Our Life

It is pumpkin carving season (!!!) and over the last few weeks–but even more so in the past week–I have been seeing all of these beautifully carved, gilded, painted, shaved pumpkins on my favorite blogs or plastered on Pinterest.  Spoiler

Maybe you noticed I didn’t post yesterday.  (Maybe you didn’t! Ha!) Some things have come up and I just need to take a deep breath and a break. So can we just make a date for Monday?  Same time, same

Our Life

Weekend Teasers

Over here, we had a goo-od weekend.  We worked on a few projects for the house and had an afternoon date that extended late into the evening on Saturday where we shopped and ate and just spent time together while

Our Life

Remember That?! August

Looking back through August’s post, Chris and I both agree–it was a great month. We balanced hard work and even got away for a night. Plus, starting a new project is always exciting. Before we jump into a new month