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March 10, 2017  —  Written by Julia Marcum 

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Thanks for all the love on our home office reveal yesterday! Finishing that room was like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders (unfinished projects give me major anxiety!) and the biggest gift at the same time. The hours between my “morning sickness” are starting to lengthen, sometimes even into a full day, and with the warming temps, and a little more energy–I suddenly have the urge to clean the entire house and open all the windows and finish all the projects!

Speaking of, we’re finishing ordering everything for the girls’ bathroom this weekend (before we share the mood board next week) and we’ve been really wrestling with a decision. We have 60″ of space for a vanity–a standard size. We were originally going to fit a vanity with two sinks in the space since the girls will be sharing this bathroom, until one of our readers (thanks, Meredith!) suggested in the comments of this post that we should consider keeping just one sink because counter space is more valuable. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience in the comments! I have thought and thought and gone back and forth and am stuck in indecision on this one.

Other fun things this week:

The outdoor couches we purchased last year for our deck from World Market is in stock again! Because it is such a great price, and simple design, it will sell out quickly again. Their new wood slat deep bench is in my cart. Heart. Eyes. This weekend only (until March 13th) you can save an extra 30% off anything online or in-store, plus free shipping on $100+ with code FRIENDS. This makes each outdoor sofa only $279 shipped! Run, run, run! 

This article is full of 16 “mind-blowing” illusions, but most are also great lessons in color theory! It never ceases to amaze me how putting certain colors next to each other can completely change the way we see them.

• @thisismyartgig is an artist I recently started following on Instagram after she did this sweet illustration of our bedroom! I’m head over heels for all of her paintings. The plants, the people! It’s so good.

• Love these matching dresses for the girls for Spring and these nude studded loafers for me.

• Ever since seeing Gwen’s pretty blossoming branches in her dining room–from her own yard! Lucky duck!–I’ve been wishing they were fake so that could buy some and infuse a little spring into our house. I found these faux flowering branches that look remarkably similar.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

What do you think?

  1. Lauren B says:

    Maybe I’m late to the game (catching up on blogs) but COUNTER SPACE. I’m the oldest of three girls and that was way more important than the 6 minutes a day we spent brushing our teeth. Also, when I’m getting ready, I know I prefer counter space. I also think it’s nice with my toddler to have the ability to sit her on the counter while I’m brushing her teeth. I don’t think it’s about keeping stuff on the counter all the time, but just the ability to use it when you need it.

  2. Nicole says:

    Counter space counter space counter space!

  3. Cindy says:

    I grew up with three girls, one sink, a too-small mirror, and almost no counter space. I can’t remember ever fighting over the sink, but we were jostling for counter and mirror space almost daily. I echo what a commenter above said: your time needing running water is relatively small. My rec is to go with one sink.

  4. Dana says:

    Not reading through all the comments here so my apologies if this has been mentioned. Consider a trough sink…one sink, two faucets! The second faucet is really the only reason to need a second sink, so you could save the counter space that would be wasted between two sinks. Each girl would have their own side to work with and, provided there is an outlet on each end, they won’t need to interrupt the other to get themselves ready. This is what my husband and I are planning for our master bathroom renovation – you know, when we get around to that one day. HA! We’re rarely actively using our double sinks at the same time so one larger sink will actually gain us a little bit of overall counter space. Plus, I love that it gives more of a unique, custom feel. Good luck!

  5. Julie says:

    Personally I would not want my girls (when they’re older) to do their hair in their rooms. Hair products leave residue behind, and a bathroom is a much better place for that kind of mess. Hair straighteners /curlers are a fire hazard, and a bathroom counter seems like a much safer place than their bedroom that day they forget to turn it off. Plus just working with your hair gets hair everywhere – do you want that in the bedroom? I say all that because one argument for 2 sinks is that the girls can go to the bedroom for hair/makeup eventually. If you do 2 sinks I bet that they WILL go to the bedroom because there’s no counter space to work from. I suggest the one sink option is better from a cleanliness and safety issue because it hopefully will help keep hair, hair product, and plugged in items in the bathroom. BUT if you think you might rip out the bathroom and redo it again before they get to the pre-teen years…then I guess you might as well put in 2 sinks, because they won’t be doing hair and makeup until then, won’t need much counter space at all right now, and will get through the teeth brushing process faster! :D

  6. Jenny says:

    I’m in the double sink fan club! Personally, I don’t like having things out on the counter all the time, and growing up in a family of 6 with ONE full bath, I was accustomed to doing my hair and makeup at a vanity in my bedroom. Now with my own family of 4 (and again with the one full bath!) we put a Hemnes sink in (with non-ikea faucets and pulls), and there is a TON of storage underneath, more than we need. I do my hair and makeup in the bathroom now and have never once thought I was lacking counter space. Good luck!

  7. Sarah says:

    For an all girls bathroom, counter space is way better! I have two sisters and we all shared a tiny vanity growing up, and we ended up having a little three-drawer nightstand right outside so that we could each have separate storage space :) The only reason I’d want a double vanity is because now I share a bathroom with A BOY (my husband), and I feel like I often find stray beard trimmings in our sink. Also, when we were house hunting, a double vanity really wasn’t something I valued at all. Maybe I’m an outlier, but it falls really low on my priority list.

  8. Sarah G. says:

    It’s not just more counter space, it’s more storage space below! A vanity with two sinks will need two cabinets for sinks. One sink = more drawer space.

  9. Annemarie says:

    Like Allison, I have built two houses doing it both ways, but this is not about what I like or what any of the other commenters like, this is about what works best for your family. Based on what I know of your family from your podcasts (this is the first time I’ve read the blog), this is about two main factors. It depends on how much room there is in the bathroom AROUND the vanity and sinks, and it depends on how long you will stay in this house. Therefore, since I know your girls are currently very small and likely to be able to use the sink area together right now, it would probably work to have two sinks right now, and they would probably use them at the same time for a few years. I noticed that many of the commenters that recommended multiple sinks had boys, and all of them that recommended multiple sinks had several very little kids. So here’s the facts…kids get bigger, fast! Once they are bigger, it is just very uncomfortable to fit two people doing any kind of work, into a 60 inch space. The likelihood that two girls will use the bathroom at the same time after around ages 10-12 starts to get very slim. At some point they will just need a bit of privacy, and then they will likely develop a schedule of who will use the bathroom during what times. The other thing that many haven’t mentioned is that while you have said a 60 inch vanity is standard, there are a lot of other options as well. My daughters are 18 and 10 and in their current bathroom I chose to go with a 48 inch vanity with one sink and then I left a decent space between the vanity and toilet where I could put a small vanity seat. This gives the option for a second person in the bathroom but they are not necessarily standing in front of the mirror. So I don’t have a recommendation for you except to say that based on the age of your girls, they would probably use two sinks for a couple years yet, and then later on they probably wouldn’t. I hope that helps you decide.

