How I Find All the Deals I Share + a $500 giveaway!

September 13, 2018  —  Written by Julia 

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This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot. We’ve partnered to giveaway a $500 Visa gift card to one lucky reader–details to enter at the bottom of the post. 

We’ve made it a weekly feature to share Weekend Sales on Saturday mornings on the blog, along with many throughout the week on Instagram stories and I always get asked, “How do you find out about these sales?!” Truthfully, I have many systems in place, brands reach out to me directly, an intern to help put it together and a few hundred thousand people putting the pressure on (talk about motivation!)–but RetailMeNot has been like a second assistant!

If you’re not familiar with RetailMeNot, it’s a site, app, blog and they have a new browser extension, called RetailMeNot Genie that basically spoon-feeds you all the best deals at the places you already shop online (think Target, Madewell, Amazon, J.Crew, Crate & Barrel)–okay, those are all the places I already shop online, but they have hundreds and hundreds! As soon as I made an account for RetailMeNot, I signed up to receive their best deals email straight to my inbox. I used to subscribe to EVERY brand’s newsletter so I would be notified of sales and be able to pass them on, but this has made it so much easier, not to mention my inbox is a lot happier, by compiling the best deals into one email.

Obviously, this is all my job, and it’s been a fun weekend addition to our normal DIY posts around here, but if you’re too busy to search for deals, and it’s not Saturday morning on the blog ;), the new RetailMeNot Genie browser extension actually will do all the work for you. It finds, combines and applies savings at checkout.

Here are a few examples of how the Genie browser extension works. See that little purple R in the right corner next to the search bar? That’s the deal alert, as I like to call it. When it’s purple, that site has deals, when it’s gray, it doesn’t. When we were looking for faucets and hardware for the cabin kitchen, I love to check Wayfair and first (both are in the RetailMeNot directory) and both had purple Rs when I went to the site, letting me know there were deals to snag. In the end, the Genie popped up and said we could save $8.28 at checkout on with a click of a button!

I get a lot off clothes for myself and the girls at H&M, did you know they do cash back all the time and you don’t have to go to any other site to unlock it?! Just click the purple Genie extension, Activate Cashback and it will show up in your RetailMeNot wallet…more money for jeans.


And speaking of denim, Madewell (MADEWELL!!!) has cash back through RetailMeNot as well right now. I love their jeans because they fit so well and they carry “taller” sizes.

I love shopping The Container Store when there’s a good deal, but as soon as I saw the Genie extension wasn’t purple, I knew I could probably find a better price somewhere else.


And if saving money at all your favorite places wasn’t fun enough, we’re giving away a $500 Visa Giftcard! Visit to install the free browser extension (works for Chrome & Firefox). Then visit your favorite online store and comment below with the discount you’re most excited to use! We’ll announce a winner as an update to this post on Monday!






What do you think?

  1. Wendy Pesce says:

    I’m excited for all the Michaels craft store coupons!

  2. carol clark says:

    i love all there deals but the bath and body works is a great deal

  3. Lexie says:

    Sephora for sure!! I spend way to much money there as it is.

  4. Kristen Boelen says:

    Can’t wait for the UO Home coupons! I have a new house I need to fill with their rad furniture.

  5. Target for everyday items, H&M for my toddler, and Madewell for me!

  6. Ema botez says:

    I’d like to use a discount at target and wayfair so
    I can buy new beds and other home accessories for my boys’ new room. We are redecorating and moving them to big boys beds! We need all the helo we can get ????.

  7. Jeanette C says:

    The $10 cash back from Loft!

  8. Annie says:

    The cash back deal at LOFT :)

  9. Kate says:

    Up to 60% off markdowns at West Elm! Can’t pass up a good throw pillow :)

  10. Emily Allen says:

    $10 back on a $100 purchase at American Eagle! Perfect timing for fall shopping!

