This month’s drawing (let’s forget for a moment that we’re a third of the way into May) was a refreshing return to color.  For the last few months, I have been indulging in classic black and white chalkboard drawings with


Second of Eleven

Although my studio is under construction, the painting must go on–on my dining room table.  Eeks! I am currently working on a series of eleven paintings–all with ikat-inspired vertical brushstrokes.  My first one sold quickly, which gave me the confidence

When my rockstar of a friend, Jane, approached me about getting her hands on some of my art–specifically the falling blocks I created over Christmas–I was thrilled with the opportunity to work with paper and collage again.   So thrilled,


Happy Pots

We’re adding little pops of color in the kitchen today….errr, posting about it–I actually did this yesterday.  Remember our little succulents on our new open shelving?  When we bought them, we also picked up three plain, ceramic pots for 49