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A Night In (On the deck!)

This special series is sponsored by Article. Once May hit and we were pretty sure the snow was over (#idaholife), we started working on pulling our furnishings out from storage and setting our deck up for the season. In addition to the planter boxes we recently built, we also added two of Article’s Sala white lounge chairs and their tall Grid basket in white (those leather handles–c’mon!) for easy-access blanket and pillow storage. From May until October, we live out here. We host parties and have dinner and lounge and play–it’s our main hub. In the spirit of A Night In, our ongoing quarterly series where we invite a handful of our favorite bloggers to share their home after the sun goes down (linked at the end of the post!), we wanted to share a few pictures from the first of many nights out this season. As the sun is just setting, Chris lights the fire and our…

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A Night In the Kitchen (Plus, our favorite gluten free dessert recipe)

This A Night In is sponsored by Anolon. Welcome to the second installment of A Night In where we rally a few of our favorite bloggers together to share a space in their home after that photogenic afternoon light goes down. It’s intimate. It’s real. And in my opinion, it’s incredibly cozy. Nothing is better than when the sun goes down and your home can start shining from the inside. This time, everyone is sharing their kitchens at night! Most of our readers know we like to entertain and have people over for dinner–a large reason why we installed two ranges side by side in here. We usually have people over for dinner 2-3 times a week, but recently, with all of the projects we’ve be undertaking, it’s been a difficult time commitment to swing. That hasn’t stopped us or our passion for welcoming friends inside our home. Our friends had the brilliant idea of having…

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A Night In

Today’s a big day, er night, on the blog. For years, I have felt there was a void in the home blogging world of photos and details of our spaces at night. You’ve seen bright, airy kitchens and light pouring into our bedrooms. We set our watches to photograph a room around the sun, and then we brighten them more. But, we live and love our homes even when the sun goes down. Sometimes, ESPECIALLY when the sun goes down (the kids are in bed, streets are quiet, snacks are had). And that representation has been sorely missed until now. Earlier this summer, I pitched the idea to my friend Kim of Yellow Brick Home to see if she would help me start up a new quarterly series where we, and a few of the best home bloggers share their spaces and rituals at night. Rejuvenation jumped on as a sponsor, we…

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