Make Way

Something big is going on the next few days.  We are cleaning out as much of our Etsy shop as possible, (*cough* the studio is getting crowded) to make way for new art.  New paintings and new–better!–chalkboard drawings and prints.


Vintage Halloween Printables

The first day of autumn is tomorrow, but I couldn’t help jumping the gun on Halloween.  Not only is it my favorite holiday, but we are going to be throwing another costume party (second annual, baby!) and as veterans, we


In the Studio

I’m in the studio today, yesterday, the day before–for weeks, it seems–working on a slew of commissioned paintings.   Each email I receive for commissioned work, I am taken back and count my blessings all over again.  You see, when

If you were to peek into our bedroom today, you might notice something new: We found some art for above our bed!  Art above our bed wasn’t something that we felt we needed in our room, but we also aren’t people


Ten New Abstract Flats.

Good Morning!  Last week I introduced new 16×20 original paintings on unstretched canvases to our Etsy shop.  It was an idea I came up with to be able to bring more affordable fine art to even more homes.  To your

***Giveaway is now closed*** Congratulations to our winner, Lexy, whose favorite word is “dessert.”  Can I get an amen?! Last month, I teamed up with my talented sister to add the sweetest print there ever was to our Etsy shop.

What can I say, when I clear things out–I clear. things. out.  So, in addition to our big yard sale last weekend (which was a success and a riot), we are also cleaning out the gallery. The 15% off code,


DIY Rothko-Inspired Art

Mark Rothko was an abstract expressionist, (note: he always hated that label) and one of the best! He is one of my favorite artists that I am constantly researching and being inspired by his work–those paintings are massive (!!) and

You may have noticed, there wasn’t a chalkboard drawing this month.  Oops!  I am not saying there won’t be any more of those, because there will be, but I have also been wanting to focus on making other high quality