Greta’s blessing

 We had a lot of family come and support us as Greta received a name and a blessing at church.  She is such a special girl and was so wonderfully behaved yesterday.  Hearing Chris bless our daughter was a very spiritual experience.  I won’t go into detail because of the sacredness, but I cried…and I rarely cry.  I feel so blessed to have a husband that honors his priesthood and a daughter that brings such a spirit into our home.  I am overjoyed to have them for eternity. Of course, we partied afterward.  Yesterday, there were 39 people in our apartment feasting on a nacho and salad bar in Greta’s honor.  She had milk–but that’s what she likes.

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Nuk it

I remember when the nurses at the hospital asked if they could give Greta a pacifier while she was in the nursery. “Uhh, sure?,” I replied. I was really so UNsure.  In the following weeks and even now I wonder, “Did they ever REALLY succeed in giving her a binky?” Greta and a pacifier just did not go together for the first 7-8 weeks of life. She would have nothing to do with it. There was no (pardon me) “nipple confusion” whatsoever. If she would cry, we would attempt to pop a Nuk in her and she would cry harder…and then it changed. Suddenly and drastically. We didn’t realize how important that pacifier was to Grits (One of her many nicknames) until we forgot it on a grocery shopping trip. After realizing on the way to Super Walmart that I had forgotten her binky, Chris suggested we turn around. “Nah,”…

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Pennies for my thoughts.

Did you know that baby shoes cost the same as adult shoes?  That doesn’t make sense.  Greta is gettting blessed this upcoming Sunday, May 2nd.  We have been looking for little white shoes for her to wear.  Either the shoe store doesn’t have infant shoes or they are the same price as a pair of my shoes and I can’t swallow that.  In my opinion, Greta’s shoes should cost maybe $5.  I finally found a pair at Payless.  They were $12.99.  Overpriced but cute.  I have had another thought for quite some time. I think it would be cool if food cost the same as the amount of calories it had.  I think it would make it a lot easier for people to eat healthier.  Like if a burger had 700 calories…it would cost $7.00 and the 270 calorie salad would only cost $2.70–I’ll take the salad.  At the grocery store, the…

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