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June 1, 2018

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It’s been the most bizarre week over here. If you follow me on Instagram Stories then you know that yesterday I had to have an emergency surgery for a hernia that popped up …or out..on Wednesday night. My stomach had been hurting the better part of the day, but it wasn’t until we were having a full blown birthday party at our house for Chris’s 96 year old grandpa that I the pain intensified. I snuck away into our bedroom and sure enough, there was a hard bulge coming out of my stomach. Luckily, my brother in law is dating a doctor and she was able to diagnose me on the spot and get me in to see a surgeon right away. For such a terrible situation, it was really the best possible scenario. I am in a lot of pain from the surgery, but the forced slow down has helped me get a lot of rest in. And I have grand plans to catch up on my email in the coming days.

Other things of note this week:

• There’s an interesting discussion happening in the comments of this post about one reader’s thoughts on us sharing “too much” of our bathroom renovation before the big reveal and how that can feel unexciting for a reader. Others disagree. I’m sure there are some that agree, too. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on the subject before responding. In the end, we’ve always said, this isn’t a before and after blog. This is a process blog. This is real life. Real time.  And the reality is our bathroom renovation just hit the 8 week mark! If I was holding all of that from you for the last 8 weeks in order to have a big reveal, I think that would be a disservice to the reality of renovating a home. To me, the progress and renovation journey is just as exciting as the after. Okay, maybe not just as exciting but definitely just as important! We’ve also learned so much along the way from you, from mistakes that we have troubleshooted–I don’t know, I could never imagine sharing our renovation story any differently. But I’m open to hearing your thoughts!

Made me laugh out loud. (so true!)

• I got our older girls some Plus-Plus tiles this week and they are so fun! Have you heard of them? They played for a solid 3 hours the first day and woke up the next morning and started playing again. They are kind of like Legos, but it’s all simple one shaped pieces that can be fit together to make anything!

I love this quote from Nate Berkus. Love what you love.

• We spent Memorial Day weekend at our cabin and it really felt like home. Despite barely putting our touch on the home, we have our go-to restaurant. We started exploring the nearby trails. We’ve had our friends and family up on numerous occasions. And we have concrete plans for nearly every room in the house. To be honest, it was a rough winter with our A-frame and there were times where we thought, maybe we made a mistake. The fireplaces took hours to warm the place up and the driveway was so steep, it was impossible to get up with all the snow. But then the snow broke and we realized, this place SHINES in the summer. We never knew! There’s swimming and boating and hiking and four-wheeling and camp fires to be had.

• While I’ve been down with this hernia, I’ve had some time to look through the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. There wasn’t as much home stuff as in past years, but I was pleasantly surprised by the clothing I was able to find. Almost everything below is 30-40% off (the sale price should appear when you scroll over it, and if you click on a photo it will bring you straight to the product) and the sale goes through Sunday!

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  1. Kayla says:

    Hope you’re doin ok! Did you have slight pain all along? Like a tear in your abdominal wall? Wondering if that’s what I have from pregnancy two years ago. But no bluging.

    No, I don’t think you share too much. We are currently starting another renovation and the little things you share are important to me because thats part of the process and those little things are sometimes what make a space seamless. So no, keep sharing all of it please!

  2. Catie says:

    I really love seeing the process! Count my vote for more real life and more sneak peek of progress – I love that about you guys.

  3. Lori says:

    I really love all the progress pics and that you’re documenting it all in real time. I wish there had been blogs like yours and Manhattan Nest and Yellow Brick Home around when I bought my house, because HGTV had given me completely unrealistic expectations about how much things would cost and how long they would take!

    I hope you’re healing up fast and all is well.

  4. mvm says:

    Sending fast healing vibes your way Julia.
    I am a fan of the progress pics/posts because they lend just another example of authenticity of your content. I agree that before/afters can be great but they really don’t *tell me* anything. I think it’s great that you’re in a position to hire out to contractors, but I’d be lying if I said a part of me doesn’t miss when you two did the work yourselves simply because it made it all just more real, if you know what I mean. Big congrats on the beautiful bathroom — I’m especially loving the Fireclay Tile which I’m determined to use somewhere in my house one day.
    Also — if you’re still reading this — I signed up for EMAIL notifications of your posts but I’m not getting them?

  5. Shannon M Conley says:

    I hope you are healing well! I just wanted to pop in to say I LOVE all the in-progress content. TBH, if I want “finished” rooms, there’s tons of that on IG. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the end room, but for me, I love the process even more.

  6. Ashley says:

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate you keeping us in the loop throughout that process! It has been so helpful as our master bathroom is gutted and we’re about to start putting it all together now! As pretty and exciting as big reveals can be, I get so much more out of the process, and learn things that I can apply to my own home, which is why I come here.

