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September 28, 2018

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I’ve struggled to know when or where or how to share that I’ve been struggling. Because I don’t want this space to be about that. I want to talk about easy things like fall decor or picking an exterior paint color (okay, that’s kind of hard), or even controversial things like faux plants. Ha! But does talking about real things and hard things have a place here? I hope so for just today.

My health has taken a turn for the worse. 6 years ago, after trying to conceive our second child for a couple years, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It’s an autoimmune disease which attacks your thyroid and in my case, has caused a pretty severe case of hypothyroidism. I’ve taken thyroid hormone replacement medication every morning since, drastically changed my diet, exercise every morning and for the most part, have lived a pretty normal  life.

But the last few months I haven’t felt normal. It started with my inability to get warm–wearing fleece sweaters in 80 degree weather. And then falling asleep at 7:30. My skin hurts and all the hair I lost after Polly has struggled to come back in (I’ve worn these clip-in extensions to fill it in for the better part of this year). I feel nauseous most evenings. Writing an instagram post feels incredibly daunting and hard. I feel unmotivated (which, I can’t express enough is the total opposite of the normal me) and I would find myself just crying for no reason. Sometimes the exhaustion is so extreme, I feel like I am wearing a weighted vest by the afternoon. Chris encouraged me to get more bloodwork done because he thought I could be having a Hashimoto’s flare up.  The results showed just that.  Even on daily medication, my thyroid is really struggling. My TSH levels were elevated and in a backwards way, I felt relieved. Like, whew! I feel so terrible for a reason! My doctor prescribed me an additional medication to take on top of my normal thyroid medicine that is supposed to be like an adrenaline shot to my thyroid. She said to take it first thing in the morning because if not, I could be up all night with energy. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the energy to come. I’m still hoping this is the answer.

I don’t share this for pity or for sympathy sake or for advice–I’m in really good hands. Just because so many times over the last few months, I’ve been complimented on social media for “having it all” or “doing it all”. Or told how my life seemed so perfect. Please know that everyone has struggles. No one’s life is perfect. I think we’re all just trying to put our best foot forward. But maybe we should talk more about the times when we just can’t seem to find a good foot.

We’ve made the decision, after 8 years of throwing a big Halloween party–this year, we’re taking a break. We’ve hired help with running Propertee, which we can’t thank you enough for supporting. I’ve had to take a few steps back on Instagram and if I can’t post one day–to be okay with that. And instead of feeling inadequate when everyone else is doing so many wonderful, exciting things, be happy for them and happy for me that I’m doing what I need to do to get back to a good, healthy place.

We have a couple posts planned for next week, but we’ll be taking some time off to spend with family. Thank you for always being here and being so lovely.


What do you think?

  1. Jenny says:

    I recently had the left lobe of my thyroid removed and have been experiencing some horrible symptoms that I feel might be connected to my stabilizing hormones. I get a hot burning sensation on my arms most nights and was curious if when you mention that your skin hurts if it was anything like that and if it is all over or just certain areas?

    Ps. I love your blog and check it frequently, when I saw you had thyroid struggles too it really gave me a lot of hope. Wanted you to know that.

  2. Susan Lund says:

    Bravo!! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2015 and then it flipped to Graves in 2016.

    Slowing down and self care are KEY!!


  3. Molly Bergeron says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and we are just beginning treatments and options. I have followed you for a long time now, and it has felt so encouraging that you have been “doing it” (diet, medication, exercise). I know you are cautious to share, since you want to keep things light and not have people interpret it as “complaining.” But I just want to say it helps. It helps to read that you’ve been experiencing the same severe symptoms, and that there are others out there that “get it.” It’s so hard to explain to others how difficult it is.

    You share so much with us, and I am so grateful. I love following along with literally everything that y’all do and share. I would like to hear more, see more, and know more about what you do for meals, and snacks, and just managing things. Again, this is just informational, and a slight request. But I hope you know it’s ok if that’s too much to share, or walk out with us. I’m here for all of it either way. Thanks again for everything. You have a beautiful family. And beautiful doesn’t mean without messes or trails. All the love.

  4. Gail Mahoney says:

    You’ll have to become your own advocate. The medical community is of little help here. They only know pharmaceuticals that cover some of the symptoms for a while. Diet change has cured some of my friends who were diligent early on. Eliminate gluten and dairy. No GMOs Read the alternative info. Medical median thyroid healing. Dr Joe Dispenza. Add Yoga and tai chi. Meditate. You probably know most of
    this. Be diligent. This is your body’s computer and doctors treat it like it’s no big deal, just take a pill for life. Don’t even consider getting it removed!!!

  5. Dawn says:

    I have the same. Not on meds any more. Going a natural route. Many books out there. Kandolini yoga is a big help and positive attitude. Many days I’m fatigued and itchy, cold and moody. I get it. And know, many do not! It’s a real struggle. “Healing thyroid “ is a great book! It’s about EBV causing the thyroid VIRUS, which is really what it is. And the EBV are causes of the flair ups. Even docs are lost and only know to Medicate. Take comfort knowing you’re not alone. Study the virus. There is so much we can do for ourselves!

  6. As someone who has struggled with Hashis now for four years, girl I feel ya!
    I’ve seen so many doctors, so many naturopaths, integrative docs, holistic docs, endocrinologists and I’ve just gotten nowhere.
    Two weeks ago I started talking with someone new, he’s a quantum biologist and is going deeper again than diet and stress, but deep into the reason my brain, thyroid and body aren’t working. In the first week of working with him I had my energy and motivation back, I can’t tell you his completely gone it was before that! Like I went from zero to knocking it out of the park, and the second week has been even better.
    I encourage you to look at the work of Dr Jack Kruse, his work is the same as the Aussie biologist I’m seeing.

  7. Effie says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s too. Can’t say I’ve had much info from the medical community where I live. No one has ever even mentioned that those who have hypothyroidism could benefit from a gluten-free diet. When I mentioned once that I was still cold, tired etc., I was told I shouldn’t have symptoms bc I was on thyroid medication. So, to cut a long comment short, I appreciate your sharing even this much…makes me feel less alone etc.

  8. Julie says:

    Check out isabella wentz,lots of great info!♡

  9. Karlenn says:

    Julia! It’s Patty’s old friend, Karlenn. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I know that feeling – I knew something wasn’t right, so it was almost a relief. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your blog! I’ve loved it for years. ❤️

  10. Megan says:

    I have it too. I feel ya sis. Researching and trying new diets is a full time job in itself. And I just got a new job doing interior design! Yay! Trying the Medical Medium stuff now. Celery juice in the AM on an empty stomach, etc. Feeling ok, but not 100. Prayers for you and I that we find our magical combo!

  11. Sara says:

    Hello. Has your doctor ever considered removing your thryoid? My mom has Hashimotos and struggled for many years with it, trying all the medications. Finally her doctor removed her thyroid and put her on replacement medication and it’s made a world of difference. She had that done over a decade ago and hasn’t had to worry about the Hashimoto symptoms since!

  12. Karen says:

    Make sure to have your Vitamin D and B12 checked. I’m in the same boat as you and finally feeling a bit better after taking these supplements along with my thyroid meds. Hang in there.

  13. marjorie reiss says:

    I’m a decorator in NY and just saw the bathroom you did and kind of love the paper and the way the room flows and then wandered into your thyroid story. I never leave comments but I have the same story – just a lot older than you and suffered through my 30s and 40s until I was diagnosed. I tried every crazy diet and supplement to feel better – nothing. Got diagnosed but still never felt great. Then I found an endo who prescribed cytomel and levothyroxine. Cytomel changed my life – you have a great doctor! Before cytomel I was always cold and puffy and sad. Avoiding sugar and white flour is the biggest help. Eziekiel bread is great in the morning with eggs. Chickpeas are great anytime. I also take a second dose of cytomel around 12pm. Medical Medium works – eat wild blueberries and celery. Vitamin D seems to help with hair.

  14. Elaine says:

    The last Hashi’s flair-up I had also caused my adrenals not to work properly. After doing everything my doctor thought I should for my thyroid I still couldn’t get energy back. I took an adrenal and hormone test and found that my adrenals were functioning at a very low level. I took adrenal replacement pills for 60 days and am feeling so much better. I’m just passing that along because I know how frustrating it is to have low energy. Feel better Julia!