  11. Nicole says:

    Target, and Madewell. This extension is going to save so much time! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Vanessa says:

    Target, no doubt! This extension is great!

  13. Jessy didio says:

    Wayfair, since currently have our mattress on the ground ????

  14. Leah says:

    That buybuy baby deal is what I’m after!! VYDD-6LXK

  15. Kelsey Nielsen says:

    The wayfair deal! Total score!

  16. Piper says:

    Target !!! ❤️

  17. Michelle says:

    Mini Boden for Christmas jams!!

  18. Michelle says:

    Mini Bowden for their Christmas jams!!

  19. Jennie says:

    There’s a $10 cash back when you spend $40 at Loft, SUCH a good deal!!

  20. Megan Mendoza says:

    Probably Madwell because I’d love to splurge a little on just myself but in all reality probably target for some necessities.

  21. The container store!!!☺️

  22. HeidiA says:

    I’m always happy with a new target deal, but boden discounts are also awesome! Thanks for the tip

  23. Maria Smith says:


  24. Erin says:

    Target. I was honestly wishing you’d do a post on this. Thanks!

  25. Sara says:

    I am excited for Madewell! Would love to snag a pair of high waisted button up jeans on sale.

  26. Kelly Laws says:

    Target, obv. All my money goes there, ha!

  27. Michelle Ward says:

    I am excited to use the $5 cash back for online purchases of $25 at Kohls. The genie add-on is very helpful.

  28. Holly Allen says:

    I’m most excited about the clothing deals. I shop
    For myself, my husband, and my 3 year old
    Boy at h&m. I look forward to seeing how much I can save.

  29. Paige says:

    Most excited about 10% off worldmarket sitewide!

  30. Jessie says:

    20% off our Rejuvenation order?!? Amazing!!

  31. Natban says:

    Wayfair and Target!

  32. Julie says:

    Target :)

  33. BritSmls says:

    So excited about the wayfair discount. Whoop Whoop!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mary Engelken says:

    Wayfair and Madewell! This is an awesome resource, thanks for sharing!

  35. Can’t wait to use this! Our closet is about to get more full once we hit up Jcrew with this extension.

  36. Lindsey drennan says:

    Home Depot! They have a $20 back offer going on for any purchase over a $100!

  37. Melody says:

    It’s a tie between Wayfair and Amazon. So many good ones. How did I not know about this before!? Thank you.

  38. Erin Mills says:

    Target or Wayfair. Just take all my money!!!

  39. Melissa says:

    Target for sure! They pretty much take all my $$$ anyways

  40. Jessica adaway says:

    Target! ♥️

  41. Lauren says:

    It’s an tie between madewell and wayfair for me!

  42. Scott says:

    I’m most excited for the amazon 30% deal.

  43. Meredith says:

    Madewell and the Loft! So excited about this, thanks for the tip!

  44. Shelley says:


  45. Haven says:

    Target and Wayfair, of course!

  46. Emily says:

    Madewell, always.

  47. Megan Bevan says:

    Omg the container store for sure! Really need to do an update and organize my life. Also madewell because I need new high waisted jeans for fall!

  48. There are so many shops I enjoy shopping online. Two of my favorites are Etsy and eBay, since I know I can find used, repurposed or hand-crafted items in these shops. I highly value good bargains as well as purchasing in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.

  49. Alex Aleman says:

    Madewell! Thank you for opening my eyes to this!!! ????????

  50. Erica says:

    Wayfair, for sure!

  51. Samantha says:

    I’m definitely most excited about The Container Store discounts. My goal for 2018 is to be more organized in my storages spaces like closets, drawers, and cabinets. I’m getting there but could use some help to snag the right products at the right time, when the deals are hot!

  52. Shannon Ortega says:

    OMGahh Target discounts FTW!

