How to Build a Tiered Garden Planter Box

How to Build a Tiered Garden Bed

This Spring has been such a tease. Every time it felt like we were turning a corner, BOOM, more snow. Or just cold rain. And don’t get me wrong, we live in a major potato farming community (classic Idaho, amirite?) and I’m happy that the farmers will have plenty of water this year, but sometimes I just need to see that sun and feel its warmth on my skin! Which I guess is when you take a trip to Hawaii. But! This past week has been exquisite. A little rain here and there but mostly sunny, warm, and perfect for buildin’ stuff! And what better Spring project is there than making some planter boxes? Some of our long, long time readers may recall our planter boxes from our last house. They were great and all, but they also were going to take up a large portion of the yard and an even larger…

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Ep 37: Peeling Back the Curtain on the One Room Challenge™

Chris Loves Julia - Nursery

20 featured bloggers, 200-ish participating bloggers, six weeks. The One Room Challenge is now in its 11th season and Julia and Chris are part of it. We’re talking details about how The One Room Challenge works, how bloggers are chosen, how they feel about being involved and what they get out of it. Chris and Julia also talk candidly about free stuff from sponsors and how they decide what to accept, what to pay for, and how most projects end up a featuring things from both categories (provided/purchased). Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. This Episode is Sponsored by: Blue Apron Get your first 3 meals free. Visit and use code CLJ   Listener Question: Would you be doing another nursery if it weren’t for the ORC, and if so, would it be as extreme?  • The individualized importance of home design • Last child, last nursery • Helping our (currently) youngest daughter no longer…

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3 Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Make Her Cry

Mother’s Day is on Sunday (!!) and when I was compiling this year’s gift guide, I thought of all the mothers in my life; my own mom, my mother in law, my sisters, my friends, other mother figures–and in thinking of them, I knew I wanted to really focus on ideas, with gifts linked below each one to help you execute those ideas. Because really, there are three things I long for as a mother of (almost) three. BREAKFAST IN BED Eating breakfast in bed means so much more than eating food in bed. It means that someone who loves you got up early and quietly, took care of the kids and you SLEPT long enough, and without anyone climbing up on you when you were sleeping, for them to make you an entire breakfast–IN BED! It’s glorious and best served with a homemade card from the kids. *We have this lap…

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The Guide to Everything We Did Babymooning in Maui!

We got back from our babymoon Wednesday evening, so in lieu of our normal Casual Friday post, I wanted to share a little bit about how we spent our 4.5 days in beautiful Maui (the other two days were mostly traveling). This isn’t an expert’s guide–we were first timers!–but I did want to make it thorough for anyone else traveling that way! We took a lot of suggestions and had the most amazing trip, even when it rained. There were also things that we would have done differently, so I wanted to include that, too! We stayed at the Westin Resort & Spa in Kaanapali. It was gorgeous! We saved a good chunk of money by booking our hotel stay, airfare, and rental car through the Westin’s website.  One thing we would have done differently is divide our trip into two, staying where we did for a couple nights and somewhere south, probably…

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