’s your daughter’s bathroom, and it feels a little mature for a young girl. It doesn’t feel fresh or fun, if that makes sense (sorry). I know it’s your house, which is gorgeous, but I’m not sure it reflects the age of the person who uses it. It doesn’t feel like it’s something she can grow into, but rather for someone who’s already grown.

  264. Kristina says:

    LOVE the new art piece options you’re toying with. Especially the second one, stole my heart. I’d swap the ones you currently have in there for the new, try them out in the space, and if you still love them try pulling colour inspiration(s) from the art for the rest of the room. Also think the mirror is great but like you said, maybe not for this particular room/spot? Just by looking at the pictures, for me, the disconnect comes from the fact that there seems to be nothing else in the room with contrast, just that. Also feels a bit small for the space left between the vanity and light fixture. But hey! this is what design(ing) is all about, a never ending love always evolving. Isn’t it great?! Can’t wait to follow along as always :)

  265. Erica says:

    It would be great, in my mind, if you swapped the mirror and retiled the shower. You could add your deep rich tones in there and tie in the wood tones of the vanity…which I think makes the space. Food for thought maybe? So fun to dream!!!

  266. Cindy Mugnani says:

    I get the feeling that changing the faucet to match the other hardware and maybe more statement size to work with the vanity would help. Also a larger mirror, maybe the width of the vanity. The vanity and light are beautiful and the faucet and mirror just seemed diminished. Also just some larger, darker statement art on the wall would bring it together. The floor, bead board and wall look fantastic! I am not an interior designer but I am a graphic designer and my eye tends to notice negative space.

  267. Bee says:

    I think greenish black bead board and maybe bleach the vanity for a more raw look?

  268. Courtney says:

    I love this post! This is SO me, so relatable! I say paint the bead board and then paint it back if it’s not right.

  269. Sonja says:

    I think it’s very beige right now. Needs some contrast in my opinion. I don’t love the vanity, but maybe you’re going for a more vintage or eclectic vibe? Maybe stain the vanity a lighter color and have a darker wall for contrast? I love the mirror and sconce on their own but unfortunately I don’t think they’re working together.

  270. Maya says:

    Or what if you tried doing some kind of freehand white floral pattern right on the beadboard as it is now? Something bigger scale than the floor yet that would relate to it and make the room feel whimsical and layered and fun? Heh, this is something I can see being polarizing but I’d totally do it if it were my daughter’s room :) I bet the floor is beautiful in person because there I bet the cement tile feel comes through… In the picture it reads a bit like sad 90s patterned linoleum to me so I think playing up the pattern and whimsy might turn it around.

  271. Abby says:

    I think I’m in the minority here, but I like the tone-on-tone. I agree with others that the mirror needs to be bigger. I also think the space to the side of the vanity feels empty. Maybe move the towel ring over there if you go big with a mirror? Or a hanging planter?

  272. Sara says:

    I love the wood on the vanity! Keep it. Maybe try restoring it, but don’t paint it. I think you have a few competing problems here. First, I LOVE that new light, but it has a pink undertone that’s fighting all of this tonal greige/beige, clashing for me. I like the pink accents and think they should stay to make the room more playful, so I think your instinct to paint the beadboard dark is spot on. The dark mirror feels too high horizontally/ stands out in a bad way right now. Bringing in another dark color may help. I’d love to see how it looks vertical, even with the light overlap. The art is lovely, but doesn’t pop enough in here. I adore the new gold TP holder/towel, but the style really seems to clash with the faucet. To summarize my long-winded comment: try painting the beadboard darker; swap the mirror around/ or lower it; new art and a new faucet. I think you have some lovely pieces here. They just need a few tweaks to get over the hump. Thanks for sharing your process.

  273. Nina says:

    While I love the muted colour scheme, I can understand your feeling of “somethings’ missing“. To me, it does not look like a kids bathroom, and that has nothing to do with being rather monochromatic. I would add something odd, unexpected. Something that makes you laugh, no matter your age. I don’t know if that should be art, or just some fun accessories or something else entirely. A “You know it when you see it!” Kind of thing… does that make any sense? Anyway, the bathroom is nowhere near ugly, so maybe just take some time to figure it out.

  274. Maggie says:

    I actually love the neutral/minimal look you have going on. I think the light fixture definitely stays but the mirror needs to be swapped OR the faucet. The faucet keeps catching my eye as something that is standing out oddly. Maybe a different faucet would help the mirror and light work better together?

  275. Chelsey says:

    Pretty! I would do a square mirror that fills the space, either a floating or a gilt frame, not black… I think the accessories (woven hamper, waste bin and rug) are too playful for the space – which reads traditional to me (i.e. vanity, toilet, sconce, etc). I’d go with more “refined” options for those. I like all the elements individually though! Good luck :)

  276. Andrea says:

    Hi Julia, Gtetta’s bathroom is beautiful! I can see why she is so excited to call it her own! Have you considered a tiny change like going with brushed brass on the faucet and the shower handle (maybe just spray paint to get a feel)? To me the chrome is jumping out as “that does not belong”. It pulls cool tones into the space which is so warm, cozy and inviting!

  277. Anne says:

    I suggest replacing the mirror or painting it – feels like you need something brighter, lighter like white or brass/gold hues. Or a pop of color!

    • Anne says:

      P.S. I absolutely love the floors and wood vanity! Please don’t change the vanity. It’s warm, classic and will age well with Greta. ;)

  278. Maya says:

    First, thank you so much for this post! Not only is it so affirming (because we’ve been there too!) but it also lets us into what to me is the most fun part of design– trying to figure out the puzzle and get to that “click” when everything just works. From a purely selfish perspective as a reader it’s so fun to get to weigh in on the in-between phase!

    So, my two cents… I’m kind of with those who say that the problem is the floor, but I feel badly saying that because that’s the hardest thing to change and you and Greta clearly love them. To me they clash with the rug and laundry basket, though. So… Maybe the problem is the way the “feel” of the room works with those floors? To me it currently feels sort of bottom heavy. A kind of whimsical, light look could be beautiful with the floors… Maybe the vanity painted white, a fluffy girly white bath mat, a lighter and more whimsical mirror. I think the beadboard color could still work if the whole room had a kind of lightness that would build to something beautiful and saturated on the wall, with some artwork with lightness, energy, and movement. If this was for my own 8-yr-old daughter I think I’d go for a sort of fun, energetic, princessy feel (without being Disney princess– more lace petticoat Sara Crewe princess) in the room so that it would feel like such a fun, energetic, fantasy place to her. So I guess the question is, what kind of feel do you want the space to have for Greta? Good luck!!

  279. MAP says:

    I think this vanity idea might be a fun way to add some color and interest…

  280. Christina P says:

    I think it’s that all the metal finishes and frames are different colours. Maybe spray paint the mirror frame, or a different faucet and shower door handle to match the brassy gold tones of the other hardware?

  281. Leena says:

    my first thought was it looks very monochromatic and a little safe. I think you should paint the first instinct was a black vanity would make everything pop. …just a thought.

  282. Rita says:

    My opinion: change the mirror (doesn’t go with anything else IMO) and change the bead board colour. Not dark green!!!!! That’s too adult!!! Something more girly, but still grow up. Something that goes with the wood…

  283. Claudia says:

    Aye to the headboard change! But as always you are doing an amazing job!

  284. Cornette says:

    Its beautiful .. bit yes to new art last two????paint the headboard … new mirror and round rug on the floor!!
    Lots of love from south africa

  285. Maria says:

    I love love it! In my humble opinion, I think the mirror / facet is the issue?

  286. Nicole says:

    I think you’ve done a lovely job of Greta’s bathroom and it really doesn’t need any tweaking but if you’re looking for a quick and in inexpensive wow factor, I would go dark on the painted walls, maybe navy or charcoal and then pick it up with a vintage rug on the floor. Also, I’d do a dark towel hook rather than the ring which competes a bit with the sconce. Hope this helps and keep up the great work.

  287. Meredith says:

    I think you’re right, this space does need something with a little more bold contrast. I personally love the way that the floor, wall and vanity colors work together so if it were my house I’m not sure that I’d change that part. I like the idea of changing out the art. I also think that some of the other accents aren’t quit working for me — maybe because I have a personal dislike for red and green tones in the same space, so the pink accents with the slight greenish tones in the taupe kinda feels off for me — so maybe I’d look at tweaking those instead of painting? I also think you’re right about the combo of the sconce and the mirror being a little off. Maybe it’s the scale, like the mirror is too small and the sconce is a bit big?

    Allllll that said …. part of why I’ve followed you for so long is because you often create beautiful things in ways that I would never think to try… So I’m excited to see what this looks like after you’re finished tweaking. I’m sure whatever you decide on will be just right.

  288. Gloria Dorn says:

    Definitely paint the bead board live the idea of a deep colour!

  289. Jen says:

    Oh, I think this bathroom is so pretty! You’ve done a beautiful job. The only thing I’d be tempted to change is the size of the mirror. I think a large (the width of the vanity), rectangular mirror, hung horizontally and close to the vanity might make a difference. It might also look nice to use wooden display shelves, to tie in the vanity. I’m sure it will be incredible when you’re finished. Have fun!

  290. Lindsay says:

    I agree maybe it is blending too much with the floor. The light is gorgeous but the mirror looks a bit heavy or out of place. Maybe if the cabinet or something on the walls were also dark that mirror would work. Can’t wait to see what you decide! Also I love that you also second guess your original plan, reassures me for when I want to change my mind.

  291. AnnMarie says:

    I LOVE that you’re sharing this! I, as a consumer / blog reader, am not overly fond of reveals, either — I actually much prefer to see the progress. For one thing, it makes it feel like y’all are very much still human and approachable, and for another, it makes me feel so much better about the “progress” my home is embracing.

    I know it takes a lot to be vulnerable like this, and I just want you to know that I appreciate it! I think Greta’s space looks, as you say, “fine” — I’d be thrilled, actually, to have such a (*cough*clean*cough*) well-put together space for my own, but I think it’s perfectly understandable and acceptable (and so interesting for us!) to not be satisfied with “fine” and want to pursue “amazing”.

  292. Chris says:

    What is the height of the headboard? Are you happy with it or wish you went higher? Adding headboard to a smaller bathroom and having trouble deciding on the just the right height!

  293. Lynn says:

    I think it is great that you are sharing that sometimes we like each individual aspect of spaces in our homes, but sometimes something just doesn’t sit well. I know it’s happened to me! I just had to mull it over and take time until inspiration hit, but you have such a wonderful platform for others to give feedback that might offer help. As many have suggested, I wonder if the space needs more contrast. Perhaps in color, but maybe in style, too. While all pretty, the floor, the bead board, and the vanity (love it!) are all pretty traditional. I wouldn’t change those things necessarily, but maybe focus on adding more modern elements (in addition to the lighting and mirror you have). Maybe some contemporary accessories might be what you are looking for. I hesitate to even share my opinion on this, because art is so personal, but to me, the two pieces above the toilet make the room as a whole looked a little washed out. Maybe those pieces would have a better home with a wall a different color? I know you’ll figure it out! And you can share your experience(s) among the way. Fun for us!