  53. Ashley says:


  54. Mary says:

    Eeeeek! This is fantastic!!! Just found a coupon for 20% entire order for Rejuvenation, and I’m excited to be able to buy my favorite cabinet hardware for our kitchen renovation without breaking the budget! :)
    I know that this browser extension will save me ALL KINDS of money! And best of all… I barely have to think about it, and I don’t have to use any extra time to find out if there are discounts!
    P.S. I’ve been binging your podcast episodes in the morning, and I used your idea of reverse google image searching to save over $100 on a rug a few weeks ago! THANK YOU!

  55. Chandler Austin says:

    Target ????

  56. Isaac says:

    Target for the win!!!

  57. Josephine says:

    Omg Madewell for sure!

  58. Kimberly says:

    Yay for a Target discount!!

  59. Lucy Spencer says:


  60. Anna says:

    Wayfair and Loft for sure!

  61. Whitney says:

    jcrew jcrew jcrew!!

  62. Hailey Owen says:

    I’m most excited about the Target and Crate and Barrel discounts. We are moving into our new house in a few weeks, so I’m excited to use this browser!

  63. Laura Davis says:

    Ummm Target and Amazon!!! *all the heart eyes*

  64. Christen says:

    Installed! And excited about Wayfair!!

  65. Teri browne says:

    Most excited about Target!

  66. Whitney says:

    Excited to try this out. I’ve used retailmenot plenty of times, but didn’t know about the genie. Looking for some good old navy deals.

  67. Anneliese Elrod says:

    J Crew and Loft for sure…. Thank you!

  68. Ali says:

    Most excited about Wayfair they have amazing decor.

  69. Hannah D. says:

    So glad to know that they have madewell discounts! We just moved to a new state and no longer have a madewell store close by – so online shopping it is!

  70. Barbara says:

    Most excited for Wayfair! But will definitely be using so many of these! Thanks!

  71. Beth Jamieson says:

    Wow! Target made well to name two! Wasn’t aware of this website before

  72. Deena says:

    I’m excited by $10 off $40 purchase at Loft!

  73. Lorelai says:

    J.Crew & Madewell, please! Mama needs some new jeans!

  74. Kelly D says:

    I am excited about the JCPenney discount.

  75. Hannah says:

    I’m excited to try Madewell. I keep looking at their clothes and admiring them on others but haven’t pulled the trigger quite yet!

  76. Melissa says:

    Wayfair!!! I can’t seem to stay away from their site and welcome any opportunity to snag a discount!!

  77. Tess says:

    How awesome! Definitely excited about Madewell and Wayfair discounts!!

  78. Amy Harmon says:

    Most definitely Target for all their incredible home goods! I’m always on the hunt for a good promo code or sale. Thanks for sharing!!

  79. jana says:

    who exactly doesn’t shop at target or amazon & love saving money?!

  80. Lauren Pollock says:

    Target for 25% off furniture!!

  81. Chris says:

    Installed it and headed straight to Wayfair. Extra 10% off! Gahhhh! I love saving money almost as much as I love shopping. ;)

  82. Laura says:


  83. Kristen says:

    Target and Wayfair for sure!

  84. Amanda says:

    Wayfair, Overstock, Target! What great timing- we just bought our first home (doubling square footage) so we need to buy a lot of stuff to fill it up! Also Madewell & H&M for the season change to fall… : ) Thanks as always for the great tips and ideas! I adore your blog :)

  85. Alyssa says:

    Wayfair and Target!

  86. Lindsey F says:

    Seems like my computer is being glitchy, so this might be a duplicate comment..
    Amazon and Target! With twins on the way we’ll be spending $$$ on diapers- hoping this will save us some money!

  87. Lindsey F says:

    Amazon and Target! With twins on the way we’ll be spending $$$ on diapers- hoping this will save us some money!

  88. Staci says:

    This is so fabulous! I use Retailmenot for everything, but one button? Come on! I love Target and Madewell.

  89. Heather says:

    Madewell! I’ve been hearing so much about the brand; I need to check it out.

