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The Energy Efficient Home – Water Heaters & Connectivity

This post is sponsored by Ruud Heating, Cooling & Water Heating. We’ve partnered with them to share our process of making our home more comfortable and energy efficient. Ruud has been innovating for over 120 years, so if you’re looking at new HVAC equipment, we encourage you to find a Ruud-approved contractor and request that this outstanding equipment be installed in your home. Making a home more energy-efficient seems like a major task. Light bulbs, windows, attic insulation, heating/AC – even down to how well insulated your receptacles on outside walls are. All of this can be daunting and there’s so much to remember, we can sometimes neglect the every day work horses in our homes. One prime example would be our water heaters. You may recall back in September we wrote about replacing our old furnace that was leaking Carbon Monoxide into our home mid spring earlier this year. A furnace going out is…

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Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing an Old Gas Furnace

If you’ve been reading our blog longer than a few months, you may remember when we had a major carbon monoxide leak in our home mid-Spring. Having a CO leak is one of those stories you always hear where it happened to a friend of a friend, but when it happens in your own home, it becomes very real. The exact source of the leak pointed directly to our furnace and one of our water heaters was also flagged. All of a sudden, the things you’ve never thought much about–like the furnace that came with your home and has seemingly worked just fine for 20+ years–consume your thoughts and even keep you up a bit at night. Fortunately, we were headed into warmer weather and had some time to save up money before we needed to turn on a furnace again–but man, the summer flew by! Though our HVAC research kicked into high gear after our…

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