  7. Shannon says:

    I hope you’re recovery is going as good as can be. What a pain…literally!

    I also want to say that I really appreciate the in-progress photos and posts. We just wrapped our master bathroom renovation this past weekend. We started back in March, and ran into all kinds of issues (we live in an A-frame, so you probably know what I mean!). It was insightful and grounding to see that you guys ran into issues, too. It was also inspirational. I remember seeing your Instastory about laying out the floor tile in order to make the marble match up to look like a slab. This was before your post on the subject here on the blog. I mentioned it to my husband since we were doing marble in our shower, and that prompted a discussion between him and our tile guy. We ended up going through the long hassle of laying it out in order to line up the veining which resulted in an amazing design. I so greatly appreciate you mentioning that on Instagram vs. waiting until the very end of the reno. We might not have ended up with such unique tile work. Anyway, I love the way you guys do things. It’s relatable and real life which seems to be the recipe for successful blogs.

  8. Lindsey says:

    Get well soon! My husband had hernia surgery years ago so I know it isn’t fun. Xx

    At first, I was firmly on the “YES PROGRESS POSTS” side, but actually reflecting about how I’ve felt about the bathroom posts, I must admit I’m not as into them as I am about most of your progress posts.
    I think that’s two-fold:
    1- I love that you share the cost of things because it’s SO helpful as a homeowner who’s always looking for projects that I can afford and having realistic expectations is invaluable. But I think posts about this project in particular are hard to get into because of the price tag involved. I’m not judging you- it’s your house and I don’t think you should do something you don’t love just for us, but the reality is I can’t relate, so I’m not as inspired or invested. I’m obsessed with your design, but it’s like I’m holding it as a distance so I don’t get hurt since I can’t replicate that price tag. Did I just compare a bathroom to someone who won’t commit in a relationship? Yes, kinda. lol

    2- The other reason is that you’re primarily a DIY blog, so I am most interested in learning how things are done. Posts about “my hired pro did this” aren’t as interesting because they don’t teach me how to do it.

    I love watching your insta-stories about updates, but I know you’re a business too who’s looking to learn what your readers want from your blog. Posts would be more interesting to me if they focused more on “this is how they did this & how you can too” or “this is how we made a decision” and less about “this is what’s been installed.” But at the end of the day, I haven’t disliked your bathroom posts, and it’s almost over anyway so it’s kind of a mute point :)

    • Lori says:

      Yeah, seconded. I’m also someone who’s here for the DIY side of it just because it’s do it myself, or not be able to afford it at all. I’m appreciating learning about the different plumbing valves and stuff, but I’m a little less invested in the outcome because it doesn’t seem like a project I’ll ever be able to replicate. Maybe once everything’s done, it might be interesting to do what the Emily Henderson team does and put together some budget options for replicating the vibe?

  9. Michelle says:

    Julia – I hope you are on the mend!

    You sharing your process is so so encouraging to me. You’re in week 8 of your bathroom, I’m in week 7 of my kitchen/half bath/pantry/hallway (ok, half the first floor) and it feels like I have a partner in crime, you know? Renovation is messy and inconvenient and along the way you might find yourself saying “WHY HAVE I DONE THIS??” more than once. You make that real and there’s no HGTV program, magazine article, or final reveal that captures that.

  10. Johanna says:

    I follow your blog for the updates during the projects, I’m not interested in just seeing the finished room I want to see the process. I don’t read blogs that only do before and after, they are boring. I want to see the real thing, the real life, complete with struggles and misstakes.

  11. Erica says:

    Another person here who loves your blog for the real-time process posts. It’s so helpful for managing expectations and understanding what kinds of crazy things can pop up in the midst of a renovation. I love it when readers chime in with suggestions and you actually make a tweak based on something you hadn’t thought about before! It’s a big part of what keeps me interested and reading the blog.

    Hope you are feeling better, Julia!!

  12. liz says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery from the surgery.

    I like the process posts since it does give you the opportunity to explain what you are doing at a particular stage. And, for a complex renovation, there is no way you can remember all the small glitches that pop up and impact the project. These challenges help the rest of us to realize what types of on the fly changes have to be decided.

  13. Angela Marchant says:


    I hope you’re recovering quickly and glad you had a successful surgery. Hernias are painful!!! I’m a nurse and see people with them often.

    I absolutely hands down LOVE you showing the process of re-modeling your home and the itty gritty details of projects. For a regular average person who doesn’t even possess the DYI skills you guys have, it instills a level of “maybe I could do that.” I think before and after sans details is not nearly as inspiring!!! Don’t ever change your style of sharing! It’s perfect!

  14. Barbara says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Rest and thanks for inspiring us! B

  15. Cherry says:

    Hi Julia,

    So sorry to hear about the surgery! Have a speedy recovery!!

