Part-time Job

I have been looking for a part-time job.  I just want something that will give me enough income that I can go out and buy a couple gallons of paint, or a shelf, or decor at IKEA without touching out budget.  Ya know, fixer-upper moolah.  The whole process has been a headache and now has become comical.  Finding a job that I can do that won’t interfere with Greta-time or husband-time is near impossible.  I have been scammed twice (totally bummed) and some folks on Craigslist aren’t making it any easier. Take this guy for instance: Disabled writer seeks assistant for light gardening, housework, and the occasional minor repair. Sometimes I’ll need you to lift or move something heavy, or something that’s light to you but heavy to me. I’ll provide tools and instructions, you provide the functioning spine. If you are an organizational genius, there will be office work…

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Almost here.

Those bottom two teeth that you can barely see, have been a looonnngg time coming.  Long nights with no sleep.  Long days with minimal to no naps.  Long hours of chewing on frozen bananas, and peaches and apple juice ice cubes.  I can’t wait for them to be all the way in and to start the process all over again.  Please tell me the other teeth aren’t as painful. p.s. Doesn’t she look so big in this picture!?  What happened to my little baby girl?

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Date Night

Growing up, I felt like nothing made my dad happier than going to Home Depot.  Sometimes my mom would compromise, they would spend some time at Kohls and then head over to Home Depot for bonus fun.  I never really understood what was so great about going there…until now.  Chris and I spent over an hour there tonight for our date.  We didn’t buy anything, but we dreamed about a whole lot!  The focus tonight was a ceiling fan for our future kitchen and choosing paint colors.  We also found ourselves in the flooring aisle, looking at counters and even toilets–and it was FUN!  We were pleasantly surprised about how affordable everything was and that made us even more excited for future fix-ups and DIYs.  Like I said, we didn’t spend a dime tonight, but we did leave the store with a handful of paint samples and a Glidden Interior…

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RIP Sectional

The guy was picking up the couch late last night.  Chris was seriously pouting.  Maybe even some tears.  So I tried to cheer him up.  And then we both just started pouting. (My pout is lacking) And then it was time. Gone forever. And, suddenly, I was smiling again. s h o p p i n g (for this number) TONIGHT! …just call us sectional junkies.

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