  15. Samantha says:

    Look into Stop the Thyroid Madness. It changed my life with Hashimotos and once I switched to a more holistic doctor and got on natural desiccated thyroid instead of synthetic, it was a game changer! Praying you feel relief soon, I can identify with all of those symptoms and it is so hard.

  16. Hannah j says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m in a bad crohn’s flare and it’s nice knowing that I’m not alone. I love your blog!

  17. I have Hashimoto’s and Fibro, it’s a terrible combo. Docs have also thrown around CFS but never had a proper diagnosis. It’s a real bitch. I can tell though I have better days and worse days but I’m having more medium days lately with my current regimen. I’m eating Gluten Free 100% of the time (it took about 1.5 months to notice a change), I’m taking some different vitamins/sups, and I’ve been making sure to limit sugar, dairy, and anything processed. It makes you feel so isolated and depressed on top of it. It’s also hard to know if you’re having an attack, real depression, or just thyroid induced depression and anxiety (not that’s it’s not REAL). I’d have never noticed your hair was thinning, so good work covering that up. Mine is only right in the front, so it’s obvious to me!

    As for the supplements and vitamins:

    Kirkland food based vitamins
    Gaia’s Adrenal Health Daily Support
    Natural Calm
    Nordic Naturals Omegas + DHA
    Full Spectrum Curcumin

    I need to add more minerals to the mix but so far it’s working out pretty well. I’ve even had a few days I felt were what normal people must feel like.

  18. Denise says:

    Hi Julia, I saw your insta story yesterday and was wondering which juicer you have to make the celery juice. Celery is so fibrous so I imagine you need a sturdy machine to handle making that much juice every day. Thank you.

    • Julia says:

      So true! Here’s a link to our juicer–we love it! It’s a bit of an investment, but we use it twice a day:

    • Amoliassa says:

      Denise, a blender works too for making celery juice. Cut up celery and blend until it’s puréed. Pour into a nut milk bag or cheese cloth (you can find nut milk bag at health food stores) and squeeeze the juice out. I use my vitamix blender but I’m sure any blender will work. Easy clean up too.

  19. Ginny Sevier says:

    Hi Julia, I love your blog and all the inspiring work you and Chris put out there for the rest of us! My husband also has an autoimmune disease that recently starting flaring up again. A close friend recommended the book called “The Autoimmune Solution” by Dr. Amy Meyers, who also suffers from autoimmune disorders. It was a very informative book and a ton of research went into it. My husband has been following the dietary guidelines in the book and said he has felt better than he has in years. Anyway, the book helped him and I thought I would suggest it to you. I’m so sorry you’re going through this — I know it’s not easy. Take care and I hope you get back to feeling like your old self again. Thank you for continuing to inspire us!

  20. Ally says:

    I have an auto-immune disorder this is what you have to do (it’s not easy):
    1. Autoimmune Protocol Diet- similar to paleo, some people have to take it a step further and do ketogenic
    2. Near-infrared sauna (you can build one at home for cheap)
    3. Dry skin brushing
    4. Pacing

    I recommend the book by Dr. Sarah Myhill, It’s Mitochondria, not Hypochondria. She has a list of exactly what to supplement. The AIP group on facebook is also a good resource. This is an insidious disease and the mental parts of it can be very difficult as well, best of luck!

  21. So sorry to hear you’re struggling but thank you so much for sharing. It does help me see you (and others I admire) as whole people, not just an online perfect person. Wishing you the best and supporting you always!

  22. Terri says:


    Please read about Dr. Stephen Gundry online, and in his book, “The Plant Paradox”. It’s amazing how the adoption of his diet has helped so many people with autoimmune disease. Wishing you the healing that you deserve.

  23. Lachaka says:

    I really, REALLY appreciate you posting this. I also know how hard it was to press the “send” button when posting. I too struggle with an autoimmunue disorder. Like you most days Blessedly are awesome but I do have flare up seasons as well which make me spiral. I was just thinking how much easier it would be to max out my life and live way more fully if I didn’t have this. You have debunked this. God is amazing because I was just beginning to think I couldn’t be successful in life with this disorder I struggle with. I wish more successful people like yourselves were this transparent on social media. There are those of us who truly struggle and still wonder if it all is possible. Blessings to you Julia, really. Continue to take care of yourself over the awesome platform you and your family have created. The way we post and share really does need to change.

  24. Sandra P says:

    THANK YOU for sharing. You are amazing! Sending you love!

  25. jana says:

    my mother got the same diagnose several years back & she, unfortunately, they seem to think she has some other sort of rare autoimmune disease as well that they’re still trying to figure out how to “fight”. after watching her go through this & personally seeing all of the terrible symptoms, i really truly feel for you. it’s hard & i am so sorry that you’re struggling with it as well. i hope it gets better for you soon & don’t ever feel like you can’t be honest with this world you let us all be a part of. we’re all human & none of us have it all!

  26. Jenny says:

    The real you always inspires me…the you that goes after those big, scary dreams that most people believe are “unrealistic” (and that some people think you’re just “lucky” to stumble upon…right?)…and the you that struggles and takes a step back, just like the rest of us. You are you, and you are wonderful!

  27. Jen says:

    Me too me too me too. I really wonder why so many of us are developing autoimmune disorders these days. Mine started after my first child and, I think, caused problems conceiving the second. It is SO TOUGH how the symptoms can wax and wane. With kids and so much stuff going on it’s easy to just brush off feeling bad and not realize your thyroid could be causing it. I went from hypo to hyper to hypo after my second was born. I thought I had postpartum depression, anxiety, then just regular depression. My skin looked like crepe paper and my hair looked like straw. Finally I’m stable, for now, but 5-7lbs heavier than normal. I’ll take it though, I guess, could be worse.

    I’m sure everyone is different but some things I have found improved my quality of life (I wasn’t feeling great even though my thyroid was clinically ok). Supplements, esp. selenium and vitamin d, as described in Aviva Romm’s book. I’ve also recently discovered that Kundalini yoga really helps me feel better. It always seemed a bit woowoo to me, compared to other kinds, but I could really feel the difference after opening my throat chakra. I hope you find what works for you!

  28. Katie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve struggled with my health a lot over the past year so can relate to how you feel. It’s also encouraging to see other people working through things and not letting their disease define them which I find challenging. I hope you see some good results with your new medication. Take care!

  29. Sarah says:

    Hang in there, Julia! (I also have Hashimoto’s and it can be tough.) You’re doing great and definitely doing the right thing to take care of yourself and your family! And hopefully all of us who love watching your life from the sideline will totally understand. Also, for what it’s worth I fully support your decision to be more transparent about the not-so-perfect parts of life – we all have them and I think it’s great you’re owning it. Be well!

  30. Amanda B. says:

    I hope you get the support/help/rest/treatment you need to keep sharing your beautiful style with us, at whatever pace is manageable for you! As a reader, I am rooting for you to succeed, whatever that looks like.

  31. Lisa says:

    Hi Julia. I can completely relate. I too have Hashimotos and have struggled with it for many, many years. I didn’t see much improvement until a new doctor suggested I try dessicated thyroid medication a few years ago. Taking the correct dosage along with a selenium supplement has been life changing. I am very involved in the testing of my bloodwork when my thyroid is due for a checkup, and I have found a doctor who listens to me which I cannot express just how wonderful that is.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It is such a tricky disease to manage, but once you find what works for you, you will feel better and life will no longer feel like you are in a fog. I wish you all the best. Take care.

  32. Erin says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May of 2017 and it has many of the same symptoms as Hashimoto’s. As I learned more about fibro I learned that it is also incredibly common to have other co-existing auto immune diseases along with it, and thyroid ones are very common. I have two thyroid nodules that they ultrasound every year but so far my numbers have been good. If you don’t improve I’d suggest reading the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand and Claudia Craig Marek to see if that is a possibility for you. There isn’t a cure for it, but there is a treatment that works! I have been on the treatment for 16 months and I was able to go back to work, which was a really big deal for me! I hope you begin to feel better and continue to practice self care!

  33. Jill says:

    Thank you for sharing this very real struggle you’re battling. You should be proud of yourself for listening to your body and realizing some days you can’t post on Instagram and that’s okay. In fact it’s great because it means you’re not letting Instagram control your life. I pray you and your doctors can find some effective solutions for your health. Wishing you and your family all the very best.

