Food for Thought

Often times I get asked what I have craved so far. I have never understood “cravings.” I’m in my 27th week of pregnancy and so far I haven’t been one of those women that HAVE to have something very specific to eat right now. I mean RIGHT now. Cutie pie, Chris, has made no trips to the grocery store or the fridge in the middle of night. That being said, there are a few foods that have been on my mind and do make life a little happier when I do get to eat them. I guess you could call them my “cravings”: Over-medium eggs and toast.Vlasic bread and butter picklesOranges, or even better CutiesSharp cheddar cheeseChicken nuggets with sweet and sour saucePizza Pizza Pizza… alwaysA cold, crisp appleCold water with lots of icePeanut butterCerealKraft Mac n’ Cheese–The CheesiestVanilla Bean ice creamA hamburgerRamirez Burrito CaliforniaMy mom’s spaghettiChili’s queso dip and…

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All in one month (October) Chris applied for a job, interviewed for it and got it. Whoa. I know. Official start date being November 4th left us all of ONE DAY to find a place to live. It took 10 hours and lots of disappointments (now funny stories) to find our new place, but it was worth it. We are current residents of Pleasant Grove, UT, living in a basement apartment that we can see ourselves calling home for quite some time. I’ll give you the tour: This is our living room. We have a sectional that we just couldn’t make work, so we had to separate it. Thanks to a few minds and good ideas we made this space work. COZY! Our bathroom. I really love the deep sink. And the water pressure in the shower. Also, the place has SOFT water. Heavenly. This is the second bedroom/office for…

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Cruisin’ To Mexico

Our vacation was just beginning. We were so excited to spend a whole week away from the world. Just us. This was the very first picture we took. Getting on the cruise took some time, but once we got on and unpacked our things–we explored the whole ship (or tried to)… that thing was huge. It was only a year old one of Carnival’s biggest cruiselines. I suggested we go to the tour that they were giving so that we would feel more comfortable with where things were, Chris opposed, but gave in anyway. We stayed for five minutes and left because it was a waste of time. And wouldn’t you know it, we found our way just fine. The first night (and most nights) we had dinner in the dining room. “The Gold Pearl.” We were table 544. I thought for sure we would be sitting with several other…

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Chris’s To-Do List- July 9th, 2009: 1- Do paperwork at work for 30 minutes- spend the remaining 11 hrs and 30 minutes staring at the wall, driving around town giving stuff to businesses and playing dominoes.2- Get yelled at by old man because he can’t figure out how to save a new contact on his phone.3- Have lady come change the air freshener because our store smells like a mix between Bajio and a moldy washcloth.4- Browse Craigslist. Giggle at the funny personal ads. 5- Go with Jules to the doctor. See the first ultrasound of our little baby. :D6- Return to work. Walk in and feel like I’ve been punched in the face because the air freshener is so strong. Happens every month.7- Stare out the front window after 2 hours of having no customers.8- Play a round of lemonade world against Bryce. Lose miserably.9- Have lunch with Camp-Sauce….

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