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The Be All, End All of Cloud Wallpaper | One Room Challenge Week 3

If you’re just tuning in, we’re making over our nursery in 6 weeks as part of the One Room Challenge (check out the before here). It’s week 3, and just like last season when we participated, we’re doing it and sharing it in real time. Meaning, the progress you see, is right where we’re at. Last week, we left you with the addition of molding (and earlier this week, we shared how we painted it all). But this week, the wallpaper went up and everything changed. Initially, I had my eye on this cloud mural–which is gorgeous!–but since there was no repeat, it couldn’t be applied to more than one or two walls. For several days I tried to push it and think of ways that we could make it work, but in my gut I knew that a one-walled mural, especially above wainscoting, was not the look I was going…

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11 Whimsical and Sophisticated Wallpaper Designs (Perfect for Kid Rooms!)

Choosing the wallpaper for the girls’ room was no simple task. In fact, it was probably the thing I agonized over most. I ordered samples, I changed my mind, the room evolved, the placement of the wallpaper evolved. And then I found this Forest Floor wallpaper from Hygge & West and everything just kind of clicked–it was the one you could say. We received a comment from a dear reader last week asking: Hi Julia, At some point, can you talk about your decision to use such an “adult” looking wallpaper pattern? It really is beautiful with the black built ins – I’m guess I’m just wondering what led you to dark/luxe versus fresh/bright? Thanks! While I wouldn’t say this wallpaper is strictly “adult”, I do see how it could be perceived as more sophisticated and we’re never one to shy away from a dark wall, although I think dark can be equally…

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Wallpaper!! + $100 Ace Giveaway

We got the wallpaper in the entry up and it is dreamy and just what we hoped! It actually made the area look bigger (hard to portray in photos–you really must stop by) and so much more interesting. As a refresher, here’s how the entry looked last month. For our Ace Hardware project for October, they urged us to spruce up our entryway and we’ve been doing just that. We were able to get a new finish nailer to install our baseboards (finally) this month and had enough left over to get all the supplies we needed at our local store to hang the wallpaper. While I knew I wanted some accent or wallpaper on the far wall in the entry, I struggled finding a wallpaper that would suit it, and to be honest, to suit me too. Wallpaper is kind of personal like that. I wanted something smaller scale but…

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