  90. Annie Richardson says:

    Excited to buy a new Fall Coat at H&M with the 20% coupon!

  91. Susanna says:

    Love it for Wayfair (sook many rugs to buy) and Target (need some new dance stuff for my girls pronto)! Thanks!!

  92. Ale says:

    target and madewell! How fun is this!! So excited to try it out!

  93. Ale Young says:

    Target and madewell!! I’m so excited! FIrst timer!

  94. Cara says:

    Target’s having an extra 20% of women’s swim clearance!!!

  95. Emily Doenges says:

    I love RetailMeNot! Can’t wait to use it for Bath & Body Works to stock up on fall scented candles!!!

  96. Jeanne Brown says:


  97. sandra says:

    I like Boden!

  98. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. The AE one (so basic) is super helpful right now, as I need some new fall stuff and theirs is SO cute.

  99. Michelle says:

    We’re building a new home so I’m pretty excited that Wayfair is included! Love a good deal and a surprise discount at checkout is pretty much the cherry on top!

  100. Anna says:

    I’m eyeing Restoration Hardware’s 25% off coupon!! But I’m loving all the Target deals in one place and Madewell jeans are my fav too!

  101. Nika says:

    Target for the WIN!

  102. Marissa says:

    60% off nighstands at wayfair!

  103. Marion Nelson says:

    The H&M code so I can get my kiddo some cute new pants!

  104. Lindsay B says:

    Was just shopping for some new work pants…J Crew! Yay!

  105. Brittany says:

    Target! Such an easy way to save—thank you!

  106. Heather says:

    ASOS $70 Off orders of $250 code. Need all the cute maternity clothes….and then will use when I need all the cute transnational clothes!

  107. Elle Kay says:

    I do love this blog. I haven’t ever commented before, but the time has come. As I drive around the area I live and see new storage place after new storage place go up where tracks of woods were recently located, I can’t help but think that the new proliferation of design blogs that now have weekly “latest sales” or “my favorite things” with links to buy, buy, buy, aren’t helping. Your blog and many of the more popular design blogs are influencers. I realize that you also make a part of your income from those very places that you link and when people purchase. We all, except for the true minimalist have to much “stuff”.
    I just would love to see more decorating via nature or whatever you already have, more mixing up what you already have in your wardrobe, rather than buy, buy, buy. This is not just your blog…but many that are out there.

  108. mami2jcn says:

    I’m excited to save at Kohls….I shop there all the time.

  109. Michelle says:

    I’m happy to see the codes all listed in one place for Target! How cool is that? 20% off women’s clothing, yes please!!

  110. Kate says:

    How about Mac users?

  111. Tamsen says:

    What?! I’m completely blown away! This H&M info is amazing! I can’t wait- just installed the extension, let’s see how much I save!

  112. Jennifer Flagg says:

    JCREW, 15% off select styles!

  113. Amanda says:

    I don’t know exactly what retailer but probably something for our bathroom renovation and most likely Amazon!

  114. Melody says:

    Target and Madewell…this could get dangerous. Thanks!!

  115. Noel says:


  116. Jessica says:

    H&M! They have the cutest leather tray and I love how they have cash back right now.

  117. Audrey says:

    I’m excited for the Madewell one!

  118. Maggie says:

    38 weeks pregnant and dreaming of buying regular clothes again soon! May get something early with the JCrew sale. Thanks for hosting!

  119. Angie Johnson says:

    Great post, I feel like I’m in the know! J Crew has some fun new fall styles and I have always wanted to try their jeans. 30% Off Select Full-Price Styles

  120. I can’t wait to use my discount at Wayfair!

  121. Angie says:

    Target and JCrew.

  122. Jenny says:

    $10 cash back for $40 spent at Loft- hooray!

  123. Kristin says:

    Target! I spend too much money there!