  294. Janine says:

    I love the rug. It’s so playful and sweet which is what a kids bathroom should be! How about pulling the either the light blue or salmon color that is in the middle of the rug and painting the wainscoting and walls that shade for a pop of color? Then a leaning ladder or towel holder to fill in the wall space to the right of the toliet? Paint is cheap so worth the experimenting.

  295. Marie Palladino says:

    I’d go with darker wall, lighter beadboard. The vanity dwarfs the toilet and lighter bead board would blend with the toilet and balance out vanity. Warmer walls would punch up art work and compliment wood of vanity

  296. Faith says:

    I’m sick of painted furniture. Leave that pretty old wood is my vote. I would build everything around it haha. Love the black mirror. I think maybe some more black in the room would give it some punch. Might try a round black mirror instead and return the oval or use elsewhere, and I hate to say this, but I would try black fixtures before painting all that pretty bead board. Like matte black toilet and towel holders and some black knobs or some milk glass knobs with black centers. Black accents in a rug and dark towels would help break up the beige without painting the walls so dark. Just a thought. Love the brass light, it’s so pretty. But usually a punch of black is what helps break up wood and beige tones and keep them from getting too blah. Love you! You’re doing great! – a stranger that feels like we’re friends lol

  297. Erica George says:

    I think it’s overall just too neutral. All of the details are getting washed out, so it looks a little blah. Maybe change the bead board and trim? A richer color?

  298. Kelsey says:

    I think it’s the height of the beadboard. I wish it was higher maybe intersecting the mirror and art and just visually bringing the focus up a little higher. It seems like it’s breaking up the room into two half’s that both feel like they could be separate instead of one.

    And on top of that maybe changing the color, although I do love the muted tone it feels relaxing to me.

  299. theresa says:

    I pictured dark beadboard as soon as you mentioned wanting to tweak something! Nothing pops so the eye isn’t excited to keep looking. . . I also wonder if the room has too many curves. With those lights (which could totally point up), maybe the mirror needs to add straight lines.

    Thanks for sharing ☺️ As intimidating as it might be to pivot in front of us all, we’re doing it in our home, too! Now we know that we’re doing it together!

  300. Gia says:

    I like the paint colors and tile! Very soothing. I think that the new art that you linked would give more interest. The mirror is throwing me off, but I am not smart enough to figure out why! Maybe a round gold tone? The lights fixture is throwing me off a little, too, but that might be because of the mirror. I like the wood tones of the vanity, too, but I would paint that before the walls. I think that it would be a nice little pop of color. I love hearing about your process and nice to know that even experts get things off! (20+ paint samples in my bathroom over the years and still not happy, so I just tried 5 more!)

  301. Linda F. says:

    Every element is beautiful! But I agree…it’s kind of not working. Two things jump out at me. 1. There’s not enough color contrast generally, it’s all reading “cream”. 2. The whole vanity area is reading “round” – the light fixture, the mirror, the towel loop, the basket, even the (gorgeous!) curved vanity…all “round”. Just a thought, and I know whatever fix you come up with will be great!

  302. Theresa says:

    I think it’s the beadboard! It is a pretty color but it blends too much with the floor. I love your idea of something dark! I think I would do that first and also change the mirror to round and larger. I like the vanity as it is!

  303. Hannah says:

    Love the idea of going mood going with a dark almost black beadboard. I think that plus different art might just be what you need in that bathroom And would have been my suggestion had you not said it! Dark dark beadboard and something with more color for the artwork! Good luck!

  304. Rebecca Boles says:

    If it were my bathroom I would add color. Probably by painting the walls, either the drywall or the beadboard. There is some blue in the hamper that could be matched in more places. Or I might swap the 2 art peices for one giant picture centered on that back wall, like boom!

  305. Amber says:

    I think that if you stain the vanity dark and add a large scale artwork with deep saturated color, you won’t need to change beadbaord because those edits will allow your eye to move around the room (by injecting contrast). For some reason the oval mirror shape isn’t fitting the vibe in here. Your tile, vanity and sconce all seem to fall into an antique/traditional vibe…I’d like to see more options here for mirror :)

  306. Kara says:

    What if you ran more beadboard all way up the wall and even on the ceiling? You could keep that pretty putty color, but it would feel more cottage-y and rich.

  307. Nour says:

    I like the mirror, but I’d pick another mirror for this particular space.
    Take your time, and please feel free to backtrack.
    Anyone renovating would find it relatable!

  308. Vivian says:

    I will say the pictures and toilet don’t go together. They make the whole thing look like a granny’s bathroom instead of a girl soon-to-be-teenager.
    I also think it is missing a little more colour. The colours are beautiful but it is too creamy, maybe a big plant between the shower and toilet?

    • Vivian says:

      Had a second look and I think more colourful pictures may help.
      Also noticed that the tap in the sink is silver but everything else is goldfish?

  309. Brooke Williams says:

    Before I even got to the part where you mention the headboard being black or a dark color, that was my thought exactly—there’s a moodiness or deep color missing. I think having that dark color would really pull things together.

  310. Kelsey says:

    Love that you take us through your thoughts! You are brilliant with all of your spaces and it’s admirable to see the effort that goes into this – you are SO good at what you do. Sometimes I think I’m not good at designing, but then when I see your thought process it reminds me to appreciate that designing is not easy and it takes time and effort!

    Can’t wait to see this space evolve.

  311. Eliza says:

    Yep, that was TOTALLY what I was thinking when I saw just the title of the post and the first photo of the bathroom. I think going dark on the beadboard will give the room that special something while letting the natural wood of the vanity and the beautiful tile floors really shine. :-)

  312. Jody says:

    I love the vanity and the floor and especially love your idea of a different color on the headboard… I think it would contrast so nicely with the upper wall and floors and make the vanity pop. I guess I’m not sure about the mirror but LOVE the light fixture!!

  313. Tiffany says:

    Hi Julia, the room is pretty but you nailed it when you said it needs color. There needs to me more contrast. Black bead board is beautiful but not what I envision for a girl’s bathroom. I’d add black frames for the art.
    I can’t wait to see how you tweak it. Thanks for sharing all of your talent.

  314. Brandon says:

    It’s missing black.

  315. Jackie says:

    Aye!! Was thinking this whole post, “that beadboard could be darker and it would still feel ‘light’!”

  316. Andie says:

    What about a shelf on the wall behind the toilet? I the like the idea of doing a collection of photos and small accessories. I could also see a taller beadboard in the bathroom with the shelf as the top molding (similar to your kitchen)

  317. Marika says:

    I agree on the mirror, it would be the first thing I’d change. I would go for darker and bolder recatngle, or square. The light is to die for, and would totally work the other way round. I love the tone on tone floor and wall, it’s very classic, but a dark shade would work too-beware if it in the bathroom though, it’s a chore to clean (bathrooms get dusty and water marks-ugh!) I do not love the laundry bin, it is too big for this space, and the boho/Moroccan vibe does not work here.

  318. Bethany Henry says:

    I think the vanity and the gold accents would both look amazing with dark green (BM Dramatic Fairways???) bead board and trim. But in my opinion its the frame on the mirror is too heavy for the light and faucet. Everyone has their own style and flare, but maybe something with a more delicate frame or unframed mirror would make the other elements feel at home? Just thoughts :)

  319. Trisha says:

    I think it’s the bead board that needs changed! I love the green-Black idea! Definitely need to breakup the floor and wall. I love all the individual elements and totally agree about leaving the vanity wood!!! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  320. Kate says:

    I would paint the wall, not the beadboard. Maybe a dark to navy blue then add accents.

    • Amanda says:

      First thought was, it looks a little beige. I second this thought on painting the wall. The beadboard goes with the tile, the wall needs a pop of color. But whatever you do will be great!!

    • AlisonG says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Paint the wall the same color green in your rug (shown). It would be a shame to paint the vanity. That’s the best part of the room! And the beautiful tile of course. Rooms evolve, you will make it right in time.

  321. Jen says:

    I love so much of what you have done. I love the wood vanity playing off the wood tone in the frames. I don’t mind the idea of some bold contrast in paint or art. I think the only thing that really sticks out to me is the mirror! It just feels small for a windowless bathroom on that wall. And the combo of the faucet/mirror/light finishes mixed as mentioned above is a distraction.

    I think you should add some contrast and use a different mirror all together. I think the room needs a bigger mirror to bounce the light since there is no ambient light coming in. Or maybe not because of a lack of light but just because it makes the wall look short/squatty/unfilled for the vanity depth and width.

    You always finish it well…can’t wait to see where these thoughts end up taking you for the “reveal”.

  322. I honestly love it! If it were me I would try a paint color or swapping the mirror before anything else.

    I love the wood vanity too! It goes really well with the new floors! XX

  323. Kathy says:

    First, I love the tile, paint color and sconce. I, like you, struggle with the mirror a little and would like something maybe square so, wide enough for vanity but hopefully not giving you a twitch! I like the lighter, brighter feel since it is a girls bathroom. As for the art, why not ask Greta? What makes her happy and inspires her – flowers, beach picture, saying, etc. BTW – can totally relate to all this. Still have not purchased a mirror for our guest bath (it was completely gutted) b/c I just can’t find one that fits size and style and budget. ;) But, I will find it!

  324. Em says:

    Love this post, mainly because I can relate! I find myself doing this in my spaces too and I appreciate you giving voice to the process not just the end results. Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

  325. Michelle says:

    BM Dragon’s Breath on the wainscoting ????

  326. Kristi says:

    I agree with some commentors already, dark greenish grayish black for contrast. I don’t love the horizontal mirror but it may because there’s not enough contrast in there. Do not paint that vanity until you try more contrast in the walls; I just love the warmth it has, it’s beautiful to me????

  327. Ariane says:

    Since the bathroom is for a child, I would swap the mirror for a bigger piece that could be hung lower, so the child can actually see herself in it. Otherwise, I really like the atmosphere of this room.

  328. Tori says:

    Don’t paint, the color is great! First Get a new larger mirror, too much dead empty space all around it. Get a nice moody vintage oil painting above toilet so it balances the other side of the room with the darker vanity stand

    • Mallory says:

      Yes. Amen to this! Moody art, bigger mirror, maybe a darker, bigger rug and towels. I love the paint in here! But how does it jive with her bedroom colors?

  329. brooke says:

    It lacks contrast, which seems to be an important element of your style. I think adding in darker tones for contrast would look more like you.

  330. Rebecca says:

    Can’t find my comment to clarify. Just wanted to say I love your existing art. I wouldn’t change it. As a mama of 3 girls myself, I think it’s just perfect.

  331. Heidi says:

    I’d start by trying out different mirrors.
    Maybe something more ornate from a thrift store. Possibly gold?
    The room needs a focal point and maybe a larger size ornate mirror would do that.
    Then see if your want to mess with changing paint.
    Any of the other pieces are lovely and might give you more of a contrast.
    The vanity beautiful the way it is.
    Whatever you do will be amazing❤️

  332. Angela says:

    I think the room is lovely but the artwork is a little blah. Maybe try something else or add to what is there. Love the vanity as is.

  333. Laura says:

    I LOVE the new art choices you’re looking at! I think that would make a huge difference to add some dimension to the space.

