Let me first preface this post by saying, DIYers sometimes get a bad rap. But honestly, sometimes we earn it. We cut corners, we find shortcuts, we think to ourselves “Oh this is good enough. You aren’t going to see this or


Tilemageddon: The Removal

Monday we were able to get all the carpet torn out of the main floor and the tack strips up and last night tile demo started. When I say “we” unfortunately I am excluded from all the fun while trying


The Beginning: Demo Day 1!

Our day started early on Saturday, waking up in our bedroom to our normal house that we’ve lived in for the past six months. But the difference was, Saturday was the beginning of demo to prep for our new floors.


A Heated Flooring Update

It has been an intense 3 weeks since we pulled the trigger on going for faux wood tile for our first floor instead of hardwood (as well as a few other options we looked at). A few of you asked

Since the nursery doesn’t have a closet, we really needed a dresser–which is actually completely fine because I, personally, prefer itty bitty clothes in drawers anyway. Our friends bought the 6-drawer Tarva dresser from Ikea and it didn’t fit in

We’re reaching the end of our party-every-week season. The holidays for us start in mid-October with Chris’s birthday, then our Halloween party, then our anniversary at the beginning of November, Thanksgiving and my birthday at the end. And then Christmas,



Now that we’ve decided on flooring for our upstairs (you can read about our choice here), this weekend we officially started the prep. Or maybe pre-prep? Our home is a ranch-style home meaning it is two levels of the same