That’s a Wrap on Guest Room 2.0

Our guest room is finished! We’re excited to show you a bunch of photos today and I’ve linked all the sources at the very bottom of the post for you, too. This was a pretty simple, straightforward makeover with just paint and some new furnishings and accessories mixed in with a few things we already had. We needed to finish before our families arrived for the holiday and we were thrilled we got all the main elements in place before our guests arrived and put the finishing touches (I finally found the perfect curtains!) in place just last week. You might remember this room used be Greta’s old room (the before from when we moved in is below) until we finished the bunk room in the next room over last fall, which used to be the guest room. Essentially, the rooms have now officially swapped and all is well in the house again. The bed…

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Ep 28: RIP Home Blogging, and Your House Looks Cheap

Ep 28: RIP Home Blogging, and Your House Looks Cheap

Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 28: RIP Home Blogging, and Your House Looks Cheap Hot Topic: Is Home/DIY Blogging Dead? Show Notes: We start with a recap of the year and Julia gives great advice for patching walls and painting over the patches. We discuss DIY blogs compared to other styles of blogs and see why some people think its a dying forum. Then we play a game about the top 5 ways to make your home look CHEAP.  Julia admits that her house is currently in violation of one of the rules. We close it out with a new segment, “Stuck In Your Head,” where we each say one thing that has been on our minds this week DIY related or not. Products Discussed:Red Devil Onetime Patch & Prime Please leave a rating and review for the podcast! Theme song Headphones by Preston Pugmire How to Listen (iPhone): 1….

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Casual Friday

All the schools have been cancelled in the area the past two days (except the University) because of extreme cold weather. -25 to be exact. Greta was thrilled, even if she only started school again after the break on Tuesday! Ha! I still had a doctor’s appointment to go to and the inside of the door at the office was complete ice. It’s freezing here. Like, so, so ridiculously cold you can’t touch the steering wheel or front door handle without a glove on. We’ve taken the forced hibernation as an opportunity to get started cleaning out our storage room. We emptied everything out of the room and organized it into three gigantic piles of keep, toss and donate. Happily, the keep pile is the smallest. It already feels like a huge victory and we’re just getting started. More fun things this week! • We were named one of Domino’s top 10 best decorating blogs…

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5 Tips for Keeping Area Rugs EXACTLY Where You Want Them.

A few months ago, we layered a really gorgeous vintage rug (from here) on top of our FLOR tiles in our entry. While we loved the character it added, and the extra layer of dirt camouflage, we struggled with it constantly bunching and moving around on top of the FLOR carpet squares. Often resulting in a look more like this: I ended up rolling it up for our big Halloween party so it didn’t become a hazard, but I was determined to keep it in place without excessive straightening every afternoon. Whether you’re layering area rugs, or putting an area rug over wall-to-wall carpet, or just laying an area rug over hard flooring, here are the top 5 tips and methods for keeping them exactly where you want them. 1. Rug pad The most obvious is a rug pad. We have them under every area rug in our home to help them last longer…

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