  334. Katie says:

    Here’s my question: you say that Greta loves the bathroom ‘as is’ and has no real interest in changing any aspects of it…so, why are you planning to change any of it? I don’t think everything has to be ‘revealed’… especially if you JUST refreshed working on that room, and the occupant of said room is already quite happy with it.
    Just seems unnecessary…

    • Julia says:

      Well, it is my job and my passion (and my house!). Hahaha.

      • Christina says:

        Yes it is all of those Things, but you have your room, your new closet, the dining room, etc. all of those things, to do for YOU. Nothing bad would happen if you just let Greta have her bathroom how she wants it, and never even showed it on the blog or instagram. Your passion and your job do not have to outshine that. Maybe that is part of the problem. Some separation between job spaces and kid spaces might really allow the kids to feel like some of this is for them.

      • Julia says:

        But what if a child didn’t care…? I also think it’s amazing that Greta is happy with what she has. She’s a grateful child, why should I push her to want more?

  335. Amanda says:

    Thoughts from a bath/kitchen designer, for what it’s worth;
    You need some umph! I think that the light should be raised to accommodate the vertical mirror application. (It seems you really want that and I agree…) I would do a dark (Dark!) stain on the vanity cabinet, and for several reasons. It will tie in the darker frame on the mirror and help anchor that. It will give you a good strong contrast that I feel is missing AND allows you to keep the warmth and wood-grain visually. And I love the art options, the darker prints will tie into the mirror frame and deeper vanity to balance the deep tones so the room feels more “balanced”. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  336. rebecca says:

    Paint the beadboard! Something no so matching with the floor tile and wall paint. Also I agree the vanity should stay wood, perhaps stain it a little richer? I would switch the mirror orientation as well. I love love love the art you have chosen. I would contemplate hanging a third piece of art in the empty space, painting wall above beadboard more of a true white, or adding a small shelf in the space above the beadboard next to the existing art for a small plant and/or candle. This wall lacks a little depth I think? It’s seriously gorgeous though!

  337. meredith says:

    I would swap out the art/add art and then try a new mirror – maybe a different shape? Or maybe without a frame? I love the tonal look of the wall color, beadboard, and tile! Thank you for sharing your process with us, too.

  338. Johanna says:

    Love the prints you linked! The prints and painting the headboard sounds lovely.

  339. Lisa askew says:

    I totally agree with tp in the comments and one thing my eyes gravitated to was all the different metals I wonder if it would be more cohesive and less distracting with matching metals? And I absolutely love the vanity but it sticks out against the pretty light colors really love the floors you did an amazing job

    • Lauren K says:

      I love the bathroom! But it does look like a guest bath in someone else’s home. The tile is beautiful (and I’m not saying change it- omg imagine!) though I was surprised by your choice. Also, it doesn’t seem like a little girl’s bathroom, the way the one in your previous home did. Again, it is gorgeous! Just when I look at it I don’t immediately think, that’s a CLJ design.

  340. Maria says:

    I had a similar dilemma in my updated en-suite. I liked a washed, tone on tone look, and even had the light floors and beadboard like you do. After living in it for 6 or so months, I realized what it needed — a much bigger mirror. The bigger mirror added the boldness the bathroom needed and pulled it all together. You’re almost there with this bathroom – maybe try a different mirror? I wouldn’t change the colours. Good luck!

  341. Melissa says:

    I absolutely think a moodier beadboard would make the room! And I LOVE that light!

  342. Lindsey says:

    The hand towel rack seems like an odd placement which is throwing me off. I love everything else though!

  343. Steph says:

    I think it’s the mirror and the art that isn’t working for me. I actually like the beadboard fade into the tiles. If the art was a bit more in the blue family with pops of color I think it would help a lot. I think the vanity is great but the black mirror being sideways isn’t working. I think something with the gold and possible a little more elaborate would work well like this shape hung sideways –

  344. Ginnette Fenty says:

    Ok here goes nothing…. so yes I completely agree with you in that it all looks basically the same tone. I think the beadboard being something richer is 100% on the mark. Also, I think painting the vanity as well would definitely give you the impact you’re yearning for. Good luck!!

  345. Sabrina says:

    I actually really really love it. I think that toilet wall just seems off as in lacking color and items but also wonder if it’s just the composition of the photos we’re seeing. I just think it’s hard because if you align the prints with the toilet it gives you all that space next to the sink and looks empty. A woven wall art piece would be gorgeous but then it’s a bathroom so maybe that’s super gross. Also I know you have the towel hooks by the shower but maybe a towel rack next to the sink. Love your fixtures and that wood vanity (don’t you dare paint it). Or do whatever you want because no matter what you do it will be rad.

  346. Pauline says:

    Agree the headboard needs to be darker. It will balance out the heavy, dark vanity. I think it’s too similar in color to the floor and gets lost. Otherwise, the bathroom is beautiful!

  347. Kym says:

    I’m in favor of the darker beadboard, too — let that vanity shine as is! I also think maybe a square or rectangular mirror might help with contrast – lot of circles and ovals going on in that vignette with the vanity.

    I’m so inspired by your transition to darker mouldings and trim. I really want to try it at our house!

  348. Christy says:

    I like the tone on tone of the beadboard and tiles, and love the wood vanity. There are a lot of styles going on in there and it’s not working together. The black mirror is too modern, cold and nothing else in the space is. I would do a gold mirror and chrome faucet. Studio McGee has a good blog post about using metals on the same plane. Right now there feels like too many different metals. White towels with some texture or darker gray ones. Different art with some color and maybe the same size frames hung horizontally to fill up that wall space. Remove the S&L basket and maybe do a tall plant. A small olive tree would look cute. Love the tile, the anthro hardware and the vanity! Glad I’m not the only one who goes through this….if only my husband understood the “design process ????” not sure I would go moody on the paint, I feel like against the stark white subway it might be odd. I like the warmth you’ve created in there so far!

  349. Mabel says:

    Don’t paint the vanity! It’s chic and natural, I think the problem is the tile you chose for the floors. It’s very cute and feminine but I think it needed to be something different. It kind of gives me a Christmas vibe?

  350. Janna Kinney says:

    The beadboard and floor seem dated a bit. I think a dark beadboard or wall would help a ton. Wallpaper also? I know it’s not the best inbathrooms….. I wish the floor was maybe a honeycomb tile. Love the wood vanity, the mirror, and the light! That’s working! Also the tp holder and towel rack.

  351. Alyssa says:

    What if you wanted the headboard black or graphite to match the mirror? I agree it needs something for more depth, I like the wood in the vanity though!!

  352. Nina Dennis says:

    Green, pink, black with gold fixtures.

  353. TP says:

    Leave the beadboard as is. Paint the walls the darkest color of the tile, or even darker, so that the art pops. Hang the mirror vertically and install sconces on each side instead of above the mirror.

  354. Mary says:

    Night garden print with dark beadboard and light pink towels! Dramatic, yet still appropriate for a child’s bathroom. Maybe something different with lights over mirror? Can’t wait to see how your thinking changes things up!

  355. Bobbie Sue says:

    I say definitely start with the replacing the artwork you are new ones you are considering. It might add enough of a contrast in the room and more balance with the dark framed mirror that you wouldn’t necessarily *need* to paint the bead board. But you always could at that point – but with the deeper colors of the art, I think it would help in choosing a color for the bead board.

  356. Anna Baldi says:


  357. Jaclyn says:

    What about painting the bead board the same color as your kitchen cabinets? Or is that a no no because it’s not creative enough. I like the idea of a sagey-green for some more contrast. Then change the mirror. It’s the only thing that really sticks out to me.

    I’m nowhere near a professional but when something doesn’t feel right, it’s usually because I’m forcing something that I love and want to fit. I think that’s the mirror here.

  358. Carla says:

    I like what you’ve done with the bathroom, but I think some contrast could really help it out. I love the new art pieces you’ve linked. I really think displaying one of those heavily black pieces of art, will pull out the black in the mirror, adding a lot of contrast & balance in the room. Another way you could add a little bit more color is to go darker on the towels. They are so pale. What about going a bit darker, like the orange (or even green) colors in the shower rug? I love the warmth of the vanity! I think switching out the hardware could really make it pop, and make it a little more special for Greta. I have done this to two dressers in my home and it really made such a difference.

  359. Lee says:

    I vote for more contrasting beadboard. I like the pop of blue on the basket and something in that color family could be fun and a fresh departure from green, which you use so much. (Not that green is not fresh, it’s just a color you seem to gravitate to more often and your daughter’s bathroom may be a fun place to experiment with something different.). Blue/turquoise/teal would also look good with the wallpaper and beds in her room.

  360. Jacqueline says:

    It’s missing “pop”. Not sure the dark beadboard will do it but it might. Perhaps hold a piece up, take a photo and live with it a day or two. It might set off the darker shade in the floor tile more which I think would help. Maybe the bath/hand towels being the darker tangerine color from the rug would help as would a piece of art that ties into that color. But if you were going for monochromatic you succeeded.

  361. Erin says:

    Before I read the post, I looked at the pics and thought: green/black beadboard!!! Chameleon from BM! (Via Gold Hive). Also lower the mirror a smidge-inch.
    This post is SO validating!

  362. Heidi says:

    I LOVE the art you linked to. I think those would do so much for the room in terms of contrast and also might tie the mirror in enough you’d love it. If this was my room I’d start with switching the art, painting the beadboard the darkest tone in your tile so it’s still tone on tone but more of a contrast, switch one of the baskets out to something darker and/or a different style, and maybe put a plant or two and see how it feels.

  363. Brandi Lang says:

    How refreshing to know that you’re unsure! You have such great taste, but I do agree… this room seems kinda bland. IMHO I concur with the thought that there needs to be more contrast, but I think it can be achieved with accessories… the rug is capital A-dorable… but maybe a larger darker rug would bring the eye down. Then more, 3+ or larger scale as well as more playful and colorful art might bring the eye up. I can see how overlapping the mirror and the light fixture would lead to twitching… but the mirror is the only blackish thing in the room, and it’s feeling lonely!!! BUT, its a kid bathroom so sweet, fun, and youthful should be aim as far as accessories go. At least that’s where I would start before painting — the colors are so nice with the tile and the glass shower… really lovely.

  364. Alice says:

    I love everything you do! I just am having a hard time making friends with the tile. However, I loved the idea of a green plant and bring in some teal. Those comments resinated with me… whatever you decide, I believe in you! ????

  365. Erin says:

    The vanity is gorgeous! If you do decide to paint it, I vote for black: satin or a glossy enamel, perhaps with a rectangular brass-framed mirror for some pop? And I am on a hanging plant kick right now. A couple of the rooms in our house were just missing a certain something, so I added small hanging planters spilling green leafies and that did the trick.

  366. Kristen says:

    I think their are too many neutrals colours! Also love the vanity but I don’t think it works with everything else. Maybe if you add a different brighter colour it would all flow nicer.

  367. Natalie says:

    Don’t flip the light. I just saved as a picture and rotated it so it was upside down and it…isn’t good. :P

    I agree that painting the upper walls or the beadboard with a contrasting/darker colour should do the trick! I think letting the mirror overlap with the light is totally fine if the mirror plays better vertically.

