Lately, we have been thinking it might be time for a little chore chart for Greta.  She’ll be two in exactly one month from today and she has become such a good helper around the house.  Granted, the girl, like

We have had a rough couple months ’round here–especially the last two weeks.  You may have noticed a lack of big projects here lately.  My handyman and the muscles of the operation, Chris, has been working extremely late at his

My little sister, the talented photographer behind Doublclik, just surprised us all with this little movie she put together that captured our Christmas this year.  I can’t stop watching it.  And maybe it is about time you met my family,

With our new kitchen layout plans in place, we have turned our attention to materials.  My mind is spinning.  There are so many options for countertops and cabinets.  We know we love the look of black Honed Granite, Richlite, Soapstone

Originally, I slapped some paint on the taller-than-I-am-canvas for the dining room in colors that I knew I wanted to use and it stayed that way for months.  Over the holiday, I finally decided to finish it.  —I got a

You know that counter in your kitchen that everything seems to fall on?  Mail, keys, items that need returned or dropped off to neighbors, nail clippers.  Oy vey.  Ours is right under the microwave.  Because it is concealed on all