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100 year old home gets a 3 Day Kitchen Makeover for less than $5K!

Back in February, we went through more than 2600 applications that poured in over 48 hours for a makeover, sponsored by Lowe’s. It was our second time traveling anywhere in the country making over one of your spaces in a weekend, although this year was a little different. Last time we ended up on Long Island, transforming an entry/sitting area, but the stakes were a little higher this year as all of the entries were bathrooms and kitchens. The decision was not easy or quick, and included a lot of discussion around, “Could we really do this in 3 days?!” but we found ourselves enamored with a small, early 1900s kitchen in a Baltimore row house and knew that it was the perfect candidate for our weekend refresh. Over the weeks that followed, we spent hours upon hours designing the space, collecting measurements, picking out and ordering everything from Lowe’s and Skyping with the homeowners to try…

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Before and After Fireplace: From Squatty to Stacked Stone

Opportunities outside our home, to pay our time and sponsorships forward to our readers and friends are becoming more frequent and we couldn’t be more excited about that. In all actuality, it feels like we’ve been working on this blog thing for the past 7 years to get to a point where we could help other people with their spaces and it’s a really great job. It’s a dream job and we’re soaking every chance up. Our biggest project yet is coming up in two months on the other side of the country, but I’ve digressed. A couple months ago we were asked, along with a few other bloggers, by Angie’s List to makeover a fireplace. We had just finished making over our basement fireplace, (remember the one in the basement family room that we revamped for $100?), but fortunately, they were open to us making any fireplace as long as it stayed…

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Lowe’s Spring Makeover Afters: A Modern Lake House Entry/Sitting Room

When we first saw the Freeman’s application for the Lowe’s Spring Makeover, we were immediately drawn to it. Although dark and dated, it felt warm and charming and there was definitely evidence that they had already poured their own sweat into the adjacent dining and tv room even though they had just moved in a couple months prior. So we knew they were go-getters. They hinted that this house had significant meaning to them, but it wasn’t until we were in their home, knee-deep in the makeover, that we were really able to get to know them and their story and realize how truly inspired this modern lake house makeover was. I’ll get more into that in a minute, but here’s the space when we started. We arrived in Long Island late on Friday night, April 8th. We were originally hoping to stop in and at least take in the…

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