    I find the color of the towel really does not work in the room so swapping out textiles could be a very easy improvement too.

  368. Alice says:

    I love everything you do! I just am having a hard time making friends with the tile. However, I loved the idea of a green plan and bring in some real. Those comments resinated with me… whatever you decide, I believe in you! ????

  369. Stephanie says:

    Maybe see if a local glazier (glass cutter) could make a custom shape mirror! Heart, clover, half Moon/dome that is level with the vanity?

  370. Emma says:

    Exactly. It needs one richer hue and I think your idea with the headboard it spot on. I also love that wood vanity as is- it seems too good to paint.

  371. Lauren says:

    What about staining the vanity a darker colour? Would give it a facelift and add more contrast!

  372. Nicole says:

    I totally agree the beadboard blends too much and think a dark green would be perfect! I also agree the artwork is just not working in here and might work better elsewhere. Thanks for sharing this process by the way as it is so helpful!

  373. Jenny M says:

    I love the idea of painting the beadboard…maybe you could pull the blue from the laundry basket detail for the beadboard color. The wood vanity is what makes me love this bathroom, I’d never change that. I think you’re intuition will lead you to make the changes it needs and it will look beautiful!

  374. Tara says:

    I am in the same spot with our kids bathroom. I love all the elements but it’s just blah and too much white in our case. Can’t wait to see what you do because I have been contemplating black wainscoting.

  375. Rhonda shaw says:

    I really like the vanity in just wood. The rest is very tone on tone.. I know you talked about wallpaper, maybe that’s the ticket!

  376. Bree says:

    Aye!! You need that black repeated somewhere else and I don’t love the floor, beadboard, and walls are all the same tone as is the finishes. It’s pretty but meh…

  377. Sandra says:

    Hi, I feel the colour of the bead board is not quite right. I vote for a darker beadboard!

  378. Eryn says:

    Yes yes with all the above. Darker paint to give some contrast, and yes the middle of the process is often the best part ???? keep on keeping on. Thanks

  379. Cara Mellick says:

    Aye!! ????????????????????????

  380. LM says:

    My personal opinion is I think you are mixing too many metals. I think Studio McGee has a guide for that too. Maybe you could do a post on that? Two metals throughout the room is max. I know the gold is on trend but it sometimes looks best with dark colors. I would also remove the headboard. It seems dated now. What about making the whole bathroom white? And doing pops of color. If she doesn’t have a window the dark colors will bounce off to make it too cave like. Also the mirror should go. I don’t mean to make any of this critical because I’m currently designing 5 bathrooms and have plenty of my own problems. I grapple with the same issues and second guessing!

  381. Cathrine says:

    AYE! That vanity would pop against darker headboard!

  382. Sally says:

    Thanks for sharing when things don’t go as planned. It is super helpful.

  383. Mimi says:

    Please don’t paint the dresser– leave the wood. I would just match the shape of the dresser and do a rectangular mirror framed in metal or wood and hang closer to the faucet– the oval mirror looks too small to me and just out of place because it’s not a rectangle and not as big or beefy as the dresser. Perhaps switch out the artwork for plants trailing down one shelf, even if the plants are fake. Just my two cents!

  384. Joellyn says:

    I think the space is missing a bit of contrast. Here my thought- the paint color blends a bit too much, but I wouldn’t necessarily go dark. I think you could go just a little bit cooler with it. It feels slightly warm and pink- maybe it’s just the lack of natural light- but I think a cooler color would make you appreciate the warmth of the wood vanity more. Also agree with your thoughts about the mirror. It needs to be a bit taller in the space. Other than that- darker accents… art, rug, baskets… need to pop rather than blend.

  385. Roberta says:

    YES! Paint the sink cabinet a BLUE to match the color way in the hamper/basket next to it. Then maybe ADD more blue in the artwork on the walls to draw your eye up? It just looks “limp” now…needs some “punch” of color and interest. Hope this helps????????

  386. Jillian says:

    Love the vanity, art, floors & little touches – gorgeous.

    I think I would paint the beadboard dark and changing the mirror.

  387. Nancy says:

    Yes to darker beadboard! Maybe pull a darker tone of the green accent on the basket? I also love the vanity wood as is, so please don’t paint it! But I agree with others that swapping out the mirror and painting the beadboard will probably be all you need to (re)transform the space. Loving this blog and instagram…thanks for sharing all your DIY and designs!

  388. Erin says:

    Yes, beadboard could definitely go darker – maybe the blue that’s in the corner basket or the green from the rug? The sconce is beautiful and I think the mirror horizontally hanging looks good! The bathroom is almost there, just needs a few more tweaks!

  389. Aj says:

    The mirror is to small. Also, I think the light turned “up” would look great. Worth a shot. I think the paint is perfect and the vanity is more perfect.

  390. Hollie says:

    100% agree the beadboard needs to be painted a darker color. A greenblack would be fabulous against the floor tile and wood vanity. Then swap out the art for some darker prints to tie it all together. I would also turn the mirror vertical. I used those same mirrors in a bathroom reno recently and adore them vertically. Whatever you end up doing will be lovely, I’m sure. ????

  391. Courtney says:

    Black!! Agreed. It needs a pop. Regardless you just want to be excited about it.

  392. Hallie says:

    I love everything you have done in here, the height of the mirror made me grin #tallpeopleprobs. I do think the mirror looks great but a different mirror may fill the space more and your shorter guest may find it easier to use, lol.

    This may sound crazy and may just be the photo editing but it looks pretty bright in the bathroom, which I love avd sounds like it should always be a good thing but maybe you could try swapping a few bulbs to see if lower lumens or a SLIGHTLY bluer toned bulb (ugg I hate blue light so only slightly, lol) would change anything for you. ????

  393. Debbie says:

    The art work needs to be more colorful, more little girl-ish. Maybe a different mirror also. I love everything else about this bathroom!

  394. Debbie says:

    Yes to painting the beadboard or wall! And maybe a new mirror that you will LOVE (tho this one is nice!).

  395. Joe says:

    I love it how it is, but maybe I would swap that mirror and painted the walls brown… very tone on tone on tone on tone on tone

  396. Rachel says:

    I totally see what you mean! I think dark green beadboard is definitely the right direction! I also agree with the oval mirror. And flipping the sconce is worth a try!

  397. Melody Martin says:

    Aye! Thanks for being honest.

  398. Kate says:

    Love the dresser as is. I think the scale of the mirror isnt working. I like it horizontal but it needs to be taller. I also agree that some more contrast would improve the overall look. Either with artwork or repainting the beadboard. And I think it’s helpful to know that even people who do this for a living sometimes don’t get it right on the first try!!! Sometimes each piece is great individually or even sitting next to each other waiting to be installed, but in the room it’s not quite right! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! (Probably something I would have never thought of!!)

  399. Lori says:

    I agree with you and others that the black frame of the mirror needs to be repeated somewhere. I think you swap the fixtures (towel hooks, toilet paper holder, but not necessarily the faucets) for matte black versions, and then expand the artwork to a full gallery wall, possibly with black frames? The room does need a little more contrast but I think painting the beadboard would be too much. I think it needs a few tweaks, not a total rethink.

  400. Ashley says:

    Hi! Loving the canvas you get to work with. I love love love the sink and vanity. If it were me I would paint it pink or green or maybe blue whatever she’s into and do a fun tile and some cute sconces. Can’t wait to see what you guys decide!

  401. Liz says:

    I think the bead board needs to go dark! Like a moody teal/ green color.

  402. Sheri says:

    I would love the links for the bath mat and towels if possible. Also, I think the bathroom is beautiful and love the wood vanity, but I think changing the art and mirror is a great place to start. Then reevaluate the bead board. :)

  403. Michelle says:

    It’s the mirror.

  404. Josephine Von Ancken says:

    I like your idea of darker bead board, and moody artwork. Maybe switching out the sink faucet to eliminate stacking gold, black and chrome. I also think the bead board would look great if it was higher up the wall. Thanks for inviting us all to the discussion!

  405. Andrea says:

    I’m sorry to say it, but I really don’t care for that tile. It’s the combination of the busy pattern and the beige tone that make it look too traditional imo. Having said that, it would be such a waste to change it.. and you love it, so leave it. I think you’re on the right track with picking a higher contrast option for the beadboard. Good luck.

  406. Donna says:

    I love the space and also think it needs a little contrast. I think the mirror would work if you bring in more black, such as The Night Garden Art Print as a single large print on the wall, it’s beautiful and would bring in color options. Change the towels to a green from the print. I love the light but think the black version would pop more as well as a black faucet. I sit and study my own home and always find myself thinking why isn’t this space working. Thanks for sharing with us.

  407. Aimee says:

    Agree, the tone on tone is reading a bit bland. I love the teal color that is in the squares on the basket, next to the vanity. Just wondering if a color like that might be nice on the walls? It is a GIRL’S bathroom. The one thing I love about bathrooms is that you can go bold and fun because you aren’t really spending a ton of time in there. OR, if you don’t want to dive into color on the walls, at least incorporate something bolder in the accessories and art. I feel the art is a bit bland (and sophosticated) for a young girl’s bathroom. This is an opportunity for FUN. Right now, it sort of looks like an old lady’s bathroom. Just my 2 cents. Love you guys!!!

  408. Tracy says:

    Wow that sconce is wonderful. I’d love to see you work with existing paint, I’d swap the mirror and look for other places to add more color. (Weird that I could envision a framed circle or square mirror with a colored frame? Or frameless even and focus on the art and accessories.) I know too could do great things with darker paint but I’d love to see what you come up with keeping the paint as is. Amazing progress already!

  409. Laurin says:

    I agree it’s missing depth.

  410. Rachel says:

    Aye for the darker beadboard! Love the idea of the greenish-black. I personally really like the wood vanity and wouldn’t want to paint it. It may not be in the best shape, but it has so much character! It fits into the “cottage” idea perfectly, and its rich wood tone would look great against a dark backdrop, too. I think everything, including the artwork and even the flooring, would pop against a deeper color.

  411. Kim says:

    I agree with a lot of the commenters. I would change the mirror, and artwork first, then decide if the walls in new paint. I love the vanity as it is, the natural wood is gorgeous, it just needs to be complimented by other elements in the room.

  412. Kimberly says:

    Aye! I think some contrast would go a long way, I’m for painting the beadboard a darker color. I think you’d be able to keep the wood unpainted as well if you did that.

  413. Nani says:

    Black board or black stain of the vanity( not solid black). Larger rug! Turn the light fixture to see the look!

  414. Emily says:

    “Yes” to the darker bead board! That would also probably solve your vanity dilemma. That wood would look pretty up against a dark background. Then swap out your art and you’re good! Loving this thought process of yours. Don’t settle!

  415. Eliza says:

    If I was as cool and classy as you are, maybe I could start a blog! Anyway, I am always drawn to darker, moody tones. This is what I love about your decorating. You always just seem to get it, and thats why your choices always resonate with me. I think a dark color in here would go well with the lighter tile. I vote for going all monochrome in here, from floor to ceiling. The beadboard would then just give some visual texture and interest. I am always asking myself…what would Julia do here?!