  10. Lisa says:

    I grew up with bathroom with two sinks and three kids. We were rarely ever in there at the same time or needing the sink at the same time. We are building a house and went with one sink in ours kids bathroom for this reason, we saved some money and I don’t think it will negatively affect our kids daily lives at all. Although we only have one kid and she’s only one so I haven’t.put my theory to the test yet :)

  11. Sally says:

    I have 2 girls who are 15 & 18. We have only ever had one sink in their bathroom (in different houses) & I can honestly say that other than when they were very small there is no way they would ever use the bathroom at the same time, even for brushing teeth. They are pretty close & have shared a bedroom when they were younger but makeup, brushing teeth, hand washing etc is strictly no one else in the bathroom at the same time (their rule). Double sinks work well in a parents bathroom/ensuite….. But it’s a personal choice really & your girls are still very young. There are advantages to both ideas. Good luck with the decision making.

  12. molly says:

    Hi! As a mama with 4 kiddos, I def vote for two sinks! Maybe it’s not much of an issue when they’re older, but right now it’s SO NICE for them to be able to brush teeth & such at the same time without squeezing in at one sink. xoxo p.s. I really like the other reader’s comment about little vanity-like tables in the girls’ rooms for make up in the future!

  13. AJ says:

    Counter space, definitely.

  14. Kelsey says:

    I think counter space is invaluable in a bathroom! We currently have a tiny little vanity in our master bath and my husband has resorted to using another bathroom for his business as I put my hot tools in the sink because we have so little counter space. Counter space for the win, DEFINITELY.

  15. Kirsten says:

    As someone who grew up in a household with one a one-sink bathroom for my whole family–I still think one sink! Counter space is a huge bonus, even just for getting ready. It doesn’t get wet, and you don’t have to worry about balancing your brush/makeup and heating hot tools around the sink. And sharing a sink with other people really isn’t so bad. How often do you actually *need* to use the sink at the exact same time?

  16. Shannon says:

    My 2¢ = go for two sinks. That still allows for quite a bit of counter space since you have 60″ to work with. As long as the vanity has storage in it I think two sinks are a better use of space. Also I was just using a 60″ single sink vanity last night and the expanse of counter on each side felt giant.

  17. Kim says:

    Here’s my last minute two cents ???? – I’m typically in favor of a single sink. If you had only two girls, I would say one sink. However, with three girls, I think two sinks will be worth it. And if there is such a cabinet with all drawers then that would be awesome for storage for three.

  18. Ashley says:

    Oh goodness, what a conundrum. I think the most important factor is storage. Since you likely won’t want all of the toiletries and supplies on the counter at all times, having a place to keep them accessible and organized is key. The second would be adequate surface area when needed. Some double sinks take up tons of room while others are petite and spacious. Alternatively, a vanity in the bedroom would make for a great spot to get ready while a sister is in the shower. You do you, though!

  19. Lauren says:

    I’m not sure what the purpose of two sinks would be. We live in an old home with our two daughters, and we have one bathroom, with one Pedestal sink–no counter. This is how I grew up as well. Why would you need to run two sinks at once? Having more than one bathroom would be nice, but I just can’t imagine any reason for multiple sinks in a bathroom.

  20. Chris says:

    I say two sinks… we recently downsized where our girls had their own bathroom… now they share one bathroom, the only thing that makes it work is that is has two sinks, we created vanity spaces in their rooms to also make this work…

  21. caroline nolazco says:

    I remember candace olsen saying that its not the sink you fight over, its the mirror. for us, she’s right but we live in an RV so there’s that lol. maybe just make an effort to use one sink for awhile and see if it bothers you enough!

  22. Claire Wood says:

    Definitely two sinks! I have two boys, now age 11 and 12 and the two sink situation has been working brilliantly for years – hands down best decision I made, no more arguing about elbow room. We have 2 big deep drawers underneath and they have a small Ikea cutlery tray each to store toothbrooth, paste, comb, deodorant etc so they each have separate supplies and that just takes a quick rinse to keep it all clean. Do it!

  23. Valerie says:

    This is a toss up which direction you choose!… I think by having only 1 sink offset- it will be a more modern design for the space… good luck with the project!.. I sure do enjoy the podcasts too! All three of you make for such a fun conversation– Preston is a hoot! ????

  24. Mavis says:

    Looks like it’s been said several times over, but i’m voting for 1 sink. Growing up there were 5 of us kids sharing 1 bathroom/sink and it honestly wasn’t that big of a deal. The skill of waiting patiently (to use the sink or whatever else) is invaluable :)

  25. Megan says:

    As one of five sisters who shared a bathroom, the counter space is so much more valuable. There is such little time a sink is actually needed. But the hair and makeup time.
    I store all my hair and makeup products in containers in my vanity and place them on the vanity while getting ready. My vanity is not cluttered. However I NEED that counter space to get ready. Three girls, you’ll need that counter space.

  26. Allison says:

    We built a house and did it both ways, so let me weigh in with my opinion. In our master bath, we went with one sink, more counter space. My husband is a police officer that works midnights so very, very rarely are we getting ready at the same time. It works out totally fine for us and less to clean. I like leaving some stuff out, but most of our toiletries are in drawers. It just looks so much neater. In my kids bath (boy, girl, boy) I did 2 sinks and it is an absolute must. They are all in the same school and have to leave the house for the bus at the same time. They can all brush at the same time (or at least 2 of them) which really saves time. Same thing at bed time. It is just easier for hand washing, teeth and face washing. The one thing I would consider (and WISH I would have done) would have been to do more drawers in both vanities! one per kid would have been perfect. The bottom cabinet just doesn’t provide good storage for all the little stuff. And one more thing to think of. When your girls are in the stages of doing hair/makeup, etc and if you are still in your house (the 3rd sometimes changes everything!) then they might want a vanity in their room since the other sister might be showering or having to use the bathroom. I was in a family of 5 growing up sharing one full bath and this is what we did. We would use the shower, sink and toilet and get ready the rest of the way in our bedrooms. We are putting in a basement bath and I can’t wait to see your finishes!

  27. Victoria says:

    My first reaction is that you want add much storage as possible, and an extra sink cuts out a whole drawer. However, our current and last house have had a large master with 2 sinks and a small bathroom for our kids. I feel like spouses should be better at sharing than siblings. It makes me crazy. Plus, your girls have that extra vanity space by their closet in the bedroom. I like the idea of a large sink with two faucets, but I’ve never seen one.

  28. Whitney says:

    In my opinion, more counter space is just more clutter space. As long as you have plenty of storage for all of the clutter, I vote for 2 sinks! It’s more practical in the long run (like when they’re both getting ready for school in the morning), and all you really need out on the counter is the toothbrush holder anyway. xx

  29. Candice Lewis says:

    I absolutely vote one sink. We have two sinks in a 58″ vanity, and it does not leave much storage below. I don’t leave much out on the counter, and bring out a makeup caddy to get dressed everyday. My makeup caddy doesn’t fit on the counter along with my hair dryer and curling iron…not only can I barely fit them below, it’s a balancing act to place them on the counter while in use. I constantly drop them on our tile floor and wake up my husband! And I too struggle with cords proximity to the faucet, and cords falling into the sinks. I would recommend front or drawer outlets if you can!

  30. kelly says:

    2 sinks!!!!! think about it…do you really want all that stuff on the counter anyway? and you have such a long counter, there will be plenty of space for the essentials. or you do a really long central sink with two faucets so you’d have atleast 12″ of counter space at each end?

