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Behind the Scenes Video of the Baltimore Kitchen AND Ep 35: Why Your Neighbors Might Hate You and Give Me More, Baltimore

Thanks for all the love with yesterday’s big reveal of the Baltimore kitchen! Due to popular demand, I’ve added a very candid, behind the scenes video Jules took throughout the renovation to the bottom of this post. You’ll see how each day played out, which is nerve-wrecking to re-watch, how much fun our team had together and the end also shows the reveal to the homeowners. We’ve talked about it and talked about it, and now that it’s actually done, we’re going to talk about it even more in this week’s podcast episode. We share some behind-the-scenes tidbits, and explain how this “weekend refresh” turned into a full-fledged renovation. We’ll share details on where we saved, where we splurged, and how we got it all done in 3.5 days (including swollen ankles for Julia and a stretch of 40 hours no sleep for Chris). Julia also shares an “Ah-Hah” moment she experienced, concerning how most…

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100 year old home gets a 3 Day Kitchen Makeover for less than $5K!

Back in February, we went through more than 2600 applications that poured in over 48 hours for a makeover, sponsored by Lowe’s. It was our second time traveling anywhere in the country making over one of your spaces in a weekend, although this year was a little different. Last time we ended up on Long Island, transforming an entry/sitting area, but the stakes were a little higher this year as all of the entries were bathrooms and kitchens. The decision was not easy or quick, and included a lot of discussion around, “Could we really do this in 3 days?!” but we found ourselves enamored with a small, early 1900s kitchen in a Baltimore row house and knew that it was the perfect candidate for our weekend refresh. Over the weeks that followed, we spent hours upon hours designing the space, collecting measurements, picking out and ordering everything from Lowe’s and Skyping with the homeowners to try…

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To Baltimore, We Go!

It’s hard to believe we leave on THURSDAY for Baltimore to tackle this year’s Lowe’s Spring Makeover. We’ve been working double time behind the scenes to make sure everything has been ordered, delivered and designed for the kitchen we’ll be making over. There are still a few things we’ll have to figure out on location, but we have the most capable crew (our dream team!) helping us this year and it’s helping ease a lot of nerves and has us more excited than ever. We’ll fly in Thursday and fly home Monday, so this will be the quickest kitchen makeover we’ve ever done (our 4th in nearly 4 years!) and although it won’t be a full blown renovation, I think we’ll be able to fool ya into thinking it was. Chris is finalizing his minute-by-minute renovation timeline (as he does), but a few exciting things we have in the works include: new flooring, an…

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