  416. Sara says:

    I’m in loooove with that floor tile so I think darker bead board would really let it shine! Also the silver faucet is throwing me off a little in the vanity area. That’s just personal preference though.

  417. Jamie Richards says:

    It’s the beadboard! Black would be so pretty. Mixing modern with the vintage vanity. I think it would look amazing with the floor too.

    Don’t touch that vanity! It’s stunning!

  418. Jaimee Wilkerson says:

    Before you even mentioned the black green paint I was saying it in my head. So here’s further confirmation in a rich deep green black color. ????

  419. Nani says:

    I would paint the board or the vanity black( if the vanity is your option I would use like dark black wood stain but not solid) I think you need black urgently in there. I would also try to turn the light fixture upside down . Add a larger rug also!

  420. Rebekah Withey says:

    Aye!! The bathroom, although beautiful, feels very vanilla for what you usually do. There aren’t many risks and I personally think the darker headboard would add a moody element that you love. You’re the queen so I’m sure whatever you decide will be brilliant! But I say heck yes to some darker paneling, maybe a new mirror? I agree that the mirror being horizontal feels very linear and that might be what’s making you go hmmmmm. Happy tweaking! Can’t wait to see the end results ????

  421. Stephanie says:

    I can’t tell you how encouraging this post was to me. I have been trying to get my daughter’s new “big girl” room completed for the past month and have been facing the same problem. I love all the pieces individually but not collectively. Something just seems off. I know it seems silly but it has been discouraging to me. Thank you for your honesty…it helps me immensely to know it happens to us all at times.

  422. Marissa says:

    I think you should paint the vanity a deep forest green and add flat black knobs with flat faces would add some deep tones.

  423. Victoria says:

    I think it needs some life – like a pothos plant hanging in the corner of the shower or something. Some th omg to make the room feel alive since there isn’t any natural light.

  424. Amber says:

    I agree with the headboard – it blends too well with that beautiful tile. I was thinking black also, however, would it be possible to do a fun girly color? Or perhaps paint the wall a pretty, deep red/purple.

  425. Kyle says:

    Go darker! But moody stormy gray green vintage color – maybe not so dark into the black end. More like the kitchen!

  426. Courtney says:

    I think Darker beadboard would look great!

  427. Selena says:

    When I read the title of your post and saw the firs few pictures, I immediately thought the room was missing some darker colors that is your signature style. Painting the beadboard could be the perfect solution. I personally love the horizontal mirror, especially for a kids bathroom. Since kids are not as tall (although maybe not an issue for your girls), the horizontal orientation allows them to use more of the mirror. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  428. Chelsey says:

    Leave the dresser wood and aye for a darker breadboard! Swap out the mirror.

  429. Annie says:

    Loved hearing that you feel this way too!! I can get so discouraged and confused when I don’t end up loving my vision after it’s implemented like I expected I would because something feels “off.” Thank you for sharing!! It’s already a beautiful bathroom, but your future plans sound like it’s going to give it the proper oomph!

  430. Lauta says:

    So pretty… but I HEAR YOU! The mirror (while I love) is making my eye twitch. It’s the horizontal thing. I’d say find something else that works. YES to keeping the vanity and painting the beadboard.

  431. Breanne says:

    I love the oval mirror on its side. Maybe instead of a circle hand towel holder, you can have a hook hand towel holder?
    I love the wood vanity in there, the baskets and the art. Maybe go deeper with the bead board like you mentioned. I feel like it blends too seamlessly for your style and you need something deep and dark and beautiful!

  432. Ashley says:

    Same! I sold our last house because it finally felt “done” and wasn’t fun for me to dream anymore. Our new house has been quite a project but I am having so much fun making it our own again. Who knows what i’ll do when this one feels “done”… lol. Love your idea of a deep and moody beadboard by the way! Progress not perfection <3

  433. Courtney says:

    I’m not a professional designer like you, but in my humble opinion, i think the vanity painted a color like blue would be really fun in here!

  434. Breanne Belmont says:

    I love the oval mirror on its side. Maybe instead of a circle hand towel holder, you can have a hook hand towel holder?
    I love the wood vanity in there, the baskets and the art. Maybe go deeper with the bead board like you mentioned. I feel like it blends too seamlessly for your style and you need something deep and dark and beautiful!

  435. Meghan says:

    I vote for dark beadboard!

  436. Kirsten says:

    I’m 100% on board with dark beadboard. The bathroom needs some drama! I think the wood vanity would look great with the dark beadboard and the metals.

  437. Trudy says:

    It’s lovely. It really is. There are so many gorgeous dark rich rooms right now and I think that’s making a lot of us all want to make all the rooms that way. The vanity is so so gorgeous. You don’t ask my opinion but I would not paint it. The right wood tones are hard to find and that one looks perfect. Smoky green headboard would be lovely with it but so I what you have. The mirror would bug me a bit too. I like the mirror to go down nearly to counter level so people of any height can see in it. If it were my room that’s the only thing I would change, well and higher impact art like you suggested. You do beautiful beautiful design work.

  438. Kristen says:

    Adding in dark blue or navy would look great either in art/accessories or the bead board. I think the wood should stay but add some dark jewel toned color elsewhere.

  439. Tiffany says:

    Aye!!!! I love this post! Thanks for being open with the process.

  440. Amber Polk says:

    The wood vanity is my favorite thing about the room, but it’s not my house so do whatever you feel like you gotta do! It has a gorgeous shape so it’ll be great no matter what color it is. Also, have you thought about bringing the halfway up higher?

  441. Alyssa says:

    I would NOT paint the bead bored or paint anything darker it’s so pretty and tonal as is— I think bolder art would suffice :)

  442. Ashley R says:

    Aye!!! Paint it darker! It’ll be so pretty (not that it isn’t now!).

  443. Jen says:

    I actually really love the seamlessness between the walls and the floor. I especially love the mirror AND that it’s hung horizontally. If I were you, I would paint the vanity the black to make that vignette more seamless and then add the darker artwork. My two sense ????

  444. Lynnette says:

    I too have learned the process is the fun part for me. Sometimes I don’t want to finish because I don’t want it to be over haha My husband is the opposite though and isn’t always excited about me wanting to change things midstream especially if it means more work for him. DO you guys ever struggle with that?

    I also agree that this room is suffering from a case of bleige on bleige and would love to see a moody color on either the walls or bead board. I also don’t think the artwork placement is doing you any favors by creating so much unbalanced white space on the walls.

  445. Jan says:

    YES! to changing out the art, and painting the beadboard dark! Love the idea of the touches of black around the room.

  446. Brooke Bullard says:

    I have to admit, I planned on painting my bathroom exactly the same, but ended up all white (old habits die hard). I think the colors in this space do look a bit blah. I love the idea of the darker paint color. I think it would make all your accents really pop! Also think you should keep the wood vanity. It is beautiful.

  447. Grace Anne says:

    I was thinking before I clicked on this post “I wish they would do a dark, rich beadboard in here!” Go for it!!!

  448. Catherine says:

    My eye says that there should be more of that turquoise in the basket brought in. Perhaps in the artwork. Too much same tonality. It’s beautiful with the wood. Also, I’m really short. That horizontal mirror would not work without a stool. (That’s just me). Again, the turquoise would serve as an opposite on the color wheel and would pop.

  449. Jesseca says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I often feel in process with home design, and doing a fully completed room all at once is almost paralyzing. Things always need a tweak. The process is the fun part (not that I don’t enjoy living in a “completed” space), well most of the time.

    As far as this bathroom goes, I love the idea of a bit of contrast. Maybe a dark rug by the vanity and darker art and some punch in the towels would be just enough. Maybe it needs more. Just keep up the good work and tweak.

  450. Lindsay says:

    Thank you for sharing! I agree with keeping the vanity as is. I actually love the walls and tile together. I think your gut is right about the mirror. I’d replace it with something similar but hung vertically. I’m also wondering about the blank wall space to the left of the vanity and thinking the eye wants something moody or darker (like the mirror) there. I’d play with the art etc. before changing any paint.

  451. Lorraine says:

    Go easy on yourself, try artwork and brighter linens first! What stands out is the mirror is the only dark item in the room, maybe try a brass or wood tone one?

  452. Ali says:

    I think it’s the beadboard for sure! The wood vanity looks amazing in photos and the mirror looks great in that orientation.

  453. Kim says:

    My first reaction when you started to show glimpses of the room was that it needed more depth. It seems “flat” as you said. I think each individual piece is wonderful but some more saturated color (art) will do wonders. I also am int the camp of painting the beadboard the same color as the wall. The vanity is awesome as is! Good luck and I love your honesty!

  454. I love this bathroom, the empire vanity is so pretty and I like all your finishes. But, it reads a little “one note” and bland in terms of color. I think changing out the art and painting the headboard would go a long way toward bringing drama and playfulness into the room. I think you should follow your heart and try the light fixture facing upwards so you can turn the mirror vertically. You’re doing great!

  455. G says:

    Darker beadboard! But keep that gorgeous wood vanity

  456. Karyn says:

    I think Greta mentioned she wanted a blue bathroom…

  457. Carrie Kern-Taggart says:

    YES on the black with green undertone bead board!!!

  458. Rachel says:

    Aye! (in favor of a darker/moody beadboard color) Then decide on whether to swap the art or not.

  459. Jill says:

    The process is my favorite part, too. Thank you for sharing. My initial thought was a dark beadboard as well, but then I thought, hmm, what about flipping it…maybe leave the beadboard and paint the walls the dark green/black. Would that solve the “not quite right” feeling with the art, lighting, vanity, mirror? I look forward to seeing more!

  460. Mary Lou says:

    Ohhhh, I’m loving the idea of almost black with green under tones for the bead oats in here, I think that will make the vanity really stand out. And instead of painting that vanity… what if you kust conditioned it with some danish or hemp oil?

    Lastly, love that kitten bandit print but it screams more Faye than Greta to me. What about some fun home spa day shots of you and the girls with some black mats and frames…

  461. Joanna says:

    Looking at that first picture, my knee jerk reaction was “looks great but should have black beadboard.” More contrast!

    Also, is the mirror a smidge too high? Maybe because you changed the orientation?

  462. Erica says:

    You are so so talented. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do! And I’ve learned so much from those who are honest about the process. It gives me freedom to say “this isn’t working like I thought it would”. Sometimes we all need permission Backtrack, reassess, and try again.

  463. Lone Male Reader says:

    I’m definitely a fan of adding more contrast somewhere. While it’s pretty right now, it’s also beige city. Repainting the bead board could be a pretty painless way to amp things up.

    Also, does this bathroom have any windows? If it doesn’t, you could also put in a solar tube for pretty cheap to instantly add a butt ton of natural light. i think that would help a lot.

  464. Emily says:

    I think the mirror and art would be the easiest changes that could really take the bathroom to the next level. I think Jenny’s new print would be amazing and bring in more mood and color:

    I think the vanity should stay wood, every room needs at least one wood tone in my opinion to bring warmth. The Gather print would bring in more warmth and tie in other accent colors. The room has a great foundation and is so close! Thanks for letting us weigh in on the process.