  31. Ann says:

    100% do 2 sinks! I have 2 boys close to their age (and a 2 yr old daughter), and their bathroom has 2 sinks and I love it, as do they! (We just moved) One idea for more counter space, do a trough sink (that sits on top) , I have pinned a bunch, I will send you some… with the faucets in the wall. Those give you more counter space on the left and right side. Drawers are key for all girl stuff:-) Or I have seen people use those 3 level cute wheel carts from ikea or anywhere to put things on as makeup, hair dryer, etc. You will not regret 2 sinks, ESPECIALLY with 2 (almost 3;-)) girls:-) For sure, for sure 2 sinks! More counter space just equals more crap everywhere that will not be put away because there is space to leave on the counter;-) Cannot wait to see what you guys do!!! And love, love the Cle tile you picked! Looking at the same one and also ‘shamrock’. Take care!

  32. Karla maynor says:

    I don’t have kids but would have loved having 2 sinks growing up especially with my brothers. My dad got us this cute vanity thing when me and my sister where teenagers to do our hair and makeup in our bedroom. To this day I still wished my parents had two sinks in the kids bathroom because when we are all home we still fight over the sink. Plus the bathroom stays cleaner if the girls are doing hair and make up in their room.

  33. Kate says:

    Counter space!! Hair, make up, primping g so much easier with counter space. I always want more counter space and wish it was standard instead of two sinks.

  34. Lissy says:

    We have one sink in the middle of our master bath. With a bank of drawers on either side of the sink in the vanity. We rarely get ready at the same time but when we do, the sink is in the middle and no big deal to share since the main thing you are doing is NOT using the sink but doing makeup and hair. It wasn’t logical to have two sinks for us.

  35. Tanja Epners says:

    I’m in the two sink category myself but I’ve never been a big makeup/hair girl so I can’t imagine needing that much counter space.

    I did want to say that I LOVE Boden clothing and I buy it all the time for my daughter. You won’t regret getting them, the quality is great.

  36. Steph M. says:

    I’m team one single with more counter. Coming from a family of all girls this is what we had and it worked great! My thought, is how much do you actually use the sink other than washing hands, getting your brush wet and washing your face? I think you can not only save money by not running the additional plumbing, but the girls will be able to spread out their makeup (when theyre older) and still share. I don’t think I’ll ever have a double sink because I’ve never seen the use for them. The times that you actually need to use the sink itself, you’re usually in there by yourself…ha!

  37. Kelsey says:

    As someone who grew up sharing a single sink bathroom with her sister, I can say confidently that counterspace is EVERYTHING. Makeup, hair products, and hot tools need their space. All you’re really using the sink for is brushing your teeth or washing your face; time consuming activities (hair and makeup x2) require surface area!

  38. Morgan says:

    More countertop space is worth it! They will be mostly likely be getting ready at different times, ( say elementary school for one and middle school for the other) so fighting over a sink is minimal at best. Now space for curling irons, make up boxes, contacts, etc, THAT is prized!

    Mom of 4

    • Kate says:

      Growing up with one sink and a sister counter space was key. I would suggest making sure there is an outlet on each side so all hair tools can be plugged in- our fights were over outlets not sinks. :) plus the more storage the better hair and makeup products take up lots of space!

  39. Skye says:

    To answer that- all you have to do is be able to predict the future! ha! will your girls have lots of make up and hair products? myself, I don’t use much of that stuff, and would prefer my own sink. Maybe they will be likely to follow your lifestyle/ preferences. If you shared a sink, would you need lots of counter space?

  40. Emily says:

    One sink for sure. I grew up sharing a bathroom with double sinks with my brother and the second sink was rarely, if ever, used. I thought it was silly to have two sinks when I was a kid and I still think it’s silly today. Especially with three girls, you will need all the counter space you can get!

  41. Jess says:

    We just redid our bathroom and also went through this debate. We went with one large sink, and I’m so glad we did. We saved money by not having to buy two sinks and Faucets , love having extra counter space, and two people can easily stand side-by-side to brush teeth at one large sinj

  42. Kelly says:

    As someone who grew up sharing a bathroom with her sister, more counter space is FAR more valuable. Rarely were we both in the bathroom brushing our teeth or washing our hands at the same time but we were always doing our hair and makeup at the same time and were especially grateful for all the counter space we had. As a total clean freak I would never leave anything on my counter regardless of space so that is a non issue for me, but it’s important to be realistic about how you live. Also keep in mind that wiping down one sink and more counter space is easier than cleaning two sinks! Keep the toothpaste mess to one sink!

  43. Jaclyn says:

    I vote one sink and two counters. I shared my bathroom with my two sisters growing up and the counter was more important than the sink. Actually my husband and I have a double vanity now and we only use one of the sinks. I wish we had more counter space. Plus only one sink means more drawers underneath which is great too!
    I’m sure whatever you choose will look and function great though :)

  44. Christy says:

    I actually don’t mind one sink in a master, because I find two adults tend to get ready in different ways at different times, and can certainly share a sink to brush their teeth. But two kids, getting ready the same way at the same time for school every morning, bickering over every shared moment – tougher.
    I do understand the value of counter space. But I think that value is for people who haven’t planned their storage. I don’t like the look of clutter on my counter, and it seems that you are definitely similar in that regard. For bathrooms, I plan what will go in there, and leave room for down the line additions. That includes drawers with outlets to keep electric toothbrushes and future hair dryers and curling irons tucked away.
    If you don’t have enough room for drawer storage – which we all know is much more likely to get used than cabinet storage – including some empty drawers to allow for their growing toiletry needs as they get older then yes – you probably need the counter space.

  45. Anna says:

    I love counter space in a bathroom but I believe the 2 sink option would be my choice. We previously lived in a house that had a TINY bathroom (you could sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time). To solve this problem I made a hair/makeup station in our hallway which worked perfectly! Plenty of space and I was never holding up the bathroom when my husband needed it. You can always think outside the box and get creative for more “counter space” if your girls need it down the road but adding in another sink would be difficult and costly.

  46. Jenn Freeman says:

    One sink totally!! With the 3 kids we’ve never had them argue over it… and you can always use the counter space… now that Bella is getting older there’s always a hair straightener or make up!

  47. Abbey says:

    We have two sinks in our master bathroom, and I really wish we only had one sink + the extra counter space. The problem for us is that our bathroom is small and narrow (almost like a hallway) so when two people are using it, the space feels very crowded, and the best solution is for one of us to hurry up and get out of the way. If your space already feels crowed when the expected number of people are primping in it, then you probably won’t find two sinks helpful and you’ll wish you had the counter space. On the other hand, if you and the kids can be in there without feeling like you’re constantly side-stepping each other, then maybe two sinks is the right choice for you.

  48. Chantal says:

    I think especially for girls, having counter space for curling irons/blow dryer and makeup/hair items in the future is more important. The only time you really need the sink at the same time is for brushing teeth and you can alternate. We currently have one sink with a huuuuuuuuge counter to the right and it’s worked surprisingly well for us. It you’re able to have two sinks PLUS some counter space in between, that’s great. But if the sinks are cozy next to each other then I would prefer the other option.

