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January 20, 2017

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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Can you spot the ghost in that photo?? (Haha)

This week has been so filled, it’s hard to know where to start. There have been some low points, like when we learned Greta was effectively deaf…again. We’ve been through this with her poor little ears when she was two, and unfortunately, although it’s something a lot of kids grow out of, we’re back here again at age six. She’s going to get tubes in (again!) and tonsils and adenoids out in a couple weeks and we’re hopeful that will clear up the issue for good. Chris had the chance to go in the sound booth to hear what she is hearing, and was heartbroken when he couldn’t hear a thing. Although, in a way, it also made a lot of light bulbs go off.

Of course, there have been some high moments, too. We have been working on 4 pretty big things behind the scenes and they’re all pinch-me-projects. We hope to reveal at least two next week and I can barely wait. We also got notified that we were nominated in the House & Home category for a Shorty Award, awards honoring the best of social media. There are some mega names nominated, like, I don’t know, Cher! But even in our own category, we’re up against 11 people we love, fan-girl, and look up to, like Grace Bonney and um, the Property Brothers! It’s an honor. And if you’d like to vote for us, we’d love that. You can vote once a day, right here.

More fun things this week!

• I’ll be speaking (and hanging out and dancing) at this Soulphoria event February 23rd. If you’re local, I’d love to see you! You can purchase a ticket here (they’re currently 15% off with code earlybird).

• Urban Outfitters is having a major home sale and everything is on sale. 20% off all bedding (Including this pretty coverlet (see below) we used in the guest room. We also got the pillowcases for our master bedroom from UO–they have a great selection!). $100 off all sofas (I’m obsessed with this one). And 20% off everything else. They have great, inexpensive rugs, art, and decor. Definitely worth checking out.

• I am loving seeing Daniel’s room come together. He does such meticulous, miracle-type of work that’s always worth any wait.

• I love the look of a baseball cap on women, but I’m not very into sports so I don’t have a team–and it’s weird to wear an LA hat just for looks, right?! Then, I found this one-perfect. 

The White House’s Zestimate. Do you ever look up your own address to see how its value has fluctuated over the years? From the looks of it, our home’s value peaked in the beginning of 2010 and then dipped pretty big–which makes me wonder, maybe the housing crash effected this area differently?

• Oh Corinne, Hilarious! 

Hope you all have a fun, relaxing or productive (you choose!) weekend. I’m finalizing a plan for the girls’ bathroom while Chris paints the storage room.

What do you think?

  1. Laura says:

    My daughter had tubes twice also. The second time at 5 and she also had her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was a really great thing. She started sleeping better (no more snoring) and was so much healthier. She is 13 now and has only had strep throat once since her surgery. She was always sick with strep and/or ear infections before. Don’t be alarmed if Greta’s voice sounds like Minnie Mouse for a little bit after the surgery – it will go back to normal! Hugs to you all!

  2. judy says:

    our daughter had something similar, and the surgery (they operated 3 things) worked wonders. wishing the very best for greta!

  3. Kerry says:

    Reading your post (and the one you referenced about G’s ears from 2012) really brought back some memories for me. I had tubes in my ears on and off between the ages of 5 and 10. I can remember coming home after one tube operation and jumping – asking my mom “what was that?!!” – she said it was a car door, across the street. My hearing loss was great. Today at 44 I have above average hearing, though. I wish you and your little girl the best luck with her next procedure!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Removing the tonsils and adenoids and can work amazing wonders! Two of my three kids have had them removed. My son had them removed because he had sleep apnea. You could hear him snoring and stopping breathing from across the house. As soon as they were removed the issue was immediately resolved. Then my 2nd one, my daughter, had a constant runny nose, clogged ears and drainage issues for years. This girl used a box of tissues a day, no joke. I was astounded that as soon as the tonsils and adenoids were removed that was it. The problem immediately resolved. Crossing my fingers for you both. You never want to have to do this but hopefully in a few weeks you will be looking back thrilled to be through it and with the results!!

  5. Aunt Sharon says:

    Oh Julie, so sorry to hear about Greta. I am sure you must be terrified. We will be praying for her and you and Chris

  6. Had to comment ( I think it’s my first) after reading about Greta. We are in the same boat with our almost 9 year old daughter…and my husband is even an ENT. Argh. She had tubes at 3 then surprisingly failed her hearing test for her kindergarten screening. Her drums had healed retracted after the tubes fell out and it greatly affected her hearing. Just like Chris, I was so sad to witness how little she could actually hear. She had a second set of tubes placed when she was 5 and her hearing was almost immediately corrected. It was kind of amazing how quickly it happened. Unfortunately, last year we learned that again her right ear was not healing properly (the hole from the tube did not close). It is once agin affecting her hearing and she will go in for a patch next month. It’s frustrating as a parent to learn that our kids haven’t been able to hear right or see or whatever the ailment. Guilt is quick and “what ifs” creep in. The best advice I can give is to not beat yourself up and to remember that kids are resilient and that this is most likely a temporary bump in the road. Here’s to Greta being able to hear everything around her in your happy home soon!