  465. Sarah says:

    Another AYE for the dark beadboard! Love love the natural wood on the vanity. Loving everything else, the towel/mat are such a playful touch for a young girl’s bath. I gotta say, I am not a lover of oval mirrors hung horizontally. My old roommate did it in our front hall and every time I walked in I cringed, it just looks like it needs turning! Do you!

  466. What about pulling a colour from your muted rainbow rug? Maybe the sage Green or the blue? I would even try a muted burnt orange (in a good colour) would make it Pop and playful!

  467. Nora says:

    Cute bathroom… just needs more green. Maybe add a shelf with ???? plants? Or, add a painting?

  468. Jennette says:

    I think it’s the tiled floors, sorry! I’d do something more fun for a girls bathroom. It needs some color in there. I like the dresser as is!

  469. Katie says:

    The lack of contrast between the walls, beadboard, and flooring seems to wash things out. I think especially for a girl’s bathroom, you could make some fun color choices. Painting either the beadboard or the walls a saturated color would be amazing. I also LOVE the first two prints you linked. Maybe you can pull one of the colors from “The Night Garden” for inspiration?

    • Leigh says:

      Completely agree. I like the pop of blue on the basket and something in that color family could be fun and a fresh departure from green, which you use so much. (Not that green is not fresh, it’s just a color you seem to gravitate to more often and your daughter’s bathroom may be a fun place to experiment with something different.). Blue/turquoise/teal would also look good with the wallpaper and beds in her room.

  470. Heidi says:

    I feel the same as you. I feel it’s the color on the walls that could really bring this room together. Maybe swapping the wainscoting and wall color or painting it all wainscot color. But this is Greta’s bathroom and not an adult bathroom and should reflect more of her personality and whimsy. But I love all of the elements

  471. Lisa says:

    I love the vanity!!! I don’t think all the gray tones compliment the wood tone. I would definitely leave the vanity and try a different paint color on the walls and/or bead board. I see greens, blue/black, and white colors with that wood tone.

  472. Lindsay Manly says:

    I have been a long time follower, read every post, but this resonated with me and also has been one of the most impactful posts lately where I say to myself while reading – “YES!” – and that’s why you guys being vulnerable in front of hundreds of thousands of people is refreshing! I loved the room before but am even more excited about the tweaks. Reading this made me realize that I as well enjoy the process of designing almost more than final reveal to family and friends. “It feels wonderful to be done, but also bittersweet to let it be”. Thanks for sharing and addressing this. This is why I continue to be inspired by what you put on here, more for the process but also for helping others love our home and creative journey there, more.

  473. Jaclyn says:

    I love the idea of a dark moody tone (like a greeny/black) on the walls and leaving the bead board as is. Painting the bead board dark might break it up too much visually, with the light floor, dark bead board and light walls. Or maybe the walls and bead board all one color dark moody color? I’m just thinking out loud now….

  474. Mel says:

    I love your work and hope the comments here aren’t getting you down. (LOL don’t re-tile.)

    I personally LOVE how the beadboard blends with the floor. And I also love the wood vanity. So I think your contrast and pop should come from elsewhere! I think new prints — in dark, modern frames that match the style of the mirror would go a long way. I love that bathmat, but maybe its too muted for the space. I like the idea of a gallery wall, too, which would bring a whole new mood to the room.

  475. Amy says:

    Absolutely paint the beadboard a darker color – it’s all way too beige at the moment. A nice dark green would be amazing.

  476. Kristen says:

    I think it’s the wall above the bead board that needs to be a deep beautiful color. You’re so good with color I’m sure you could find something that would look great with the bead board, tile and vanity.

  477. Erin says:

    You could also paint the walls a dark, moody, teal color and leave the beadboard as is. I think that would tie in well with your art selections and let them pop, while allowing the floor, beadboard, and vanity to remain the same. Maybe photoshop a picture, one with the walls darker and one with the beadboard darker to help you decide which you like best. I think both could be beautiful options. But I bet you’ll have an instant gut reaction to one over the other.

  478. Carly says:

    Hi! Definitely needs contrast, but I also like the tone on tone that I’m getting from the tile to the bead board to the wall paint color. Maybe the contrast comes from darker frames with moody art. Or a darker hamper/basket. I love the warm wood tone of the vanity! Could it also be the sink wall is throwing you off because there are lots of circle/globe shapes with the light, knobs, and towel hooks, while the mirror is oval? That’s what stands out to me I think. I’ve definitely learned to love the progress and loving with it stage because the final outcome is so much better that way! You guys certainly taught me that!

  479. I’m not going to tell you what I think the space needs (because one I don’t know because I don’t live there and know how the space lives and two because I hate when people do that to me) but I just wanted to thank you for opening up your process! I too fall into the same thinking that reveals are the “final” space, when in reality I’m constantly tweaking it. So when I know something’s not working in a space it is really frustrating and often times I feel readers pressure to have that “finished” room (even if it is just my perceived pressure). Thank you for letting us into your “behind the scenes” thinking — as a fellow home blogger it is really valuable. I know you’ll find that something that just clicks eventually!

  480. Katie says:

    Why not choose a fun color from that super cute bath mat that could tie in with the prints you have selected and not go so dark. I thinka lovely mossy green, or some kind of deep mauve color would be so fun in this space! Good luck, and the tweaking is by far the most fun part of the process!

  481. Ashley says:

    Ay! I think the dark bead-board would make the wood tone on the vanity and the gold tones on the toilet paper holder pop! And then you won’t even notice the direction of the mirror, maybe!

  482. Ashley says:

    I think the mirror is too small for the vanity. Also, you have gold, chrome and black. I would switch out the chrome for gold. I think adding to the 2 pictures will help as well.

  483. kk says:

    I almost think swapping out just the art for some darker/moodier pieces might do the trick by itself?! This bathroom is so sweet, of course whatever you do will be just exactly right :-)

  484. Jamie says:

    Donald Kaufman said “a light color will never come to life in a dark room”. I have a windowless bathroom that I painted a similar greige/white and I’ve been itching to repaint it a darker or brighter color. I can’t wait to be inspired by what you choose.

  485. Jill says:

    Aye! The black mirror stands out so much I think because there’s no other dark color there. So I vote go for it! Give that mirror someone to hang with…a dark headboard!!

  486. Leslie says:

    I would paint the bead board to give more contrast. Easier to change that than the vanity if you decide you don’t like it. Love the sconce the way it is. Reevaluate the mirror after painting the bead board.

  487. Cami says:

    I think it’s just the artwork. Although very cute, not popping in this room. I think the colors, tile, vanity, mirror and sconce are all perfect (oh, and the hamper). Pull colors from the hamper. :)

  488. Emily P says:

    It feels like there definitely needs to be some contrast or some more color or… something? As far as the mirror and light fixture, it makes the room seem squat. Have you considered a taller mirror with sconces on either side? I do love the wood vanity, even if it’s a bit beat up (seasoned? loved?). It would be really interesting to see the wainscot go to a deep moody green!
    I love seeing the process much more than I love seeing the “reveal”. Thank you for sharing with us!

  489. Joanna says:

    What you have done so far is beautiful! I agree that a dark saturated color would look great in here, but what about doing that with a rug in front of the vanity instead of with paint? I LOVE the mirror too, but think it might be a little small for the space.

  490. Kristi says:

    YAS! I didn’t think anything of this before you pointed it out (the bathroom looked fine to me) but now I totally agree! The problem is that it just looks “fine”.. and I think that a darker and more saturated color would do wonders! Love the idea of a dark-green-almost-black color and bringing in some more moody artwork, because I agree that everything looks a little washed out right now. It almost looks as though a light is casting a yellow-ish hue on everything, which I don’t think is the case but it seems that way because of the lack of natural light and the shades of the current colors.

    Also, I COMPLETELY agree about hating when a room is “finished”. But don’t forget that us readers love a good update post to see how a room has evolved after you’ve deemed it complete and lived with the design for a while!

  491. Kara says:

    While it is all beautiful, all together it looks like something that should be in a bed and breakfast, not a little girls bathroom. I’d add a fun gallery wall above the toilet with dark frames to add more contrast. I’d swap out that beautiful light fixture with something a little more fun and youthful along with a different mirror. I’m all for painting the vanity a more vibrant color. Right now the shower side of the room seems more modern and the vanity side seems fussy. I can’t wait to see what tweaks you make!

  492. Megan says:

    I LOVE the idea of keeping the vanity in a wood tone. Have you ever used Restor-A-Finish? I have not personally used it but have heard great things. Also, could you used an arched mirror instead of an oval to still get the curved shape while also being able to get it to fit nicely under the light? I love reading through your though process. I have currently been re-doing some pieces of my bathroom and am struggling to get it “finished” as well. So many unknowns. Thanks for sharing!

  493. Olivia Jacobson says:

    Oooh! I’m excited to see you revisiting this because it seemed like such a detour from your usual aesthetic (which I love!) and it struck me as lack-luster. I was thinking it was just too progressive for me. Haha! I actually love the vanity and the mirror hung horizontally. I’m not a huge fan of the paint/tile color but would appreciate it much more if it was an element and not a focal point–like a pop of the unexpected. I’d paint the beadboard an leave the vanity as is! And definitely swap the art for something moody-er.

  494. jen says:

    My initial reaction to the room was that the warm soothing colors and repurposed dresser remind me of work by I wonder what would Jenna do? The vanity has some really pretty wood grain and seems like a great candidate for a cerusing/liming treatment. It would add interest without taking away the beauty of the wood. I like the tone on tone aspect of the wainscoting and floor and lean against a drastic color change. To add interest, maybe adding trim-work above the wainscoting is a good option. Making it the same color as wainscoting adds richness. That said I do agree that bringing in darker accents is a good idea. I like the black accent in the art framing- perhaps a dark mat on one of the pieces along with adding one of the more saturated pieces to the mix could help. In any case, flipping the light is easy enough to do and if it allows you to reorient the mirror then give it a shot! I have done the same in the past to resolve a mirror overlap. One added benefit is that it cast the light up instead of down. Good luck!

  495. Christina says:

    I think instead of painting beadboard I’d do a cool chinoiserie-lite wallpaper! add dimension but still keep it light. I have a windowless bathroom myself and I think painting the beadboard dark could be so dark. Something from this roundup of EHD’s could work!

  496. Mandy says:

    Go with your gut, on putting a darker color, on the beadboard. That would be beautiful. How about a mirror, with a wood frame that matches the vanity? Maybe there are too many different finishes, in that spot?

  497. jeanette Hershey says:

    Yup, darker bead board and no to painting the vanity. regarding the mirror, to me it just seems too oval and doesn’t contrast enough with the round shapes of the lights and the towel holder. Perhaps try something with a little more weight to ground the large vanity? Love the new artwork possibilities!

  498. Merideth says:

    Yes! Dark green almost black headboard! My kitchen cabinets are ripe olive by sherwin Williams and I love them. That would be perfect in here! Don’t touch that vanity!:) but overall I love it. Try out flipping the light and mirror it’s easy to put back

  499. Ruth says:

    Aye! Honestly in photos does not work for me either.

