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How to Repair or Patch a Wall + Our Go-To Tools for the Job

Our stairwell has been through a lot over the years. From gallery walls and then no frames, to a new railing and the elimination of a DIY baby gate that was attached to the wall, the scars and gashes the drywall has seen in this corner of our house have been too many to count! Not to mention, our slight orange peel textured walls definitely throws a curve ball in the mix when it comes to patching. But, recently, we finally got around to patching where the old railing attached to the wall (a deep hole!) and where the baby gate attached (minor) and wanted to take you through our fool-proof method. First, you’re going to need a few tools in your arsenal to get the job done right. After 8 years of doing this, we swear by: 1. Fibatape. If you have huge holes or deep gashes, this self-sticking tape is…

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