"Aye, but we’re loved by our mommies and dads"

…That. And the patch. That’s all I have in common with a Pirate’s life. What a joke. I can’t believe I have Bell’s Palsy. I woke up on Wednesday morning and struggled to put on my eye shadow before realizing the struggle stemmed from the inability to shut my eye. Within an hour, the discovery of the paralysis of the right side of my face was sinking in. I couldn’t eat or drink. I couldn’t taste. I couldn’t smile or blink. My eyebrow was drooping. Chris looked up some stuff on WebMD and took me to the ER. They suspected Bell’s Palsy but had to rule out a stroke and some other things with a CT Scan and MRI. It was a long day. Around 3:30 pm they gave us the diagnosis and could tell us very little more. No one really knows why you get it. No one really…

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Target, Triage, Chili’s and The Real Thing.

I decided to browse Target that Friday because the weather was too cold and windy for my usual walk outside. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend a dime–I was just there for my walk and I was just walking to help this baby come out. Still, I found myself in the baby section. I had stopped walking and was now looking intently at swaddlers and clearance clothes and hair bows. I was distracted. When I did start walking again, I felt a weird feeling in my tailbone. It felt like something was grinding up against it and popping. It was so uncomfortable. I abandoned my “walk” and headed for the car. When Chris got home we went to Best Buy to look at TVs and the grinding was getting worse. I stepped outside to call my doctor’s office. They said to go to Labor and Delivery because that’s where the…

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Our baby girl.

She’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally here. She’s healthy, tired and the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. We instantly fell in love with her and are so grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed us to raise this precious little girl. Welcome to the family, Greta. We’re gonna have fun!

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Be Mine…9 days early?

I’m a relatively private person. I haven’t shared too much about my pregnancy because I am afraid if I start talking about it, I wouldn’t be able to stop: referred to as “Word Vomit.” So, I will leave it as this: I am crampy and moody. I am sore and contracting. I eat spicy food and take hot baths and will stroll around the temple for an hour a day just to meet this baby sooner. I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and 9 days away seems too far.

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