  500. Kara says:

    It’s definitely hard to pinpoint, but my gut is telling me it’s the color of the beadboard. I think black with a hint of green would be great!

  501. Cheryl says:

    I think the light upside down could totally work! And I love the new art you’ve pinpointed, especially the first two (the third seems like it is too similar to what is there now). The blues and pinks and blacks from those two pieces of art would tie in the towels, blue from the basket, and mirror. I think that would really help. I love the current floors and the beadboard color you chose, but after bringing in the new art and possibly changing the light/mirror orientation I’d then re-evaluate the color. I’d leave the vanity wood, it’s so pretty and every room needs some! It would unify with other parts of your house like the kitchen with all your wood accessories. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  502. Kari Sterling says:

    I love the tone of the vanity. I would try changing the art for sure. LOVE thenfloral pieces you shared. And maybe painting the bead board. And the mirror. The art and mirror could find new homes. I love shuffling things I love.
    Love the process. ❤️❤️❤️

  503. Dani says:

    The horizontal mirror is ‘off’ to me as well. I’d find something a bit smaller that can be placed vertically instead – the way you originally wanted it. KEEP the wooden vanity. I love the tones it it. If anything you could stain it slightly to freshen it up? A contrasting bead board would be fantastic. The room definitely needs a few more black elements to flow with the mirror!

  504. Caroline Elliot says:

    Totally agree with you. Dark dark headboard and leave the vanity. It will be beautiful!

  505. What about going a step darker (still in the tan-ish family) on the beadboard? Like the interior color of the tiles? Hard to tell but in the first photo looking straight on, the innermost part of the tile pattern looks darker brown than the border. I do agree that something darker would ground it all and make it look more rich!

    I’d vote to leave the wood vanity, I love how unique it is with the wood top you don’t see often!

  506. Stephanie says:

    What does Greta think? Since this may serve as a private sanctuary for her as the girls age, maybe let her make the final decision? I’d at least live with it a while until you’re really sure what will work perfectly instead of re-designing over and over. Also, I personally wouldn’t touch the vanity, it is a BEAUTIFUL piece as is!!

    • Julia says:

      She really doesn’t have any strong opinions about design in general. She’s thrilled to have her very own bathroom!

      • Kris says:

        I don’t get why you are so into changing it then. You’ve said multiple times that she’s happy with it, doesn’t care because she loves having her own bathroom and is grateful, then why not leave it? Now it just seems forced.

  507. HT says:

    Paint your baseboard white

  508. Myriah says:

    i Think the mirror looks too small/high for the wall and I agree that going dark and bold with color could do the trick. BUT, I love the vanity wood color against the lighter headboard, so maybe if you went darker with the upper portion of the wall, that would do the trick ????????‍♀️

  509. Meg says:

    I’m actually kinda into the blending colors you have going on in here. Love the contrast of the black framed mirror and love, love, love the artwork you’re considering (that you linked to). I think more texture and more variation in the thickness or weightiness of the accessories/hardware throughout the room might be the thing that tips you into the tones on tones look working vs washing things out look (from the photos it looks like maybe the frames on the current artwork, the mirror , the light fixture and the towel ring, t.p. holder, hooks are all sort of the same “line”, if that makes sense?)
    Thanks for sharing all you do, I love learning from you guys!

  510. Ash says:

    Hi! I can see what you’re saying. To me it feels like the whole vanity situation doesn’t work. The chrome faucet is too stark on the wood vanity and the black mirror and brass lighting isn’t cohesive. I’m all for mixing finishes, but i think these are too close together. Since the pattern on the floor is so busy do you think you can just use a plain bath mat and hamper? I actually like the beadboard color! Love the wood, don’t paint!

  511. Veronica says:

    I agree all the colors are the same tone and it looks too washed out – I think of you add a few darker colors it will also balance out the mirror and make the vanity pop.

    Just my two cents

  512. Linda says:

    I’d go with a bigger mirror to fill the wall more, maybe with a thin gold frame and an arched top (see CB2 Infinity Mantel Mirror). The current one being the only black in the room, maybe that’s throwing it off? Maybe a shade darker on the bead board, OR a light color above the rail, like a light blush. And play with changing out the art.

  513. Robyn Roberts says:

    Thank you for being honest and transparent. We all do this in our homes and it is refreshing to hear your feelings. I think dark bead board would be lovely. The vanity’s wood brings some “grunge” to the space that makes the room look homey. I love the playful bath mat. What does Greta think!

  514. Ashley says:

    I think the problem revolves around the mirror: (1) it’s the only black thing, and it needs a partner or two to ground it and (2) it should be hung vertically. Since it’s near the vanity, the vanity should not be dark. I think you need two or three pieces of contrasting art and a slightly darker — though not black! — bead board.

  515. harpershouse says:

    i think switching up the art might help. first, some pictures with more color. next, more art to fill the wall.
    add a darker rug and/or to contrast with the light floor and walls. also, maybe the gold accents don’t work?

  516. Rhonda says:

    The bandit kitten print is all heart eyes for me. It needs a place in my home.

  517. Kellie Vanderwarker says:

    I agree with going dark! I definitely feel it needs some contrast. There’s not much contrast going on currently. But you have so much to work with there and I’m excited to see what you do.

  518. Becca says:

    Wallpaper above the headboard a huge floral print in colors like the bath mat, and turn the mirror vertical and let the light overlap- or flip the light upside down, that’s a fun idea! Thanks for sharing the in-between and the fidgeting that happens…it’s my favorite part, and it’s never ending in my house!

  519. Thanks for walking us through your process, Julia. This honesty is why we love you guys! <3

  520. Carolyn says:

    Honestly I think it’s looking gorgeous. I would be thrilled to have that bathroom! I guess that’s why you are the professional though — can’t wait to see what you do!

  521. Nancy50 says:

    To me Greta will always be that toddler who spilled pink paint on the new carpet! This bathroom doesn’t seem to have any fun personality. It’s nice enough, and it would totally work in my grandmother’s house but it doesn’t seem to reflect Greta at all. Add some boho accents, maybe a towel that has more saturated color and don’t be afraid to paint the vanity!

  522. Susie says:

    I think the room is too serious, and needs some more fun lighthearted elements. I think the color of the beadboard matches the floor too closely. I would love the look of a black there. Or is it possible to remove the beadboard and do something like a fun wallpaper or mural?

  523. Marina says:

    Voting for darker beadboard here! I love the warm wood tones of the vanity and would leave that as-is. As someone else mentioned in the comments, the black trimmed mirror might make more sense once the beadboard is painted darker. After doing that I’d re-evaluate the artwork – the darker paint might be enough to pull it all together. I wish I had Greta’s bathroom as a pre-teen :)

  524. Cf Betcher says:

    Before you pick up a paint brush, why not play with the art? I know these were chosen specifically for Greta, but maybe they can find a spot in her room?
    I would love to see a rust colored tile and some moody art in black frames… It may lend the contrast you feel is missing and then allows the room to grow with Greta…

  525. Julie says:

    At the beginning of all this, you said Greta asked for blue. Why not paint the beadboard navy? That would look so good with the taupe floor and blush pink accents. I know you use green and black so much throughout your house, but I think a deep navy would be a beautiful color against the rich wood vanity with the gold accents in the fixtures!

    • Julia says:

      Because she has since changed to pink and purple and green. She is not set on colors or design. She is just happy to have her own space, truly.

  526. Laurie says:

    The bathroom is beautiful! I think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself because your job is so focused on the visual representation. A lot of the photos we see all across Instagram are not accurate representations anyway. It’s okay that your little girls bath is simply beautiful.

  527. Kristin says:

    I think I would paint the walls, not the beadboard. I like how that looks with the tile. Some color would help to liven up the space–some contrast. I love the wood of the vanity though, please don’t change that! And I am not against painting wood; I just think that vanity is really beautiful. You are a color genius–I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

  528. Elyse says:

    First of all, this room is so awesome and beautiful! It is important to celebrate a complete and beautiful room! Huzzah! However, knowing it’s not REALLY done or something needs tweaking is important and valid! This is such a great learning experience for readers! I work for a design/construction firm and sometimes professionals don’t get it quite perfect or just like they’d like it the first time either. I think it’s important for non-professionals to see that can happen in their homes as well and figure out how to work through it!

    It feels easier to quit or accept it as-is in the moment, but I encourage the opposite. It doesn’t have to be fixed right away (well, maybe don’t tell that to my construction guys/husband) but its so important to allow yourself to admit it didn’t turn out quite like you had wanted/thought/wished and allow it to continue to evolve in your mind.

    (And make sure tell your partner/design buddy/construction team so they don’t freak out when 2 weeks later you say you’re re-painting the nursery from SW Light French Gray to SW Crushed Ice, and yes, the paint chips do LOOK exactly the same but they are totally different and it’s going to change everything, just trust me) (PS it did change everything and he said it was the right choice)

    This bathroom is so serene and soothing, but I think you might be missing your signature bold element/s. It’s reading more Shea McGee versus Shea’s edgy hip cool sister (which I do not say to definitively define your style, but for the sake of explanation in this one case)

    It will come to you! Thanks for sharing design woes in addition to design wows! Love the transparency!

  529. Anee says:

    I agree, it needs some contrast and something to pull the black color from the mirror. Deeper art prints or rich beadboard would do the trick.
    The mirror would look better vertical. How about adding two sconces on its sides?
    As it is they say overheard lighting in a bathroom can cast a shadow on you and make you look grey?! (Read somewhere in design school!)

  530. Abbey says:

    Agree with the darker contrast to give a little more punch and edge!
    Also want to say I really like these kinds of posts. The process is almost more fun and interesting than the final reveal!

  531. Michelle says:

    Unabashed lover of all things blue here, so grain of salt and all that, but what about painting the bead board a blue that is similar in color to the blue squares on the laundry basket (but maybe a bit deeper in color) and changing out the art.

  532. Courtney says:

    I was looking at the pictures thinking, maybe the bead board needs to go dark and then read your comments about it and agree that darker green/black would be amazing, make the wood pop and the beautiful tile shine. And it is also only paint so it would be easy to go back if it doesn’t work. Happy playing!

  533. Annica says:

    I agree that you need some darker tones in here! But yes, leave the wood vanity! It’s a pretty color and I love that natural element. Thanks for being transparent about the process!

  534. Jana Harvey says:

    I really love this neutral bathroom. The tile and the wall color seem pretty perfect to me. The tone of the wood vanity is very nice. I think the mirror is competing with beautiful light. Sounds like Greta has given her stamp of approval!

  535. Page says:

    First of all I love all of your spaces so far! I think if you went with a deep teal/blue-green-black on the beadboard that would definitely help tie it all together. I think a super dark version of the blue/green color of the laundry hamper would tie that in nicely and I love a jewel tone teal with light pink too! The moody florals would feel connected too or even this print from Society6 “Colorful Wildflower Bouquet On Charcoal Black Art Print” with the rainbow you already have. Also a deep teal would connect the cool tones of the shower/faucet hardware. I think right now they’re feeling a little too cool with all of the warm greigey paint/floor/art. Good luck, I know it’ll look awesome once you’re done!

  536. Crystal says:

    I think I read once you don’t ask for your kids I put when designing their rooms. But they are always happy. Perhaps ask for some input from Greta.