  124. Felicia thompson says:

    I have been using ebates for years, but I love we new app since it combines cash back and deal alerts! And I will definitely use the cash back option to target :)

  125. Tami R says:

    I love using Retail Me Not and am so glad you posted about the Genie. I love the Gap and Target sales and twist my arm, I guess I will have to check out the Madewell site. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a great weekend!

  126. Rebecca says:

    Target! Or Madewell. So excited to learn about the genie. Thank you!

  127. Taylor K says:


  128. Deb Rountree says:

    I put the browser on my desktop at work… Don’t tell!! Don’t have a computer at home!
    I have stalked Boden for a while now. With RetailMeNot and their deals, maybe I’ll finally buy something!!

  129. Colleen says:

    Target and Madewell! I’ve been using retailmenot for years now!

  130. Angelie Elliott says:

    You always look on point! Target, Madewell, J.Crew…gimme all the deals!!

  131. Rachel says:


  132. Emily Graybill says:


  133. Becci says:

    Madewell and JCrew! Awesome tips!

  134. Meryl says:

    I love that everything can finally be consolidated into one place! Madewell & Target for sure but I’m most excited about since we just bought a fixer upper!

  135. Jen says:


  136. Courtney says:

    We just bought a new house, so the container store for sure!

  137. Didi says:

    This is awesome! Most excited for $10 cashback on $50 purchase at Ralph Lauren!

  138. Jennifer Mulholland says:

    Bath & Body Works & Target!!

  139. Kels Harm says:

    My hubby says Duluth and I’m torn between crate and barrel and hobby lobby!

  140. Allyson Phelps says:

    Time to finally try Madewell! And Target of course!

  141. Cori says:

    Madewell. Or J. Crew. Or Target. Aaa, so many good stores!

  142. Shannon Grady says:

    Target, H&M, Vitacost!

  143. Jennette says:

    Madewell for sure.

  144. Alex H says:

    Madewell and Jcrew!

  145. Andrea says:

    I love the Madewell cash back. I buy so many items through them. Thank you for posting this. I love Retailmenot!!!

  146. Target and the Container Store! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  147. Tasha says:

    Target & Madewell !

  148. Tasha Coleman says:

    Target & Madewell ????????

  149. Annie says:

    I’ll be using one for Boden tonight!!


  150. Kathryn says:

    Madewell! After being pregnant or breast-feeding for most the last three years, it’s time to finally score some jeans that make me feel good. Thanks so much for the tip about Retailmenot!

  151. Cassie says:

    ALL THE DEALS!! Stocking up on some new pieces before my wedding trip to Italy!

  152. Sara says:

    Madwell! I’m three months postpartum and five pounds from my weight loss goal. I promised myself a new pair of Madewells when I got back to my old size.

  153. Katy Weidner says:

    Yay for deals at Target!

  154. Alie says:

    I use retail me not for Old Navy and Gap coupons and they never let me down!

  155. Lauren says:

    Best Buy! Electronics are always so expensive!

  156. Shelby says:

    Yes! Been using retailmenot to save money for years! Definitely saving money at Target is the best!

  157. Geneva says:

    H&M’s 25% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping With Email Sign-up – looking forward to getting some fresh things for fall! Always lived RetailmeNot but this makes it much easier! Thanks!

  158. Kristyn says:

    I always wondered how you found so many amazing sales and deals!

    My cousin is getting married in November. I’m on the hunt for the perfect dress and just found one a few days ago at Barneys but was holding out for a coupon code via email. RetailMeNot has $20 cash back right now (!!!), so I’ll probably bite the bullet and buy it tonight so I have time to get it tailored if needed.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  159. Kayla y says:

    Madewell!! A brand I’ve never actually purchased because of the higher price point but the retail me not genie makes it more accessible

  160. Shailey says:

    Target and madewell!!

  161. Kelli Evans says:

    Loving it for Target!

  162. Kari says:

    Ummm…in the middle of a renovation, so for sure!!

  163. Annmarie says:

    Many to choose from, Madewell, Target, H&M!