  16. Carla says:

    I hope you have a quick recovery!

    I LOVE seeing the process!! It’s so interesting, and it makes it so real!! I check in everyday for updates!! Keep doing you, please!!!

  17. Cori says:

    Please keep sharing the deets as you go! It allows you to share more information, rather than having one final, loooong reveal post. It allows us to experience life WITH you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also, I get super impatient for the reveals! ????

  18. Krista says:

    Ouch to the hernia! Quick healing to you.

    I’m sure you’ve looked into options for winter heat for your cabin, but I wanted to share about a system we used at our old cabin (we are in Alaska). It had electricity and phone service, but no water, and winter temps would get to -20 regularly. We had a system with a TOYO stove where you could call the land line there, enter in a code, and it would turn on the stove and start heating things up! So depending on temps, we would call a few hours before we left or even the night before. My husband and super tech-y BIL owned it and put in the system before I was around, so I’m not sure how they did it, but I’m sure there’s some sort of remote system you can do to make things more pleasant.

  19. Amanda says:

    I love the progress posts and IG stories about them! Especially when you ask followers to vote on design dilemmas!

  20. Deb says:

    Love seeing the entire process from the design to the completed project. When issues and set backs occur, we are along to see how they’re resolved. That can be invaluable to someone who is also planning a reno.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  21. Gib says:

    I think showing a project’s complete process vs. a single post with a completed project’s timeline and work totally depends on the project.

    If it’s a smaller project that someone could complete in a few days or a week I’d rather see it in one post. But, for larger projects that are going to span for weeks, that you’ve planned for months for, it makes more sense to do them real time and split up the posts. Being selfish for a second here, but for me there is no way I would want to sit down and read about all the pre-work, the finishes chosen, contracting work, budget, timeline, mishaps, etc., all in one post. It’d be too much information to digest at once and those details are what makes this a great blog.

  22. Lisa says:

    Hi!! First things first!! OMG!!! So sorry to hear about the emerg surgery! Take care of you!! Second things second… No offense to Jules at all but I LOVED Chris’ story on the recent update of the bathroom! ???? Love his dry humour!!! And… I vote process! I vote behind-the-scenes! I loved seeing that all of your clothes were choking up the bedroom and that you had to move a wall and added windows, that the one of the fixtures is broken and you have to wait it out. Your style of blogging makes the renovation process REAL. That’s why I’m a fan of Chris Loves Julia! You are “real people” doing real things, and that inspires me to think I can too. If I want pretty “before-and-afters” then I can pick up a flat, intangible, unanimated magazine. This medium of blogging and now Instagram and now stories is amazing for putting real life on display. And you two have found the perfect niche to share yourselves and your projects with us. And I, for one, I’m grateful!

  23. Red Ellie says:

    Quick healing on your surgery!
    Re Decorating Reveals…of Course, the process is not as exciting and stunning as a Big Before & After! I love the amazing finished spaces photos. I buy Decor mags and my favorite…Southern Living…just to see how a shack can become a drool-worthy home.
    Love. ❤️
    But. When I’m trying to figure out the process for My Own Home…how to change the closet configuration or what to do with this hateful laundry area in our kitchen or doing a DIY backsplash & grout, that’s precisely when those “in process” photos get more of my attention. Many times I’ve found a blog while looking for how something awkward got fixed. I found Chris Loves Julia while searching for laundry ideas this year while thinking about buying front-loaders. Yours was already done. Great before/after.
    So for those wanting After, they can spend a few weeks learning to knit or painting an old dresser or trying out asparagus recipes…Then…come back and say…Wow!


  24. A Brown says:

    Oh you darling girl, I hope you feel better soon.

  25. Julia L. says:

    I’m so sorry about your hernia! Wishing you a speedy, uncomplicated recovery! Take care of yourself :)

  26. Karen says:

    I love the reno update posts! It shares the PROCESS, and as a reader if I’m aspiring to renovate, well I better be ready for the process. We went through a 5 month reno last year (no kitchen for three months….), and I emailed weekly updates to my mom and some other women – they LOVED getting my updates. In fact, if I missed an email, they would reach out to me asking where it was!

    Going from before straight to after misses 90% of the experience, and I’m here to read about experiences – keep sharing the process!

  27. Bringing us along in the reno process is what I love to see! Too many people who watch home improvement type shows thinks going through a reno is soooo easy. It’s hard AF! I appreciate the journey you guys take us on and your honesty along the way. You rock!

  28. Dan Young says:

    Let’s enjoy the journey together! The grand reveal will be one moment that will come and go but we will all remember the little struggles that were overcame.

