Chris Loves Julia, the blog, unofficially (officially?) started back in 2009 as a platform for me (Julia) to write and share photos and stories with family members and close friends.  In April 2011, when Chris and I bought our first home, a fixer upper, the real fun/work/blog began. We started filling our evenings working on our house and now we blog 3-5 days a week about the happs around here–home decor, design, diy projects with recipes from Chris (our resident food guy–I’m so spoiled), too. In 2013, we bought our second home and have been packing in the projects, sharing daily details of our DIY feats and failures (we’re still learning here), all with our girls Greta and Faye rootin’ us on.

Chris and Julia, the couple, became official back in 2008 (you can read about that here) and we welcomed our girls, Greta-the-great in 2010, a large Saint Pyraneese named Charly in 2013 and Faye in 2014. Chris is the bread-winner and maker.  With a minor in culinary arts under his belt, he’ll cook your socks off for dinner–but utilizes his marketing degree by day. I am a color and design enthusiast who studied art in college and when I am not renovating or painting a wall (or blogging about it) I am working away on a canvas, keeping my Etsy shop stocked (kinda) and sending commissions out weekly.

So, welcome; to our virtual home, which is consequently all about our actual home and our lives in it. We have learned/are learning to live by the words, “Be Open To Whatever Comes Next” and are sincerely grateful to you for reading and sticking around to see what that next is.

Check out our current home here.

Our first home here.

Chris’s cookbooks here.

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