  34. Jumi says:

    Thank you so much for being open with us. I pray for you to find strenght so you can enjoy your family and all the things you love to do.

  35. Daniella says:

    Hi Julia! I’ve been following along on Chris loves Julia for a few years now and I love your blog, Instagram, podcasts and videos! I’m a qualified interior designer but run a personal shopping service. A few months ago, I had a client who has Hashimotos. After being skinny her entire life, she all of a sudden put on 15kilograms in 6 months and didn’t know how to cope, what was wrong with her and felt like she had completely last her identity. She also has 2 young daughters and a step son that lives with her. So she’s a mom and she had to go on with her life. I helped her vacuum bag all of her old skinny clothes and organise her clothes that still fit her. So she could practically make outfits everyday. Learning about her auto-immune disease was very eye opening.

    I’ve always admired how tall, beautiful and lean you are – was going to ask if you ever considered being a model! So I’m glad you’re getting help and seeing the right people. From the other side, you guys post so much incredible content and there’s always another video to watch or Instagram stories to follow. So don’t worry about slowing it down. Your followers will still be here. Keep up the good work! Look after yourself. Love Daniella

  36. Nikki P says:

    Thank you for sharing! I too am dealing with hypothyroidism although not as severe. I’ve been dealing with it for a few years now and am still trying to fully understand the best ways to improve my life and health. I hope your break helps. We are thinking of you!

  37. Michelle says:

    I got mono last year and got Hashimoto as from it. It took a good six months to find the right dose of levythyroxine (sp?). I have felt good for 3 months now. I could barely put one foot in front of the other I was so exhausted. I was paranoid, anxious and very angry. I couldn’t stop eating as well. Hang in there it’s so upsetting when you feel so bad.

  38. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry you are going through this, my daughter suffers from hypothyroidism also and it is a constant struggle as your thyroid literally controlled everything in your body! I’m wondering how you keep your weight so great, because my daughter who is 19 and a college basketball player always struggles with her weight even though she doesn’t eat a lot from the sluggish thyroid.. good luck with the new medication!

    • Julia says:

      I eat a very strict diet. No dairy, grains or sugar EVER. And I exercise every morning. I know the struggle. If I eat one thing out of line, even an apple, I start putting on weight.

  39. Kasey says:

    I know it’s probably been said many times below, but THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your Hypothyroid struggles. I was diagnosed 13 years ago, at 19, and have been on a roller coaster of managing it. Aside from my own mother, I don’t know anyone else you battles this and reading what you go through helps me in so many ways. It’s so refreshing to hear of someone else fighting the same battle. Please keep sharing! I recently decided to change my diet thanks to the successes you have shared by doing that. I hope this new medication helps you get the boost you need

  40. Krista says:

    I totally get it. I was also diagnosed after my first baby but not until about 2.5 years later when we started trying for a second and then wasn’t happening. Thankfully I got on meds and was a Ken to get pregnant again (and again) but I know the daily struggle. It’s crazy how much energy the daily aching takes out of you. I still don’t immediately think of my thyroid when I go through spells of feeling crappy so it’s good that you have at least learned to understand how your body works. Take care!

  41. Jill says:

    Hi Julia,
    I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer about 6 years ago and had it removed completely. At times it’s been a struggle. I’ve had to accept that doing less is my new norm. I try to keep in perspective that I had the “good” type of cancer. Some weeks I feel like it’s physically impossible to do basic housework and my concentration is terrible. I understand your struggle!! Cytomil has definitely help me so hopefully you have the same results soon. Keep your chin up!

  42. Emily P says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was wondering if this is why Chris does Keto friendly recipes? I’ve had Hashimotos for years but was only just diagnosed. There are no words for the fatigue, I would go for days feeling barely awake. I started doing the autoimmune protocol diet and I feel so much better! I still get flare-ups and I still feel fragile (which I hate even admitting cuz I’m strong dang it! ????) but my days are better for the most part and am able to do a whole lot more than I could even three months ago. Whatever your healing journey I pray you too can find some relief. It’s so tough to want to do more and not be able to and even more so to accept it and be ok with it… that takes real courage ????????????

  43. Jess says:

    You are so brave for sharing! I love your posts and admire you even more. Hang in there, know you have support and positive vibes being sent your way from Chicago!

  44. Courtney says:

    I went through a horrible time with my back last year during my pregnancy: basically had to stay laying down and then had 2 surgeries and a very slow recovery. It was so physically painful, but I think the hardest part was just not being myself. And feeling…. bad(?)/embarrased(?) not to be my normal type A/ super motivated/ super extroverted self. It is so hard when you want to go go go but your body just won’t get with it. I hope you find a solution soon! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Katie says:

    Make sure you take your meds an hour before eating or drinking anything! I hope you feel better. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at 7 years old, now 35. It’s a daily struggle. Stay Strong!

  46. Simone says:

    Thinking of you. Thyroid disease is so hard to explain and indeed live with. There are no physical marks or scars to show people. There is no real way to explain the constant drag on your life. I have lived with Thyroid Disease as has my mother and grand mother, for many years.
    The day I learned to mind myself was the best day, because I no longer cared how I would explain to others why I am not up to going somewhere or doing something.
    With other diseases, the name only has to be mentioned and family and friends rally around. It can make you angry if you let it, but don’t, it’s not worth it. So you are very right to share, very right to step back, very right to focus on what’s important, your family. Very good luck.

  47. Amanda says:

    You are amazing to do all you do when not feeling your best! Hope you find a regimen soon that makes you feel better again!!

  48. taylor says:

    thanks for sharing what you’re going through! i’ve had hashimotos for 5 years now. i was diagnosed on my 16th birthday and know the struggles that come with it. praying for you!

  49. Madi West says:

    I would love to hear more about you Hashimoto’s journey. I have it as well and struggle with a lot of the same symptoms. I’d love to know more about your diet and exercise plan. Anything really.

  50. Melissa young says:

    I am also dealing with the same thing. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at age 23 right after I had my first baby. It was terrible and went undiagnosed for a long time. I felt like I was dying!! I thought I was just exhausted from a newborn up all night. It wasn’t until I had a massive goiter I went in to the dr. I too have just had a flare up. It sounds just like yours! My tsh was elevated to a 20! What was yours? I want to ask my dr about the other end they gave you to ramp everything up faster. I just had my third baby so my doc thinks I have flares after baby bc of my hormones? It’s all a mystery. I’m sorry hang in there. You are not alone!!!

  51. Jenna says:

    Sending you love!! Take as much time as you need. We will be here when you get back:)

  52. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for your vulnerability—you have such a warmth that comes through your words, even though I have never met you! Just said a prayer for you! Enjoy time with your family as you get some rest.

  53. Pam says:

    Have you had your Vitamin D checked recently? It can cause all kinds of symptoms, including some of what you described. Hope you feel better soon.

  54. Caitlyn Keating says:

    Couple things I’ve found as resources with hashimoto’s incase you haven’t found them (personal and professional experience because I’m an RD diagnosed with it)
    Book: The Root Cause by Isabella wenz
    Autoimmune friendly recipes(gluten directly wreaks havoc on thyroid:
    Podcast: The Natural MD

    Just in case it helps :)

  55. Lara Gannon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have the same disease and struggle in a very similar way. It helps to know there are others out there going through the same thing. The book Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis The Root Cause by Izabella Wentz helped me a lot.
    Take care!

  56. Heidi says:

    So sorry to hear how you are feeling! Thousands of people have followed the Medical Mediums protocol. I know its sounds a bit woo-woo but I believe he has a gift from God. He has helped so many people including me. Implementing lots of fruits and veggies, staying away from oils like canola, exchanging toxic makeup(Think Dirty app) choices and ridding our household of toxins has improved my health. Praying you find your healing path!

  57. Pamela says:

    Julia. I know what you are going through and you are so not alone. Please please get on Amazon and get Anthony William, Medical Medium’s book called Thyroid Healing. I don’t work for him and I’m not benefitting in anyway. Just a believer and I’ve seen so many people healed from it. His logic and approaches are serious aha moments for so many women struggling with Hashimotos. Start with 16 oz fresh organic celery juice every morning and go from there. He has the answers that doctors don’t.