  49. Mary says:

    One sink, 2 mirrors. Or a mirror that spans the length of the vanity.

  50. Cassie says:

    I really want to love the idea of a trough sink with two faucets, but I feel like it would actually take up more counter space than just doing two sinks. If I were in your shoes, given the ages of your kiddos, I’d probably go with two sinks for this phase of life but plan the vanity itself so you could replace the counter/sinks in the future if you decide down the road that your girls need more counter and less sink. That way, you get the most function during their young years with the possibility of changes without having to reconfigure the whole thing down the road.

  51. Kara says:

    1 sink for sure! In my mind, you use the sink to brush your teeth and wash your face-just a couple minutes every day. Whereas girls need counter space to do their hair and makeup which can take an hour or hours. My sister and I always fought for space in front of the mirror to do hair/make up. Never had a problem waiting 30 seconds to wash my hands. lol good luck!

  52. Nicole says:

    Growing up I shared a bathroom with one of my sisters and it had two sinks. We had plenty of storage and never fought about space in the bathroom. I do recommend at least one outlet on each side of the vanity!

    I never valued the double sink until watching my 4 year old & 7 year old fight over the sink anytime they are in the bathroom together. Getting ready for school in the morning, brushing their teeth at bedtime, or washing their hands, etc. It just seems more functional for each kid to have their own sink, especially because they will be in there at the same time.

    Now for my husband and I, we could go with more counter & storage space over a second sink. I find we actually only use one of our two sinks. Our work schedules aren’t the same so we arent usually getting ready at the same time. Unlike the kids, who are on the same schedule.

    For your girls, I say go for the double! It creates set boundaries that kids need, which will help them keep the area clean and organized. I’m sure whatever you do will be functional and beautiful!

  53. Melissa says:

    I would definitely go with 2 sinks! Less clutter on the counter and I’m sure you are creating tons of storage. Can’t wait to see your mood board!

  54. Judith says:

    Definitely two taps. I’m intentionally writing taps and not sinks, because we just renovated our house and went from one sink with one tap to one big sink with two taps. Life saver! I have three kids using the bathroom, two of them being able to brush their teeth on their own. No they can actually do that in the morning without a huge fight. A dedicated drawer and mirror somewhere else is as good as counter space around the sink (unless you want to chop vegetables in there?). I myself actually wash my hands and brush my teeth at the sink and have my makeup and hairbrush at a little dresser with mirror in the adjoining bedroom.

  55. Jordan says:

    I grew up in a family of four kids and my sister and I shared a bathroom. We had two sinks, and at least one sink was filled every morning/date night with our makeup because the middle counter space was so quickly used up.

    I would say from a functionality standpoint, counter space is much more valuable, especially when it comes to teenage years. The sinks are hardly used but for brushing teeth and the occasional running cold water over a curling iron finger burn ;)

    However, I really struggle because I loathe big 60″ long mirrors, but what good is a bunch of counter space if there’s not enough mirror there to primp in front of? So if you’re thinking of doing one sink and one mirror, I’d lean towards two sinks with two mirrors.

  56. Sarah says:

    Reading through these comments because I have a similar dilemma. We “inherited” a bathroom with one sink and the other space for vanity. While our girls are still young I LOVE this set up. When it comes time to renovate, I’m not sure I would add the sink back in. For most girls, getting ready is hair and make-up which doesn’t really require a sink. The only instance I can see it being annoying is during teeth brushing. But, for resale, two sinks would make more sense.

  57. Sarah says:

    My two kids share a bathroom with just one sink. By day they are sweet and loving best friends. The moment it is time to brush teeth they are sink-hogging monsters. Nothing makes them more ready to start a nuclear war than that one sink and the mirror real estate just above it. Doing any sort of work on their bathroom was never on our list. Now adding a second sink has shot to the top above all else. my kids might not survive many more single-sink death matches. I know my nerves won’t.

  58. Courtney Madden says:

    I’m an only child with no kids, so take this with a grain of salt, but growing up we had a pedestal sink in our only bathroom so I had to resort to using the top of the toilet tank to hold my makeup/straightener/etc and it was awful. We had tons of storage so that wasn’t the issue, it was surface area we needed. I definitely value counter space over sinks. In my current house with my husband we have a 72″ vanity with two sinks and A) we sometimes use the same sink anyway and B) there’s only an outlet on one side so I’m constantly having to switch out electronic items and it’s so annoying. I’ll also echo the “you can never have too many outlets” sentiment!

  59. Julie says:

    We built a new home a few years ago and I had the same dilemma. I eventually choose the one sink option in order to have more counter top but wish I had chosen the two sink combo. My girls are 7 and 11 ( going on 8 and 12) and wish that both can be in there at the same time. One needs to wait until the other is done brushing their teeth, etc and it causes a delay in our bedtime routine. Also more countertop = more clutter even with banks of drawers and baskets/etc. Just my two cents…

  60. 2 sinks for sure!! We have three kiddos and 1 sink in their shared bath and I so wish we had room for another. Another sink — not a 4th child! ???? My boys cannot seem to brush their teeth at the same time without covering each other in toothpaste spit. Yuck! And my daughter complains about how messy they are. Since you have the space I would def install 2. Save yourself the future arguments!!

  61. Sandy says:

    On the subject of two sinks: we must be the only family who doesn’t like counter space for leaving out products. I am not much ‘into’ products but I do have a straightener, some beauty products etc. that get stashed away in my drawer. We only ever leave out toothbrushes in a cup. Ever. I don’t like seeing my stuff all out on the top of the vanity.

    In our house we have three children and one bathroom and one sink, it works fine. The girls (4, 10) share a drawer, I have a drawer and my son (8) shares with my husband. They learn to share. I also grew up with one bathroom in a family of six, so no biggie for me. That said, since you are renovating and your girls will share I understand the design quandry. Best of luck with the remodel! We ripped apart our bathroom and redid it when the 3rd baby was 3 months old, you are wise to do it now :)

  62. Katie says:

    Tough decision but I would go for two sinks and two medicine cabinets. I think storage and outlets are also important. Our master bath had one sink and I replaced it with a vanity with two sinks. The worst part was the bathroom only had one outlet in it so we just had an electrician come and add three more! I asked him to add one inside the cabinet (needs to be a special type since under the sink) and that is the best one! I can leave my hair dryer plugged in and under cabinet out of the way when not using it. My husband thought I was crazy but it makes me happy!

  63. 2 sinks! Someday, all 3 girls may share and it’s nice to have more than one. We only have 1 full bathroom and put in a 60″ 2 sink vanity after the same debate. Now, I have no clue why I debated. You naturally want to stand in front of a sink so the edges of the vanity end up just cluttered with things anyway and the girls will crowd into the middle. Less counter space = more encouragement to put things away. I also bought one from Wayfair and it is BEAUTIFUL.

  64. Karen says:

    I’d look into a trough sink with 2 faucets. I think it would take up less room but still provide the function of 2 sinks.

