CLJ Gift Guides: 31 Affordable Stocking Stuffers for Everyone!

We have more gift guides for you today! Starting with these stocking ideas and later today, we’ll be sharing gifts for the home cook. Growing up, our stockings usually consisted of an orange in the toe, candy and some fruity shampoo–a luxury to have your own shampoo for a little while in a family of five girls. But since marrying Chris, the stocking game has changed a bit. There are actual bonus presents in there! One year, Chris got me 30 different kinds of chapsticks. Every kind imaginable. They filled my entire stocking and it was one of the best gifts he could have given me. Not only am I always losing my lip balm, but I got to try every kind under the sun. However, for us, we keep stocking gifts small enough to fit in the stocking (obviously) and inexpensive, too. All are under $30, but most are…

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A Simple, Little Gadget that Changed our Lives + A simplehuman giveaway!

This post is sponsored by simplehuman. Chris has always been hyper-aware of cross-contamination in the kitchen. He wears gloves when handling raw meat. We have a touch faucet so he can turn on the water–with his elbow!–and we now have a sensor soap dispenser from simplehuman. (We love it so much, at the end of the post we’re giving one away!)   While Chris does the cooking around here, I can’t tell you how many times the girls or I have been covered in stickiness or germs from school or paint or some other crafty mess that got transferred onto the soap dispenser to live until it was sanitized. Or how many times Chris has said, “Jules, can you squirt some soap in my hands” after handling raw chicken. A hands-free soap dispenser makes so. much. sense. I love the sleek, but discreet dispenser–it fits so well next to the sink and…

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A Quick Turnaround Project!: The Guest Room Plans

In this week’s podcast (live now, right here!) we talk a little bit about some upcoming projects we’re gearing up to tackle, including the guest room. Our previous guest room, that is now the girls’ bunk room, was thrown together in 2 weeks before my sister came to stay with us. It served us well for 3 years before transforming into what it is today. Before: Then: Now: Since wrapping up the One Room Challenge, we moved the army blanket wrapped bed into Greta’s old room (I’ll snap a picture as soon as the sun comes up!) and donated the nightstands and lamps to a family that needed them thinking I would have plenty of time to find something else before our guests started rolling in for the holidays. But here we are, 2 weeks prior to welcoming family from out of town and our current guest room situation stands wanting….

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Ep 26: Buying Houses That Aren’t For Sale, and Babies On Airplanes

Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 26: Buying Houses That Aren’t For Sale, and Babies On Airplanes Show Notes:In this episode the gang reunites after three long weeks apart because of the holidays and vacations. Julia discusses her trials and tribulations in a birthday glass blowing class and The Marcums give their top tips for flying with children. Our reader question leads us into a debate on buying houses that aren’t for sale and then we break down the 12 worst Christmas gifts that you should never ever buy for anyone. Please leave a rating and review for the podcast! Theme song Headphones by Preston Pugmire How to Listen (iPhone): 1. Tap the podcast app on your phone. The icon for it looks like this: 2. Search for “Chris Loves Julia” in the search bar and tap on the podcast title, which is “The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/Preston Pugmire” 3. On…

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