Sick Day

Nothing cures sickness better than a good night’s sleep.  I went to bed last night not feeling very well.  Greta moaned all night.  I was awake listening to her, just waiting for her moans to turn into cries and they did around 4.  I went in to the nursery to comfort her and feed her and rock her back to sleep.  She moaned some more.  Moaning turned into crying again around 7.  I was up again feeling worse that I did 9 hours prior.  Now not only was my stomach hurting, I was exhausted.  My cure-all night’s sleep failed.  Unfortunately, Greta didn’t get her sleep in either.  She hasn’t been doing so well since getting her shots.  Lucky for both of us, we have a man to take care of us.  Chris worked from home and held Greta for hours while I rested.  *Sigh*  We love him.  Greta got some…

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2 months

Greta turned two months last week, but had her appointment today.  It was very obvious to us that she is a growing girl…but here is the breakdown. Length: 24.75 inches 97% Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz 90% Head Circ: 15.1 in She got her shots.  I felt horrible.  I have been nervous for days.  I could barely look her in the eyes because she had no idea what was coming and I knew but couldn’t tell her.  She cried, of course.  But calmed down when I picked her up–that made me feel like a real mom.

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It’s uncanny. IT’S UNCANNY

Everywhere I go, I get comments about how much Greta and I look alike. Last night, she was sitting on Chris’s lap and the resemblance was astounding in my opinion. Also last night, during “tummy time” she rolled from her stomach to her back. Where was the video camera during THAT? We screamed and sang her praises for a solid three minutes.

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Sister Bradley-Marcum-Mom

Two years ago at this time, I was on a mission. In fact, I didn’t get home from my mission until July of 2008. On the way home last night from a big Marcum family Easter dinner (fabulous), Chris and I were talking about how much life has changed. I am sure most new parents have this conversation. In the last not-quite-two-years, I got home from my mission. Got married. We have moved three times. We finished up school and finished up Rexburg. My husband has a career…we live in Utah…we have a BABY. She’s almost two months old. This is life. My life is happening. My mind needs to catch up with my life. Some weeks I still feel entitled to a P-day and moms don’t get preparation days. I have the best life. I truly believe that. Greta is such a good girl. She is sleeping so well…

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