  29. Kristi says:

    I LOVE that you share your renovation process! That’s one of the reasons you’re one of my favs to follow. I learn something or many somethings about possible projects for my own house and it makes the reveal much more exciting! Keep it up!!!

  30. Christina says:

    Love the process posts. If you stopped, I wouldn’t spend time daily on your blog. For DIYers, the process is critical and so rewarding.

    Very sorry to hear of your hernia and grateful the connections made for a quick treatment.

    In mentioning your hernia, you said we might know from Insta Stories. I’m too young to be so ignorant of all these ditties, but you and some other bloggers now do stuff on Insta Stories and I have no idea where to look for it. I just thought you all meant Instagram so after I would go there and look, I figured I was just an idiot and missing the obvious. Well, apparently I am an idiot, but not in the way I thought. Please…how, what, where, and why…why not just the blog or instagram.

    Thanks in advance for ‘teaching’ me.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Christina,

      Just read your response and thought I would answer. Click on the profile pic on IG, when there’s a story up, there’s a red ring around it. When you click on it, the story will play. There are also highlights you can click on in a row beneath the profile, some have names like DIY, click on those to view. Hope this helps!

      • Sarah says:

        I was the same way for a while wondering what I was missing. It turns out I hadn’t updated my Instagram, so if you aren’t seeing the circles, try that. You maybe have an older version. I also didn’t know what it meant to “swipe left for the ‘befores'”, and again, my older version wasn’t letting me see when people have multiple pictures per post.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks, Stephanie and Sarah. I went back to IG and there is no red ring… I am enlisting my children to update the version I have hoping that solves the problem!

  31. Ally says:

    Ok I have EXTREME thoughts on this but I truly believe “before and after blogs” are an insult to those of us in the middle of a renovation project and are wondering why ours doesn’t look magazine perfect yet. I can remember MONTHS when I had no floors/no overhead lights/no countertops etc etc etc DRYWALL DUST EVERYWHERE and watching fixer upper just made me depressed, not inspired. It takes more than an hour (or in this context, one blog post) to do a renovation and sometimes it is NOT exciting and NOT pretty and your blog/instagram, while more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine, is at least realistic about that process. KEEP DOING WHAT YOURE DOING and then come do that at my house kthxbye.

  32. I love the reason behind the updates! It’s real life and telling a story. I sometimes skip them (insta stories and posts) because it’s just not as relevant to me. We will probably never do a huge Reno of this scope. That said, if by some miracle we did (!), you better believe I’d be pouring over these posts after the fact! Anyway I think it’s always best to tell the story the way you feel it should be told, especially when your motivation behind it really reflects your mission (part of which seems to be trying to keep it real!). I’m curious to hear your official response though! And the bathroom is looking beautiful!

  33. Linda says:

    I love that you show all the down and dirty for renovations. Other wise your brain is tricked into thinking that it’s instant gratification which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thanks for keeping it real.

  34. sydney85 says:

    I love all the day to day posts. It makes it feel like we are in on the process when we can follow along. Also, good to see what actually happens in a renovation. Take care.

  35. Amy says:

    Totally agree with you. I think that surprise element stems from shows like Fixer Upper. The dramatized reveal is made for shock value to keep your interest in an hour long show. Personally, I’m always left feeling a little dissatisfied that I didn’t see more “how tos” and problems. But this is why I’m “following” you- to take the journey with you and get more of a behind the scenes tour, whereas you may not post every single detail in your reveal post that you have in your Insta Stories.

  36. Kim B. says:

    Julia – take care of yourself!!! thank goodness for the “doctor in the house” !!

    And we love the process, and it’s your blog!!!

    But most importantly — REST AND HEAL!!!!

  37. Lindsey N. says:

    The process is the part I love. It’s just so helpful to see how you get from A to Z. I’m a first timer doing many home renovations on my own and only seeing the b&a doesn’t give me enough info. Sure, everybody loves a good b&a post, but I love all the extra details!!

  38. Sara says:

    Love your posts just the way they are!!

    “When they go low, we go high.” —M.O.

  39. Catherine says:

    I clicked the wrong button so I had to let you know my real thoughts: I love seeing the process. It’s actually what makes your blog stand out in my feed. So many others show everything in one really long post that I can’t find time to read. I also really enjoy your authenticity when it comes to the uncomfortable stuff like money. I’m doing a basement renovation right now and it’s going to cost almost as much as your lux bath/closet. It really got me thinking about costs and how things are different in different areas and spaces.

  40. Gordana says:

    I actually wanted to vote for answer B in your poll, but I accidentally pressed A ????‍♀️. So now, the poll result percentage might be off ????