    It’s not an issue now, but when your girls hit their tween and teen years, that counter space becomes valuable real estate for flat irons, hair brushes, make up, etc. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to get ready and having no room to sit anything. That’s why I hate pedestal sinks. LOL

  65. Joellyn says:

    For a master bath I would definitely say two, but for a kids bath I think one larger sink is adequate. My girls often stand over one sink and brush their teeth. But there is enough space for both to stand and do their hair.

  66. Colleen says:

    From my family’s experience, the squabbling came more from the mirror/lighting than it did for the sink. In my husband’s family, his three younger siblings (two boys one girl) shared a double sink – they fought more over the mirror/counter/drawer/personal space and couldn’t care less that they had two sinks. More often than not the bathroom sink will be used for washing hands, face, brushing teeth etc, which they all don’t need to be doing at the exact same time (and in the case of my husbands family if they did, it was more to annoy another sibling than out of absolute necessity). Plus, one less sink to clean. ;) I could see if you only had one full bathroom doing a double sink, but if you have multiple showers, sinks, toilets, mirrors throughout your home, not sure that it’s worth it. Either way, you have to determine what is better for your family in your space.

  67. TWO sinks! Growing up with two siblings and one sink made brushing teeth, washing our face, getting a glass of water, washing hands, etc. such a pain! We would always be on top of each other or elbowing at different heights, plus it could just feel cramped when we were all in there. If you can do two sinks, I highly recommend it.

    I also agree with the above commenter about clutter – clutter in a bathroom drives me crazy personally, so have great storage!

  68. Jeri says:

    I’m going with the one sink crowd on this one. We have four daughters and a son that shared the same bathroom growing up and the counter was king. Not once did I ever here them complaining about someone hogging the sink. Those activities are brief, hair and make-up, lengthy. But hey it’s your house do what you like! And I didn’t let the stuff just sit out and clutter up the place. They had drawers to keep it tidy.

  69. Lori says:

    Larger rectangle sink with two faucets!

  70. Kate says:

    We have this exact set up with two adults and a preteen. We selected one large sink so two people can have their own separate countertop space on either side of the sink. If the mirror is wide enough to cover everyone then it’s great. Most of what we do in the bathroom is use the countertop and mirror and briefly access the sink.

    We don’t leave things out on the countertop but it is useful for makeup, hair tools etc that when they are in use. If I had to compete for and share the between sink space, I would hate it. Taking turns spitting in the sink is NBD.

  71. Casey says:

    I think with three kids (we have four who share one sink????), two sinks is the way to go. If space for hair and make-up is needed later on, you can carve it out elsewhere…for example a little table where the mirror between the closets in their room is ????. Plus clutter in the bathroom is a struggle, so decreasing it as much as possible is a good thing!

  72. Rachel says:

    I would do a double sink. Storing stuff on a counter looks messy to me and you are more likely to do it if you have space to. And you can just as easily put in contacts or curl your hair over a sink. I know you guys are more for doing what you like over what you think would sell best, but I think double sinks may be better for resale? Either way I’m sure you guys will make it look amazing!

  73. Jasmine says:

    I would go with two sinks – or as others have mentioned, at least two faucets and a trough sink. We just moved from a house with one sink in the girls’ bathroom to one with two. Bathrooms are nearly the same size (also, there’s a door between toilet/shower and sink/vanity area – so great for them to be able to get ready simultaneously in the morning) and there’s much less bickering and frustration now that they each have their own sink.

  74. Ashley R says:

    We’re currently building our first home and the vanity in our master bathroom is the same length. We opted for one sink rather than two because of counter space. We’ve been using one sink for years and haven’t had any issues and I knew it would drive me nuts if I didn’t have a place to put my straightener and makeup while getting ready. And when your girls are older, I’ll bet they’ll appreciate the space for the same reasons. Hope that helps!

  75. Rachel says:

    We renovated our master bathroom last year. We could have had two sinks but we went with one so we could have more counter space. I think it looks less crowded and in our bathroom (not sure about yours) two sinks meant someone was standing really close to the doorway, which blocked off the room when two people were trying to get ready. We take turns spitting when we brush our teeth lol, otherwise I don’t see when we’d need two sinks anyways. No regrets! I love having the counter space.

  76. Jill says:

    Mom of 4 girls over here…one sink with more counter space is the way I would go for sure. We have a 60″ vanity with storage below plus floor to ceiling cabinetry to the left. We are not short on storage, nor do we leave our things out on the counter. Having said that, when my girls get ready in the bathroom they need all the counter space they can get. There are multiple styling tools plugged in and each girl seems to be using something different: hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, triple barrel curler…you get the idea. The amount of time actually using the sink is truly limited to brushing teeth and washing after using the restroom. When they are done, the clutter goes back into storage and the counter is left clean. I would definitely recommend putting multiple outlets on each side of the sink so more than one girl can access the outlets at a time. A double gang outlet on each side would not be overkill.

    • Kim says:

      AMEN to this post – the styling tools alone with girls demands more counter space. Between makeup bags, the tools, the brushes…I’d go with one sink. And as for the outlets – pay close attention to where they are located. I know code dictates things with distance from sink or light switch – but my biggest pet peave is how I have to get my hair dryer cord around the back of my faucet so it doesn’t hang in the sink when I’m drying my hair. This is because the outlet is at the back. I wish I’d put it toware the front or on the back wall above the “backsplash” so I didnt’ fear for my life and pray the GFCI outlet works right every time that cord accidently lands in the sink. :)

    • SJ says:

      100% this. How much time can you spend at a sink versus makeup, hair, preening, selfies, etc at the counter?

  77. Jenny B says:

    I second the one sink/more counter space but you do you. More important to me would be as much storage as possible and interior outlets in vanity ( for keeping hair dryers etc plugged in and not left on counter).

  78. Rhonda Miller says:

    I have six children (youngest is 12). Counter space is far more valuable than a sink. Seriously, they don’t spend that much time brushing their teeth or washing their hands! Water-running activities are minimal compared to primping activities – painting nails, etc. Girls especially use more counter space – curling irons, makeup, etc. We’re getting ready to enlarge our girls’ bathroom and the vanity will be two feet wider. I am keeping one sink, and NOT centering it, so we will have optimum counter space. That leaves me room to actually store a few oft-used items on the counter as well.

  79. Becky says:

    I am the youngest of 3 girls and we all shared a bathroom growing up. We had two sinks and we used them! I have three boys–8, 6, and almost 3, and we are planning on putting in 2 sinks in their bathroom when we renovate (or one of those beautiful Brockway trough sinks with multiple faucets!). I don’t see it as your style to have a bunch of stuff on the counter anyway–and with a 60″ vanity, the girls would have plenty of storage.

  80. lauren miranda says:

    I grew up with two sisters (one identical twin, and one sister 5 years older)……the counter space is more valuable!!!!!!