  7. Leslie Burns says:

    I stumbled on your blog during a 6-week recovery post-surgery and read every post, love it! Hang in there with Greta the Great. I had ear tubes basically every year from 6 months until I was 13 (and at 13 I also had my tonsils and adenoids removed). But I grew out of the tubes with puberty and am now 45 with no issues.

  8. Antonella says:

    It’s called glue ear in UK and my son had it when he was 2; he was deaf in one ear and only had 20% hearing in the other. Continuous ear infections, burst ear drums etc. They told us about the tubes, but we were not keen on general anaesthesia. We found out about cranial osteopathy. Amazing. It drained the Eustachian tubes within 4-6 treatments. My son got his hearing back; he seldom had ear infections after that, and never as bad. He’s 12 now. Good luck!!!!

  9. Kate says:

    I hope Greta gets the relief she needs from the surgery. Not sure if you are believer in chiros or not, but I had a relative who took her son to the chiro and had him adjusted and it helped with fluid/ear infections. I didn’t try it with my own kiddos because tubes did the trick. Best wishes!

  10. Erin says:

    I stopped reading everything after I read about Greta, I am so sorry! I really encourage you to please get more information and a second (or third or fourth) opinion before removing any part of the lymphatic system like the tonsils. I understand that you have an autoimmune issue and I know that it is pretty common to have children whom suffer from similar or the same issues due to genetics and lifestyle. I know that diet can play a HUGE part in your overall health and I can’t even list all of the ailments (including dodging onset Hashimotos) that food has cured me of. If you have not done so already, please look into a doctor of Functional or Integrative Medicine where they will look into the actual cause of the problem vs. trying to treat the symptoms of the infections. Has she had blood work done to eliminate auto immune disease or other underlying health issues? Please Please Please don’t confuse my concern with judgement because visiting your website almost daily for years I have seen your wonderful family grow, and I love you guys! Also I totally believe in modern science and medicine and know that surgery is not always avoidable. Also I know that you want to do everything you can for your girls, and I am totally not saying that you haven’t done just that. But maybe, just maybe this information or prompt for you to look a bit deeper or in a different direction might help Greta….

    • Alex says:

      I’m glad to hear that this commenter believes in modern science and medicine, but as a scientist I thought it important to point out to all readers that Functional and Integrative practices are not evidence or science based.

      I’m not intending to start any kind of discord but when I see misinformation being propagated in the context of health I can’t help but speak up.

  11. I love Zillow, but never looked at the zestimate of the White House before, holy cow! Our Seattle area peaked in 2006 and dipped in 2010 and today has never been hotter (and is still going up!).

  12. Jasmine says:

    OMG I love that the Zillow listing for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave exists.

  13. Chandu says:

    Sorry to hear about Greta’s hearing issue. Hoping everything works out well after adenoids/tonsils removal.
    Voted for you for the shorty’s.

  14. shannon says:

    Hoping for a smooth surgery and swift recovery for Greta! Childhood is the time to take out those tonsils…she’ll bounce back in no time <3

  15. Winnie G says:

    : ( for Greta – hopefully the plan you guys have mapped out will help.

    Happy note: Congrats on the nomination! Well deserved IMO.

  16. katy says:

    The UO sale is not on everything. It has a lot on sale, but the planters I wanted to order are not on sale.Just fyi..

    • Julia says:

      Bummer! I checked out their decor that was on sale and saw a few planters in there and assumed it just included all of them since everything else was all-inclusive.

  17. Kerry H says:

    So sorry to hear about Greta! My 3.5 year old son will be having his tonsils and adenoids out in 3 weeks as we just found out he has severe sleep apnea. It’s scary to think of him going in for surgery but I’m hopeful this will help him! Here’s hoping these surgeries help both of our kids!

  18. Jessica says:

    Sorry to hear about Greta – I also had tubes at age 3, and then needed another round and tonsils/adenoids removed a year later. Happy to say that 32 years later, I haven’t had any more issues with my hearing (and they told my parents that I was really, really close to full deafness when they first brought me in at 3). Hoping you experience the same. My now 5 year old had tubes last year, and so far, it seems to be doing the trick with her hearing, but we’re always vigilant! So hard to know about the hearing loss as a parent, but you’re doing all the right things for her!

    • Beret says:

      I am with Jessica – I had tubes twice and my adenoids removed when I was little and I haven’t had any problems since that second round of tubes. Good luck, Greta!!

      • Martha says:

        Chiming in as another person on the good side of the tube/adenoid stuff and wishing your fam the best of luck! Also a huge fan of Daniel’s work!

      • Sarah says:

        I too had tubes and tonsils/adenoids removed when I was 7! It cleared things up for me. The other major bonus is that before my tonsils were out, I got strep throat twice a year, every year. Once I got them removed, I never got it again and very rarely get sick at all!! Best wishes for Greta (and for you!)

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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