  58. Emily says:

    What is the extra med. You take with your synthroid? I have hashimotos and last year it did the same thing and I gained an extra 20 pounds. It’s devastating and affects everything I do. I take synthroid and liothyronine.

    • Julia says:

      I’m actually on Levothyroxine now (for about a year and a half after I had to switch from Armour after 4 years) and they just added in cymetol, too.

      • Michelle says:

        Adding T3, cytomel, is making my hair grow much better!!! And my skin isn’t as dry in the winter and I’m not as cold! I hope you get the same result Julia! Xo

  59. Ann says:

    I feel you????going through the same thing. I have Hashimoto’s with hypothyroid which is the opposite of how my metabolism and thyroid have always worked. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Elle says:

    I was just thinking about letting you and Chris know how you aren’t favorite content makers. I wish you had millions of viewers Bc I look forward to seeing what your family is doing every day. But this post brings up such a great point: we are all trying to put our best foot forward. I feel you on the up and down life is great but also hard thing. Thanks for sharing so much joy and also for being transparent about the lows. I’m sending you my love through this comment, but know that I am also a real woman with a real family and, like you, have great joys and pains in my life. I feel connected to you, and I feel compassion for you – empathy in the simplest, purest way. Sending love from the Guischard fam.

    The bit of salt makes the sweetest pies.

  61. Marie Carmen says:

    Hi Julia,
    So sorry for your suffering. I have Hashimotos and another congenital autoimmune disease so I sympathize. Have you had your PTH, vitamin D and ionized calcium levels done? I see on Facebook support groups that many with Hashimotos can have an elevated PTH which can cause hair loss and fatigue. It’s not commonly tested but easy to test. Hope you get to feeling better.

  62. Mary Kate says:

    Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. Sending you healing energy!

  63. Jean says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable. It’s so hard as a mom and business owner to put yourself first but I’m glad that you are getting the help an someone rest you need. Love your (& Chris’s) blog and all your ideas and advice. Keep being awesome and fighting the good fight. God bless.

  64. Kate Bu says:

    Thank you for being so honest on your blog. My prayers go out to you and your family.I hope you feel better as soon as possible!

  65. Heather P says:

    Hi Julia-
    So sorry to hear you’re struggling with your health.. I can relate as I have had some very difficult health struggles myself the past 10+ years. One of my health issues was Hashimoto’s, and I just wanted to share I was able to overcome the disease with the help of a functional practitioner. Like I used to take medication for years and now I’m fine with none! I just share to give you hope and inspiration. I know everyone’s health and health journey is different, just want you to know hope is out there and you’re not alone. Thx for keeping it real!

  66. Julie says:

    Sending healing thoughts. Hang in there.

  67. A Brown says:

    Hang in there darling girl. I have it too. On some days I feel like I’m crawling out of a 50-gallon oil drum filled with molasses. It’s good to share. So many women have this and feel alone, depleted and guilty for not being able to get it together. Thank you for reaching out and connecting us all.

  68. Julia, I am so sorry to hear about your health struggles. I have an autoimmune disease too, Type 1 Diabetes, adult onset. I’m sure you are swimming in recommendations, but I have my story to add to the pile. I’m treating my diabetes without insulin but through diet, exercise, and healthy habits. It sounds like you are doing the same thing, but I wonder if you have done an elimination diet? There may be another food sensitivity triggering the flare other than gluten. Feel free to reach out if you need support or want to ask me questions. I’d love to help.

    • Tara says:

      It is dangerous and wrong to treat type one diabetes without insulin. I (and I assume we) will die without insulin in our bodies.

      Type two is manageable with diet and exercise sometimes (some need assistance from oral meds and insulin) but PLEASE do not keep spreading these lies.

      It is very dangerous and hurtful to those of us living with type one diabetes. There is nothing I can do to cure type one diabetes, (though I do believe there are miraculous healings) I must continue on with my invisible auto-immune disease.

  69. Lucy says:

    SO sorry! And thank you for your honesty- such a fresh thing. Take care of yourself! Prayers for your health! You know we’ll all be here even if you take breaks.

  70. Ellen says:

    Oh, darlin. I hope you are back feeling healthy so very soon. Thanks for sharing. It really is easy to assume that everyone else has it all together – no struggles, no bad days, perfect hair ???? but we are bonded by our humanness. I’m not a big commentor, but I’m a long time reader and fan of your work. You inspire all of us daily! I just want to say thank you!

  71. Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing and I’m so sorry you have struggled so much lately! I too have Hashimoto’s and the one thing I’ve learned after having it for the past twelve years is that you can’t rely on TSH levels alone to tell you what’s going on. I hope your doctor is also running further T3, T4, etc to look at everything. That really helped me. I also found that typical thyroid medication doesnt cut it for everyone. I still felt terrible on the common medications every doctor seems to recommend and ended up trying other forms over the years which have helped a lot more. (Armour, Naturethroid). I really hope they can get it figured out for you.

  72. Oh hon your honestly and vulnerablity is so courageous! You are not alone my friend. As a woman the same age I too have been on a health challenge rollercoaster! Thank you for being brave and sharing! God bless you in your health and may you feel his loving prescence every moment-in strength and weakness. Hugs from MN.

  73. Lauri Hernandez says:

    Thank you for sharing and I would suggest reading Kelly Go Lightly’s blog posts re: her health and Hashimoto struggles – some really good information. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  74. Jessica says:

    Thanks Julia for sharing real life stuff and for the reminder that no one person “has it all”. I hope you find healing soon.

  75. Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing, I can also relate. Hashimotos is such a roller coaster…every day is different and my body changes a little with each flare up and then it changes back to normal during the non flare days. Just be kind to yourself and stay proactive with your health.
    Find a good doctor, one that is not afraid to experiment with diet and supplements.
    Be well!

  76. Laura says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have hypothyroidism can have to remind myself of that when I don’t feel “right”. I get frustrated with myself for being lazy and then feel depressed – it is a hard cycle. I feel “heavy” and moody and tired but can’t sleep. I wish you relief soon. Take care of you and your family and we will be here when you are back!


    I have felt the same way since the birth of our son……he’s 9. So over not being myself. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so appreciative of all that you all share to inspire the world. Stay positive and listen to your body. Thank you for sharing

  78. Erin Prohaska says:

    Take care of you! ????

  79. Jatéa says:

    Just started following you and love your blog! I struggle with the opposite side of Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease…and I understand all too well everything you’ve expressed. Take care of yourself first! We will be here :)

  80. Lauren says:

    Thanks for being open and honest. Hope you’re back to feeling well again soon. ❤️

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Hypothyroidmom blogs about how she overcome Hashimotos. It might be worth while to check it out. Hope you can overcome it too

  82. Emily Palmier says:

    Sending love and support. Take all the time you need. We’ll all still be here!

  83. Desiree kinser says:

    We love you! Get well and get rest! Will be here when you get back.

  84. Claudine says:

    I have a good friend with Hashimoto’s and all I can say is wow. You have masked it well and I am so pleased that you have come out with it and are making sure to take care of yourself. Social media can be judgey, but also terribly kind, and I am sure that your readers and followers will, like me, salute you & Chris for taking the time to rest, find your healthy balance and spend time with your family. You don’t have a perfect life, (as you say, no one does) but you have a super partner in Chris, and that sure helps. :) Take care.

  85. Rebecca Lemon says:

    I believe the Cake Wrecks blogger also has Hashimoto’s and has blogged about it on her personal blog, Epbot. I know she’s found some alternative solutions that have worked for her, so it may be worth taking a look (I’m sure you’ve also done all sorts of research!). Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon – thanks for sharing your real life and real struggles.

  86. Kristin Dress says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have always enjoyed you guys because of how real you are, not how perfect. I have a similar situation- we have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now, and back in the early summer they found out that I have Hashimoto’s. It’s really encouraging to hear that someone else has gone through this, and you have two more babies since then. We are still working for our first. Thanks for keeping it real, Julia!

  87. Cody says:

    Thinking of you! I, too, have Hashimotos (and just recently found out, another autoimmune disease) and with it, the day-to-day can be really hard. Praying you’re able to get things stabilized. Well wishes!

