A Colorful Couch–Would You?

October 9, 2012

We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 




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Our hunt has officially begun for a new sofa for the living room.  We always knew the Klippan was temporary.  We had just bought a house and had next to no furniture, so shelling out $400 for a couch that took up a lot of room was just what we needed then.  Now, we are taking our time and saving our pennies and even scouring the classifieds (you never know!) for a couch we really love.  While I have been pinning and eyeing lots of sofas in bone, graphite, taupe, sand, and every other neutral out there, I have come across a few colorful ones that have made my heart skip a beat.  Could I?  Dare I? Check out how these gems blend seamlessly and calmly into their environments:
pink / yellow / green / purple / blue
Is a jewel-toned sofa in our future?  Could it be in yours?  Or maybe you already have a hued couch in your casa.  We’d love to hear about it, or better yet–see it! There’s not a one I don’t like, I’ll tell you that much. Chris would never, ever ever be on board for a pink couch. C’mon! But something mustard against our dark, dark wall.  Mmmm.  Colorful couches–would you?

What do you think?

  1. Nicole says:

    LOVE colorful couches. I’ve been eyeing a royal blue one for our front room. So gorgeous. Statement pieces for sure! I can’t believe how quickly and easily you guys seem to whip out the painting.. (laundryroom) I wish I had a tenth of your energy for diy. Maybe someday. :)

  2. Melyssa says:

    Recently we inherited an awesome vintage GREEEEEEN striped sofa (almost identical to the pink one you pictured, only striped and with buttons on the back; same shape and legs though) and coordinating velvet chair. We’re talking lime and avocado people. Bold. I love them but am having a hard time envisioning decorating the room around them. I wouldn’t have had the guts to go into a store and pay for the bold set we got for free (er, the price of renting a UHaul to cart it away) but I think they have so much character. Life is short. Have fun! As far as my set goes I still have to pick a wall color and figure out the curtains because at this point my brown stockholm curtains ( do not jive. Oh, and furnish and decorate the room. Pretty much starting from square 1 with crazy fun green furniture. I’ll try to remember to post a photo later.

  3. Lindsey @ A Pear to Remember says:

    I would not HESITATE on a colorful couch. Now… the hubby is a different story! We inherited very beautiful, very high-quality taupe sofas when we got married four years ago, but without wall color, our living room is quite monotone!

  4. Maybe so, but I believe the designers who put together the above rooms might disagree. ;) Who knows where we’ll end up. We’re just assessing all the options right now.

  5. Susan M says:

    No. I think I read or watched something where the person said, big, expensive furniture that you want to keep should be neutral, so you can change up the decor around it without being tied to a color you might now like or want 5 years from now. Go with exciting pillows, but keep the sofa neutral

  6. I think you should go for it! We really want a sectional for our living room (it would work perfectly for the space) so I would stay neutral with a piece that big, but for one couch against that dark wall, I think mustard would be amazing!

  7. Karlenn says:

    We have a deep purple couch in our living room and love it so, so much. Our walls are a mustard yellow, and the combo makes me so happy!! I’d say go for it.

  8. Emily Bufler says:

    I love colored sofas when done in the right way! All of the examples you chose look great! :-) Can’t wait to see what you guys go with. I am currently living with a couch I hate. It’s very comfortable, pretty, HUGE and gets lots of compliments (I know..what’s not to love?), but it’s WAY too big for our living room and I just feel like it’s sucking all the energy out of the space. I need to start squirreling away money for my couch fund. haha

  9. Jennifer says:

    You? Could totally pull it off. Go for the color! I have a green couch that I like ok, but now have problems trying to do any new decorating with it in the room. I feel like all new pillows, etc always have to look good with that color of green. But I think you should totally get a green couch so I can copy what you do :)

  10. Morgan {Style Oyster} says:

    As much as I love a colorful couch, I prefer to keep the larger items in the room in neutral colors. I tend to change my mind a lot and it’s definitely easier to redecorate or decorate for seasons when all you have to replace are the accents. But if I didn’t have any sort of budget when I redecorate, then I would surely go through colorful couch after colorful couch!

  11. Samantha Gollehon says:

    Would you mind sharing the top couches you are on the lookout for? I would love to see what you’re thinking!

  12. Julia F says:

    I would. I can’t say if I’d regret it..but we have a dark brown sofa from ikea and I am so bored with it! I like this sofa from graham and green in raspberry

  13. Nataley says:

    Oh I love them all. Mustard yellow is my favorite. What material would you get? The ones you posted look a kind of velvety, especially the green one. You have great taste- whatever you choose will look the bomb.
    ps- I love how opinionated your readers are!

  14. Yesterday’s post should resolve your confusion. But basically, we tried to make it work. It’s not working. The Klippan will surely tide us over for the next few months while we decide on a more permanent piece.

  15. Kelly Anne says:

    I’m confused — why did you purchase two new covers for the klippan if you’re replacing it?

  16. Rachel says:

    I love them all !!!!! Do it!!!!!

  17. You guys have a large cream/white sofa in your family room, why not go for a pop of color in the living room? I recently bought a leather Chesterfield for our loft and I LOVE the thing. It was an investment and yes it’s neutral but it’s large size packs a punch in the room and I’m so happy I waited to buy it :)

  18. melissa says:

    I prefer neutral in all the house, I prefer using colors in small things.
    Among your 5 colors, I love the blue, but I guess the yellow one will be great in your dark living room :-)
    since january I’m doing a huge renovation (from the foundation to the roof) of the house my boyfriend bought..and I have always knew I will have no money for the furniture. I have to do with the one I already have (the bed and some chairs, a table, a Poang, 2 cupboard and a bench). Now that I’m close to the end I wish I could sell everything except the bed, because it is sooooooo expensive….when I will have some money again I would like to have a KIVIK with a chaise in one side, and with 2 slip covers: white and dark grey ( I will buy both together with the couch! ;-).

  19. It was definitely an investment piece and we picked it up for $1000.00! You really couldn’t beat it and we love how it all comes together. Good luck on your hunt :)

  20. Oooo! That looks so good! We have been eyeing a leather sofa, too. Love to hear that you love it so much!

  21. linda says:

    If the goal is to buy an investment piece and keep it for a long time, go neutral so that you can change around the neutral. Most designers recommend this and I’ve found it to be true.

  22. We didn’t go for a bright color but fell in love with this rich, cognac-colored, leather sofa. And we got it for an unbelievable price! It adds warmth to the entire living room and a global touch! I have no idea how to post a photo on here but you can see it on my FB pge!!/photo.php?fbid=419113988132409&set=a.200739959969814.49080.199972046713272&type=3&theater

  23. Jenna S says:

    I’m not in love with the pink one either, but loving all the rest! I think the key is to make it blend with the decor, not stand out too much. I usually end up going with a safe option on big purchases tho, so I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  24. Yesss!!! P.s. That yellow number could totally be your living room. Right?! Squint. ;)

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We believe we should all love where we live.

We’re a couple of homebodies, working to uncover the home our home wants to be. And we’re so happy to have you here. 

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