2017: The Good, The Bad, Would We Do It Again

CLJ Tile Floors

Every year we like to revisit a few things in our home – things that we get asked about a lot – and talk about how we feel about them day-to-day. We think it’s a good way to hopefully answer some questions for our readers and keep things real for all of us. So let’s kick it off with one of our more well-known pieces. Living Room Coffee Table The Good: We loved the look of this coffee table, and the construction of it is very sturdy and heavy. It’s a classy piece of furniture that would work well with several types of design. The Bad: Scratches. The  metal top is very scratched up from our girls sliding things across it over the past fifteen months. People without kids may have better luck with it, but the finish was not meant for our home. Would We Do It Again: Probably not. It’s been great, but…

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Ep 32: White Paint Isn’t White, and You’re Super Unorganized

Episode Sponsored by Thomas Avenue Ceramics If you need tile for any project in your home, use Code CLJ to receive 20% off any order at www.thomasavenueceramics.com/CLJ.  Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 32: White Paint Isn’t White, and You’re Super Unorganized Show Notes: The gang listens to Julia crack eggs of knowledge all over our heads about how to choose a white paint and make it work for different lighting situations and different rooms. And also how to make white paint work with ivory paint in the same room. Chris and Julia school Preston on organization and give tips on how to clean up that one area of your house that just cant seem to stay clean. Plus, brace yourself for the debut of the hit song “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” by Julia’s childhood pop group with her sisters, Flower Power. Affiliate Links: Metal Framed Oversized Round Mirror Baby Blue…

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Bathroom Reno 101: Vents & Drains

Bathroom Reno 101: Reconfiguration

Quick Note About Permitting: Permit laws vary from state to state, and sometimes town to town. Before starting any renovation, always check with your local permitting office to discuss your plans and they can give you guidance on whether or not your plans require a permit, what you need to do to obtain one, and how the inspection process will work. Permits may seem like a pain, but they help protect you and the future owners of your home from well-meaning but potentially damaging and dangerous reconfigurations. We’re big proponents of responsible DIY, and encourage every homeowner to look at their local permitting office as a resource for information, not an obstacle in the way of their progress.  One of the most freeing things, when it comes to renovating your home, is realizing that your home doesn’t have to stay the way it was built – even the things that seem to…

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Living Room Refresh, and A Lighting Hack!

Shortly after we added the darker plank wall to the living room, I started craving something lighter on the floor. Although we still really LOVE our indigo Baxter rug, we rolled it up and put it in storage for now (maybe it will be a fall/winter thing? We’ll see.) and unrolled this beautiful, moroccan-inspired, budget-friendly rug out. You can a lot of different places, but we ordered the 10×14 size right here. For the price, we are all beyond impressed with the quality. It feels soft and cushy underfoot–soft enough to for the kids to roll around and play on–even though it’s a synthetic material. We’re using a standard waffle-like rug pad underneath (the same one we had before), but if you wanted even more cushion, you could definitely add a rug pad designed to do so. We also did a little rearranging. We moved the full-length mirror that has bounced between our bedroom and…

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