The 11 Best Candles for Spring

Last week, when it was still cold and snowy here, I picked up this Water Lotus candle from Target (it comes in the cutest bowl container!) and it has such fresh and bright scent to it. With the first day of Spring next week (!!), we’re decluttering, cleaning everything top to bottom, shedding heavy throws from the sofas and beds, and lighting all of my favorite fresh scents. A good candle is my favorite way to change my mood, or our home’s mood and these are my top picks to ring in Spring!

You can click on the candles above to go directly to the purchase page (the lavender one in the center is my personal favorite and is on mega sale right now!), or click through below to read about each one!

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  • Just loooove your kitchen :) I go to the photos often for inspiration <3 Love all these suggestions…they sounds SO fresh, which, I am suuuuure was your intention!

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