  81. Brynn says:

    One sink, for sure. Yes, it affords you more counter space, but more importantly, it also gives you more storage in the vanity itself. With the equivalent of 2 30″ vanity cabinets, you will be hard pressed to get any functional drawers at all in there. If you do one sink you have 2 options: (A) Center the sink with a larger mirror above and maybe 2 sconces flanking it. This lets you put some decent medium-sized drawers on either side of the sink. Or, (B), configure the vanity so that, in elevation, it reads as though it has 2 sinks. You can do 2 medicine cabinets or mirrors above, perhaps 3 sconces (one on each end and one between the mirrors), and the side where one sink would have been (*or could go in the future), you just do a drawer bank and get boat loads of storage. This creates 2 natural standing spaces so one kiddo could be in front of each mirror getting ready (I guess we have to project to the teenage years here!) and not in each other’s way.

  82. Liz says:

    I think the countertop space you’d get with a double sink 60″ would be sufficient. How much do you actually need anyway? In my opinion, more countertop space means more potential clutter on the countertop as the girls get older. I think as long as you have sufficient bathroom storage under the sink with your drawers or cabinets you should be fine with a double sink.

  83. Danielle says:

    I’m 100% in the 2 sink camp. Less fighting over sink space while they get ready in the morning. Less counter space encourages less clutter and will hopefully get them to put away their stuff as they get older.

  84. Christina says:

    As one of five growing up using one bathroom, definitely the counter space was more valuable. Our dad was a dentist so we took our time brushing and washing our faces, but the makeup, curing irons and hair gel (boys…80s/90s) so appreciated the counter space. Prior to that redo, we had two sinks and one of us girls was always getting our makeup splashed. It was really annoying.

    My husband and I have seven kiddos. We just built a home and all boys are in one bedroom and both girls in another. They also all share a bathroom. (*Cue the evil mom laugh who walked up hill both ways! :-)) We actually put in a pedestal sink and a huge dresser with a huge mirror over it so each child has their own drawer and then some communal drawers for shared items. This provided us with that huge counter. I wouldn’t recommend that as necessary for a family of three sweet girls, but our children do thank us regularly for the counter space and we only have two girls!

    I would absolutely only put in one sink b/c those three girls will spend more time on hair, makeup and popping in contacts than on teeth/face washing in just a few years! (Even my husband and I share a sink and I have a huge counter for my stuff even though most days my glasses are my makeup!) Don’t forget to put in an extra electrical outlet!

    • Ashley K says:

      I agree with Christina! Having a sink is great, but as a girl I spend more time doing my makeup and hair. Counter space is invaluable!!! Whatever you decide to do though, I”m sure it will be beautiful, and the girls will adapt and make it work.

  85. JessB says:

    Two sinks. If you’re eventually going to have three girls in there, it’ll mean less fighting. Plus, I totally agree that more space just invites more junk onto the counter.

  86. Liz says:

    Counter space is always a plus but I can’t imagine you would ever regret two sinks! Especially when they are both trying to run out the door to catch the bus… Good storage in drawers and cabinets will also keep the room looking neater.

  87. Nancy Sherman says:

    Love the idea of a trough sink over 2 separate sinks any day. Counter space is more important in my book. Nothing says the counters have to stay cluttered, but it’s nice to have someplace to put stuff while you’re using it.

  88. Mel says:

    We recently gut-renoed our house and it only has 1 bathroom. We also had a 60″ wide space and decided to go with two sinks (we don’t have kids – FYI) and are SO happy we did. I love not being on top of each other getting ready in the morning. I like having less counter space because it encourages less clutter. Instead we have a medicine cabinet to store extra items.

    Think about them being teenagers… are they going to want to share a sink?

  89. Tara says:

    I also vote two sinks! Coming from a family with three girls I think you’ll want it. I also think the more counter space you have the harder it will be to clean clean and organized as they grow up (and who wants to look at counters of product anyway?!)

  90. Emilyjane says:

    Wow, I’m in the minority! To each their own but I go for double sinks every time! We have three little kids who share. I grew up sharing a bathroom with 4 siblings. Counter space only becomes a problem when too much is stored or left on it.

    Growing up we had our own caddy of bathroom items. We brought it out to get ready then it got put away. Personally I feel large counter spaces for kids bathrooms only encourage things to get left out

  91. anoneemouse says:

    I say reach out to Shawni of 71toes, who designed her bathroom space for 3 girls to use. 1 is in high school,
    1 is in middle school, and 1 is in elementary school. Our family moves alot so I’ve had my son/daughter put their stuff in a
    When we have small bathrooms, they just take their caddy of toothbrush, toothpaste, face cream, make up, hair brushes, hair stuff, to their dresser top. As one commenter mentioned above “sitting in our sinks to do our make up” perhaps have a medicine cabinet on the wall opposite the sinks/mirrors so the girls can check the back of their hair and also keep mascara, eye liner etc in medicine cabinet and get up close to a mirror to see.
    Just ideas… I’m sure you will choose what is best for all of you.

  92. abby says:

    my husband and i have a 60″ vanity with two sinks and i don’t feel short on counter space at all…i mean, not at all! having drawers/cabinets below helps. so, if they will have drawers (better than cabinets in my opinion) or cabinets, i don’t think they will struggle with the counter space at all.

  93. Amanda B says:

    We had this exact dilemma for our new master bath, and we chose the single sink. Because we love to have our often-used stuff on the counter! (Plus, we fell in love with a sink/faucet that were $$$ and we didn’t want to have to buy two!) The other perk for us, was the in-line symmetry with the light fixture overhead, a shaped mirror, and the single sink. All centered.

    But if you prefer the clean look of everything put away, you should know that more counter space means more stuff WILL be on the counter. It’s all in how you live! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I especially love what you did in your upstairs bathroom.

    Did you consider a layout that had the sink in a separate room from the toilet/shower? In sharing a bathroom with siblings, that was always the conflict. Even if there are two sinks, nobody can use either of them if someone is taking a shower or using the potty!

  94. Julie says:

    I vote for TWO SINKS!! I see it as a necessary luxury, especially with 3 girls sharing that bathroom. I have two girls sharing a bathroom with two sinks and they love saddling up to their own. When we moved into our current house, we went from one sink in each bathroom to two and it’s GLORIOUS!! And what do you really want out on the counter anyway, especially with how beautiful you keep your home??!! Thank you for the beautiful content – I get so much inspiration from your home. Congrats on baby#3.❤

  95. Pam says:

    I do not recommend giving girls more counter space. They grow in to product hoarding creatures and use up every available inch to store said products. Allow for plenty of hidden storage and organization.

  96. Justynn says:

    Two sinks! For a few reasons…

    1. you will eventually have THREE girls down there, and one sink for three girls isn’t going to work.

    2. with 60″ vanity you will have plenty of storage for all the things they would want to put on the counter. It will help to teach them to clean up after themselves and put their items away.

    3. Get a vanity with the doors for under the sink area and drawers below that. NO WASTED SPACE! Don’t get the faux drawer on top, it’s just a waste!

    4. The more counter space = the more clutter and things that will be left on it at all times, regardless how much you try.

  97. Winnie G says:

    I am in agreement with Meredith. 1 sink is the way to go. Each of our bathrooms have 1 sink each – even though we have room for doubles. The counter space is what my girls want. *we have 2 girls sharing 1 bathroom.