  88. Jessica says:

    I encourage all who have Hashimoto’s to look into Dr Isabella Wentz, the Thyroid Pharmacist it another functional medicine specialist who has similar methodologies. I did, and my Hashimotos is basically in remission. It was seriously life changing and I finally feel like a human again!

  89. Aubrey Das says:

    Thanks for your authenticity. I’ve been following you on social media for a year or two now and absolutely love what you and Chris do. (I’m a designer myself though I stick more with house plans/designs.) Not gonna lie, it does look like you’ve got a pretty awesome life on here. (Though I can’t imagine how you juggle it all!) It’s a good reminder that everybody has something they’re dealing with- some big, some small.
    Praying for healing and that you can get some breakthrough with this. ????

  90. Sue Winsnes says:

    I’m so glad you are in good hands, but if looking for extra information on this medical issue I highly recommend checking out Suzy Cohen’s website. It’s full of great information on numerous medical concerns, but she seems to specialize in Hashimoto’s.

  91. Ali says:

    All the love and support! So many people live with autoimmune diseases and the flares are exhausting. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

    Thankful you made the decision to take time to rest and heal. Self care is so important and I am so happy you have a great team. I will be here when you come back to instagram ! ❤️Ali

  92. Gracia Livie says:

    Take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing. I will always be a fan.

  93. Jana Grady says:

    Well said Julia. Hope you will be feeling like yourself soon.

  94. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this because a lot of ppl don’t know the struggles of thyroid issues. I also struggling with hypothyroidism and it’s so hard. You never know what you’re days are going to be like. I’m glad you’re taking time because you need it and I hope that energy boost kicks in soon too!

  95. Shantell says:

    I will be praying for you. The Lord is with you. Thank you for being authentic.

  96. Brenda says:

    Julia, you inspire me in so many ways. I’m not sure if you and Chris will ever know the impact you have had on me and my family. Sorry you have this struggle. Chin up! you can do this.

  97. Lindsay says:

    I’m so sorry you’re struggling. I can totally relate to needing to take a step back and be ok with doing less. I don’t have Hashimoto’s, but I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my fourth and experiencing some debilitating symptoms, as well as recently realizing I have depression. I went on medication for that in June, which changed my life mentally, but physically I am still so exhausted every day. I really hope you find relief soon! Thank you for sharing your struggle with us.

  98. Yira says:

    Julia feel better & take time to rest
    Love your posts & your complete family ( willow included)

  99. Please consider seeing this dr.

    He has saved my life and helped many others I know. He specializes in autoimmune diseases.

  100. Laura Reynolds says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I also have thyroid issues. I’ve never heard of Hoshimotto’s and feel better informed because of your post. I wish you all the best and hope you feel better soon.

  101. Aimee says:

    I hope you feel better and rest up. We will be here when you are up to posting! Take care ❤️

  102. Jillian says:

    I am so sorry you are feeling so horrible- your symptoms sound so debilitating! We are ALL thankful you can and are willing to take a step back- even though we love your content and look forward to literally everything (literally) you post, your health and Homelife is so much more important. Good for you for making such a hard, but smart choice for your body! Sending lots of prayers and love and healing. And know none of us are going anywhere!

  103. Rocky says:

    You have to put your health and family first! I’ve struggled with an autoimmune disorders for 10+ years and it is so hard to sometimes take a step back from work. When I do so never regret the positive effects it has on my family and health! Feel better, I hope this new medicine works!

  104. Margaret says:

    Hi, I never comment but I have Hashimoto’s and was having the same issues — I switched from Synthroid and Cytomel to Acela Pharmaceuticals NP Thyroid, which works in a very different way, and it’s a huge improvement. You need to find an endocrinologist who will give you a different set of tests and is willing to work with you on prescribing a different med — please check out this website — it looks cheesy but it has a lot of useful info that has been borne out by my experience:

    Bottom line, Synthroid and Cytomel aren’t right for everyone — they are premised on an assumption that doesn’t always hold true, especially if you have Hashimoto’s.

    Good luck! Feel free to email me if you have questions. xo Margaret

  105. Ginette says:

    I still think you are a rockstar! And even more-so now. I nearly fall apart with a busy week. You do all you do professionally and personally on top of dealing with a health issue?…Rockstar. Thank you for being so open. Prayers to you and yours. I’ll be praying for better health and that the meds help. Keep taking care of yourself. That’s number one priority! xo

  106. Anne Maroe says:

    I am sure you have been doing a ton of reading on hashi’s but there are natural ways to improve how you feel. I am dairy free, GF, gave up caffeine and trying to following the Plant paradox (a great read). I suffer from hair loss, exhaustion, mood swings, weight gain, and overall just a crummy feeling. Vitamins, supplements are a must- and so is a unconventional doctor. Try a naturopath- endocrinologists don’t treat the root cause . Good luck- so hard to get a handle on this. I have had it for almost 20 years and each year is different.

  107. KB says:

    Sending love!

  108. Julie says:

    Sharing personal information on the internet can’t be easy. Thank goodness you are putting your health first and pulling back a bit from work. I’ll keep you in my prayers-God bless <3

  109. Court says:

    Love to you from another exhausted hashi girl…thank you for sharing your struggle. I wish no one had it, but when people share it makes it a little less lonely. Take care of yourself and I hope the energy comes soon!! Xoxo

  110. Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. My heart goes out to you. I’m so glad you have such a supportive partner in Chris and have the ability to step back a bit where you need to. It’s really hard living with an “invisible” disease. I have pituitary tumors, intractable migraine, Cushing’s Disease, fibromyalgia, and polyneuropathy, going on 9 years. I hardly talk about it because I also don’t want the sympathy. But my days sound a lot like yours. I know I’m just a random longtime follower but if you ever want to chat I’m here. (IG @cozyhappyketo). Hang in there!

  111. Tracy says:

    Ah, I love you guys! I hope your meds kick in and you start to feel like yourself. Be kind to yourself and any break you need is necessary. I love everything you guys are doing!

  112. Leslie Peterson says:

    I’m soooo sorry you are going thru this! I have dealt with hypothyroidism for over 30 years. To be honest, I have felt like you have many times and have gone to the Emergency Room due to thyroid related issues and feeling like I might die several times. I have learned a lot through the years regarding this issue. Feel free to contact me off line if you wish to discuss this further.

  113. Hannah says:

    Having hashimoto’s myself I completely understand and sympathize. Praying for energy and some relief to your symptoms!

  114. Gordana says:

    Just want to express my support and wish you all the best. I hope you will find the right medicine for yourself and feel better soon. God bless you :)

  115. Kristi says:

    I’m so glad you’re taking time/ setting some limitations to care for yourself! It’s hard to do sometimes, isn’t it? Rest up and hoping that medicine improves your day to day. Thanks for sharing and hang in there! ❤️

  116. Cheryl says:

    I have hashimotos also. I’ve been reading the medical medium book series by Anthony William. It is an autoimmune game changer. Order it on amazon like now. His first book has a pic of an X-ray on the front. It’s amazing.

  117. Danielle says:

    I suffer from hypo thyriodism also. I have been taking vitamins and supplements to help balance things so I am right there with you. :-(. Hope you feel better soon.

  118. Monika says:

    I’ll be 50 in a few months and one of my closest friends, also 50-ish, was diagnosed with Hashimoto 12 years ago. How? Trying to conceive… isues, tired. She’s a high-powered attorney, driven, energetic and, all of a sudden, she couldn’t make it through the day. It took more than 4 years to get to some sort of equilibrium so, please, keep the faith. Her daughter is now 11 and my friend is working feverushly at the same law practice. And write these post more often: they help your audience as well as you. Because, as you aptly put it, “no one has it all and is doing it all.” Take care of yourself! Love from NJ!

  119. Viktorija says:

    This was so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this personal bit with us and reminding me that there is always more to the story (or photo!) than meets the eye.

  120. Katie says:

    In an CLJ Q&A semi-recently, you said you worked 66 hours a week. I can not, literally, imagine working that much. You do so much that I think, even taking a few steps back, you would still be working overtime.

    Do what you have to do, we will be here. <3

  121. StaciF says:

    I am so sorry you are dealing with this but happy you are sharing with your followers. YOU have to take care of yourself and on some days, all of us struggle to make ourselves a priority with so many other competing priorities. We’ll be here cheering you on. We’re not going anywhere!