  164. Amy Bertrand says:

    I love Retailmenot, especially when I do my Christmas shopping- save so much money. I love to using it, especially for Macy’s!

  165. Megan says:

    Um, you had me at cashback for shopping at Madewell!

  166. Lisa Waller says:

    Definitely Target!

  167. Lindsey sawyer says:

    Target aka my second home!!

  168. Sharon says:

    Sears – up to $30 cash back!

  169. Lauren K says:

    I wasn’t going to sign up until you mentioned Madewell (MADEWELL!!). I’m in. Thanks lady!

  170. Victoria Chander says:

    Target for sure

  171. carol clark says:

    20% Off 1 Item Online Instantly bed bath and beyond last year at kohls there was spend so much get 20 back i did that as many times i could i think 4 times such a great place to get good discounts

  172. Liz says:

    Madewell, Madewell, Madewell. Especially if they bring back the buffalo check scarf that I didn’t get last year!

  173. Greta Wesslen says:

    I just installed the genie! I am excited to get a discount at Backcountry Gear so I can get a new raincoat.

  174. Sarah Wallace says:

    Madewell! Hello, new jeans!

  175. Lorri Skaar says:

    Cool! Target, Wayfair, would love to check out Madewell!

  176. JENNY says:

    MADEWELL! :)

  177. Jacquelyn C says:

    I’ve always just gone to RetailMeNot’s website so glad this saves a step :) There’s a Kohl’s sale to jump on. Thank you!

  178. Veronica Barrio says:

    This is awesome – I was about to order something on uniqlo and there is a cash back reward. Thank you!

  179. Tricia says:

    Target and Macy’s

  180. Jana says:

    Target for sure but thinking about madewell too!

  181. Kathryn says:

    So good to know about! Target and H&M for the win! Thanks CLJ!

  182. Sharmen Miller says:

    Target! Or H &M

  183. Victoria Reeves says:

    H&M. We don’t have the home portion in our local store, so this extension is going to be amazing!

  184. Kristen Santos says:

    With fall on the way, I’m shopping for fall home decor and was so excited to find 20% off my next purchase at Kirkland’s! Excited about this deal! Thank you!

  185. Katie says:

    The Walgreen Photo print discount for 40% off prints. I just had a baby and need to work on her baby photo album before she is off to college!

  186. Mandy V says:

    Ive loved retail me not for years. I can’t wait to use their discounts at Madewell and Senita!

  187. Bess says:

    Madewell for sure!

  188. Sarah Zwick says:

    I just downloaded the extension! It will be so handy when I move in a few months into a new home. I am most excited to use the extension at Macy’s (for a new mattress I will need to be posting as well as some furniture) and Target (because who doesn’t love Target!). Thanks CLJ, you guys are amazing.

  189. Nicole says:

    I will definitely be using that cash back for Madewell jeans!! Only wish I had known about it sooner! Thanks for the heads up.

  190. Lindsay says:

    H&M!! It’s basically the only place I shop.

  191. Cody says:

    SO excited to use this at Target!! I shop there all the time but had no idea this genie existed. Just installed. Can’t wait to get so many good coupons!

  192. Jen says:

    Target of course :)

  193. Whitney says:

    I’m excited about Target discounts! I always check retailmenot for coupon codes but didn’t know about genie. Thanks!

  194. Lindsey says:

    I had no idea there was a browser extension making the app even easier to use! I noticed there’s a discount on dance gear at Target I will use to get my daughter a new leotard. Thank you for the chance to win!

  195. Sarah Gregory says:

    I just installed the RetailMeNot browser and headed straight to, where I saved $78.64(!!!) on kitchen hardware. Thank you x 78.64 :)

    • Kathryn Davé says:

      Madewell! After being pregnant or breastfeeding for most of the last three years, it’s finally time to score some jeans that make me feel good. Thanks for this tip about Retailmenot!

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