    It feels kinda muted to me. I agree it needs some help. Good luck! I know how it feels to not be happy with your design choices.

  537. Jessica says:

    I completely agree about the mirror and the bead board. Those are such easy fixes, I’d try those first before painting the vanity. The wood tone of the vanity gives the space more depth and richness. I think you would really miss it if you paint it.

  538. Cindi says:

    I agree with you on the vanity. I’d leave it as is and maybe do a darker richer tone on the walls to really make that vanity stand out. I feel like the wood tones bleed into the current bead board color. I’d say go dark but at the same time I know this is a little girls bathroom so would she like it? None the less this space is gorgeous!

  539. lanie says:

    To be honest, it feels like I’m viewing this bathroom through a sepia filter, but without the contrast that real sepia would show. The tile, art, and fixtures look beautiful!

  540. Carrie says:

    Aye! I think some bold color is just what the room needs!

  541. Julie says:

    First- how brave of you to open yourself up for a critical review! A testament to your dedication to design and how awesome are your followers that they’ve responded so positively!

    I’m going to go against most of what I’ve read on other comments (eeek!) but when I look at Gretas room (which I assume is near to her bathroom?), I see a whimsical wallpaper with a textured headboard. Moving to the bathroom, I think theres some of that missing, although I love the muted tones and delicacy. In one of your pics there were I think 3 different types of finishes; the black mirror, pewter(?) tap, gorgeous rose gold lights and pewter towel rail. Perhaps either bringing in more black accents if you really love the mirror or finding a way to tie in the finishes? And more “stuff” on the walls…or wallpaper?or mural? Or just some more whims- textury goodness. But I’m sure whatever you do will be perfect. :)

  542. Moriya says:

    I LOVE hearing you talk this stuff out. I wish more designers did it; it’s such an important part of the process and part of the design journey. It reminds me to go easy on myself when I don’t nail it on the first try. Thank you for sharing this process and for letting us see the vulnerability of it all. This space will ultimately be amazing… it already is! <3

  543. It’s beautiful as is, but I think what it needs to push it over the edge is some contrast! Too much of the same tone/warmth level.

  544. Carly says:

    This is the fun/frustrating part of putting together a room for me too! I love color, so for me, it’s how to tone it down, not tone it up! Ha!
    I think painting the beadboard a contrasting color and maybe a gold more vintage-y mirror – and Boom. You’re in business! Can’t wait to see what you do – you’ll probably surprise us all which I love!

  545. Jennifer says:

    Maybe let Greta paint or make some sort of awesome artwork completely on her own, and proudly hang that up. Let her pick something super fun. Maybe the reason she doesn’t seem to care is because the choices you give her are all not really something a kid would choose. I get not letting a kid choose flooring or something like that, but all kids want something fun. My son wanted a pirate bathroom. The shower curtain is a little loud, sure it isn’t what I would choose, but he LOVES it. If you took great to the store and let her choose, without influence from you, what would she do? I think that is the question to ask

  546. Angie RS says:

    The black mirror does look a little odd especially oriented horizontally and the art just kind of sink into all the neutrals. I love the plan of a dark green-black or blue-black beadboard along with the new art choices you linked. I love the wood of the vanity, so I would see if you can hold onto that. I’d love to see the new art+painted beadboard and then make a call on how the vanity+mirror+light works together. The light and the mirror feel strange together to me with the modern lineS/finish of the mirror with the traditional/retro design of the lights (particularly the bottom half of the light which is closest to the mirror and feels the most disjointed. The tile is truly stunning in there and I love the vanity, so you have a really beautiful base to tweak.

  547. Lauren says:

    Love the floor tile! I would pick the darkest tone of the floor tile to paint on the headboard. I fear that a dark black would compete too much – and I do love the tonal direction you’re going with this bathroom. I also think removing the pastel looking accessories will help it not look so washed out. I also agree flipping the sconce up & changing mirror to hang vertically. You have great instincts, and I’m so glad to get an insight into your design process… thank you!!

  548. Marie says:

    DEFINITELY paint the bead board! The wood tone of the vanity will pop more, and I bet you’ll keep it as is!

  549. Kathy says:

    I agree that all elements are beautiful but something is a bit off. I think if you paint the bead board a darker color and punch up the art with more color, it will be perfect. Look at Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green for bead board. I would also change out the little rug. Maybe still keep it neutral but with some chunky texture. I would not change the mirror, light or vanity. Your have excellent taste and your style is amazing! This one just needs some minor tweaking.

  550. Quinn cooper says:

    Beadboard needs to be navy!

  551. Emily S says:

    My first thought was that everything is the same tone (sorry, but it’s sort of blah – like what do I look at). I immediately felt like the bead board needed to be a darker more interesting color. If not the beadboard, then something.

  552. Brenna says:

    While I think the room is very nice, it doesnt scream CLJ to me. Most things I go scrolling by, that stop me I know immediately it’s you. This room just doesnt feel like you. I agree, I think it’s the color. I would be curious to see how the sconce looks flipped over, and I think that would be super easy to change quickly, and revert if you want. And while Reviere Pewter is one of my FAVE neutrals… (half my house, fave) I’m all for greenish black beadboard. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and I am all here for it!

  553. Shannon says:

    I think the mirror isn’t heavy enough for the space- it seems too small and modern next too a large Traditional vanity. I like the neutral walls and tile but feel the art is again, not substantial enough… I also don’t feel like (with the exception of the tile) it looks like a young girls bathroom…. their last bathroom with the black and white tile and pink walls felt so current and classy but young and girly and I think I’m just missing that overall vibe. Darkening everything makes sense but still may feel too adult to me personally.

  554. Laura says:

    Yes! A dark teal/green bead board would look amazing!!! Love that bath rug too ????

  555. Catherine says:

    The faucet stood out to me as something that could bring together your light and mirror. What if it were brass or black instead of nickel/chrome? Either that or it is the curves of either the mirror/vanity/lights don’t play well? Maybe? I am so strangely happy that I am not the only one that struggles with this!! I go through this with my own home and wish I had someone to bounce it off of! Love your blog, your style, and your openness. Can you come help me with my bathroom?? ????????

  556. Katy says:

    Two things:

    1.) I don’t think a reveal has to mean it’s finished! I loved your reveal of the girls last bedroom for the six week challenge, and then I loved it even more when you changed things up to add the velvet curtains on the bunks, and removed the pink drapes, and added in an area rug. It was very different than the reveal, and both were great!

    2.) you’ve said in the past that in windowless rooms, you shouldn’t go white with the wall paint. I know you haven’t gone white here, but I think it still reads as such, at least in photos. So I think your instinct to go moody is spot on, but I would do it for all the walls, not just the headboard. Maybe now is a great opportunity to use a stencil above the headboard that looks like wallpaper, there are fantastic options nowadays. And I love the wood tones of the wood vanity, I would hate to see it get painted. Imagine it popping against the greenish-black. Heart eyes!

    Just my two cents!

  557. Amber says:

    I wonder if a dark beadboard will feel a bit jarring? I might consider incorporating the darker tones by swapping the laundry basket for a darker one and using a darker floor mat either in front of the shower or the vanity to ground everything. Maybe you could swap the art for one more impactful piece instead – one that incorporates darker tones and the pink from the towels?. And I agree that the mirror needs to be vertical. Does it matter if the lights are overlapping it? Whatever you end up doing – you’ll get there! I appreciate you sharing the process.

  558. Kimberly Stewart says:

    AYE! :)

  559. Taylor Hatch says:

    This bathroom is so cute! I absolutely love the color of the bead board. I think since the vanity is so dark compared to everything else in this space it could use a few dark pieces to balance it out. I also feel like the similar heights of the bead board and the vanity is what’s tricking my eye. Wondering if you could extend the bead board a bit taller or possibly all the way?! I would be curious what sanding down the vanity and possibly lightening the color would do. I really like the wood tone in there and I think you could keep it!

  560. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love when bloggers share the process more than the reveals :). Maybe start with some more colorful art and a different mirror? The vanity is gorgeous as it is and I think you may regret painting it when you can paint the walls or headboard with less commitment.

  561. EP says:

    I think the biggest thing “wrong” is that there’s no natura light. That’s always a challenge. Short of adding a skylight, I think your best option would definitely be to go darker with the color. It’s always tempting to go light and bright with a darker room, but it always just feels shadowy and flat instead. I think doing everything in one color would be amazing. Something moody but not DARK like Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue, and then go monochrome with it on the walls, bead board and molding.

    • EP says:

      That shade looks amazing with rich brown tones too! I love the depth of the wood on the vanity, so personally I would switch out the mirror before doing anything to the vanity.

  562. Orrr, paint the ceiling dark and bring it down the walls to meet the beadboard painted white. For inspo, really digging this dining room, it’s so unexpected and awesome! ->

  563. ourlittleblackbeachhouse says:

    Black painting the rescue!!!!
    We put in a black and white bold tile in our kitchen and I underestimated how much it would impact EVERY other design choice we make in our open concept living/kitchen area. I think the wood of the vanity and the new fixtures would sing with a black backdrop!!!!

  564. Jen says:

    Yay! Darker beadboard….and a bigger mirror, seems a little to small even though I love the mirror.

  565. Laura Z says:

    My immediate thought was the wall or beadboard color! Then I kept reading and you nailed it! Black with green undertones would look great! I think you need something to break up the floor and walls.
    LOVE the vanity as is. Please don’t paint! The wood is so gorgeous.

  566. Tania says:

    You have designed a beautiful space. Though, I do agree, there’s almost too much beige! What if you swapped out the oval mirror for a round black framed mirror, left the vanity as is (just gorgeous…it adds warmth and a vintage layer to the room), and paint the beadboard a color more saturated and bold (black or a rich dark navy). The gold accessories would really pop! You could duplicate that rich color of the beadboard in a scatter rug too! Best of luck. I know the outcome will be stunning!

  567. Erin Cavanaugh says:

    I’m loving the progress and that floor is to die for!
    Once I looked at the new art options you posted it made me yearn for a touch of dark saturated teal in the space…the color that’s found in the leaves in the first floral print. It seems like it would tie in the accent color on the basket to the left of the vanity as well.

  568. Debbie says:

    I’m just happy to know that I was tracking with you in the lack of color in the artwork and beadboard. Your new art selections seem perfect to me and the dark green black will make the beautiful wood and lines of the sink stand out.

  569. Angie Swogger says:

    Aye! Definitely would benefit from some contrast… It’s nice to know these types of challenges are faced by those with experience too!

  570. Manya says:

    Darker headboard….aye!!!

  571. Ray says:

    I think you’re right about this room needing some deeper tones. I would go with painting the beadboard dark, but leave that gorgeous quartersawn oak! Every room needs something wood, and thats a beautiful piece. If it is feeling too dinged up, you could always use a wood conditioning product on it. And then, if the mirror/vanity light combo is still bugging you, try flipping the light upwards and putting the mirror up vertically! If it doesn’t work, then you can always change it back, but it’s worth a shot. Love that you’re sharing your thinking/design process and not glossing over the reality that sometimes you try things out that aren’t quite right!