  41. Rebekah Withey says:

    One of my most favorite things about your blog/instagram/social media empire is that you DO share the process. I LOVE that you take us along through your thought processes, the journey, the decisions, the ups and downs…it’s why I follow you! Please don’t change the way you share. When the reveal comes I always look forward to what you have done with styling the new beautiful space. The people want the journey! ????❤️

  42. Jen says:

    I LOVE the progress/process updates!! And as someone who’s currently in the midst of a whole home remodel, I totally agree about the process being (almost) as much fun as the end result…it’s so fun to see each step along the way! Even if we have seen a lot throughout the reno, before/after pictures are still just as good…and, tbh, if you ended up with one GIANT reveal post, I would most likely scroll for the pictures and not read ALL of the info, which means I wouldn’t be learning anything! Keep the sharing up, I love it! Oh yeah, and the bathroom is looking killer????

  43. Sandra says:

    I just recently started following you on Instagram and you are my all time favorite. I look forward to your daily updates on Instastories. Your home is gorgeous and I love that you share the agonizing steps and daily decisions that you make while renovating. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

  44. Lindsay N. says:

    I wouldn’t go back to see the final product, because in reality I’d forget about it. So I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the progress, also as a homeowner, it’s cool to see the products used. Like my in laws are redoing their shower, and I told them about redguard, (I used to work at a flooring store, so I knew about it) but your stories reminded me to tell them about it. Anyways, you guys do a great job, keep on keepin on!!

  45. Amanda says:

    I love seeing the process of your renovation. I can identify with some renovating we have done and it is fun to learn along with you. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Janette says:

    It’s all about the process. Keep doing what you’re doing. You do you.

  47. GH says:

    Please don’t stop sharing every step and detail! I love seeing how each project progresses. As someone who finds interior design, Reno, DIY etc. intimidating I can’t tell you how helpful it is to see everything broken down. You and Chris are so candid and honest- to me it’s what sets you apart from so many other blogs out there. Keep doing what feels right for you both!

  48. Jessi W says:

    Long time follower, first comment. I live for your insta stories and post ???? So real, and such much inspiration.
    I hope you have a quick recovery!

  49. Sarah says:

    As a brand-new, first-time homebuyer, seeing the process of a project is SO helpful. It demystifies. It encourages. It educates. Don’t change anything. In 3-5 years, I’m going to need to gut a bathroom and now I know that when I do, all the planning in the world won’t prevent hiccups — and that’s okay.

  50. Allegra says:

    We love the process of it all! We are about to embark on a bathroom addition and this has been so helpful and eye opening.

  51. Christy MacKenzie says:

    I personally love how you share the details as you go. It helps us homeowners not in the “industry” to see how you make decisions in these areas, and that it’s like relationships — they take work! They’re not just perfect right off the bat like most of Instagram and blogs spend their time showing. But with all that said, you guys should obviously do what you love and not what we tell you ???? Because your passion and joy in it shine through and they wouldn’t if you were not being true to your calling :) Thank you for bringing us on your journey!

  52. Debbie C says:

    I do agree that the surprise of a reveal is so exciting! But there is enough of that on TV, and it’s nice to see what happens along the way in real life, real time. Also, it is very helpful to learn your thought process as you hit snags, and how you resolve them. I truly have enjoyed following along the reno journey!

  53. Rosie Hernandez says:

    I love your daily renovation videos! I’d rather see the progress than just a before and after photo or video. That’s no fun! I hope you feel better soon! BTW your hubby is doing a great job filling in! ;)

  54. Ashlee says:

    I love the process. I’m a licensed interior designer, but work mostly on large healthcare projects. For me, your updates are serious eye candy and inspiration. I especially loved when you got your contractor in on the fun to explain certain elements in detail. Since I don’t work in residential design, other than my own home, it’s so interesting and helpful to see all the steps as I plan some of my own projects. I’m always fascinated by the details and knowing what it takes to get things to work (your shower drain for example). Even with my education and experience in interior design, your updates are still pertinent and helpful. PLUS I miss the podcast so it’s a great chance to get my Chris and Julia fix. :)

  55. Sarah says:

    I very much love and appreciate ALL the bathroom posts! Our house is in active construction (built in 1930, kind of falling apart) and I’m living vicariously through you. As a blog reader for almost 10 years I really appreciate seeing what really goes in to the process! We’re a few years out from the bathrooms, but these posts stand out so much and have been really helpful!

  56. Jen L says:

    I HATE WHEN BLOGS DON’T SHARE REAL TIME. I get tired of the stages photo shoots and I want to know what’s really going on during the project. Plus how could you remove all your thoughts and emotions about the project if you could only do one recap. So refreshing to have it shared along the way. That’s what makes y’all so special.

  57. Arli says:

    Hope your recovery is swift and you’re feeling better soon.
    Love all the “process” shots and info.