  98. Marsha says:

    2 sinks especially since 3 teenage girls will be in your future. I have a small countertop and hung a narrow shelf with a rail above the sink (below the mirror) to hold the things others would have on the countertop

  99. Robin says:

    Two sink, no questions, hands down. It may seem like no big deal now but as they grow it will only get worse. My husband and I share only one sink right now and it sucks and almost causes two adults to get into fights – I can’t imagine it would be better with children! Seriously. Two sinks. Thank me later. : )

  100. Naomi says:

    I have 4 girls, ranging in age from 11, 15, 18 and 20. You need 2 sinks!! My girls are always in the bathroom together, getting ready, hanging out, squabbling and laughing! Our bedroom is beside their bathroom and my husband and I have spent many nights laying in bed listening to our whispering girls solving all the world’s problems…well, they don’t always whisper???? And when they have friends over there’s just that many more girls in there! Each of our girls have a smaller individual drawer for toothbrushes, etc and then share drawers and cupboards for hair stuff, etc. If we had only one sink and more counter space I shudder to think how much more clutter there would be! You already train your girls to put stuff away, just expect more of the same once they’re teenagers. And in terms of the comment that you’d have more space to decorate with more counter space…one of my girls undecorated the counter the other day because they wanted more room to sit on the counter to chat!
    Before I commented on this post I polled my girls on their thoughts…they all concur that they are glad we have two sinks, mainly because they are often all in there at once!
    Looking forward to seeing another beautiful room of yours!

  101. Shannon says:

    Two sinks!! My sister is three years younger than me and as kids, not having to rotate in and out in front of the sink would have eliminated so much fighting in the mornings! Plus, I agree with some of the other comments, that extra counter space just equals extra space to pile stuff. This at least forces you (or those using the bathroom) to be more thoughtful about what comes out and what goes back in a drawer, cupboard, etc. Can’t wait to see your mood boards!

  102. Kathryn says:

    Growing up, my three sisters and I shared a bathroom with two sinks. One was the designated “tooth-brushing sink” and the other permanently housed a hair dryer/flatiron/hair brushes. It would have been TONS more functional with only one sink, more drawers, and usable counter space.

    As frustrating as that set up was at times, now whenever my sisters and I are together we still all pile into the same bathroom to get ready :)

  103. Tara says:

    In our last house we had a double sink in our master bath. I would have much preferred to have the counter space instead. I often ended up using the sink as counter space when getting ready in the morning. It became a place to set down my blow dryer, to hold my make-up bag, etc. Go for the single sink. That is my vote.

  104. Katie says:

    100% agreed on the 1 sink option – Girls need counter space. I prefer the 1 sink option.
    We did 1 sink when we built our house with 2 girls. No regrets, a great decision.

    That being said they have an age difference.
    A 15 year old and an 8 year old, and they get ready at different times.

    We have 3 boys and in their bathroom we did two sinks. That has been good, too. They are 2 years apart,
    and go to bed at the same time, and tend to get wrestly in the bathroom at night. The 2 sinks has been better for them for less fighting, they also need less counter space.

    With your 3 girls, who are probably closer in age, 2 sinks might fit your family better.
    If you do the 2 sinks, just plan accordingly for there individual stuff. Also look for smaller sinks, since it’s just for teeth brushing, really.

    When all is said and done no matter what you do, everything will be fine. It’s just a sink or sink(s). Wink, wink!
    Good Luck deciding!

  105. Ann says:

    1 sink – we have an offset sink and more counterspace for my teenage girls’ bathroom and they like that much better!

  106. Speaking as someone who shared a bathroom with 3 siblings, counter space trumps the extra sink. It’s easy to share a sink, but it’s important to have space for toothbrushes and face wash and makeup and curling irons. If you can do two sinks with lots of mirror space and a LOT of extra storage space where it’s easy to get to in the bathroom, you might be able to get away with the double sink.

  107. Nicole Orrell says:

    We have a 60″ vanity with one sink, but we off-set the sink all the way over to one side so that there is a wide swath of counter space. Like this: ______(__)_
    BEST DECISION EVER! My hubby can be brushing his teeth and I can do my make-up right next to him. If the sink was in the center, I’d be out of luck.

  108. Heidi says:

    Counter space! I have 3 sisters and we never brushed our teeth or washed our hands at the same time. We did have make up and curling irons and brushes and mirrors all over our counter.

  109. Amy says:

    We have a 60″ vanity with two sinks (presumably so the original builder could market our home as having a double vanity in the master bath), and the lack of counter space is SO frustrating. Even with a linen closet in the bath, we have to use an over-the-door shoe organizer on the back of the bathroom door to hold everyday items that would normally be on our countertop or stored in the cabinets (the plumbing for the double sinks means ZERO storage space inside the cabinet bases, too). I can only imagine that with 2 (or 3 in the future!) girls sharing this bathroom, counter space and personal product storage will be in increasingly high demand. :)

  110. single sink is the way to go, gives you more space underneath for hidden storage and the perfect place for the nicer or everyday items.

  111. Molly says:

    I vote for two sinks. Cluttered bathroom counters are pretty unappealing. Two sinks will give the girls each a sink so they’re not fighting or arguing over one standing in front of the sink brushing teeth while the other wants to wash her hands (which will become even more important once they’re older and fighting over room in front of the sink to do makeup or their hair). I grew up with one sink that I shared with my sister and getting ready for school in the morning was terrible.

  112. Julia Laine says:

    Go with the two sinks in the girls bathroom, you won’t regret that. I have a 60″ vanity in my master bath and there’s plenty of room for product, plus there are three drawers in between the sinks where we keep stuff. If you leave all that extra room, it’s just going to fill up with a lot of junk and you border on the minimalist side, and the accumulation of “stuff” would make you crazy. Specially during this nesting period. :-)

  113. Kerry H says:

    Follow up to my first comment – you don’t need to publish this one also lol.

    Whoops! Just remembered you’re pregnant! Three kids and one sink… I know it could work and teach them a lot about taking turns and sharing etc… my gut just says go with 2 sinks. I feel like it’ll make for a smoother getting ready process down the road.

  114. Jessica Anderson says:

    We are currently adding a new vanity to our kids bathroom too. I had the same problem deciding on one or two sinks. We have 4 Kids ( 2 Girls and 2 boys), so it is a little bit different for us. We ultimately decided on two sinks. I think when my girls are old enough I want to do some kind of vanity with a mirror in their room, so they can do makeup and hair there. Also we’re going from one single sink 36 inch vanity to a 60 inch double sink vanity, so there will be a lot more storage underneath. I can’t stand all the countertop clutter and I think it will encourage them to put thier stuff away in drawers. I cant wait to see what ypu guys pick for thier bathroom!

  115. Katy says:

    I value counterspace over sink space 100%. Especially with three girls who will be doing their makeup in there one day. I don’t even wear makeup that much but still my husband complains that I am the worst sinkmate ever because I always end up taking over the entire counter space and use his sink because my sink usually has stuff in it (hair dryer for example). So I think that reader who suggested one sink is spot on. Good catch, reader!

  116. Jess says:

    We have 5 kids, and two sinks is definitely the way to go. Unless the mirror is huge and they could both easily see themselves in it with one sink when they’re older. But I’d probably still go with two sinks. We always seem to have kids that both need to use a sink at the same time which leads to endless shoving and pushing and “I got here first” arguments.

