Ep 31: Sorry, But Your “Classic” Design Is Just Trendy

Ep 31: Sorry, but your classic design is a trend

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Title: Ep 31: Sorry, But Your “Classic” Design Is Just Trendy
Show Notes: This week the gang talks about proper technique for asking a friend to assist with a DIY project. Then we revisit an old hot topic and update our response to a question about the usefulness of remodeling when you live in a small town.

Then Julia goes deep into what “classic” design really means and how to avoid something that could be seen as trendy in a few years.

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  • Reply February 23, 2017


    Love the podcast! My husband and I are having fun with the baby name app.

    Preston mentioned using the nest cam as a baby monitor- it would be great if he could provide more details on how it works and if he would recommend it. We are considering it in place of a baby monitor.


  • Reply February 21, 2017


    I am loving the discussion of the question: why do you guys renovate in a small town in Idaho? And I love the answer, to love the space you are in. It’s exactly why I we update and improve our house. We have moved 5 times in our last 10 years of marriage and I only wish we would have improved more. I also like the discussion of not over improving for the area. But!!! I cannot stop thinking….. have you been to Waco Texas (home to fast growing fixer upper)?? It obviously a little closer to a few big cities but it is small. Everyone wants to love their home

  • Reply February 16, 2017

    Angie RS

    What if you guys posted photos of your office and got some reader feedback in terms of what’s a little off? Collaboration is fun, and that way you guys can be keepin’ it real without being like “here’s a finished room for you to rip a new one.” Obviously, don’t want to photograph it if it’s making you barfy, Julia, so I get wnating to wait.

  • Reply February 16, 2017


    Can you add a link to the trivia game that you talked about?

    • Reply February 16, 2017


      Sorry, I found it in the last episode notes. Thanks!

    • Reply February 16, 2017


      You can find that here.

  • Reply February 14, 2017


    Good thoughtful balanced design is classic but still will eventually look dated. Check out Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, they’re design standards but the color scheme, the materials, the appliances obviously look dated. But the design philosophy behind them are timeless as well as comfort and utility. Cheap impractical ripoffs age faster and uglier.

  • Reply February 13, 2017

    Heather Stephenson

    So my husband loved the sound of the baby name app, so he downloaded it. And he said the paid version actually has filters! INCLUDING a hipster name one. Ha ha made me laugh. You were inspired! So maybe you need to update yours!

  • Reply February 13, 2017

    Winnie G

    Once again – I feel like this was just for me. The podcast about small town living and renovating was posted while we were just ‘considering’ a move. This time it’s for real, we are moving to a town of 2500. Thanks for the updated answers!

  • Reply February 13, 2017


    I was dying listening to you guys talking about when you show up to help people move, and they haven’t packed anything and are just sitting there- mostly because that happened when we bought our home. We went in for the final walk-through before our closing and the people we bought our home from (who were hoarders and would hang around drinking 40s at 10am during our showings, every single time.), and nothing had been packed. We closed on our home, and they still hadn’t packed anything. They fired the movers because they weren’t “moving fast enough” for them (You know what speeds up a move? Firing the movers… surefire way to get the ball rolling!) After they fired the movers they sat around watching TV while THE REALTOR packed and loaded 5 Uhaul truckloads. We couldn’t even go in our home we legally owned because they had some angry pitbulls running through our home. 48 hours later. We could start demoing and deep-cleaning. Listening to you guys today brought all those fond memories back again!

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