  122. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I really hope the new treatments work out and you get back to feeling more like yourself soon! ????

  123. Jlumomma says:

    Thanks for sharing, it’s so important to understand we all have our challenges. As much as we try to keep it all together life cuts us down sometimes. Hang in there, my son has kidney disease and my husband donated a kidney to him this last year, it was hard, I had my moments but humans are amazing and it turns out we are so resilient through tough times. Taking a break is so important. You are one smart lady and I love your style. So kick back and relax, you’ll be back soon!!!

  124. Christine Ackerly says:

    Julia thank you for sharing something so personal and honest. I cannot imagine the kind of pressure you feel when you are a blogger on social media. I hope the new medication works and YOU start to feel better. ❤️

  125. Megan G says:

    You are a genuinely lovely person yourself! We truly care about you and your health and will be right here when you can more fully engage once again. You have created a beautiful family and a beautiful home. Indulge yourself by enjoying both as your full time job, instead of having a full time job in addition to home and hearth. And when you think you are not doing enough, watch your fall home tour video to prove otherwise! So glad you are granting yourself permission to heal…

  126. Kristen says:

    thanks for having the “guts” to keep it real. we need more of this in life. life is hard, work is hard, being a parent is hard. we need to talk about that more so thanks for sharing and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  127. Julie says:

    This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing in such a genuine way. This quote really resonated with me: “And instead of feeling inadequate when everyone else is doing so many wonderful, exciting things, be happy for them and happy for me that I’m doing what I need to do to get back to a good, healthy place.” When we’re in a stage of life that requires our focus on ourselves and our private life, it can feel like we’re being a bit left behind on the public side of life that others are living. Thank you for the very real reminder that this is okay and can be celebrated in its own right.

  128. Jessica Witty says:

    I appreciate you sharing. I struggle with Hashimotos as well and I’ll be honest… yes, it’s hard for me to see seemingly everyone out there be able to do all the things, all the time. While I have an excellent support system, it’s refreshing and good for my soul to see others who have it speak about it… it helps to feel validated and understood by those who have been through it. Thank you for sharing that part of your life with us, too ????

  129. Tara C says:

    Thank you for honesty. There is always a place for that. I hope you feel better soon.

  130. Janine says:

    You’re not inadequate. You’re human. Take good care.

  131. Sonja says:

    You rock! Post as you want and don’t when you don’t. Life is messy and hard and wonderful and beautiful. Thanks for keeping it real.

  132. Nya says:

    Fingers crossed you see improvement with the new meds. We’ll be here when you get back, enjoy your time off!

  133. Amy says:

    I would encourage you to check out to learn some deep things about thyroid issues. You can search on youtube for the auto immune conference available through the weekend. So insightful! Praying this helps you!

  134. Bailey A says:

    Oh Julia my heart just hurt reading this. From dealing with debilitating panic attacks I can relate. Take all the time and rest you need. Thanks for sharing your life and family with us. Fall is a good time to slow down and enjoy what matters most and go to bed early!

  135. Vanna says:

    I have Hasimotos and many of the same symptoms at times. If you are not already you should take Biotin. It made all the difference in my hair growth, you could actually see rows of hair growing and even my hairdresser was impressed. Also, my symptoms get really bad when I am in the nearing the mid to far end of the normal range. I have taken to recording my blood test results in excel and when things start to stray a little bit (but still normal) from my best readings I take notice and watch or work it before it becomes a larger issue. What reads as still Normal can still mean big problems.
    I never write comments on any site but I can so relate to your situation and hope this helps a little bit.

  136. Becky says:

    As someone who suffers from Hashimotos, thank you for your honesty. I remember being so thankful when I received the diagnosis 10 years ago. Finally, there was a reason for constantly feeling tired. I have been lucky in that my condition has been well maintained with medication, even through a pregnancy, but I still struggle with fatigue, hair loss, etc.. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  137. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the struggle. I really want to thank you for your openness. It’s so true that we can never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, but we can make a ton of assumptions, and they’re usually the assumptions that make us feel inadequate and bad about ourselves. Your honesty and vulnerability really combat those feelings. I hope you feel well again soon!

  138. Bren says:

    I’ve had Hashimoto’s since 2001 too and it is a silent, daily struggle. Remember that most meds take a good 12 weeks to really kick in to the point where you say, “Hey, this IS working.” Waiting for meds to kick in is like being stalked by a turtle. Hope you feel better everyday.

  139. Jessie says:

    So sorry. ❤️ Follow on instagram. She also has Hashimoto’s and is always sharing her challenges and solutions. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  140. You have the best taste, and the most wonderful house !!!! And great instagram / content etc … It’s absolutely normal to take a break sometimes, in fact it is necessary for you and your creations. Take care of yourself!! And soon you will be full of great energy again

  141. Rachel says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your health struggles and I hope your medication provides you some much needed relief soon! I’ve been following the blog for almost 8 years now – and I am always so excited to see a new Instagram or blog post. I absolutely love everything you all do. Please take care of your health first and foremost, though! We will survive without daily content (maybe ;)).

  142. Jenn says:

    I hate hearing this, but thank you for sharing and making sure to take care of yourself!

  143. Michelle says:

    We support you, Julia. We will be here praying for you and that our loving Father restores your health. Thank you for letting us know because even as strangers, we do care for you and your family. Be well, sister and we will be here.

  144. Karin Washler says:

    I wish you well, I have hypothyroidism and it’s no picnic…take time for you ❤️

  145. Michelle says:

    I am sorry to hear that! I hope your doctors are able to figure it out, and that you get better very soon! Definitely give yourself some grace during this time. I know we will!

  146. Susan Sease says:

    Please look into your iodine levels. I have Hashimoto’s as well and adding iodine to my vitamin routine helped significantly with hair loss especially as well as many other symptoms… just a suggestion from me to you, good luck!

    • Bri says:

      I would say anyone with thyroid issues should talk to their doctor before adding an iodine supplement to their diet. I’ve had hashimotos for over 20 years. A few years ago I started taking iodine and it wrecked me. Made my hypo symptoms so much worse. It’s hard to get a good balance for some people and can further damage an abnormal thyroid. Based on my specialists recommendation the only thing I take is Biotin to combat my hair loss issues caused by my medicine. Getting your levels in balance is a science so only take extra stuff when it’s discussed with your doctor.

  147. Sarah Sipos says:

    Sending so much love and well wishes. I admire you, always, Julia. Especially because of the transparency and honesty you consistently bring to us.

  148. Ashley says:

    Hi Julia! I’m so sorry. Know that you’re NOT alone. I have Hasimotos too and after having my son got thyroiditis and rebound hypothyroid. It was terrible. It’s a constant battle, Hashimotos. I mean, our thyroid does control everything. Thank you for sharing, it made me feel not so alone in this too. I’m hoping that you feel normal again very soon, I know how miserable it can feel when your thyroid is off.

  149. Julie S says:

    Aw, I teared up a bit reading this in sympathy – I have wondered how you manage daily life with 3 kids and a home business and Hashimoto’s ever since reading a mention of that condition in a post a while back. I myself have various chronic health issues including low thyroid function that definitely take a toll on life, so I really feel for you. Those times when refiguring your health management strategy is necessary are no fun at all to walk through. I found to be really useful for educating myself and self-advocating for better results at the doctor as well as giving me some paths to pursue on my own through lifestyle and supplements.

  150. Prayers and solidarity coming your way – my hypothyroidism can be really hard to live with sometimes, too. Hope you get a good combo of meds to help you feel better soon. <3

  151. Kori says:

    As someone who struggles with Hashimoto’s myself, have you tried any dietary changes? With my doctors recommendation, I went on an elimination diet and found that some foods have an effect on my body. I have gluten sensitivity, problems with corn, certain beans (kidney, black beans), and I follow a more plant based anti-inflammatory diet. No red meat, cautious with nightshade vegetables.

    • Julia says:

      I follow the autoimmune paleo diet and have for most of the 6 years I’ve had this. Highly believe in healing with food but it’s not always enough.

      • Lauren says:

        ???????? I was seeing all the comments and suggestions and thinking how overwhelming it must be to read thru to all of them. I’m an AI disease survivor too and so happy that you’re on the right track to maintain heath through following the Paleo diet. It was a game changer for me as well. I just want to offer up some encouragement to say that it’s ok to scale back and to put yourself first. You are obviously doing this already, but I know how hard it can be and how guilt can creep in. Just keep up the good fight and know that nothing is permanent.

