It was a long weekend with very little sleep.  Greta was not herself.  She screamed and cried and I felt so sad for her (to the point of crying myself) and Chris and I both felt very tired.  It all climaxed Saturday night where she slept less than 4 hours.  Sunday, we all stayed in and by the end of the day, Greta’s face was looking back to normal.  And last night she slept the whole night without a peep.  Chris and I both felt soooooo great in the morning.  So rested and so happy that Greta finally got some sleep.  The mood changed slightly when we saw Greta’s face this morning… Her left side looks better But now her RIGHT eye is drooping I already called the doctor and I am waiting for a call back to see what they want to do.  Poor little girl.

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Pray for our little girl

This morning when Greta woke up, her left eye looked a little droopy.  I immediately called her doctor and they wanted to see her right away.  She was still being her smiley self, but by the time we got to the doctor, her smile was pretty lop-sided.  My heart was breaking.  The first doctor she saw was very intrigued and puzzled.  I told her about my experience with Bell’s palsy.  She left and said she needed to look some things up. She came back with a second doctor and both looked at Greta for a long time.  They said that really, the best case scenario is Bell’s Palsy.  Although it is rare for a 7 month old to get Bell’s Palsy, it happens–and fortunately it shouldn’t last long.  I pretty much broke into tears because that was such a hard thing to go through and I didn’t want my baby…

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7 months

I can’t believe Greta is 7 months old.  I can’t believe she is ONLY 7 months old (sometimes–especially right now).  We took a trip to Rexburg this past weekend to see my not-so-little nephew, Kole, be blessed.  On the way, Chris and I talked a lot about how far we have come since last year.  We were both stunned that a year ago, Greta wasn’t even in our lives yet.  In fact, I was still a miserably sick, pregnant woman.  I am so grateful we are where we are now; 7 months is a fun age.  Most of the time.  1.  Greta is so smiley.  Her newest thing is smiling so big that her lips don’t even touch her gums.  She scrunches up her nose and giggles.  Especially when you “scare” her.  I don’t laugh when I am scared, but I do scrunch my nose when I smile big.  At…

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