Casual Friday

Many of you have noticed things have been different around here for awhile. We’re still getting multiple emails and questions every day wondering when our post schedule is going to get back to its normal Monday-Friday. First, we couldn’t be more grateful that we have such a strong and loyal readership that we get to share our renovation story with almost daily. Thank you. That being said, I hope our announcement on Monday helped make some sense of that. We’re excited, and we wanted this so so badly, but like my other pregnancies, it’s not easy for me or my body or my family.  I’m very sick, and often times, any sort of screen (especially a scrolling screen like my phone) makes it a lot worse. I’m on an anti-nausea regimen and working closely with my doctor so that I can gain weight in hopes my nerves don’t go into shock again–I have a history…

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How we finally got our Storage Room Organized!

How to build high-capacity storage shelves

When we bought our home, one of the things we were most excited about was the storage room. It was lined on either side with shelves and we had never had a room dedicated to storage before. What a great thing to have! Fast forward to moving day and the issue became very obvious. Though the room had lots of shelves, they were only about 10 inches deep and 12 inches high. This puts a pretty tight limit on the things you can store on the shelves, and everything else ends up stacked on the floor in the middle of the room. “Stacked” is a bit generous. More like tossed. But with some planning and basic construction know-how, we’ve turned the above, into this. We’re sharing the full tutorial on how we built the shelves on today (right here!) but wanted to give some more back story here, too….

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Ep 30: Why Is Beyoncé Always Trying To One-Up Us?!?!

The day Faye was born

Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Title: Ep 30: Why Is Beyoncé Always Trying To One-Up Us?!?! Show Notes: Chris and Julia are having another baby! This is the conversations about family episode. Next week we will bring you the DIY and Home design elements once again. Yes thats next week, you won’t have to wait two weeks for an episode! On this episode, we talk about how they found out, how they told their family, and what they are NOT going to name this child. Then we play a game about the best foods to eat when you are pregnant. Cheers! Affiliate Links: Preston’s Headphones Julia’s Favorite Board Game Please leave a rating and review for the podcast! Theme song Headphones by Preston Pugmire How to Listen (iPhone): 1. Tap the podcast app on your phone. The icon for it looks like this: 2. Search for “Chris Loves Julia” in the search…

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The BIG Plans for Faye’s Nursery

I made the large letter art for Faye’s nursery (easiest, cheap tutorial right here) shortly before she was born and it’s been such a defining part of her room. But this weekend, we took it down to make room for something new… EEeee! We’re spilling a few more details including how long it took us this time, how I told Chris, and even talking baby names in this week’s podcast.   Ps. After a lot of questions, my jeans are these (I have them in 2 washes and I want more!) and my top is from here. 

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