  58. Colette says:

    I LOVE seeing every step of your bathroom renovation. A good before/after is great but part of the reason I follow your account is because I like seeing your processes when you do things. Please don’t stop!
    Hope you heal quickly from surgery.

  59. Laurielulu says:

    Dear Julia, please take care of yourself. Everyone has an opinion, I love your daily updates of the project at hand. There’s usually a little of everything, comedy, attention to detail, changes, emergency decisions, waiting etc. Like you said real life renos. One thing that’s great about IG, I can skip thru anything if I need to ???? It appears you are laying in a hospital bed shopping for all of us ???? Great therapy. ????

  60. Amelia Tuel says:

    Keep the progress shots/stories coming! I much prefer the same day quick brief updates versus only getting the before/after final posts!

  61. Kasey says:

    I love seeing your process pictures! Keep them coming. Julia, by no means is this a dog on you because you’re the reason I follow and read ever post but, Chris’ update today had me laughing so hard!! Hope you’re feeling better and hoping for more of Chris’ corny yet hilarious jokes!!!

  62. Aimee says:

    Process is all good with me. Bathroom looks amazing. So many opinions, so little time on earth ;)

  63. Wendy says:

    I hope your back to yourself soon. As far as sharring to much, I love that you are sharing your renovation journey with us!

  64. Ginger says:

    Entire process, for sure. We love following along for the entire journey.

  65. Frankie says:

    First if all I wish you a speedy recovery!
    Secondly I personally hate surprises and have a serious case of FOMO so I enjoy seeing the entire journey start to finish. I think you learn a lot about the how and why as well as getting to see the transformation day by day. I get what people are saying about the “big reveal” but let’s get real, if they’re that invested they’re going to still check out the reveal!!

  66. Katie says:

    If you hadn’t shown us so much of the process and waited for a big reveal, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it and still been totally excited when all the info was shared. That being said, I feel SO invested in your bathroom having seen it as it unfolds. I get so excited when I see that you have a new Story (and then kind of bummed if it’s just about chapstick, ha!). If you didn’t share future projects in real time I’d be fine with that, but if you stopped with this bathroom…. Well, you may as well go take candy right out of Polly’s mouth while you’re at it! Get well, and thanks, Chris, for the Insta update. Cracked me up!

  67. Lisa says:

    Share the process!! Before and after are for Pinterest searches. As someone anticipating a lot of Reno in my future, I love seeing the realities of the project. Helps set my expectations and learn from others.

  68. Kristy says:

    When you reveal the progress as you go you share all the little details that I WANT to know and LOVE. If you were to share all that detail at the end it would be overload. No way would we want to read all that in one sitting.

  69. BSue says:

    You said it yourself- your blog is a process blog. I feel that if you did a one shot before and after you wouldn’t remember all the little things that come up through the process that maybe don’t work out as planned the first go round. Sharing along the way allows you to share more and in more detail. Your blog is a real time blog and that’s probably one of the reasons for its popularity- you guys are genuine and real. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! And hope you feel better soon!!

  70. Luann says:

    I DEFINITELY love that you share the details of your progress. Everyone learns from it. It’s important (and refreshing) to see the real life process, struggles, and decision-making!

  71. Kimberly says:

    Everyone is commenting on the share progress along the way/don’t debate but I’m just so excited you found plus plus’! They are so great, my kids have been big fans for a couple years.

  72. Emily says:

    I’m a long-time reader, virgin commenter, but this post startled me into a comment. If anything I want MORE progress. I love the days you have a progress post on the blog, I love following your progress on instagram stories, and this information adds so much to the before/after in my opinion. If your objective is to be educational and informative, and I think it is, then the progress posts/instagram stories are critical! And necessary! And please keep ‘em coming!

    I hope you are feeling better each day and wish you a speedy recovery.

  73. Dawn says:

    I love the in progress shots. It really helps me notice and appreciate each small detail that I might miss if I just saw a before and after shot. Keep sharing!

  74. Anna says:

    I’m in the “share along the way” boat! I love seeing the progress and, honestly, it makes your great style more real (accessible?) in that we can see the thought process AND the real time progress (and problems) instead of a before and after. After all, your renovation IS taking 8 weeks and there are problems, changes, and delays. It helps me set my expectations for my own home renovations when I see what you guys do! Keep up the awesome work!

  75. Sinéad G. Freeland says:

    In agreement with you and most– I’m here for the journey! The final reveal is still exciting, but I’m even more excited to get a real-time, real-life, real-problems view of the process start to finish. As others expressed, I too learn so much from your shared processes!

  76. Caitlin says:

    I absolutely love that you guys share the process (good and bad!). It makes me feel like I could actually attempt some of these things, versus seeing the end result without any idea of how things unfolded along the way.

