Our Life

My parents are really good at planning a “retreat” once every quarter.  Us?  Well, our last getaway was a year and a half ago (you can read about it here).  So yesterday, since Chris got tickets for us to see

Our Life

A House Purge.

This week’s big project is getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday morning, and we aren’t holding back.  Our last (and only other) yard sale was in March of 2011 before we closed on this house.  It was cold,

Our Life

This Weekend

We are attending Chris’s huge family reunion. Prepping for our yard sale next weekend. Picking up some paint. (I think I have our color narrowed down.) Getting started on new paintings. Watching the Olympics and Prison Break (on Netflix) Making

It is the last day of the 3rd busiest month of our lives. July was good to us and for us. At least that is what I am saying so I don’t turn into the stress ball I was for

Our Life

Yankee Doodle

Since Chris is off work all week, our 4th festivities got a head-start and will most likely last through the weekend.  We partied yesterday with Chris’s family–all 36 of them (!), where Greta saw fireworks for the first time last

Our Life

I’m off!

This morning I set aside my usual paint brushes and opted for a much smaller one to add a spring touch of pink to my little nails (Essie’s Mod Square is too sweet for words).  Let’s face it, long nails

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