the recap

2009… that was a big year. Thinking about where we were a year ago, versus where we are now, it’s hard to recognize that we’re living the same life now that we were then. Let’s do a quick synopsis of the events this past year brought. Here we go in 3…2…1… · Jules was pregnant · house-sat for Marcum grandparents · started final year of school · picked names for the baby · saw each other approximately 2 hours a day and Sundays · had first argument over who knows what · bought Jules flowers and did dishes (crisis averted) · mysterious infection in Jules’ foot · prescribed baby-killing drugs by inexperienced physician (never took them, threw away) · Jules put on I.V. at home-missed lots of school · I burned vacation time skipping work · infection went away · went to Red Robin together for the first time, after…

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A Christmas Countdown

Remember when candy was life? It didn’t matter what kind or what time of day it was. I remember receiving an advent calendar from my uncle, Victor, when I was little. Every day in December I got to open a little window and devour the chocolate behind it. This cute little calendar was given to us at the beginning of December and I took this picture today. I am pretty good at waiting until the date arrives when I get to rip the snickers off or tootsie roll. But other than that, it’s become more of a candy dish that hangs on our wall…from the looks of it, the mints, rolos and hershey kisses will probably stay in the “dish” long after Christmas.

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Positively Embarrassing

In June, I wasn’t feeling well. Chris was convinced I was pregnant. I was in denial and brushed it off to a bug of some sorts. Then finally, one morning, I woke up thinking, “Oh my, he might be right.” It was 6:15 am and I HAD to go get a pregnancy test. Granted, they offer them for free at the OBGYN I was working for, but I didn’t want everyone to know the results. I got dressed and drove to Walgreens. They didn’t open until 8!? That seemed kinda late to me. Discouraged, I drove the distance to WalMart. The automatic doors didn’t open, but there were tons of people inside. I took initiative and pryed the doors open and walked quickly back to get a pregnancy test. They were renovating and everything was moved around. I didn’t want to ask where the prego tests were so I just…

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