  77. Holly says:

    I don’t get it. If all you want is the big reveal then look at blogs! The great thing about Instagram stories is they’re all about what’s happening RIGHT NOW. Sharing all the progress updates after the reveal totally defeats the purpose. I personally LOVE see all the updates of how it’s all coming together and honestly I think it makes the reveal much more powerful knowing what went into every little detail. Keep ‘em coming!!

  78. Brittany says:

    I LOVE all the details. Like finally someone is sharing the nitty gritty actual details! I hate when there’s a before and after and maybe one in between picture. I need to know what questions to ask and how it happens. This is why I love following you guys so much. I’ve also learned so much along the way, so thank you! And my husband likes reading the posts too because of how informative it is :)

  79. Denese says:

    Glad you’re doing better. Chris and Willow did a good job on the reno update.????
    In regards to waiting on the final reveal, I’m not a fan. I have loved seeing the process, decision making, and the excitement in your voices when something comes together. I also find myself checking your page frequently for updates.

  80. Angela smith says:

    I love how you guys share along the way. It makes me feel like I get to see the thought process of the behind the scenes and I feel like im learning!!!

  81. Grace says:

    Hope recovery is quick, restful and uneventful!
    I love seeing the process. I look forward to it daily! It’s also fun to be able to weigh in on some decisions and see what others think.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! Being authentic and taking us along for the ride is why you have such loyal fans and readers!

  82. Renee says:

    I LOVE seeing the entire process! From mood board to completed project is what really sets your blog apart! Please keep showing all the in between! I get really excited when I see you have an instagram story because it’s probably a bathroom update!

  83. Jacqueline says:

    Reveals are overrated!! Unless it’s a quick before and after
    “Show as you go”.

  84. Ashley says:

    PLEEEEASE don’t stop sharing the journey! We are in the middle of our first renovation/remodel, doing 95% of it ourselves, and have learned so much from the behind the scenes stories on Instagram and on here. Like details I never realized I would need to think about until y’all pointed them out, not to mention the inspiration and know how! Plus, it’s kind of nice to see the exasperated moments to know I’m not alone ????

  85. Kristin D. says:

    I love seeing everything while it’s happening & any issues you’ve come across that you then share and fix along the way. I would probably be less interested in any of the details after the “reveal” as I would just want to see before & after pictures. Seeing it all while it’s happening is great and it uncovers more details and steps that I would never have thought to do or think about! Even though you’ve been sharing the in progress pictures & videos, I’m STILL just as in awe & feel like everyday is a new “reveal”!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  86. Jacqueline davz_grl says:

    Reveals are overrated!!! I like a quick before and after otherwise “show as you go”.

  87. Kensley Ross says:

    I LOVE being alone for the ride on the renovation! It’s like a behind the scenes look and I learn so much about different things you wouldn’t otherwise learn. I like hearing about the decision making process, like where to place a shower niche. I’m an over thinker so hearing you say things like you took into consideration where you place your leg when you shave just makes sense to me! I love hearing about the thought process and defiantly checked insta stories anxiously every night to see progress! I hope you continue to show the progress here as you cross the finish line!

  88. Katelyn says:

    In regards to the bathroom reno, I prefer it however you guys prefer to present it. I know that may sound a bit ‘holier than thou’ but it is the truth. Love the play by play to see a real time renovation, love a dramatic before and after reveal without any prior knowledge/backstory of the process. Love it all! ???? Thanks for sharing anyway you want. ❤️

  89. Anu says:

    Hi Julia! I wish you well and divine healing. About your Bathroom renovation. I think the way you’re sharing the progress is perfect! You definitely leave us wanting more when giving us clips frm a 30 sec IG story. I’m always excited to see what’s next. It’s like watching one of your favorite tv shows, when it says TO BE CONTINUE you’re like oh No and got to wait a week to see the continuation. But with the CLJ Show we just have to wait a few mins to 1 day which is great. Even in that min of waiting it gets exciting to see what’s next. When the bathroom GRAND FINALE takes place, believe me, the EXCITEMENT is gonna be there!

  90. Linda says:

    I am so grateful you share details along the way. It’s really nice of you guys. Especially if there’s a product you use I’d like to find sooner than later. I will look at IG along the way AND I’ll go to the blog to see a final reveal :)

  91. Monica says:

    Like so many others. I am so invested in this Reno that I look forward to any stories revolving around this project. So great to see your though process through the ups, downs, decision making and why you chose something over another. I love it. I respect it and I follow you guys for that reason. Keep it up!!!

  92. Erin says:

    ALL THE DETAILS. The most helpful thing for me to know is the TIME it takes to complete all the renovation. In the big reveals you don’t get to experience the time, work, and patience it takes to really get the job done. PLEASE keep sharing.