  152. Karen L. says:

    Thank you for sharing. My daughter has struggled with that and I understand the challenges. Get some rest and feel better soon.

  153. Deb Trnka says:

    So grateful you have a concerned husband who researched. My husband is missing the medical curiosity gene. He has no clue. ????I’ve been suffering with vertigo all summer. It miserable when you are sick with the unseen. Praying for you to find relief!! Glad you found answers.

  154. Karen C. says:

    I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for many years. I am getting better, mainly from recommendations of The Medical Medium books. He talks a lot about thyroid autoimmune disorders. You are not alone. So many people struggle with these issues. There is a lot of help and support out there! Sending you love and support and wishing you radiant health.❤️✨

  155. Jen says:

    I really appreciate you being so open about your struggles – although it isn’t necessary.

    I believe so much in demystifying the “your life looks perfect”. I live with anxiety and for every picture of me glowing and giggling while assembling furniture …. nobody sees that I put myself to bed at 7pm because it was the only way to feel better.

    Thank you Julia.

  156. Dancingmom says:

    I am truly sorry you are going through this. I can relate in so many ways. I am glad you are self aware enough to know you need rest. Even the creator of the universe took a season of rest which when you think about is a neat pattern for us to follow. When my friends are struggling I usually take them something I love—a book, a nourishing treat, or music. Since I can’t bring you one can I virtually share? Check out Lauren daigle’s music on YouTube. She has an amazing voice and her message has given me strength in similar circumstances.

  157. Juliet says:

    Take care of yourself. We all want you and the needs of your family to come first. I hope that you are feeling more like your best version of usual soon. (In that with chronic/autoimmune the usual isn’t always what you’d want to feel!)

  158. Ashley says:

    That sounds so difficult. Thank you for sharing this part of your story. Praying peace for you and the ability to give yourself much grace. Life is hard, and, even if there’s no “reason,” we all need a break. May you find new places of healing and joy in your rest. May God bless you and your dear family, Julia.

  159. susan says:

    Julia, take good care of yourself. Your health and your family come first. I pray for wisdom for your medical team, and I pray that you get some relief.

  160. Sarah says:

    I also struggle with Hashimoto’s and have had to reassess my inner voice when it comes to exhaustion and lack of motivation. I’ve had to realize it’s ok to take a break and not beat myself up over unfinished projects (it’s especially hard because I recently bought my first house and want to do all the things!).

    I also recently found out I have cancerous nodules on my thyroid and will have a full thyroidectomy in a month. I’m hoping this is the answer to why the past year has been so hard physically and mentally. Thanks for sharing this issue with your readers. The awareness of thyroid issues is so important, especially as a majority of people with Hashimoto’s are women.

  161. Alma says:

    I appreciate knowing it advance why we won’t be seeing you as much. Please take your time! I’m sure some of the projects will continue which means for us we’ll have fabulous reveals when you feel more like youself.

  162. Suzanne says:

    I have found success in taking a natural supplement called “Vitex” (sometimes referred to as chaste tree or chasteberry…it usually advertised to help pms but it has so many more functions than that) It works to regulate the master glands in your body-the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland which both help control the thyroid. By allowing the master glands to work at full function then they can do what they are supposed to better regulate your thyroid and the hormones it needs to produce.
    My energy improved dramatically and I was even able to stay a bit warmer than usual.

  163. Tina says:

    Thank you for sharing. I know it is difficult when you want to have family time and work and you just do not feel well. You are so very blessed with your beautiful family and all their support.
    You are truly and inspiring person. I love what you do.
    I wish you all the best. Take time for yourself and family.

  164. Erin says:

    I am so sorry—you’ve definitely kept the bar high and it’s ok to give yourself time to heal! Be kind to yourself.

    Coming from a family riddled with autoimmune disorders, I cannot say enough for how well functional medicine addresses these things. I would highly recommend checking out for info!

  165. NancyS says:

    First – I hope your new meds do the trick!
    Second – I’m glad you shared this. Yes, when one does look at their favorite blogs everyday it can get tiresome for the viewer. Even being older & wiser, every once in awhile I do feel like a loser. I know not everyone is perfect but social media can trick the mind no matter how tough you think you are. Your blog is one of my favorites & I miss when you don’t post. But sometimes we need to be reminded you are only human & like us 9 to 5ers you deserve a vacation/break and unplug. Rest, relax, enjoy your family and most of all get better!

  166. Katie says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimotos too while trying to conceive my second baby. I hope you can get through this and take it day by day. I’m still not very educated on what this is autoimmune disease is, I had never heard of it before until my Naturapath shared with me that I had it, I also had no idea the symptoms that someone can experience with it. So thank you for sharing as this is good for me and others to know what to look out for so we know not to ignore it!

  167. Kate says:

    Julia! You’re so great! Not feeling good affects every area of life. I’m sorry you’re not feeling like yourself. So hard. Sending good vibes.

  168. Michelle says:

    I also have Hashimotos. I feel your pain and the weighted vest is spot on. It’s a fatigue that you almost can’t put into words and then not able to get warm with constant cold hands and feet. I was taking synthroid and cytomel but that wasn’t helping. I still needed a 2 hour nap and couldn’t stay away past 8pm. I would fall asleep at the movies and at one point thought I had narcolepsy. Then I started seeing a specialist who changed me to nature thyroid, diagnosed an MTHFR gene, started me on b complex and low dose naltrexone ( and I finally have my life back. I actually go to bed at night because it’s time for bed, not because I can’t keep my eyes open!!! And naps are only for a special occasion.

    • Laura says:

      THIS! i was the exact same way. used to take synthroid and cytomel but didn’t notice a change. switched to nature throid and felt so much better. i now have to take cytomel with it since my T3’s are low (and i’m going through IVF.) i also have MTHFR and need to avoid synthetic folic acid which has helped.

      thank you SO MUCH for sharing. i’m so sick of bloggers trying to look perfect, this reminds me that we’re all human and going through the same struggles. xo

    • Lauren says:

      Michelle, Laura and Julia how did you find a good doctor? I have tried several doctors, all general practitioners who all check my blood work and adjust my Synthroid as needed. No one listens to me that I still feel AWFUL mentally and physically. No one sends me to an endocrinologist. They say it is because I am overweight, but I know I am overweight because of my health, not dietary and physical choices. I know there is more to it, something they are not catching. After years of this it starts making me feel like maybe it’s all in my head, but I know it’s not! Any advice on finding the right kind of doctor?

      • Michelle says:

        Lauren, I’ve been there. Most primary doctors go by “normal” lab values and not “optimal”. I found someone who does bio-identical hormones. They are much more likely a) to prescribe non-synthetic thyroid hormones and b) treat symptoms NOT labs results. I would also check out a book called The plant paradox and have them check for iodine levels.

      • Yadira says:

        Hi Lauren, my GP diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s 7 yrs ago and I decided by myself to look for an Endocrinologist without been referred by my GP and when the Endocrinolist’s assistant asked me who referred me I said myself because I have Hashimoto and wanted to be seen by an especialist no the GP.

  169. Kim says:

    I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis after my 6th baby so totally get how you’re feeling. It’s hard. I’ve had hypothyroidism for 30 years, but that stretch of time was the worst. By the time baby turned 1 it was finally under control again, so hopefully you’ll be back to feeling well soon.

  170. Lindsey says:

    This is a wonderful post. It’s so real and you are absolutely right, everyone needs to know that nobody is perfect. Just like everyone else who reads your blog and follows you on Insta, I feel like I know you guys. Like you’re friends who live far away. I, like all of us, care about you very much and your health is so important!! I wish you well!