  117. Kerry H says:

    I would go with a double vanity – you’re going to have two girls down there getting ready and as they get older, they’ll be moving on their own schedules. They’ll want their own side to get ready as fast or as slowly as they want. Also, I know counter space is valuable but I feel like there are a lot of storage solution options you could install in drawers and the cabinets that will give the girls plenty of space to put their things away when they’re finished with them.
    Super excited to see your mood board and this room come together – I love how you transform spaces!

  118. Elizabeth says:

    I’m team double sink all the way! My master bathroom has one sink and my husband and I HATE it!! It’s impossible to get ready at the same time…imagine him shaving while I’m trying to brush my teeth. The few times my kids have used our bathroom together it ends in a fight about who gets the sink first Every. Single. Time. If you have room for 2 sinks I say go for two. You won’t regret it

  119. Emily R says:

    Apologies if this is a duplicate. My first comment seems to have disappeared. I’d say go with two sinks over more counter space. Counter space will only generate more clutter! I’d say make sure you have drawers and medicine cabinets to stay organized.

  120. Becky says:

    I have to agree on having 1 sink with more counter space. Growing up, we had a pedestal sink in both bathrooms and there was Nothing more annoying to me than having no extra space to set my makeup and hair stuff. (Or even clothes if I brought them in before showering.) Plus, 1 sink equals half of the cleaning/water mess!

  121. Jennie says:

    Definitely go for the single sink! I design for a custom cabinet company and I’m constantly pushing customers towards a single bowl, especially for girls bathrooms. Countertop space for the win!

  122. Lori says:

    Definitely the more counter space the better! Just imagine your youngest perched up on the counter watcher her big sister(s) getting ready for school, or a date, etc. Plus, until the girls get old enough for all the “stuff” girls need – more counter space gives you more space to decorate! A win-win.

  123. Sarah says:

    We have a vanity with two sinks in the bathroom that our four (young) kids share, but they really only use the sink to wash faces and brush teeth — both fairly quick jobs, that don’t really require someone to linger in front of the sink. The biggest benefit is that there is enough room for everyone to find a place to stand if they all happen to be in there brushing their teeth at the same time! If we were re-doing the bathroom, I would consider just one sink, but not centered, so there are still two “stations” — one with countertop space and one in front of the sink. But the lack of symmetry might make me twitch! I’m sure whatever you do will be so fabulous — I really love, love, love all of your work!

  124. Annie says:

    I agree that counter space is more valuable. We built our house a year ago and had a similar size space for our girls’ bathroom (they are 5 and 2). After growing up with 3 sisters and fighting over the counter space more than the sink, I decided to go with one sink and I’m really happy we did. Not to mention, it allowed for more drawers and practical storage.

  125. Liz M says:

    Definitely one sink. We have a 60″ vanity in our master with one sink. To me it seems redundant to have two of the same things right next to each other. Especially in a girls bathroom – where will the curing irons and makeup go (when they get to that age)? How many times will they both need to wash their face or brush teeth at exactly the same time?

    We did one sink and had it installed on one side – not centred. This has worked out great so that two people can use the space at the same time still. Hubby can shave while I have the other side to do my hair and makeup.

    Just a thought! Good luck with your decision.

  126. Sarah says:

    Team counter space! Think about how often anyone is in the bathroom with another person where they both need to use the sink at the same time- seriously- it’s almost never. Your guests will love having more space to put a toiletry bag and actually be able to take things out of a toiletry bag, and when your daughters are teens, and have straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, and makeup- you’ll appreciate the extra space.

  127. Christina says:

    Two sinks! My sister and I shared a bathroom and we each sat in our respective sinks to do our makeup ????

  128. Roxie says:

    Having shared a smaller basement bathroom with two sisters growing up, go with two sinks if you have the space. No question. Especially as they get older and start getting ready on their own. As long as they have storage for their stuff, it should be fine.

  129. Mary says:

    Have you considered a trough sink with two faucets, electrical plugs and counter space on opposite ends. Each daughter would have her own side and prep space. With two separate sinks, the middle counter space is often not utilized well and fought over. Love your home ideas!

  130. Susan Skilton says:

    Your office is fabulous!

    You asked for advice about the bathroom vanity-I had the same situation. I decided on one sink and I am definitely glad about that. I only wish I had gone with the larger sink instead of the medium size sink. Next time I would put a large rectangular sink ( not gigantic! ) in the middle so that two people could brush their teeth at the same time or wash faces. Squeeze close, but still possible!
    And if the vanity is between two walls, I would inset custom 3 inch deep cabinets( maybe 30 inches tall by 12 inches wide ) into each side wall. With a nice cabinet door on each.… Not Like the old-fashioned 18 inch long hardware store variety. Keeps a lot of things off of the counter and yet very handy.
    If you don’t want it to look like a cabinet you could get creative and put something like a chippy shutter or art piece on the front or some such-
    Good luck!

  131. Lisa says:

    I think the number of sinks depends on the vanity also. If the vanity you are considering has ample storage for the girls’ needs as they grow, then the counter space wouldn’t be as important, if not then perhaps you should go with a longer vanity. I’d be sure there was enough room around each sink for a hair dryer and curling iron, if they would be using those appliances in the bathroom.
    We had a long vanity in the bathroom when I was growing up and in a house we are selling. The long counter top wasn’t used and I would have preferred 2 sinks rather than the counter space in both situations.

  132. Ann says:

    Our boys shared a 60″ vanity with one sink and it was fine. They reach an age where they do not “share” the bathroom at the same time because they want privacy. I did have separate towels on their own towel ring for them to help with germ spreading. Separate sinks would help more with that. If you have room for medicine cabinets, two sinks would probably be fine. Girls have more stuff- makeup, perfume, etc. that they might want close at hand. Definitely look for a vanity with lots of drawers.

  133. Stacy G. says:

    I think I agree with Meredith. I would choose one sink and more counter space. It is also one less sink to clean! :) (I’m always practical. LOL)

  134. Mudrick says:

    I vote for one sink! I’m renovating my master bathroom this year which has a 78″ long span of counter with one sink shoved over in the corner. I’m going to be centering one large sink in the space for my husband and I to share. I actually have decided I think it’s kind of wasteful to have two sinks and faucets within 2 feet of each other LOL. My husband and I rarely need to use the sink at the same time and having a good span of counter on each side of the sink still gives us “his and hers” zones.

  135. Barb says:

    Three girls are going to need all the counter space and maybe an extra electrical outlet.

  136. @worldsworstflipper says:

    We are about to tear out a 60″ vanity with two sinks and replace with a single sink in my daughter’s bathroom– because there is absolutely no counter space. The amount of time they’ll spend both at the sink is less than the amount of stuff that will need to sit on the counter… especially once they reach teenager-status!

  137. Emily R says:

    Two sinks trump counter space for me. More counter space just means more room for clutter. I’d figure out how medicine cabinets and drawers can hold their stuf.

  138. Carrie says:

    Go with one sink! Brushing teeth takes 5 seconds so it’s easy to take turns.

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