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For Father’s Day this year I imagine Chris will be doing exactly what his heart wants to be doing… grilling. He wouldn’t have it any other way and I would never deprive him of that. Along with that, we’ll be spending the day as a family, playing games and taking it easy. Of course we’ll […]

My mom is coming for Mother’s Day this year which feels extra special. It’s kind of fun because Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are about six months away from my birthday and Chris’s birthday, so it feels like an extra “thinking of you” day, and we both really like that. For this gift guide I […]

Growing up, my mom would always put a fresh set of tights in our Easter baskets, along with some candy–chocolate for my sisters and fruity candy for me since I never liked chocolate. All these years later and it still feels special and that’s what I hope our holidays and traditions feel like to our […]

You want to know what I love about Valentine’s Day? It’s in February. And a couple months after the holidays, when it’s still so cold out–I really appreciate something to look forward to and celebrate. I used to think that it needed to be a day of grand gestures, and bouquets of flowers, but Chris […]

Has anybody ever been to a favorite things party? They’re so fun and I love the concept. It’s such a great way to share your favorite things, but also learn about other peoples’ favorite things! Here’s how it works: Everybody brings 3 of the SAME gift (you could also do 2, just depending on how […]

It’s Small Business Saturday! A great day to get out and support and shop your favorite local small businesses!! Below, we’ve rounded up a few gift ideas from our favorites to gift and receive and some that are on our wishlist! 1. Linen Apron $42 An apron to use every day but to also make […]

Not only do I search for every small appliance, gadget, and electronic on eBay before I buy it, but I also always have things in my eBay cart. THIS is the week to check out on the cart because everything is on sale. I have them bookmarked for all of my Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and […]

Happy Holidays!  I’m sure you’ve heard, or maybe have even experienced, lead times and shipping times are all experiencing major delays and it’s extended to every industry. To help us stay on top of our holiday shopping, and you too!, we’ve released all of our gift guides for the holiday season! Each guide is thoughtfully […]

1. Outstanding in the Field $365 Experience dinner in a field, in a vineyard, on a beach, in a meadow, on a fishing dock, or a city street. It’s one long table, one epic vista, and the meal of a lifetime. Check out upcoming event dates in Palm Beach, Florida and Tulum, Mexico. 2. Create […]

1. Slinky $9 No matter how old you are, you want to watch this thing slink down the stairs on repeat on Christmas morning. 2. AirTag Leather Key Ring $35 AirTag easily keeps track of your keys, purse — whatever you need to find readily. This is a fancy upgrade to tag anything with. 3. […]

1. British Designers At Home $38 This book had me with those checkerboard floors :) The British have a charm and a heritage in their design that I aspire to be. Every thing looks so lived in. Every garden looks secret and magical. I want to live on every page. 2. Vanity Fair 100 Years: […]

1. Wavelength $34 (2-12 players) The telepathic party game that we can’t get enough of! Two teams take turns trying to read each other’s minds, with a lot of “talking it out” and high-fiving all around. It’s the game that brings out all the interesting conversations you wish you can have at your party. It’s […]

1. Brass Salt Mill $102 A kitchen essential the doubles as decor is a great gift for any home lover. They’ll put this on the counter, like a sculpture, next to the stovetop and think of you every time they season (and every time they receive a compliment!). 2. Clay Footed Bowl $39 This bowl […]

1. Meta Puzzle $38 A puzzle of doing a puzzle :) This one is sure to garner lots of cheerful jeers and serious teamwork on the next snow day. Put the Crockpot on, and clear the table — we’re doing a puzzle! 2. Snowman Kit $13 Your favorite family will have everything they need to […]

1. Wooden Nutcracker $42 Mom and Dad usually go classic with their Christmas decor, and this little guy is so chic and cool and that it will be the centerpiece of their collection. 2. Quilted Chore Slippers (similar) $59 These are great for going out to the mailbox or the woodpile — or even a […]

1. Razor Go Cart $452 These carts have double the speed capabilities as the kids one–and fit for larger bodies. You might even take it for a spin Christmas morning. 2. Smiley Patch Beanie $40 The happiest beanie that comes in a variety of colors and can sit perfectly above their ears, exactly where they […]

1. Sherpa Vest $36 This teddy sherpa vest zips up easy for little ones on the go. It has a smooth cotton jersey lining that won’t irritate skin, and it washes like a hero so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. 2. Wooden Activity Table $9 An activity table that’s beautiful and fun […]

1. Bear Shearling Backpack (similar) $16 They’ve got a lot to carry! After you’ve ditched the diaper bag, get your kids something cute (and cuddly!) to tote around their own water, snacks, and coloring books. 2. Village Play Mat $76 They’re already in their own little world. This mat is a perfect play land for […]

1. Hue Carry-On Luggage $225 If she hasn’t already, she’s definitely ready to travel again and this carry on seems downright dreamy. The very front unzips for laptop storage!? You mean I…she doesn’t have to carry it around on her shoulder through the airport anymore. Yes please! (The inside looks equally as luxe.) Ready for […]


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