  93. Krissy says:

    I love seeing the progress because I feel like I learn a lot throughout your journey. A before and after leaves out all the best parts. I like to know why you choose to do things a certain way. Please don’t change a thing about the way you post. I enjoy all of your updates and still can’t wait to see it when
    it’s finished. Your progress updates are what sets your posts apart from the others and why people tend to be more invested in you. Thank you for all you do.

  94. Maggie says:

    What?! Over sharing … my heart sunk a little thinking you might pull back. I am obsessed with everything and will have major withdrawals.

  95. Lora says:

    It shocks me that someone wouldn’t be as interested as I am in the process. That’s whats so great. It’s not like you have one bad pic and voila here’s the magical after. You show the good/bad/ugly and all in between. It’s real and I genuinely believe that that is one of the many keys to your success. Keep on keepin on!

  96. Kelly says:

    Love that you are showing the renovation progress! It will still be a reveal… but I have loved learning and watching the process, the ups and downs, and the triumphs! Of course you should do what makes you comfortable… but for what it’s worth… I check in on the daily to get an update and see how it’s going. ????

  97. Stephanie says:

    Along for the ride of the bathroom reno. All. The. Way. It’s been so insightful, valuable, and I feel like I’ve learning so much in bite-sized pieces. I would never have learned all what goes into it with just a final reveal post (although I love a good F.R.!
    Prayers for Julia’s recovery!

  98. All about sharing the process. Always and forever.

  99. Kate says:

    LOVE the way you’ve shared your Reno. As someone in the midst of remodeling their entire home, it is incredibly helpful. Many other bloggers do reveals. This distinguishes you from the rest, don’t stop!

  100. Sam says:

    Give me ALL the details!! I love seeing real life updates/progress

  101. Be jy says:

    I’m continuously amazed at how opinionated people are. You do you Chris and Julia….you will have followers and lovers regardless….you’re still way cooler than most of us anyways ????

  102. Caitlin says:

    I LOVE that you share the process. Quite honestly there are a zillion “before and after” shots on Instagram and Pinterest. But the process is so much more interesting! Of course the after shots are beautiful, but I love getting to see how it all comes together. To me, that is what makes you guys so enjoyable to follow! Please don’t stop!

  103. Kristen says:

    As another reader said, I am super emotionally invested in your renovation. I love seeing the real time progress updates and your Instagram story updates are a highlight of my day! I would be super bummed if you didn’t take us along and we had to wait for a big reveal. It would feel less personal.

  104. Stephanie says:

    Please keep posting all the progress!! I love watching how it all comes together and how you make the decisions. For instance I would have never thought to lay out all the tiles in advance to decide veining. And that detail would have been just one line in a final reveal post that I might have missed!

  105. Michael Craft says:

    You are one of the few designers I follow BECAUSE you do detail the progression of a project. It’s so informative and it’s true to life. Don’t change a thing y’all.

  106. Amanda says:

    I love seeing the process! Don’t even think about holding the deets from us for a reno!

  107. Blu says:

    What?! I’m so emotionally invested in your reno it never occurred to me that others wouldn’t be. I love it. I hope y’all continue showing your story the way you want! I hope you feel better soon! Rest up! And Christ did a good job with the bathroom updates today! Lol

  108. April says:

    I’m so sorry Julia. I feel like you’ve had the worst luck lately. Take it slow and feel better.

    I’m excited to hear more about your cabin journey. As someone with a new(ish) house in the woods, I’m still learning how to beat the wilderness into submission (spoiler: I’m not winning). Wasps, ticks, poison ivy, BEARS… ugh! Throw some advice this way if/when you run into these scenarios.

  109. Emily says:

    I don’t comment much, but I’ve read your blog for years, and wanted to weigh in on the “sharing too much” conversation… and I have to say that I would be heartbroken if you shared less! There’s a reason why you guys are so trusted, and that’s because you share everything! The good, the bad, and the ugly. There aren’t many blogs that do that, and it would be a shame to lose it! I love that you share so much, and I don’t think seeing the step by step is going to take anything away from the reveal…. there’s a big difference between a “finished” bathroom and one that’s been styled and pulled together for a reveal. I’ve been following the renovation and am still waiting and excited for the reveal!

  110. Tanja says:

    Hi Julia, I’m glad to hear that you are on the mend. I love ALL the detail about the bathroom renovation. I think it makes it real. If you and Chris who have contractors, also focus on your house as a job for blog content are taking +8 weeks to complete it makes someone who works full time understand that it takes a long time. Thank you for your honesty.

    As for the Nordstrom sale, I picked up those Aviator glasses.

    • A says:

      It makes your life relatable and more interesting to see the process of what you’re doing! It’s also cool that you allow readers to contribute or tell you guys what we think.

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