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100 year old home gets a 3 Day Kitchen Makeover for less than $5K!

Back in February, we went through more than 2600 applications that poured in over 48 hours for a makeover, sponsored by Lowe’s. It was our second time traveling anywhere in the country making over one of your spaces in a weekend, although this year was a little different. Last time we ended up on Long Island, transforming an entry/sitting area, but the stakes were a little higher this year as all of the entries were bathrooms and kitchens. The decision was not easy or quick, and included a lot of discussion around, “Could we really do this in 3 days?!” but we found ourselves enamored with a small, early 1900s kitchen in a Baltimore row house and knew that it was the perfect candidate for our weekend refresh. Over the weeks that followed, we spent hours upon hours designing the space, collecting measurements, picking out and ordering everything from Lowe’s and Skyping with the homeowners to try…

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5 BIG, Area Rugs for Cheap (And the one we chose for the Living Room!)

Lately, I’ve been talking (mostly on the podcast, I think) about changing up our living room rug. The truth is, I still love the big, blue beauty after 3 years, but I just feel the need for a change.  Something lighter? More neutral? After adding the planked accent wall, it has felt darker and heavier than I want for the main area of our home. Chris was on board for the change, but I’ve been hesitating because I don’t want to spend $$$ on a 10×14 rug–and I was convinced they were all so. much. money. Our current rug, the Indigo Baxter rug from Crate & Barrel, was $1500 and worth every penny. It’s plush and soft and after all these years, it’s still in phenomenal shape. Now, all the 10×14 rugs I was drawn to (including the one, I really really wanted) were closer to the $3000 range–which was just too much for us with two…

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Ep 17: No Money No Problems – Projects You Can Do Now, On The Cheap

Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 17: No Money No Problems – Projects You Can Do Now, On The Cheap Show Notes: Nearly every home owner who wants to renovate experiences that point where you simply don’t have the money to do the things you want. And sometimes, when the furnace, water heater and AC units all go out in the same year, you may not be left with any money at all. How do you still make progress? This episode is all about projects that can be done regardless of what your budget is. Even if you have no money to spend, there’s no need to sit and deal with a space that makes you cringe. Chris and Julia talk about projects they’ve seen done, as well as some they’ve done themselves, and how to make little improvements that can help you love your home now. CLJ posts mentioned: DIY…

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