Last night we took a family trip to get new shatterproof ornaments and some more Christmas decor to outfit our first home for the season.   When our shopping spree ended we came home with outdoor lights, around 75 new


I rearranged.

We have talked about having a few friends over for a holiday kick-off at the beginning of December, which would fit in nicely with our decorate-the-day-after-Thanksgiving tradition.  Except, we have a deadline for our basement project just a couple days



We have found another thing we probably shouldn’t attempt to DIY: Our family Christmas photo.  We took over 70 pictures with the self-timer on our camera against a wall in our home and only one we were all clear and


Lite Brite.

Yesterday was a pretty monumental day for our guest room and office space in the basement.  We replaced the two outdated lights (that left a lot of dark spots in the room) with five pot lights.  It has made such

According to our poll yesterday, most of our readers wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas (currently around 72% of you!)–but surely you think about Christmas cards before then.  Right?  I know I do.  In my jumble of junk

My bff, Meagan, announced on her blog that she is decorating for Christmas this weekend.  My oldest sister, Krissy, has already started to slowly decorate her house to enjoy the process and relieve stress of getting it all up quickly.

Our bedroom projects have been on hold for a month (I can’t believe it has been a whole month) while we met deadlines for our basement project and hosted our first annual Costume party–which lead to revamping the laundry room.