The offer is in.

We put an offer in on this 2062 sq ft twin home in Spanish Fork.  It has everything on our wishlist.  Gated community Huge kitchen Dining room Walk in closet in master Gorgeous master bath with a deep tub and His/Her vanities Backyard  2 car garage An unfinished basement already framed for room to grow  ^^(this is not me making an announcement) We are supposed to hear by Tuesday.  Stay tuned…and try not to squeal.

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Venting Start.

Today seemed like a hard day.  It started off decent.  I worked out and showered before Greta got up for the day.  My visiting teacher came over and we had a good chat and then it started going downhill.  Greta has become more mobile.  She can get around a room.  She rolls and scooches her knees under her and then pushes off and can move forward (it’s fun to watch).  The only unfortunate thing is she is still spitting up a lot!  She spit up all over the place.  I was so frustrated.  I picked her up and she spit up all over me.  I clean everything up and she does it again.  This happened three times over.  I try to just put her in her bouncy chair and she starts whining because she really wants to move around–I am covered in the worst kind of spit up–Peas spit up….

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Ralph Lauren models can’t be stopped.

Mom and Dad Marcum We just got back home from another trip to Rexburg.  This one caught us by surprise.  Chris’s dad had a kind of pre-heart attack this week and had to have bypass surgery.  Quadruple bypass turned into five bypasses.  The whole family gathered together.  We fasted and prayed.  There was a game of Phase 10,  swapping of favorite YouTube videos and watching Greta roll all over the surgical waiting room, all to pass the time.  After many, many hours–the surgery was complete and successful.  I think everyone let out a sigh of relief and thankfulness.  It was so touching to see all of Chris’s brothers and his sister there.  In a day’s notice, they were all there.  That’s what a family is all about.  “Dad” was moved from the ICU today, but will be in the hospital a few more days.   It will be a long…

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