  171. Lauren says:

    I was diagnosed with an extremely severe case of hypothyrodism when I was only 14. I dropped out of all my usual sports (including horse riding which I just adored), slept constantly, was cold and tired all the time and this was all blamed on being a lazy teenager. Wasn’t until I got a far rarer and more severe symptom that I was finally checked out and diagnosed. Been on a high dose of levothroxine ever since yet never truly regained my energy or “joie de vivre”. I tried picking up sports again but always felt the stuffing was knocked out of me after. I’m nearly 30 now and whilst I love my life I worry how I will manage to be a mum (we’re ttc at the moment) and cope with the sleep deprivation which has such a knock on effect for me. I take vitamin D3 and B12 daily which helps a bit and stops me coming down with every passing bug. Unfortunately I doubt i’ll ever have the kind of energy I used to and instead focus on maintaining an even keel. Good healthy food, getting enough sleep and ‘budgeting’ for recovery time after taking on anything strenuous or stressful is important. Wishing you the best in your journey and also recommend 6 monthly blood tests if you can to keep an eye on your levels.

  172. Megan says:

    All the love and prayers for you! I too have dealt with hypothyroidism; I know exactly what you are describing. It really can sneak in and suck so much from.your life! Hang in there.

  173. Mandy Beachy says:

    Absolutely share! Thank you for being vulnerable! I feel like if we can’t share the real stuff then we’re not being, well….REAL! And we miss the chance to be the relational beings God created us to be. You are amazing, you do what you need to do to take care of YOU! Sorry you’re not well, Hang in there girl! ❤ ????

  174. Kenna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. My teenage daughter has started having thyroid issues this past May and is lending towards hypothyroidism but a couple numbers are still off for her to start medication. She has so many of the symptoms you are describing so thank you for making me realize what she is dealing with is “normal” for hypothyroidism.

  175. Katie Kerr says:

    I love this post. Thank you for your honesty, and thank you for being willing to give yourself rest, and a break.

  176. Kiley Artukovich says:

    Love the honesty! Hopefully you can take the time to rest and heal. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  177. Courtney Jaeger says:

    Get well soon, Julia! Life’s joy and struggle ebb and flow, and we’ll all be here to share in your joy whenever you’re back to 100%. Sending positive energy and warm wishes to the Marcums!

  178. Sarah H says:

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know what you mean about what to share and what not and all the struggles and heavy weight. Even though mine isn’t health related I’m having a lot of life changing events. I am praying for you Julia. I’m sorry. I pray you will get the answers you need and can get better ASAP. Thank you for inspiring me and my daughter daily!!! Xoxox

    Sarah @ourvintagefarmhouse

  179. Heather says:

    I also have Hashimoto’s. One of the flare ups attacked my thyroid to the point that I developed a fist-sized goiter. Once I had it completely removed, my surgeon said it was the largest goiter he had ever seen and that it was encroaching upon my breathing passage. It seems that times of stress coincide with flare ups. You are doing the right thing to take some time to huddle together with your family in addition to the diet changes. A healthy mom is a mom that can be around for her daughters long term. I say that because I have four daughters. Will be praying for your health to stabilize.

  180. As one Hashi’s mama to another, I am not going to suggest anything for you to do except be confident in listening to yourself. (I am still learning ;)) The doubt is overwhelming some days – the questioning whether you are just making excuses and you could push through, the negative self-talk about your feelings since it’s not a visible disease and everything looks “perfect”. You do you and take care of yourself <3

  181. Katie says:

    Julia, I have the same disease. It’s been an on again off again struggle for 8 years. The comment about the leaded vest is dead on. I had some genetic testing recently and found out I have the mthfr mutation. He changed my nP thyroid medicine to twice daily and I’m supplementing with methyl factors for the mutation. I cannot express to you how much better I feel. The difference is so noticeable my kids and neighbors have asked if I’m taking something! I urge you if you haven’t already had food allergy and sensitivity testing done to do so and see if there is genetic testing. Some of these symptoms can be helped. Love you. Love your blog and your heart.

    • Julia says:

      I have mthfr too! I am on special methyl supplements but haven’t changed my dose to twice a day. This is something I’m going to ask about. Thank you

      • Stephanie says:

        No amount of change of dosage will ever cause you’re symptoms to go away if you’re still on synthroid (even with cytomel added). You need to take NDT (an all natural form of thyroid hormone that has all 4 that yowe need- not just the 1 found in synthroid!) you need to read “stop the thyroid madness”. You need to be an advocate and find a doctor who will listen – most will not want to try NDT or even order the correct blood tests. Hint: it has nothing to do with TSH!!! I’m here if you have more questions but that book & Facebook group answers anything better than I ever could. Hugs!

      • Lauren says:

        I would love to know the Facebook groups you recommend. I am definitely in the camp of feeling like doctors aren’t taking me seriously.

      • Cat says:

        Completely agree. After six years of complaining to my Endo that I don’t feel well from my Hashimotos, I went the holistic route. He doesn’t take insurance but saved my life. He took my bloodwork and put me on nature thyroid. The medicine completely changed my life. I no longer feel like I’m drowning. Be your own advocate. Find a doctor who listens. Synthroid is not the answer for everyone.

  182. Vicki says:

    Thank You for sharing this. God bless you and your family

  183. Kam Acero says:

    I have a friend who has Hashimotos and is symptom free because of her diet. She started a business helping people manage their health with nutrition. I’m sure she could help you or put you on the right path. Check out

  184. cathryn says:

    Wishing you all the very best in your recovery Julia, I do hope that you find the right medication to get yourself feeling back to your old self. I hope the break with the family helps you recharge.

  185. Emily says:

    Thank you for your honesty and for sharing this with us. I believe the real and hard things have a place EVERYWHERE you want them to be. It’s easy to see other’s lives through the filter of social media and believe they have a “perfect” life (not a real thing, BTW). I hope are able to take some time to care for yourself and get some answers.

  186. Homa says:

    I too suffer from Hashimoto’s. I also have major depression disorder and for some reason my anti-depressants work well with my thyroid medicine so that I have been symptom free from both. You might check to see if a low dose of an anti-depressant might help.

  187. Amy says:

    I also have hashimoto’s and I really recommend that you find a good acupuncturist, if there’s one in your area. It has made a huge difference for me! I feel like doctors think that if you’re on levothyroxine you’re “healed” but it’s so not true! Good luck feeling better!

  188. molly says:

    So glad to hear you’re in good hands but so sorry to hear how unwell you’ve been! It’s wonderful that you’re slowing down a bit & taking gentle care of yourself. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope your new meds kick in & have you feeling better soon! Sending much love xo

  189. Tara says:

    Thanks for keeping it real, Julia! Enjoy time with your family and do what you need for your health. We’ll be here when you get back. :) Praying you find a solution and start feeling like your normal self again soon!

  190. Leslie Peterson says:

    Very sorry to hear about your relapse. I suggest you also get tested for depression. Struggling with a chronic condition can be very difficult and oftentimes, leads to depression.

  191. Nicole says:

    Thank you for your continued transparency, Julia and Chris. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and social media makes the comparison game easier to play. Your vulnerability is powerful, important and valued. Take care of you and your family because at the end of the day, they’re the most important things. Praying for you guys.

  192. Pamela says:

    This is a prime example of why I appreciate your blog so very much. As someone else who is making choices about where and how to spend energy, I feel a little less alone.

  193. Aminah Abdullah says:

    You truly are an amazing woman Julia. To think that you’ve been struggling with this disease but to still have created so much content in the last few months and all that on top of being a mother and wife. My prayers go out to you and your family and I wish you lots of strength, faith and support. I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say we want you to be ok first and foremost. I admire you for knowing when it is time to take a break. Just remember God knows your struggle and is always watching over you. Take care of yourself and let others take care of you, too. We will still be here when you get better! :)

  194. I hope you get some good rest and your doctor can determine the best course of action, so you start to feel better.

  195. Allison says:

    I fully support your priorities of health and family. Hope you feel like yourself again soon. ❤️

  196. Aminah says:

    You are an amazing person Julia. To imagine you’ve been going through that and still have created so much content in the last couple of months is unbelievable. And on top of that being a mom of three, a wife, a housewife. My prayers go out to you, and I just want to let you know that while I love seeing a new post here on the blog or on Instagram, I know all your followers and I want you to be healthy, first and foremost. Take all the time you need and really take care of yourself. Wishing you strength and faith on your road to recovery, lots of hugs and kisses from your cute beautiful daughters and lots of support from your husband. I admire you for knowing when it is time to take a break. It is ok and we will all still be here when you’re feeling better.

    • Jennifer I says:

      So glad you have such a caring and attentive support system in Chris. When you are depressed, it is hard to see you need help. So glad he asked you to get your blood work done. Feel better.

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