Our shopping spree, brought to you by…you.

Once, when I was about 13 years old, I called into a radio station to see who sang a song I had heard.   The guy immediately congratulated me for being caller number 10, told me that my Samantha Mumba cd and a t-shirt was in the mail and hung up just as quickly.  It was the first and ONLY time I had won anything.  I have held onto that–even if I didn’t know who Samantha Mumba was.  Now, there is no mistake.  We have won something huge.  RC Willey rewarded us a $1500 gift card for being inspired by our dining room set–and then for 342 of our friends voting for us and our inspiration entry.  We are still in shock.   They told us that they wanted a picture of us to put on their website.  No picture would be complete without Greta trying to eat something, so we thought…

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The Last day of Summer

It felt like time rewinded itself last night.  If I didn’t get Chris John Mayer concert tickets for Father’s Day, I would have almost believed that we were still dating.  Almost.  All day I worried about leaving Greta.  At the last minute we decided to bathe her and do her whole nighttime routine an hour earlier.  It worked.  Greta was sound asleep by 5:15pm and Matt came over to keep the house company.  We hadn’t done anything like this since Greta came a long. Traffic was bad. I was glad Brandon and Stephanie were on pilot/co-piolet duty because traffic makes me incredibly anxious.  There were still times that I ducked behind Brandon’s seat and held on very tight. Last Sunday, I deemed myself a “Safe-seeker” (as opposed to a thrill-seeker) and I am living up to my title. We got to the amphitheater just as Owl City began playing.  We…

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Letting go.

It’s lunchtime.  I always feed Greta 4 oz of baby food for lunch.  2 oz of fruit and 2 oz of vegetables.  Once that is out of the way, the fun begins.  I toast some bread and break it up for her and slice some peaches and spread them out over her tray.  This will keep her occupied for at least a half hour.  And, funny, it keeps me entertained, too.  She is getting good at grabbing the food but she still hasn’t learned to let go once it is in her mouth.  She ends up with a whole fist in her mouth trying to hold onto a piece of food she is now swallowing and babbling the whole time.  Incredibly cute.

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We’re Under Contract!!!

I never thought a house could break your heart.  A couple houses have.  I was picking out a very contemporary wallpaper for the kitchen in Spanish Fork and drinking ice water while watching Chris cook in the professional kitchen that the Mapleton house came equipped with.  Both houses dumped us before either of those fantasies came true.  And then there was the Orem house.  The one I didn’t even want to get excited about because I didn’t want to let it break my heart, too.  Turns out–it loves us back and wants us to be its family.  We are under contract.  It’s perfect.  Really.  For us, it is so much better than all of the other  guys  houses that broke our heart.  It has 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms and 1400 square feet.   “Pics?” you say.  I’ll give you what I have…only what was online: not the greatest, but…

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